2010 ADRL.us Shakedown At E Town News And Announcements Archives
2010 ADRL.us Shakedown At E Town News And Announcements Archives

   2010 ADRL.us Shakedown News And Announcements Archives:

Agent Humphrey Reports
News And Announcements Archives About The 2010 8th Annual
ADRL.us Shakedown:

Announcements, News and Information
Agent Humphrey Reporting:

It's Official, Shakedown PBIR Page Released:
Shakedown Press 1-8-2011

Official Palm Beach Shakedown Website The Shakedown is headed south to Palm Beach International Raceway. Dave Hance is now racing in Qatar and is handling his duties in the US and abroad. While there he is refining the details of the "Southern Shakedown".

More On The Official Shakedown At Palm Beach 2011 Here:

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Shakedown At E Recent News Blog

Mike Castellana Talks About His Battle With Cancer "Al Anabi Pro Mod Driver"
Courtesy Of Your Way Video Channel | 12-1-2010

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Shakedown At E Recent News Blog

Dave Hance Featured In Drag Illustrated's "Promoters" Magazine Series
Courtesy Of Drag Illustrated | 11-16-2010

Drag Illustrated Magazine, Dave Hance Promoters

A few minutes with David Hance, promoter of the annual Shakedown at E-Town and ADRL Extreme 10.5 pilot.

Dave Hance At The Shakedown At E Town 2010 PromotersA few days ago, the 8th annual Shakedown at E-Town came to a thrilling conclusion. This year’s event produced eight different class records to accompany the record-setting payouts. The fans in attendance got to see every kind of drag racing doorslammer imaginable; from the mean green 8.50-index cars to fire-breathing screw-blown Pro Mods, the fans got to see 224 diverse race teams pound the pavement in nonstop side-by-side drag racing, outlaw style. As a heads up racer myself, the Shakedown provides me with great competition, unrestricted performance, and eight different classes for guys like me to see who can be the last man standing, the king of the hill, if you will.

Sitting on my golf cart at the conclusion of this year’s event, I found myself thinking about how and why the Shakedown came to be the race it is today. Eight years ago, there was a genuine need for an outlaw-type event in drag racing, an end-all race to see who is boss at the end of the year, and on a Sunday afternoon in November of 2003, that’s exactly what happened.

October 2003, for those who remember, was somewhat of a sad time for most people involved in the existing Northeast heads up racing programs. The fall brought in cooler weather, a lot less sunshine, and the conclusion of most year-long points series, including the very popular E-Town Quick 8 Doorslammer program. Old Bridge, Atco, and Cecil County offered racers in the Northeast great programs to race at the time, and the racing was tight – the championships were almost always decided at the last race of the year. As the 2003 season came to an end, questions about rules, turbochargers, and payouts began to dominate internet chatrooms. Little did we know, the outcome of these discussions would change heads up racing in our area for years to come.

Dave Hance Drag Racing PromoterAfter the 2003 season, several race teams, including my own, got together to discuss the future of our programs. Many agreed that the current rules at our local tracks were way too restrictive. Turbo combinations weren’t even allowed to race, nitrous cars were limited to just one system, and blower cars had to weigh almost 3,450-pounds on race day. After much debate, several teams decided to approach the officials at Old Bridge Township Raceway to ask for permission to host an “Outlaw Quick 8” shootout. We sim-plified the rules, made it a legitimate “run what you brung, and hope you brung enough” type deal. A lot of the local guys, for the first time, were allowed to take the gloves off and see what potential their cars really had. On the payout side, we raised over $8,000, which meant we could have our very first $5k-to-win race in this part of the country. Outlaw rules and big money payouts were foreign for us up here, but everyone wanted to see both make their way to our tracks.

On Sunday, November 23rd, 2003, we held our very first outlaw doorslammer event. 11 cars showed up to do battle including Leo Barnaby, Chuck Ulsch, “Big Daddy” Dwayne Gutridge, John Schroeder, Mitch George, Brian Ferrari, and yours truly, David Hance. In the weeks leading up to the race, the excitement was at an all-time high. On race day, the racing was awesome and almost all of us knocked off a personal best. We couldn’t wait to do it again. The very next year, the Shakedown at E-Town was born. The hype from the first event really had everyone revved up for the next event, and the second year we had almost 200 cars on the property as compared to our original 11 – including the world-renowned 10.5 racer, Tim Lynch, who posted the first ever six-second pass on 10.5W tires that year at Old Bridge. That pass served as the shot heard round the outlaw world, and from that point on the Shakedown became known as the place where record-setting performances would likely go down, eventually becoming expected to by the masses.

Dave Hance In The Champion Of Promoters Position At The ADRL.US Shakedown At E Twon 2010Track owners took note of the success of the event and revamped many of their local heads up programs to mirror our rules, and outlaw doorslammer racing was here to stay. The racer’s needs were met with great competition and great money, while the fans got to see some of the best drag racing on the planet.

Sitting there thinking that Sunday after the things had shook out at the Shakedown, I couldn’t help but feel thankful, perhaps more than anything else, that I’ve been able to see what has been created here in the Northeast, firsthand, over the course of the last eight years.

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Shakedown At E Recent News Blog

Drag Illustrated's Magazine Coverage ADRL.US Shakedown At E Town 2010
Author "goDragRacing.org" 11/16/2010
Photo Courtesy of Drag Illustrated"

Drag Illustrated, The Shakedown At E Town 2010 Magazine Coverage

See the online coverage at Drag Illustrated.com Here:

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Shakedown At E Recent News Blog

Update: Benny Alfonso recovering after crash at Shakedown
Shakedown At E Town Press 10-8-2010
Photo Courtesy of Roger Richards

Benny Alfonso recovering After Shakedown at E Town CrashAs many of you know, Benny Alfonso had a horrific crash at the ADRL.us Shakedown at E-Town on Saturday evening. The following is a statement released by Nick Montana of MBRC Pro Chassis Design on Benny Afonso’s behalf. “Of course as the builder of these powerful machines, the major factor is safety. I attended the Shakedown with Benny to assist on the crew of the Modzilla/Amato/Cannonball Racing team.

After witnessing the crash, I was extremely concerned, yet pleased to realize how well the car withstood the severe impact it took when hitting the wall. We are fortunate Benny’s injuries were not more serious. Benny sustained injuries to his back. He underwent surgery for disc fusion. He is now resting comfortably in Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital. His prognosis for the future is excellent. He will next be transferred to a Neurological Rehabilitation Center before returning home to Long Island. On behalf of Benny and his family, I would like to thank everyone for their well wishes, and would please ask you to respect his privacy at this time so he can concentrate on his recovery. ”Stated Nick Montana On behalf of Modzilla / Amato /Cananball Racing , we would like to thank the Safety crew at Raceway Park, for their quick and appropriate response to this situation . We would also like to thank Dave Hance as well as Eddie Krawiec for their assistance and concern.

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Shakedown At E Recent News Blog

Camp Stanley Named As Grand Marshall For 8th Annual ADRL.US Shakedown At E-Town Event
Shakedown At E Town Press 9-28-2010

Camp Stanley The Grand Marshall Shakedown At E Town 2010Camp Stanley is a name that is known in drag racing circles spanning the entire PLANET - "I actually consider it an honor to be recognized for all that I have done and I am still having a great time creating champs around the world. There is no off season when you are an old retired guy getting to do what you love all the year around! I have been lucky enough to make a lot of friends internationally over the last 20 plus years that has enabled me to have the ability to travel the world far and wide"

Camp Stanley has many accomplishment to his credit but the one he is most remembered for the first six-second, 200mph combination pass in a door slammer. "It's one of the many...going to Australia to represent the door slammers from the United States is another. There have been so many memorable moments in my life, its hard to narrow it to just one. I have been able to learn an awful lot about the violent unpredictable cars we live for over the last 30 years. Yes, I did say 30 years! My first blown door car was created in 1978."

"The Wild Bunch started out as a group of guys choosing to be different in bracket racing, but we quickly evolved a match race circuit and the inspiration for the Top Door slammer class in Australia. Their finest hour resulted in the first six-second door slammer pass in drag racing history. We had two goals when we went to Atco. We wanted to get the first six second run and we also wanted to piss the nitrous guys off. I'd say we succeeded on both counts. We took normal street cars and threw in blower motors, and raced. We had the Chevy Luv truck, and a Ford Taurus station wagon with blower motors. The Wagon actually goes back to Jim McGraw when he was with Super Stock and Drag Illustrated," said Stanley. "He asked the question as to why there weren't any Fords in the Wild Bunch. That conversation took place in Bob Rizzolo's RCD Performance, the one that built my cars as well as Tommy Howes' cars. Someone came up with the idea of a Taurus wagon. McGraw got in touch with Ford Motorsports and they sold me the body in white"

"I have been racing at Englishtown for a long time and I have to say that Vinnie Knapp must be watching and smiling. Finally I have to have the last word, and the thing I like to say is "Boys and girls its good to be me."

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Shakedown At E Recent News Blog

Lisa Collier MMPSA Press 9-28-2010

Sonnys Racing EnginesCool weather combined with a fast track paves the way for record breaking numbers at this weekend's MMPSA event at the Shakedown at E-town. Sonny Leonard of Sonny's Racing Engines is adding extra incentive for his Pro Stock customers to go fast. The Sonny's customer who goes lowest in the 6.10s range will receive an added bonus for making it to the teens: $500 if he runs Sonny cylinder heads, or $1000 if the run is made with a complete Sonny's engine.

This incentive will be on top of the TEK Headers Very Quick 8 program, which recognizes the first eight drivers to go in the teens. TEK Headers will award the first driver a free set of headers. If that driver makes the teen pass with TEK Headers already on the car, he will receive an additional $2,000 bonus. The seven remaining drivers who fill the teens club slots will receive a certificate for $1,000 off a set of TEK Headers.

The MMPSA would like to thank all their supporting manufacturers and sponsors and wishes all competitors safe and fast racing on the way to the teens.

You won't want to miss the action so stay tuned to www.MMPSA.org for live results!

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Shakedown At E Recent News Blog

Parise Racing Press 9-28-2010

Dina and Andrew PariseThe 2010 season has been an exciting on for the Parise Racing Team. A season of tough losses, crashes, but best of all wins for both drivers. Most recently, Andrew's win at NHRA Unleashed, where he took home the coveted Wally! Now, the Parise's are on their way to one of the most exciting races of the year; the Shakedown at E-Town at Raceway Park in Englishtown New Jersey!

Parise Racing Pro Mod Corvette"This is our first time at the Shakedown." Stated Andrew Parise . "We are looking forward to it. We have been here as spectators every year, so it's nice to finally be in the mix with my '53 MBRS Pro Chassis Design Corvette."

"My '63 Corvette has been running very well since I got it back." Stated Dina Parise "MBRC Pro Chassis Design did a great job on the car after the crash, and she is driving really well. I'm ready for his weekend."

Parise Racing 1963 Pro Mod CorvetteAssisting the Parise's, along with Crew Chief Dave Jordan and Crew member James Montana (MBRC Pro Chassis Design) will be none other than 6 time IHRA World Champion Scotty Cannon and 2007 IHRA World Champion Scott Cannon Jr. (Cannonball Racing).The Cannons have been consulting with the team on a race to race basis. The team is working hard to obtain the sponsorship dollars to further their work with Scotty and bring the team to the next level.

As you may know, the Parise's are proud supporters of the Wounded Warrior Project. Please stop by their pit area to make a donation, or to get in on the raffle benefiting the Wounded Warrior Project! With the raffle, you can win 1 of 6 U.S. Mint American Veterans Disabled for Life Silver Dollar coins.Not going to be at the race? Donate safely and securely on line by visiting Parise Racing Causes and clicking the 'Donate Now' button.

For more information about the team or for sponsorship opportunities please visit: Parise Racing Official Website

Parise Racing would like to thank the following for their support:
Consultedge, NGK, Mannino's Restaurant

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Shakedown At E Recent News Blog

ADRL.us Shakedown at E’town NHRA License and Membership Info "Very Important":
By Shakedown at E Town Press 9-24-2010

Due to very strict New Jersey State Police and NHRA policies, all drivers competing at the ADRL.us Shakedown at E’town 8 must have a valid NHRA competition license, current chassis certification and a current NHRA membership. This is zero tolerance policy.

Chassis Certification Info:
On Saturday, October 2, Bob Nixon, NHRA Tech Inspector, will be present from 7 am until completion to perform chassis certifications for Shakedown at E’town competitors only. The price is $240 for Mountain Motor Pro Stock, Pro Nitrous, Pro Mod Blown, and Pro Extreme 1/8 Mile Challenge.
The price is $190 for Drag Radial, Outlaw 10.5, Heavy Street and 8.50 Index
License/Membership Info:

All Shakedown at E’town competitors must have a valid/current NHRA license.
For racers with an IHRA or ADRL license, you must have an NHRA license to compete in this event. You will need to bring the following to the control tower room # 104:
1. Valid/current IHRA or ADRL license
2. A completed NHRA Cross over form
3. A completed NHRA Physical form
4. A completed License Fee form - http://www.nhra.com/contacts/forms/license_app.pdf
5. A completed NHRA Membership form - included in license fee form
6. A valid/current time slip from the last three months representative of your car’s elapsed time and mph
7. A Raceway Park track manager will sign your NHRA paperwork
8. A current NHRA licensed driver in your category must also sign your NHRA paperwork
Raceway Park will then fax your paperwork to NHRA. Upon their review and approval, your license will be faxed back to us. You cannot compete at the Shakedown at E’town until your license and membership is approved.
An option for you could be to visit Atco Raceway on Thursday, September 30 for an NHRA license/chassis certification process. You must sign up in advance by sending an email to ilvsummer@aol.com by Wednesday at 9 am. Please include your name, cell number, class, car number, and what part of the license process you need to accomplish. There is a limit of 6 cars. You can only make the two final license runs to complete the crossover process. You need to have an Advanced ET license holder with you to sign your new license. This is not a test and tune for licensed drivers, only those needing to obtain an NHRA license. The NHRA officials will be there to complete this process. The cost is $60 for the license runs and $15 for crew members. Any questions, please call the NHRA Division 1 office at 215-343-2558. Thank you so much to NHRA and Atco Raceway for helping our racers!!!

Not responsible for typographical errors.

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Shakedown At E Recent News Blog

ADRL.us Shakedown at E’town Class Payouts Announced
By Shakedown at E Town Press 9-24-2010

The class payouts have been announced in our "Payouts Page" Please stop in and more will be coming in bonus's and awards from various contributors as the race comes closer to opening day.

Read More Here

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Shakedown At E Recent News Blog

ADRL.us Shakedown at E’town 8 Run Order
Saturday, October 2, 2010

The 8th Annual ADRL.us Shakedown At E’Town announces the run order for qualifying on Saturday for all racers and classes, times are approximate.

Qualifying Session # 1 – 10 am
Western Beef 8.50 Index
K&K Advanced Door Car Technology Heavy Street
Grudge Races
Pro Torque Drag Radial presented by PM Construction Services
Mickey Thompson Tires Outlaw 10.5 presented by Precision Turbo & Engine
Mountain Motor Pro Stock
Modzilla Racing Pro Mod Blown presented by Vincent Amato
Speedtech Pro Nitrous
Adrenaline Pro Extreme 1/8 Mile Challenge presented by Barwa
Qualifying Session # 2 – 2 pm
K&K Advanced Door Car Technology Heavy Street
Grudge Races
Pro Torque Drag Radial presented by PM Construction Services
Mickey Thompson Tires Outlaw 10.5 presented by Precision Turbo & Engine
Mountain Motor Pro Stock
Modzilla Racing Pro Mod Blown presented by Vincent Amato
Speedtech Pro Nitrous
Adrenaline Pro Extreme 1/8 Mile Challenge presented by Barwa
Qualifying Session # 3 – 6 pm
K&K Advanced Door Car Technology Heavy Street
Grudge Races
Pro Torque Drag Radial presented by PM Construction Services
Mickey Thompson Tires Outlaw 10.5 presented by Precision Turbo & Engine
Mountain Motor Pro Stock
Modzilla Racing Pro Mod Blown presented by Vincent Amato
Speedtech Pro Nitrous
Adrenaline Pro Extreme 1/8 Mile Challenge presented by Barwa
Western Beef 8.50 Index (if time permits)

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Shakedown At E Recent News Blog

Cecil County Dragway Pre ADRL.us Shakedown Testing
By Dave O'Donnell – Finishline Performance

Cecil County Dragway welcomes all racers and spectators as we will be hosting a Pre ADRL.us Shakedown test session on Thursday, Sept 30th for all classes and cars. Price will be $200 a car testing, all crews get in free. They will also have one on Friday, October 1st if enough cars would like to stay over and test on Friday.

Spectators are free on these two test days. Also, if you want to stay over night before going to Englishtown, you are more then welcome to stay overnight with your rig.

Hope everyone has a safe and great time at Englishtown. See everyone there.

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Shakedown At E Recent News Blog

Shakedown Announces Race Schedule
ADRL.us Shakedown at E'Town Press 9-23-2010

All The recent schedules, fees, and pricing are now available Read More Here

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Shakedown At E Recent News Blog

2010 Fire Tent Application Info
ADRL.us Shakedown at E'Town Press 9-22-2010

The Old Bridge New Jersey Uniform Fire Code requires permits for tents/awnings that measure 30 feet long or 900 square feet and larger. Someone from Raceway Park will visit the racer and sponsor pit areas to complete the permit and collect the $40 fee. If you have any questions, you may contact the Old Bridge Township Fire Department at 732-723-1124. Thank you!!

Download The Forms From Our Track Information Page Here:

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Shakedown At E Recent News Blog

ADRL.us Named Title Sponsor For Eighth Annual Shakedown At E'Town
O'FALLON, MO (September 21, 2010) — The American Drag Racing League

The ADRL.us Shakedown At E Town 2010O'FALLON, MO (September 21, 2010) — The American Drag Racing League (ADRL) announced that its website, www.ADRL.us, has been named the title sponsor for the eighth annual ADRL.us Shakedown at E'Town, which takes place Oct. 1-3 at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park in Englishtown, NJ.

In addition to the ADRL.us title sponsorship, the ADRL's in-house magazine, Adrenaline, will also sponsor the event's Adrenaline Pro Extreme Eighth-Mile Challenge presented by Barwa. "When the situation presented itself last week that Al-Anabi would not be able to continue as the title sponsor of this great event as a result of their contact with the ADRL, it became a high priority for both myself and (Al-Anabi owner) KH Al-Thani to help (Shakedown founder and promoter) Dave (Hance) secure a title sponsor," ADRL President and CEO Kenny Nowling said.

"It was never our intention to hurt the Shakedown event when the clause was put into the Al-Anabi contract, so I wanted to make sure that I did whatever I could do to help resolve the situation. Dave is not only a great friend, but also a competitor in the ADRL, so I wanted to help him in any way possible. As a promoter of national events, I know the value that comes with an event title sponsorship. Dave, his crew and everyone at Englishtown have done a great job building the awareness for this event.

"With the explosive growth of ADRL.us, I saw this as a great opportunity to get an immense amount of exposure for our website and generate even more interest in it. I'm extremely excited about this partnership and I am looking forward to attending my first Shakedown at E'Town." The Shakedown is widely regarded as one of the quickest and fastest outlaw drag races in the world, and the event has become an annual destination for many of the top drivers in the world.

Included in that group is ADRL Pro Extreme driver KH Al-Thani, who will be competing in the Adrenaline Pro Extreme Eighth-Mile Challenge presented by Barwa.

Al-Thani has also increased his involvement with Speedtech, which will stay on as the sponsor for the Pro Nitrous class at the event. "Dave is a class act and we were determined to make this right by him, regardless of the circumstances," KH Al-Thani said. "I'm happy for everyone involved, especially the fans who attend this great event every year. I'm also looking forward to competing in the Adrenaline Pro Extreme Eighth-Mile Challenge presented by Barwa."

The eighth annual event features action-packed racing in eight different classes – the Pro Extreme Eighth-Mile Challenge, Pro Nitrous, Pro Mod Blown, Mountain Motor Pro Stock, Outlaw 10.5, Heavy Street, Drag Radial and 8.50 Index.

The collection of classes and drivers has continually made it a memorable event, and Hance is excited about the new title sponsor for this year's exciting weekend.

"When the contract issue presented itself, I was obviously devastated," Hance said. "However, the very next day, after speaking with both Kenny and KH, I knew that everything was going to be fine. This is truly a win for the sport of drag racing and its fans in the Northeast. I am humbled to have such great partners like the ADRL and Speedtech for this event."

ABOUT THE ADRL Based in O'Fallon, Missouri, the American Drag Racing League is the nation's premier sanctioning body for the sport of eighth-mile drag racing. The professional categories featured in the ADRL are Extreme Pro Stock, Pro Extreme Motorcycle, Extreme 10.5, Pro Nitrous and Pro Extreme, the quickest doorslammer class in all of drag racing. The 2010 ADRL tour consists of 10 national events run throughout the United States. For more information on the ADRL, visit www.ADRL.us. See More News Below !!

Shakedown At E Recent News Blog

Al Tucci To Be The Voice Of The Shakedown
By New York Motorsports | Shakedown At E Town Press 9-19-2010.

Agent Humphrey of ShakedownatEtown.com has just confirmed that the world famous Al Tucci will once again return to Raceway Park, Englishtown, NJ and will be calling all the non stop action at Shakedown at E'town 8, Friday – Sunday, October 1-3.

"Shakedown at E'town has been one of my favorite events since day one, and the 8th annual is going to be one of the greatest ever," said famed announcer Al Tucci.

Racers and fans alike agree that an event with Al Tucci present is special and the Shakedown at E’town is very happy to have Al return for another exciting year.

"One of the reasons why the Shakedown has been successful is the entertainment and the energy Al Tucci brings to the event. I could not imagine having a Shakedown without Al Tucci in the booth," said Dave Hance, founder of Shakedown at E'town.

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Shakedown At E Recent News Blog

The Shakedown at E-'Town Has A New Title Sponsor - Sort Of.
By Ian Tocher | CompetitionPlus.com 9-17-2010.

Not 24 hours after Attitude's CompetitionPlus.com reported on the loss of Sheikh Khalid (KH) Al-Thani's Al-Anabi Racing as the main backer of the 8th annual Shakedown, set for Oct. 1-3, at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park in Englishtown, New Jersey, race founder and promoter David Hance says the Sheikh is back on board, thanks to a last-minute resolution brokered by ADRL President Kenny Nowling.

"Actually, Kenny had called me on Thursday to tell me that he was sad to see that we were in this predicament and he was going to do everything he could to help us find a solution. And he did," Hance said. "He and KH got together, and although they couldn't do something with Al-Anabi because of the contract prohibitions, they put their heads together and came up with something else."

Though Hance said he wasn't yet sure what the name of the Shakedown title sponsor will be this year, he confirmed that Nowling told him about 11 a.m. today (Sep. 17), that a secure deal was in its final stages.

"I would like to publicly thank KH and Kenny Nowling for stepping up and helping to support heads-up drag racing in the northeastern United States," an obviously relieved Hance said.

"The fact of the matter is, I don't have a lot of time and I have a tremendous responsibility to the track, to the racers and to the fans, and things have to be delivered because there's a lot of other drag racing in this region that builds off of this event. We don't want to have the Shakedown have a negative snowball effect; it needs to have a positive snowball effect and this sponsorship will go a long way to making sure that happens."

Hance also credited the online drag racing media and community for its support.

"The media really played a role in resolving this issue, there's no doubt about that," he stated. "I can't thank Attitude's CompetitionPlus.com enough for everything they do for drag racing. Web sites like that, Yellow Bullet, ProModifieds.us, Pro Mod Zone, Drag Racing Online, Fast Doorslammers; they really have become the backbone of our sport."

Hance said an official title sponsorship announcement regarding the Shakedown at E'Town will be released shortly.

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Shakedown At E Recent News Blog

Written by Ian Tocher Thursday, 16 September 2010
Photos By BME

DaveHanceWinnerShakedown at E'Town founder and promoter David Hance learned a hard lesson this past weekend—always get it in writing!

Just three weeks prior to his 8th annual Shakedown at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park in Englishtown, NJ, the New Yorker learned that Al-Anabi Racing would not return as the event's $100,000 title sponsor. And without a signed contract, there's no legal recourse.

After Al-Anabi's initial backing of the event in 2008, Hance claims he suggested a binding contract to Al-Anabi leader Sheikh Khalid "KH" Al-Thani, but recalls being asked, "Do we need a contract; do we need lawyers?"

"And sure enough the second year he paid and it wasn't an issue so I kind of got into a comfort zone, I guess," Hance admits.

With the Shakedown's Oct. 1-3, date fast approaching this year, Hance says he got in touch with one of Al-Anabi's New York City-based accountants a couple of weeks ago, who instructed him to resubmit an invoice for the sponsorship amount. Upon doing so, he was asked last Tuesday to attend a meeting Saturday morning at Rockingham, where "the Sheikh is going to take care of all business then," Hance was told.

"So I get there and have to wait around all day, even though it's a rain delay, and I wasn't able to meet with him (Sheikh Khalid) and after the rainout the accountant came out and looked at me and just said, "I'm afraid that there will be no sponsorship at this time.' He said Al-Anabi Racing has a contract with the ADRL that prohibits them from doing anything or conducting any races or being involved in any races outside of the ADRL."

ADRL President and CEO Kenny Nowling confirmed the existence of the clause to Attitude's CompetitionPlus.com and says it's part of a contract signed late last fall with Al-Anabi.

"This (clause) was put in at their request when we signed our sponsorship agreement. You have to understand, from (Al-Anabi's) perspective, and it's the same I'm sure that Lucas Oil goes through and other companies, they literally get bombarded with a hundred sponsorship requests a week from teams, from races, from organizations; they just thought it best that there be a clause in there in our agreement," Nowling explains. "And I was all for it; I mean, it's great to be able to protect your interests like that."

Knowling said the NHRA has approached Al-Anabi in the past about event sponsorship, but the clause took precedence then, too. "Our sponsorship agreement precludes (Al-Anabi) from sponsoring other organizations or events. And I've had several sponsorship agreements like that in the past and I would almost assure you that NHRA has something in place with Coca-Cola to protect them in a similar fashion."

Hance says he sincerely appreciates the Sheikh's and Al-Anabi's past support of the Shakedown, but wishes what he considers a retraction of this year's commitment was handled differently, at least with 90-days notice, or more. He also insists there was no misunderstanding on his part and he was blindsided by the deal falling apart.

"I have e-mails from him (Al-Thani) where we're talking about it; he's in, there's no doubt he's in," Hance says. "There was a contract for the first year, but then he said he wanted to be in for five years."

After affirming he respects Hance as a promoter and ADRL Extreme 10.5 entrant, Nowling suggested Al-Anabi's action regarding the Shakedown is simply an example of a sponsorship running its course.

"At the end of the day it's really simple; Al-Anabi is a brand, it's a company for all intents and purposes. They've done an incredible job of branding and I think the Shakedown was an integral part of that, but now they're branded, they're known, no differently than with (ADRL and) the National Guard," he states. "We had given the National Guard a huge return on investment, but after three years their sponsorship had run its course and I think that just happens."

Hance says the Al-Anabi accountant also suggested to him that speaking with Nowling might at least partially salvage the deal if he were interested in staging the Shakedown in conjunction with the ADRL, an option Hance would not consider.

"It didn't make me feel any better; I don't want to have to go to Kenny Nowling as my savior," Hance says. "I don't want to be put in that position." Hance also says his race team will not be entering either of the ADRL's remaining events this year.

Al-Anabi_carThe sudden loss of Al-Anabi's support means the Outlaw 1/8-Mile Challenge (the only outlet for Screw-blown cars like the ADRL's Pro Extreme class features), had to be cut from the Shakedown at E'Town program, Hance says, and purses for the quarter-mile Pro Mod Blown (Roots-type only) and Pro Mod Nitrous classes were reduced to $10,000-to-win from the previously promised $20,000 for each class winner. He stressed, however, that announced purses for all other Shakedown classes remain intact.

Beyond the business implications, Hance says he hurts personally, too, especially since he remained one of Al-Anabi's staunchest supporters last year after they were widely vilified in the online drag racing community for a now severed association in Qatar with "Crazy Mo" Atat, a fugitive from U.S. justice after participating in a deadly 2001 street-racing accident.

"The sad thing is that now there's probably about a dozen Pro Mod teams out there that since last year don't look upon me favorably or might not have a positive feeling about me simply because I took a stand and defended one of our sponsors," Hance says. "And that was just something I did personally, I took a stand, so I feel like I'm paying the price on both ends."

Nowling recognizes Al Anabi - and particularly Al-Thani - is in for some criticism regarding their Shakedown decisions, but insists it will be misguided.

"I just want to go on record as saying that no one has done more for the sport of drag racing in the last three years than KH Al-Thani and I challenge anybody to dispute that," Nowling declares. "There are so many teams that are being financially aided by Al-Anabi that have no Al-Anabi livery on them and KH extended himself to help so many individuals and to do the Shakedown deal and to help it last year.

"I know there's going to be negative press and I think that's very unfortunate given the circumstances."  

In order to better understand the legal parameters of this situation, Attitude's CompetitionPlus.com referred the situation to our attorney Alan Lazenby.

"Generally speaking, verbal or oral agreements are just as enforceable as written ones, except in cases where the agreement cannot be performed within one year," explained Lazenby. "So if the parties reached a verbal agreement for a 5-year sponsorship, then the agreement would have to be in writing to be enforceable.  On the other hand, if the parties reached an agreement to sponsor just this one race, then that verbal agreement could be enforced.  

"However, it may not be a good idea for race promoters to bite the hand that feeds them.  Even if this particular sponsor won't be available for future events, you don't want other sponsors scared to do business with you.  The lesson in all of this really is to get it writing. Not only does it give you an enforceable agreement, but by putting terms in writing it prevents misunderstandings and fosters a good working relationship by spelling out what is to be expected of the parties."

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Shakedown At E Recent News Blog

Shakedown at E'town Moves Forward With 8th Annual Event
Al-Anabi Racing, Unable To Participate - 1/8 Mile Challenge Out.
By New York Motorsports | Shakedown At E Town Press 9-15-2010.
Not For Redistribution As Updates Will Follow Only At www.shakedownatetown.com

Dave Hance Announces Al Anabi Shakedown At E Town UpdatesThe eighth annual Shakedown at E-Town outlaw drag racing spectacular is ready to field the world's quickest and fastest doorslammers Friday through Sunday, October 1-3 at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park at Englishtown, New Jersey - with a few new twists.

"Our previous sponsor, Al-Anabi Racing, is unable to participate in this year's event due to contract obligations with the American Drag Racing League (ADRL). We respect the decision of Al-Anabi Racing, and we thank them for their past support of the Shakedown event. With Al-Anabi Racing not on board, it will be necessary to make the following changes to our 2010 event.

The 1/8 Mile Challenge class will no longer be contested at the Shakedown effective immediately. We also will have to modify the remaining Pro Mod class payouts and will make an announcement shortly.

All other Shakedown class payouts will not be affected by these changes. On behalf of the Shakedown at E'town and New York Motorsports, I apologize for the inconvenience and hardships this may have caused our racers. The 2010 Shakedown at E'town will go down as one of the best heads up drag races in the world," Shakedown founder and promoter Dave Hance, of New York Motorsports, said.

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Shakedown At E Recent News Blog

Castellana Glad To Be Back In Pro Nitrous
By ADRL.us Press | September 15, 2010

Mike Castellana wasn't worried about his qualifying position or future races or points standings. The Pro Nitrous standout was simply glad to be back in his Al-Anabi Racing car and be back at the track. After what Castellana had been through since racing at the ADRL Hardee's Independence Drags IV in early July, it was easy to see why. Almost immediately after qualifying in the No. 1 spot in Topeka, Castellana was diagnosed with colon cancer.

It's been an arduous and emotionally-draining period since then, but Castellana was overjoyed just to return to the ADRL last weekend for Simpson Dragstock VII at Rockingham Dragway.

"This keeps my mind busy and that's almost the most important thing, not thinking about it," Castellana said. "I'm just trying to do what I normally do. "Right now, I just want to come out and enjoy myself."

That's certainly understandable after all the adversity the Muttontown, NY native has gone through over the last two months. His doctors spotted the cancer quick enough so it had not moved throughout his body and turned more severe. The cancerous portion was removed immediately, which was a huge step in the right direction for Castellana's recovery. "Luckily, they found it at that point before it had spread," Castellana said.

The cancer did move into Castellana's lymph nodes, meaning he has to undergo chemotherapy treatment, which starts next week. That will certainly take its toll both physically and mentally, which is why Castellana has reserved making any commitment towards competing at the Summit Racing Equipment Ohio Drags IV on Sept. 24-25. Racing is an obvious and justifiable second priority at the moment and Castellana will wait to see how the chemotherapy affects his energy levels before he decides his next racing move. "I don't know if I'll be there," Castellana said. "If I feel good, I'll be there. I just have to take it day-by-day." The day-by-day process has been difficult, but Castellana has stayed positive throughout the ordeal.

His approach and outlook through the difficult time has been admirable, but Castellana said it's necessary in order to keep the rest of his family - which includes a wife and four children - upbeat through this trying time. Castellana's strong physical conditioning also played a part in his quick recovery process, something he hopes will continue to be a factor throughout the chemotherapy treatments. It also warranted Castellana's doctors to allow him to return to racing at Rockingham. It was Castellana's first weekend racing in more than two months, and the smiling Castellana enjoyed every moment of his return. "The doctor said as long as I feel good, I can race," Castellana said. "While I feel good, I'm going to come on out here. I'll base racing the rest of the season on how I feel. "I (felt) pretty good this weekend. It (was) good to be back." Before the rain postponed Dragstock, Castellana was the No. 7 qualifier, going 3.89 at 192.93 miles per hour in his 69 Camaro under the lights during the third qualifying session on Friday night.

From a racing perspective, it was needed as Castellana, who won the Hardee's Georgia Drags in April this year, currently sits in 10th in the points standings. He's just 107 points out of the eighth position, which is the last qualifying spot for the season-ending LenMar Motorsports World Finals VI in October. Should he race at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, OH and qualify for the top eight, Castellana would quickly become one of the favorites in the Speedtech "Battle For The Belts." But reaching that goal has justifiably taken a backseat to getting healthy and fully beating the cancer. Castellana has focused everything on topping that, but returning to the track was part of that process.

The outpouring of encouragement he received at Rockingham Dragway, which made the weekend an incredible experience, also blew him away.
It just was one more reason why he was simply glad to be back behind the wheel. "It's been unbelievable the support I've gotten from my racing family," Castellana said. "From competitors to teammates to fans to anybody that knew, they've all been very supportive. It's just been good to be around everyone."

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Shakedown At E Recent News Blog

Written by Bobby Bennett Saturday, 11 September 2010
Photos By Roger Richards

Mike Castellana Returns to Pro Mod RacingMike Castellana, who has one ADRL win to his credit in 2010, is 107 points out the eighth and final position for the ADRL's championship-determining Speedtech Battle for the Belts competition. While some racers might feel a sense of urgency about making up the deficit, Castellana doesn't.

Running for the championship isn't his most pressing need. Having fun is. "I just want to have fun while I can come out here and race," Castellana said. "I just want to enjoy the weekend." This weekend's ADRL Dragstock VII at Rockingham Dragway marks the first time in three races Castellana has driven his Pro Nitrous entry.

Following the ADRL Independence Drags in Topeka, Kan., Castellana was diagnosed with colon cancer. According to Castellana, the doctors were able to remove the cancerous portion of the colon but not before the cancer had spread into his lymph nodes. "I start chemo in a few weeks and the doctor says I should feel fine," Castellana explained. "The doctor said I should feel fine to do my normal thing and if I do, I am going to." Castellana's first round of chemo begins the week leading into the ADRL Ohio Drags, Oct. 24 – 25 in Norwalk, Ohio. "If I feel good, I will be there," Castellana said.

Castellana admits he draws a great deal of strength from the hope his participation in drag racing will help others facing a similar situation. "The main thing I am focusing on is to keep moving forward and not let this get me down," Castellana explained. "You can't let this get to your head or it will make you feel sick or depressed. It's important that I get out here and do what I have always wanted to do."

Castellana admits he feels great despite the prognosis. One of the reasons, Castellana confirmed, was the fact he has always maintained a strong workout regimen. "The doctor said the physical conditioning leading into the surgery was good for my recovery," said Castellana. "They want me to keep it up. It's important that I continue to exercise and keep doing my thing. They say it is good therapy."

Castellana admits he's positive because he has a lot to be positive for. "I have no other choice but to be positive," Castellana explained. "I have four young kids at home and a wife. I have to be positive for them. You have to keep going and not let it bog you down." And for Castellana, he's all too willing to fight the negative with positive energy.

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Shakedown At E Recent News Blog

Shakedown at E'town RV/Motorhome Parking
September 10th, 2010, 3:15PM

We will have RV / Motorhome parking for spectators at Shakedown at E'town 8. The price for the RV/Motorhome parking space for the weekend is $200, the same as last year. Adult and children pit passes are additional. Thank you, and enjoy the races!!

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Shakedown At E Recent News Blog

Shakedown at E Town 2010 Drag Racing Class Rules Updates

News regarding The Newest Class Rules Updates
Monday August 22nd, 2010, 2:45PM

More competitive rules regarding the 2010 Shakedown at E Town have been updated and are now in effect, most of the classes are still kept as were last year but a few have added or reduced rules for competitive reasons; mainly Outlaw 10.5 and Heavy Street. This should be a must read and download for all interested in becoming one of the worlds quickest and fastest drag race competitors in the world. If you're not at The Shakedown At E Town 2010, you're not going all out !!

Visit Our Class Rules Page Here:

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Shakedown At E Recent News Blog

ADRL's Kenny Nowling Convinces Sheikh To Invest In Drag Racing

Zero to 200 mph, plus $20 million
St. Louis Business Journal - by Christopher Tritto
Monday August 16th, 2010, 2.52AM

It starts with a deep rumble that thumps in the chest. Then a flash of green light and an eruption of sound. The white smoke of vaporized rubber and high-octane fumes fill the nostrils as two crouching metal beasts spring from a standstill. Zero to 200 mph in less than 4 seconds.

This is the thrill that prompted Kenny Nowling to form the O'Fallon, Mo. based American Drag Racing League (ADRL) six years ago. And it is the thrill that has helped him attract about $20 million in new investment this summer to build the sport here and take ADRL international. With financial backing from Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Thani of Qatar, Nowling plans to launch the Arabian Drag Racing League in November.

Nowling, 38, dropped out of St. Charles West High School in the 10th grade to care for his ailing grandmother, the woman who raised him. Despite his lack of formal education, Nowling's passion for drag racing and conviction of its marketing potential later helped him convince investors and racing enthusiasts Dave Wood and Tommy Lipar to back him in creating the ADRL in October 2004.

Wood, the owner and president of AMS Staff Leasing in Dallas, and Lipar, a Houston-based residential land developer, invested about $3 million to jump-start ADRL, a sanctioning body that organizes races at tracks around the country. It appears to have been a worthwhile gamble.

Revenue has roughly doubled each of the past two years and is approaching eight figures. On June 1, Wood and Lipar sold their stakes in ADRL to a private group called ADRL Holdings for nearly $10 million, Nowling said. ADRL Holdings consists of Nowling, who serves as president and chief executive and holds a 25 percent sweat-equity stake, and four other silent partners. The new investors already have poured about $10 million more into the business to add to its staff, build the ADRL brand, develop a full-time safety crew, increase race-day purses and expand racer participation both in the United States and abroad, Nowling said.

Although Nowling declined to disclose the investors' names, one of the worst-kept secrets at the track is that much of the new money comes from Sheikh Al Thani.

The wealthy 23-year-old sheikh recently spent millions of dollars to build a world-class drag strip in Doha, Qatar, a coastal capital along the Persian Gulf. He owns several cars and race teams through his Al-Anabi Racing.

This year, he began participating as a driver, and on Aug. 6 he won in the Pro Extreme category during the Hardee's Gateway Drags III held at Gateway International Raceway in Madison, Ill. It was Al Thani's second win in five races, as his maroon-colored supercar covered the one-eighth-mile strip in 3.66 seconds, topping out at 208 mph. Winning purses usually range from $15,000 to $20,000.

The word in drag racing circles is that Al Thani has grand visions of internationalizing the sport he loves, and he sees an influential ownership role in the U.S. racing scene with ADRL as a strong platform from which to build.

"The sheikh is one of the largest owners in drag racing, and you don't get into this sport without a $1 million investment plus at least $300,000 a year to race and maintain a team," said Jeff Fortune, ADRL's executive vice president.

Al Thani's patronage comes at a time when many racing leagues, from NASCAR to the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA), have seen declines in sponsorships and attendance as companies and fans have reined in spending amid the economic downturn.

Sheikh Khalid Bin Hamad Al Thani also known as (KH) and Al Anabi Racing Are The Sponsors of the 8th Annual Shakedown At E Town 2010.

Read more: ADRL's Kenny Nowling convinces sheikh to invest in drag racing - St. Louis Business Journal

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Shakedown At E Recent News Blog


Written by Ian Tocher
Wednesday, 28 July 2010 12:00

Shakedown Pro Modified Champion Tony Ponteiri Ponders Crash At Norwalk NHRATony Pontieri feels like he's stared Death in the face, and he didn't like what he saw.

"I can remember every second of it," Pontieri says of the fiery, top-end crash he went through June 25, while qualifying for the NHRA Pro Mod event in Norwalk, Ohio.

"I remember seeing that grey concrete wall coming up and thinking, 'So this is what it looks like to die.' It was a weird feeling and let me know that all those guys who've died before doing this knew what was coming up and it's something I hope I never have to feel again."

As the first one down the track in round two of qualifying, Pontieri was on a solid pass in the left lane with his Rob Sporring-owned '69 Camaro when it lost grip shortly before the finish line and turned hard right into the far guardwall, still posting a 6.06 at 181.18 mph that was good enough for sixth place at the time. Upon impact the car was engulfed in a huge, orange fireball as it nearly exited the confines of the walls before falling back down on its driver side and grinding to a halt well down the staging lanes.

Pontieri recalls NHRA Safety Safari members arriving quickly and helping him out of the wreck, praising their caring and professional efforts, as well as those of everyone at the local hospital where he was checked out and released, too.

He's still dealing with some lingering neck pain and undergoing acupuncture treatments every other day, however.

"I'm actually feeling really good now, but don't want to push it and come back before I'm totally ready," he says. "I don't want to do any irreparable damage by coming back too soon. I want to make sure I'm 100 percent before I get in a car again."

The McAmis-built Camaro was a total write-off, but did its job in protecting him from serious injury, Pontieri says. Car owner Sporring is currently hunting for his driver's next ride, but Pontieri says, "I told him, 'It's got to be a McAmis car or I'm not driving it.'"

Read The Full Announcement At Competition Plus Online

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Shakedown At E Recent News Blog


Written by Bobby Bennett
Tuesday, 25 May 2010 17:20

Read More At: Competition Plus Online

John Bartunek Returns To Racing After E Town Crash

Between last November and May of this year, ADRL Pro Nitrous racer John Bartunek admits he was as indecisive as he's ever been about drag racing. His uncertainty had nothing to do with the tune-up of his engine or which series he should race.

Instead, Bartunek was hesitant about whether he wanted to race at all following a 2009 crash where his car went airborne and flipped violently.

One look at the footage of the crash Bartunek experienced last November during the Shakedown at E'town event in Englishtown, NJ., would leave the most seasoned driver second-guessing whether they'd want to race, too. For the record, Bartunek quit and decided to come back six times.

"Every week, you stop and wonder if it's really worth it," said Bartunek, who raced for the first time since the wreck at the ADRL U.S. Drags III in Richmond, Va. "You know putting all the time, the money, the traveling, it's tough. With a family and stuff, but we love to do this stuff and I enjoy it, that's the reason I'm about to do it again."

Bartunek just missed the sixteen-car field with a 4.026 best run but making the field was secondary to just finding his spot in the game again. Friday's first qualifying run was the first time for both he and his repaired car down the track since the accident.

Bartunek admits the crash was a combination of driver error [aggressive driving] and a parachute getting underneath the wheelie bars.

Jerry Haas, the car's original chassis builder, was able to rebuild the car from the remnants of the crash. "You can't tell that it was ever touched," Bartunek admits. "I mean Jerry did an absolute awesome job."

The initial indecision for Bartunek, he admits, was the long time which lapsed between the accident and the time the race car was returned to the strip. There's a common belief amongst those racers who have suffered a catastrophic crash which suggests the best way to eliminate the second-guessing is to get back on the track as soon as possible.

"That's a fact," Bartunek confirmed. "You start thinking if it's time to call it quits. A lot of things run through your head. But you know, I like doing this stuff and that was unfortunately something that happened that we had no control over."

Bartunek's first run since the crash inspired a flurry of emotions. "It's interesting you know when you back away from the burn out and you're looking down the track thinking about what happened last time," Bartunek explained. "I'm pretty calm and confident." He did get out of the run early just to play on the conservative side. His first run was tuned aggressively, probably a bit too much for the first hit coming back.

"I started out at a 3.80 pace and ended up at 4.09," Bartunek said. "The motor just wasn't tuned up right so hopefully this run will be a little better. I felt real confident, the car's perfectly straight, it's doing everything it does. Just like [chassis builder] Jerry told me on the phone, don't worry about it just let the clutch out."

And with the advice, Bartunek shuffled the Englishtown memories to the back of his mind.

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Shakedown At E Recent News Blog

Mountain Motor Pro Stock Association Coming To The Shakedown 2010

Mountain Motor Pro Stock AssociationThe MMPSA (Mountain Motor Pro Stock Association) was founded by a group of racers, track owners and manufacturers that all had the same goal. Keeping quarter mile Mountain Motor Pro Stock racing alive. The formation and now the execution of this new series is the testament to the dedication and hard work by this group to keep their sport alive and well for years to come. By taking control of their own destiny, this group has insured that regardless of a sanctioning body affiliation, they can race anywhere.

John Pluchino Driver, Mountain Motor Pro Stock AssociationThe MMPSA will host 5 different events in 2010 all at facilities guaranteed to produce awesome performance on the track as well as in the stands. While the MMPSA membership continues to grow, so does it’s following of sponsors and fans.

If you like watching late model iron from all the major manufacturers stuffed with over 800 cubic inches and 1900+ horse power roaring down the track to a low 6 second run at well over 220mph, then you have found a home!

Elite Motorsports Mountain Motor Pro Stock AssociationNew Group Aligns With ADRL; Will Stage Five Independent Events …

The Mountain Motor Pro Stock Association ( MMPSA )intends to move forward in 2010 without involvement of the IHRA. The series will stage a series of independent events. Pete Berner, spokesman for the MMPSA, confirmed that the October announcement of an alignment with the IHRA will not transpire as announced by the sanctioning body. The group has instead forged an alliance with the American Drag Racing League, the only sanctioning body to stage a full-time mountain motor Pro Stock division.

In the end, the MMPSA made the decision to walk away from the tentative agreement with the IHRA due to a combination of principle and marketing feasibility. " They asked for us to provide our own funding for this year and they would provide the venues," Berner explained. " We couldn't find the funding to race with the IHRA but had plenty of support to run independently."

The MMPSA will stage five events hosted by four different tracks and will not conflict with any of the ADRL's Extreme Pro Stock races. These events will be staged in the spring and fall of 2010, providing the most optimum conditions for the events to produce record numbers. The preliminary schedule opens March 19 – 20 in Rockingham, NC, and then May 7 – 8 in Martin, Mi. The final spring event will be May 21 – 22 in Budds Creek, Md.

The tour resumes with a second event September 25 – 26 in Budds Creek. The final event will be contested in Englishtown, NJ, as part of the Shakedown at E'town event October 1 – 3.

The MMPSA will race under ADRL Extreme Pro Stock rules and guidelines including the VP Race Fuels spec racing gas. The independent races will be staged on a quarter-mile race course.

" The ADRL has even offered their tech support," Berner added.

The IHRA has not officially commented on the MMPSA's decision but likely this decision will end the sanctioning body's involvement with their longest running professional category. Pro Stock has been a part of the sanctioning body's program on a full-time basis since 1971. The IHRA was the first to introduce the mountain motor format in 1976.

The IHRA first informed the mountain motor Pro Stock drivers in September that the class would be discontinued at the end of the 2010 season. The formation of the MMPSA and a potential program next season offered a temporary reprieve. " They came back to us at Rockingham and pointed out that they had several track operators who requested us as part of their program but said that we'd have to find our own funding," Berner confirmed. " That's what we attempted to do but couldn't find the funding." Berner considered himself to be one of the IHRA's staunchest supporters during their recent lean times. The fact, he believed, the IHRA had made the mountain motor Pro Stockers expendable left him disappointed. " We had been at the IHRA for a long time and I personally had invested millions into a program to race there, and for them to come and tell us that we had no place to race during the Budds Creek event was sickening," Berner said. " Even though the MMPSA was willing to put up their own money up to do it, I didn't see it as fair that in addition to our huge investment for our race cars that we also have to fund our own class." Berner, who would be justified feeling bitter towards the IHRA, focuses his efforts on the positives of the new MMPSA program. The MMPSA is comprised of 20 members and will do business as a limited liability corporation.

" Our goal was to give our class the opportunity to race in a quarter mile format at facilities that can produce record breaking side by side performances, while giving fans the ability to witness all the action," said Berner. " We designed the format so that the founding series of the MMPSA would have the best conditions possible to achieve our goals. We're excited for the venues that are on board for 2010 as well as the interest from racers and manufacturers. We have been overwhelmed with support from all of the manufacturers that make the equipment utilized on our race cars. We will have some exciting announcements in the very near future.

" We have also received great interest from other race facilities who wish to have our brand of racing. We appreciate everyone's support of Mountain Motor Pro Stock and are very excited about future possibilities."

Shakedown At E Recent News Blog

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