The 9th Annual 2011 Shakedown At E Town
Official Race Results / Review From The 9th Annual 2011 Shakedown At E Town

   The 9th Annual 2011 Shakedown At E Town Results: THE QUICKEST & FASTEST OUTLAW DRAG RACE IN THE WORLD !

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Official Race Results / Review From The 9th Annual
2011 New York Motorsports Shakedown At E'Town:

In Association With Raceway Park And New York Motorsports.
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This Article Is Dedicated To Benny Alfonso's Recovery And "Vince Dirose Black Ice" 57 Chevy Rebuild.

Shakedown At E'Town 2011; The Northeast Unleashed:

Introduction: After last year, David Hance "New York Motorsports" had to rethink is options of this years event creation with some sense of a balance of power included in the production. The use of the term "Balance Of Power" was in this vocabulary since the Northeast was in a slight upheaval because racers and rules that needed a combination that would allow the classic drag racing format and new added classes to run safely and bring in the "big players" needed to make this another event to be "Unleashed In The Northeast".

Outlaw 10.5 was probably the most discerning factor in Hance's mind, most racers now were running 1/8th mile with cars that would well exceed their limits if the backdoor was opened for 1320ft. In their best interests it was apparent that only the 1/8th mile would be an acceptable solution for some and it was written in stone along with the "Heavy Street" Class lessening the path to the finish line also.

mike-castellana-david-hance-grand-marshal-pro-nitrous-championLosing the "Mountain Motor Pro Stocks" and the "1/8th Mile Pro Mod Challenge" hurt but Hance had something up his sleeve that wasn't announced until the day of the race. A "Pro Import" Class was invited to broaden the base and show this race's versatility in a 1/4 Mile setting.

As if there wasn't enough to go around, John Sears collaborated with Hance to bring in the "X275 Drag Radial" class that was growing in the Northeast exponentially over the last two years and was able to feed the thirst of many new fans and racers. The original Outlaw Drag Radial now turned into another half track event now titled "Outlaw Drag Radial / Limited Street" where-as competition was equalized through a combination of tire rules mainly. Still on the roster was the giant influx of the "8.50 Index Class" that is always a draw when close racing is paramount with exciting action the original Outlaw 10.5 cars evolved from.

shakedown-fans-enjoying-the-drag-raceEnter into the mix of the balance was "Eddie Krawiec" bringing in his own plethora of two wheeled excitement with the newest class yet in earlier years it was a class of the original Shakedowns that seemed to fade away but returned this year in a big way, "The World's Fastest Street Bike Challenge" running under strict rules looking for 200MPH speeds in the 1/4 mile.

Saving the best for last the two powerhouse classes of this event were the prized inclusion as always in years past. "Pro Mod Blown" and "Pro Mod Nitrous" have always held the persona as the baddest doorslammers on earth with an almost "Animal Magnetism" attached to them. Separating both by power adders has become the norm. The Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association held court with an astounding number of members in the both fields as in years past. The tube chassis brutes handling the full 1/4 mile was an exceptional highlight for those craving the "Top End Charge" blasts where 660 more feet is just brutal when they get up on the tires and begin trucking with enormous power under the sleek bodies, it's easy to say no one was let down with the performances of the talented teams and drivers in these two top level classes.

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Function and Execution: Englishtown Raceway Park
Only within the hallowed walls of the Raceway Parks Drag Racing sanctuary could an event of this magnitude take place, world champions of all Drag Racing have carved their name into the renowned surface and history of this tracks long standing heritage of making career's new and old. David Hance from the beginning had almost been prophetic in knowing that Raceway Park is the place and time for an event where records would be unmatched for many months if not years. The pavement was optimal throughout the three day Drag Race Spectacular giving "No Quarter" to anything but the best for the fans and racers.

The weekend was one to remember for Outlaw Drag Racing enthusiasts mainly because of the quality of this facility. Raceway Park has always been under the scrutiny of the area it sits in and is always a target for closing so they are held to tight boundaries for noise and curfews. The function of the staff was to alleviate any worries with the overwhelming amount of cars entered which they handled with experienced execution of this stellar event.

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A three day weekend wouldn't have been seen as that if you had been there on Thursday night with lanes filled waiting near the opening gates all day. Staff preparations continued into the the early morning hours with the event crew working overtime to complete the layout of the pits where each class would be separated into sections for ease of going directly back to the area you desired or simply browse all of them together as a group in their pit sections. Outside the gates, stackers awaited the morning opening for set up, building their pit into a working shop of mechanics, captains and crews. Towers in the track were being loaded with refreshments for sponsors, VIP's and press as morning light rose from the horizon. Racers entered both Friday and Saturday for the Northeasts Quickest And Fastest Drag Race to take place.

Friday Night Qualifying Sessions:

The action and excitement of X275 Drag Radial under the lights Awesome 8.50 Index Drag Racing At Raceway Park New Shakedown At E Town Class Fastest Street Bike Challenge
Only three classes would have a chance at Friday night "Under The Lights" qualifying because of strict adherence to the noise levels of many of the other classes. The "Western Beef" 8.50 Index, Orient Express Racing World's Fastest Street Bike Challenge, and the ATI Performance Products X-275 Radial presented by Haltech Engine Management Systems.

Two sessions were underway as the warm sun downed into much cooler air as nighttime fell upon them. Baselines for the 8.50 Index were hard to grasp though many came out and nailed it with ease but in the cooler air the hopefuls were struggling to tame the horsepower they were creating in the dense northern night atmosphere.

The 8.50 Index would have two more shots at it in the morning on Saturday to get their programs in order. With the great air pumping into the two "All Out" classes not running on an index it was a blessing as anyone knows that the quality of Raceway Park's air at this time of the year is unmatched.

The Orient Express World's Fastest Street Bike Challenge took their two qualifiers and with two more for the following day in the schedule they had the best opportunity to lay down an awesome number.

ATI Performance Products X-275 Radial presented by Haltech Engine Management Systems definitely responded well to the sticky track surface with heated tires cobwebbed with VHT as they staged and produced astounding numbers and great wheels up action for the Friday night fans, they too would have two more shots at bettering their times on Saturday as curfew fell upon Raceway Park.

Results of all qualify and rounds will be found below in their respective classes since the only real numbers that matter for qualifying are the final ones.

New Champion Openings in Many Classes; Tim Lynch, Khalid Al Balooshi, Chip King, Mel Nelson. New Classes to A Be First Ever:

Tim Lynch suffered a massive fire testing the Outlaw 10.5 Corvette just days before the Shakedown. Lynch was A OK but his run for a title would end there this year.Though the Shakedown At E'Town has been known for their repetitive champions in many of the "Heads Up" classes, this race would be considerably different. Last year, Tim Lynch would play a major role after his astounding performance and was on the "Bounty List" as would The 2010 Orlando Street Nationals Champion Dale Collins Jr." who is local to the area.

Tim Lynch was out of the race this year due to a fire that occurred at MIR testing when the Championship Corvette tossed a turbo through the fuel tank engulfing the car in flames just past the 400ft mark. With four gallons of fuel still in it, the fire was intense and Tim Lynch would get out safely with no harm. Dale Collins Jr. on the other hand didn't fare as well; he also suffered a crash where his foot had been hurt badly along with the car.

Tim And Kelly Martin Lynch Came To Support The Shakedown like true champions of Outlaw 10.5Two of the most prominent race champions had to sit this one out but Tim Lynch couldn't help himself with his bride "Kelly Martin Lynch" to show their support and return in person for David Hance and this race.

Khalid Al Balooshi, Chip King, Mel Nelson all were not in attendance this year, giving way to a new title champion in their respective classes mainly the opening in Pro Nitrous since Balooshi was so dominant. Chip King and runner up Larry Plummer both gave way to spots on the front page and Shakedown history with their no show, King gave the fans a show last year that was uncompromising in performance and Plummer has to still be one of the fastest in the group yet two new finalists would make a mark in the northeast in 2011 for the Pro Blown Class.

New for 2011 were openings in some new categories of racing, some never seen before in the Shakedown's roster. X275 Drag Radial would probably have to be the most wanted title, this class has been growing like a tire at high speed through the traps. Outlaw Drag Radial added another section to the class "Limited Street" which may have kept the Champion "Mel Nelson" South of Raceway Park this year but only he could say. The Pro Import class was something of a first ever so leaving no one out this was destined to be a free for all of Sport Compact / Import Drag Racing for them. The World's Fastest Street Bike Challenge would be similar to some of the first Shakedown's which did include motorcycle racing but this was a step above those years, a place is set on the front page to stand for a full year again.

Two Lane Matrimony: Announcing Mr. & Mrs. Bill Scrivener Jr

Shakedown At E Town Wedding Mr and Mrs Bill Scrivener Raceway ParkIf you think you've seen everything at a race, think again. Mr. & Mrs. Bill Scrivener shared wedding vows on the starting line of Raceway Park where the couple first met. Bill Scrivener Jr has been a part of the northeast racing scene with not only his own cars and performance shop cars but with Craig Pio "Outlaw 10.5" mainly. Both bride and groom led a procession under the gateway into the burnout box followed by the wedding party where vows were exchanged over the loudspeakers to thousands in the stands. The newly married couple then had their first man and wife kiss then proceeded to the rear of the Raceway Park tower for a family gathering. A happy life is wished to both of them.

Qualifying Results / Highlights And Eliminations All Classes

All Classes have complete qualifying ladders with Driver, Vehicle, ET / MPH and Top MPH. Elimination Round Results follow below the qualifying of each class.

Shakedown At E Town Pro Modified Blown Class Results

Pro Mod Blown Qualifying | Supercharged / Turbocharged

The sound of the Pro Mod Blown Class just can't be beat with the sweet aroma of Alcohol belching out the pipes and turbos spinning a incredible RPM making in horsepower in the 3,000 range alerting the fans at start up something evil is going to make a pass. This year the Pro Mod Blown class stayed true to their heritage of running 1320ft with outstanding results and upsets early in the eliminations. Qualifying was as exciting as you would expect. The tacky track surface proved worthy of holding most of the cars potential as the night fell, all were treated to the "Pro Mod's" under Raceway Parks well lit quarter mile lanes echoing brute power as each passed the stands. The Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association cornered this class representing 16 of the 20 cars attempting to qualify as members of this organization.

Steve King was the model of consistancy throughout eliminations, his Camaro Pro mod was well into the running for the titleSteve King owned the number one spot in the 68 Camaro that was put back into duty after King's crash and fire in the King / Miller 57 Chevy at Maple Groves "Rumble At The Grove". King stepped on the loud pedal and as the well known competitor he is, dropped the big number on the boards 5.925 @ 239.70.

Pete Farber under power in the darkness of nightime drag racing, one wicked ride is this blown hemi pro mod daytonaPete Farber followed the Blue Camaro in the number two spot holding the Dodge Daytona firmly on the surface scorching the blacktop to a searing "red wedge" 5.938 @ 245.18 taking Top MPH of the sessions. Tim O'Hare couldn't better his first shot as the qualifying took place but number three isn't a bad area in the ladder to be in this group of cars posting a stout 5.947 @ 237.80 in the bright red 68 Camaro. Jose Gonzales took place number four in the Steve Petty massaged GTO powered by twin turbos under the sleek body, Gonzales was still in testing mode with an excellent 5.967 @ 230.10.

Eric Latino just made the ladder, this Camaro Pro Mod is sweetEric Latino crossed the Canadian border to gain the number five place in the ladder with his 69 Camaro pro Mod handling the bite and top end with the start of the six second field 6.025 @ 243.15.

Alex Viscardi's wildly painted 67 Mustang out of the Garrett pits came out spinning the twin turbos to the tune of 6.035 @ 239.65. David Norris packed up a number seven final qualifying spot powering out a strong in one super clean 68 Camaro twin turbo entry 6.075 @ 223.58. Randy Jewell also sporting hairdryers poking through the grille opening sucked in enough air to garner the number eight spot 6.267 @ 239.48. Derek Hawker's split window Corvette took number nine with belt driven horsepower 6.288 @ 229.08 all the way from Canada.

Kevin McCurdy fires off a screaming across the line burnout, earsplitting powerThe "pancaked" 57 Chevy of Jim Bersani pounded the quarter mile with twin turbo boost entering the ladder well 6.288 @ 221.45. Kevin McCurdy is back in the seat of a Pro Mod but not the Firebird we've seen him in for so many years, this is a new car and McCurdy is the "Hitman" behind the controls of this gorgeous car. McCurdy posted a tire shaking 6.356 @ 229.82 and was in the game as the ladder begins to close down soon. Dwayne Wolfe makes the trek up from West Virginia to enter the fray of blower cars as he has been racing this machine and doing well all year, he now has a chance in the rounds with a 6.397 @ 189.52.

Gerry Capano launching hard in the 63 split racing Corvette with AJ481X power"Spit Racing's" Gerry Capano made the group in good fashion 6.525 @ 189.31 with his blown 63 Vette, a showman as always he never leaves the crowd wanting.

Heather Marchenessi backs up Gerry Capano's Corvette Pro mod ala Jungle Pam Style The lovely Heather Marchesani was giving the fans an old school "Jungle Pam" style back up with each pass of Gerry's Vette. Steve Drummond has changed his combination to fit the NHRA rules with a smaller engine sporting twins but there is so much in this incredible 2008 Mustang, Steve just hasn't had enough time to fully get it ironed out yet makes the ladder 6.592 @ 173.78.

Carl Stevens Jr showing some sparks under the stunning Camaro Turbo Pro ModDavid Hance took the 57 Chevy Pro Mod down the lanes with some faltering but Steve Petty was on hand to get it ironed out, Hance makes the 15th spot with a no "back half" 6.594 @ 184.17 as you can see by his MPH. Holding the bump spot is Rick Snavely all the way from California, the 06 GTO finishes the ladder 6.604 @ 227.46. Fidelio Montrond, Jim Barker, Carl Stevens Jr, and Derrick Townes couldn't make it into the full field.

See their numbers below.

Position - Driver Vehicle | Cubic Inch | Power Adder Qualifying ET / MPH Top MPH
1: Steve King 68 Camaro, 521, Supercharged
Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association Member
5.925 @ 239.70 239.70
2: Pete Farber 69 Daytona, 526, Supercharged
Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association Member
5.938 @ 245.18 245.18
3: Timothy O'Hare 68 Camaro, 526, Supercharged
Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association Member
5.947 @ 237.80 238.68
4: Jose Gonzalez 2006 GTO, Twin Turbo 5.967 @ 230.10 238.17
5: Eric Latino 69 Camaro, 521, Supercharged
Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association Member
6.025 @ 243.15 243.15
6: Alex Viscardi 67 Mustang, 598 Twin Turbo
Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association Member
6.035 @ 239.65 239.65
7: David Norris 68 Camaro,540, Twin Turbo 6.075 @ 223.58 223.58
8: Randy Jewell 68 Camaro, 557, Twin Turbo
Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association Member
6.267 @ 239.48 239.48
9: Derek Hawker 63 Corvette,526, Supercharged 6.288 @ 229.08 229.08
10: Jim Bersani 57 Bel Air, 632, Twin Turbo
Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association Member
6.288 @ 221.45 233.56
11: Kevin McCurdy 68 Camaro, 526, Supercharged
Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association Member
6.356 @ 229.82 229.82
12: Dwayne Wolfe 02 Firebird,526, Supercharged
Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association Member
6.397 @ 189.52 220.08
13: Gerry Capano 63 Corvette,526, Supercharged
Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association Member
6.525 @ 189.31 189.31
14: Steve Drummond 08 Mustang,540, Twin Turbo
Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association Member
6.592 @ 173.78 173.78
15: David Hance 57 Belair,521, Twin Turbo
Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association Member
6.594 @ 184.17 184.17
16: Rick Snavely 06 GTO,398, 6.604 @ 227.46 227.46
17: Fidelio Montrond 63 Corvette,526, Supercharged
Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association Member
6.643 @ 200.17 200.17
18: Jim Barker 69 Camaro,526, Supercharged
Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association Member
6.678 @ 162.92 183.17
19: Carl Stevens Jr 68 Camaro,519, Twin Turbo
Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association Member
7.097 @ 167.80 167.80
20: Derrick Townes 68 Camaro,526, Supercharged
Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association Member
7.230 @ 178.68 178.68

Shakedown At E'Town Pro Mod Blown Eliminations:

Pro Blown Eliminations Round One:

Jim Bersani Heats the huge tires on his 57 Chevy Pro ModSetting the stage for an all out war on the asphalt, the behemoths of power took to the lanes, Derek Hawker was the first to turn on a win light without even moving against Randy Jewell, Jewell turned on the red light in his lane -.010 6.332 @ 232 while his opponent Derrick Hawker lays down a clean .016 6.42 @ 229 moving into round two. Jim Bersani takes his first round win .078 6.337 @ 239 in the twin turbo 57 Chevy over a very late on the tree .106 David Norris who finishes with a 7.144 @ 213.

David Norris' incredibly clean twin turbo Camaro Pro Mod ran as good as she looked, this car could easily have taken the best engineered of its classAlex Viscardi had this race front to back his .037 6.082 @ 239 overpowered the new 68 Camaro of Kevin McCurdy who battled tire shake but ran through it like a champ in a losing effort .058 6.171 @ 227. Dwayne Wolfe moves into round two with a tight and clean .057 6.241 @ 223 over Eric Latino's late on the tree .120 6.915 @ 205.

Jose Gonzales was first in the fives in this round streaking to a .055 5.997 @ 249 for the win over a tire shaking .042 7.385 @ 160 by Gerry Capano. Steve Drummond tried a little too hard on the tree drawing a red light -.020 rolling to the end of the track while Tim O'Hare manages his first round win with a skating .052 6.212 @ 234.

Dave Hance knocks down his best pass ever with new coaching by Steve Petty the car blistered the quarter mileWhat a difference a night makes from qualifying, David Hance was nowhere near the top of the competition yet this round proved some steps were taken in the pits to harness the 57 Chevy's power. And

dropping the lowest ET and scorching MPH of the first round against Pete Farber who struggled getting the power to the ground. Hance moves on .094 5.927 @ 251 over Farber's Daytona .071 6.681 @ 176.

The clocks say it all David Hances 5.927 At 251.77Rick Snavely was completely overpowered by number one qualifier "Steve King" as the last pair lit up the boards.

Snavely's .057 tree was good but the 6.510 @ 229 wouldn't stand a chance against a strong .096 6.132 @ 236 belt driven pass by King for the next round winning appearance.

Pro Blown Eliminations Round Two:

Alex Viscardi rampages through the class with his turbocharged mustang Pro ModNow nearing the heat of the day and it did get quite hot for this session, David Hance was first out against Jim Bersani both in 57 Chevy’s with turbo power. Hance was extremely late on the tree .187 to Bersani's .055. Hance piles on the new found power to click the beams at 6.009 @ 233.32 taking away Bersani's chance at another round with a losing 6.386 @ 238.34. Derrick Hawker .024 16.536 @ 47 has issues with the supercharged Corvette Pro Mod falling off against Steve King who keeps improving and chomping at the five second bit on this winning pass .07 6.038 @ 238.47 moving into the semi finals. One of the most exciting side by side passes of the day was Tim O'Hare vs. Alex Viscardi. When you think of close racing, both drivers O'Hare and Viscardi left almost dead even .086 and .085 respectively ending at the finish line was Tim O'Hare 6.023 @ 237.84 over Viscardi's turbo induced big MPH losing 6.068 @ 241.89, at these ET's it was probably less than a foot at the finish. Great run guys! Jose Gonzales and Dwayne Wolfe would finish the 1/4 finals. Gonzales would be the only five second pass of this round taking out Wolfe .026 6.299 @ 223.58. Gonzales blistered the track with the winning numbers of .070 5.969 @ 246.84 now on track and into the semi's.

Pro Blown Semi Final Eliminations:

Tim O'Hare made an excellent try for the winners circle but traction failed him in his final roundSundown was now on the track, with the last four awaiting under the overhang poised for a battle of the top cars of this race. Jose Gonzales meets Steve King in this pairing. Gonzales gets the Jump .068 over King .086 as the tree lights the green bulbs. King fights through tire shake in a losing effort of 6.317 @ 237.55 well off his pace of qualifying while Gonzales gets the win light falling off considerably from his earlier rounds 6.215 @ 200.14. On the last pass by Hance, a good sized puff of smoke was emitted from the exhaust before this round took pace against fellow Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association member Tim O'Hare who was not having any trouble other than keeping the car planted in the changing conditions. Hance stated “The car was fine and was ready with only a minor problem that was fixed" which showed in the burnout it had the power back. O'Hare was also relentless in getting heat in the tires on his side clouding the starting line in a rubber haze. As both "Chevy Machines" pulled into the beams Hance's 57 Chevy lurched across the beams while staging handing the win to Tim O'Hare who took a leisurely pass 1.675 8.577 @ 121.28. Hance was backed off to the sidelines and promptly began pumping up each round of competition that followed with his "terrible towel" swinging wildly over his head. We have our finalists now.

Pro Blown Final Eliminations:

Jose Gonzales on his pass to the winners circle with the el general GTO twin turbo entryQualifiers number three and four set their cars in motion as night was upon us with massive burnouts. The supercharged Camaro of Tim O'Hare against the high tech twin turbo GTO of Jose Gonzales were backing into their positions to make a run for the title which was wide open this year for a new face.

Jose Gonzales takes the Pro mod Blown class in the winners circle with David HanceO'Hare had the Hemi whining at 9,600 RPM not diverting from his usual mechanical like procedure as the turbo's were spooling in the opposite lane for Gonzales. O'Hare .050 leaves on Gonzales .064 but shakes the tires and has to back out of it 8.608 @ 105.03 while he can only watch the title go to the new Pro Mod Blown Champion Jose Gonzales with a winning pass 5.931 @ 252.85. Congratulations to Team "El General'" on their first Pro Mod Blown title at the Shakedown At E Town 2011

Shakedown At E Town Pro Modified Nitrous Class Results

Speedtech Innovative Nitrous Solutions Pro Mod Nitrous Qualifying Highlights and Results

Mike Ghiraldi lights up the night rolling a sprag hitting the limiter for this nitrous burstPro Mod Nitrous has lately jumped with leaps and bounds in an evolution of creative tuning and powerful systems that echo pounding high RPM rhythms in the winds that was once a mystery to tuners yet now many of these cars can compete with the supercharged and turbocharged cars with ET's as low as 5.70's. Forcing the N20 through big cubic inches has transcended the boundaries most thought was impossible before. Making this one of the most exciting 1/4 mile classes laying waste to the air surrounding the sides of the cars with blossoming bursts of fire out the pipes in rippled heat almost the full length of the track is a thrill for laughing gas fans. This is a nighttime feature everyone should experience with the Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association representing 13 of the 19 entries.

Mike Castellana bakes the back tiresRacers took to qualifying with reckless abandon forcing the "Bottled Atmosphere" through the engines with Western Beef's Mike Castellana standing at the top of the ladder holding all of the prizes, including top MPH. The Al-Anabi Racing Camaro lit the boards in their four sessions with a mighty 5.872 @ 242.41.

Vinny Budano begins to haze the tires on a massive burnout Fredy Scriba in the well known "Sorcerer Corvette" dropped a 6.016 @ 238.34 on the boards, and this young man is making a mark for himself. Matt Deitsch in his flamed Camaro also is gaining ground on his new machine, the flamed Camaro Pro mod ate up the 1320ft in 6.035 @ 232.71. John Hall's nasty black Camaro entered into the ladder at place four striking the finishline at 6.068 @ 232.27. Out of Puerto Rico comes Isaias Rojas in his Cobalt to place high in the positions 6.070 @ 224.62. Hometown Raceway Park "Hero" Vinny Budano made it down the track in his usual style with the "Bad Apples" Camaro 6.106 @ 234.00.

Vinny Demeiri Camaro Pro Mod launching hard in nitrous Pro ModWhat would a race be without Vinny Demieri who we have seen for years taking championships in many race venues. Demieri clicked of a strong tire carrying 6.117 @ 227.42. Mike Ghiraldi in a Camaro "possessed" entered into the mix with wild passes ending in a best of 6.232 @ 226.01.

Last years runner up Todd Fontana still keeps pushing the limits and making the most of this stunning red Camaro turning off the clocks 6.237 @ 222.66. Michael Handras running one of the smallest combinations in his immaculate Camaro keeps his sights on getting in the ladder placing well at number ten 6.383 @ 215.89. Nick Montana was behind the wheel of a customers Camaro as "A Hitman / Tuner" taking the number 11 spot 6.534 @ 215.34.

883 cubic inches of Gary Courtier Camaro Pro Mod coming right at youGary Courtier returns back to Raceway Park to close up the group of sixteen cars entered, some say this is the most "Beautiful Camaro Pro Mod", most would agree with that statement, the bright orange pearl paint just glimmers so does its performance 6.688 @ 228.92.

Michael Handras launches the extreme engines Camaro in nitrous Pro ModOne of the few Ford bodies in this class Steve Assenmacher's Escort is a threat to do damage in rounds qualifying at 6.691 @ 174.21. Glen Pulyse brings in a Firebird to do the duties and move into the number 14 spot ready to get in on the competition 6.746 @ 201.64.

Scott Hamel ends up nearing the bottom of the ladder with a 6.797 @ 202.97.

George Williams gorgeous new Camaro Pro Mod in the sunlight, amazingGeorge Williams and team come out with a new Camaro which is gorgeous, sleek and has a lot of potential; the best the car could muster in the sessions was a 6.826 @ 191.13 placing him on the sixteen cars BUMP.

Ronnie Proctor, Chuck Mohn, and Mikey Rauff didn't make the field.

Gimme Fuel, Gimme Fire' Flaming Nitrous From The N20 Pro Mods

Mike Castellana jumps on it hard, white hot nitrous flames emitting Gary Courtier out of the hole at night, pipes blazing Fredy Scriba Belching Huge Nitrous expolsions out the exhaust

See their numbers below.

Driver Vehicle | Cubic Inch Qualifying ET / MPH Top MPH
1: Michael Castellana 69 Camaro, 850 5.872 @ 242.41 242.41
2: Fredy Scriba 66 Corvette, 866
Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association Member
6.016 @ 238.34 238.34
3: Matt Deitsch 68 Camaro, 833
Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association Member
6.035 @ 232.71 232.71
4: John Hall 68 Camaro, 903 6.068 @ 232.27 232.27
5: Isaias Rojas 06 Cobalt, 855
Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association Member
6.070 @ 224.62 224.62
6: Vinny Budano 68 Camaro, 855
Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association Member
6.106 @ 234.00 234.00
7: Vinny Demieri 68 Camaro, 864
Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association Member
6.117 @ 227.42 227.42
8: Mike Ghiraldi 68 Camaro, 738,
Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association Member
6.232 @ 226.01 226.01
9: Todd Fontana 68 Camaro, 787
Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association Member
6.237 @ 222.66 222.66
10: Michael Handras 68 Camaro, 648
Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association Member
6.383 @ 215.89 215.89
11: Nick Montana 69 Camaro, 815
Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association Member
6.534 @ 215.34 215.34
12: Gary Courtier 68 Camaro, 886
Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association Member
6.688 @ 228.92 228.92
13: Steve Assenmacher 04 Escort
Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association Member
6.691 @ 174.21 194.63
14: Glen Pulyse 99 Firebird, 706 6.746 @ 201.64 201.64
15: Scott Hamel 63 Corvette, 736 6.797 @ 202.97 202.97
16: George Williams 68 Camaro, 832
Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association Member
6.826 @ 191.13 191.13
17: Ronnie Proctor 02 Mustang, 632
Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association Member
6.861 @ 202.12 202.12
18: Chuck Mohn 02 Camaro, 632
Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association Member
7.010 @ 195.70 196.42
19: Mikey Rauff 95 Beretta 7.058 @ 191.27 192.69

Shakedown At E'Town Speedtech Innovative Nitrous Solutions Pro Mod Nitrous Eliminations:

Speedtech Innovative Nitrous Solutions Pro Mod Nitrous Eliminations Round One:

Todd Fontana returns with his awesome Camaro Pro modStill in the 1/4 mile sessions, Pro Mod nitrous class eliminations began on schedule with Last years runner up Todd Fontana pairing up against Mike Ghiraldi. The two red Camaro's broke the beams with Fontana out first .047 Ghiraldi follows .077. Fontana makes a clean run to the end winning 6.258 @ 215.93 while Ghiraldi 16.556 @ 46.50 falters mid shift. Team Ghiraldi trashed through the late evening replacing a rolled sprag in the trans. Chuck Mohn had Vinny Demieri to contend with in this match up. Both were terribly late on the tree with Demieri out first .186 and Mohn much farther behind .237. Demieri goes into a hard wheelie and can't recover in time losing 7.393 @ 138.41 to Mohns 7.000 @ 197.16. Nick Montana gives up more than a full tenth on the leave .171 to opponent Ronnie Proctor .017. Proctor 6.743 @ 205.72 doesn't have enough to run down Montana 6.420 @ 212.96 who moves on to round two.

Team Courtier Racing being backed up in front of the fans awaiting the full 1/4 mile passGary Courtiers first round Shakedown At E Town blues present themselves again as he goes hard into tire shake allowing Isaias Rojas to finish well ahead .060 6.531 @ 183.10 to Courtiers losing .054 12.393 @ 70.06. John Hall lays down an awesome .052 6.063 @ 231.71 with all 903 cubic inches pumping out power to Steve Assenmacher's pedaling .071 6.856 @ 158.76 that equaled a round loss. Steve Assenmacher in the juice junkie Ford Pro ModMatt Deitsch almost gave too much away on the tree but his skill and power of the Camaro pulled it out in a tight race against Glen Pulyse. Deitcsh's .104 6.539 @ 224.40 and Pulyse's .077 6.695 @ 207.98 left .129 standing between them at the finish. Fredy Scriba continues to keep the wild Corvette in the 6.0's taking a strong pass and win .086 6.046 @ 235.27 against competitor Scott Hamel .129 6.814 @ 201.91. Back at his hometown race track Mike Castellana probably didn't expect such a close race against the brand new car of George Williams. Castellana leaves first .066 against Williams .071 but the swift application of power brought Castellana 6.054 @ 233.40 to the finish line ahead of Williams 6.072 @ 230.57 with a MOV of .023 at the stripe, a great way to end round one with tight racing.

Speedtech Innovative Nitrous Solutions Pro Mod Nitrous Eliminations Round Two:

Matt Deitsch lanching hard at the Shakedown 2011While the sun began to lay on the track the big nitrous motors rocked the Raceway Park facility again for round two. New Yorkers Matt Deitsch and Nick Montana squared of in a Camaro Pro Mod battle. Dietsch takes his win .078 6.094 @ 231.16 with a clean pass while Montana has to pedal his ride while heading for the wall getting out of it early .099 14.383 @ 58.62. John Hall probably never expected to see the front of Isaias Rojas inch past at the finish line for the close win. Hall nailed the tree .046 with Rojas well behind .113. Hall drops a good 6.068 @ 232.47 on the boards but Rojas gains it on sheer ET 5.990 @ 231.12 being one of the few to have a five second time slip and a top end MOV of .011.

Mike Castellana belted in to his championship Camaro Pro ModMike Castellana had this race all to himself as Todd Fontana would be a victim of the Al-Anabi Camaro. Fontana's .064 6.258 @ 222.95 just wasn't enough for Castellana's .049 6.050 @ 234.74. Finishing up this round Fredy Scriba was staying right on track with ET but against opponent Chuck Mohn he was well of his usual reaction times of excellence .124 to Mohn's great .015 start. Mohn takes a loss with power falling off 7.512 @ 194.21 as Scriba heads a Fulton flaming pass to the finish 6.031 @ 236.67 looking for that elusive five second run.

Speedtech Innovative Nitrous Solutions Pro Mod Nitrous Semi Final Eliminations:

Fredy Scriba on a clean pass with the scorcerer Pro Mod vetteIt had to come about one way or another for the two leading points racers out of the Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Associations camp to meet up. Fredy Scriba leading with Matt Deitsch right behind were in for the numbers as this was a points race. Deitsch pulls the trigger early -.044 and shakes the Camaro wildly 10.897 @ 85.51 as Scriba takes his win still in the sixes but surely has to be concerned about his reaction times heading into the final round .118 6.033 @ 236.01. Isaias Rojas gave Mike Castellana a run for his money with both cars in the fives Rojas gets the loss column side .040 5.977 @ 231.28 as Castellana breaks into the failing light with a brilliant .053 5.916 @ 245.94.

Speedtech Innovative Nitrous Solutions Pro Mod Nitrous Final Eliminations:

Mike Castellana on a long burnoutMike Castellana was on his home turf with the young Fredy Scriba showing his moxy running through the ladder to meet this Pro Mod Icon.

Scriba had to be concerned he had not yet seen a five second pass as Castellana was laying them down much of the weekend.

Mike Castellana awarded the Nitrous Pro Mod Championship At Shakedown At E Town 2011Scriba takes a shot at the tree and goes red -.081 followed by a nitrous choking pop out the exhaust. Castellana already has his win light on and still gives the fans a treat of .051 6.032 @ 233.60 taking the newest Pro Mod Nitrous title home to Muttontown, NY.

Congratulations to Team Castellana on a full sweep of all the weekend's numbers, qualifier, top speed and low ET.

Shakedown At E Town Outlaw 10.5 by K&K Advanced Door car Technologies Class Results

K&K Advanced Door Car Technology Outlaw 10.5 Qualifying Highlights and Results Presented By Precision Turbo

Kenny Doak Supercharged Outlaw 10.5 69 CamaroProbably the most talked about and controversial class in all of "Heads Up" drag racing is the Outlaw 10.5 group. Cars that had originally been street machines struggling to run a quarter mile in nine seconds and under right here at Raceway Park have now moved into a zone never thought of in those early years of its generation. Speeds and ET's have made it almost impossible to allow these cars to take on the full 1/4 mile when at the 1/8th they have already broken 200 and the norm is around 195 with ET's in the 4.20's and under on any given day. Turbochargers have become the power adder of choice but Supercharging is still becoming more prominent back each year yet nitrous applications have fallen off some. Torque converter technology has been even more effective keeping the "small 10.5" tires planted with the exorbitant horsepower these cars produce. This year marks the first time David Hance chose to cut the full 1320ft down to the 660ft mark for safety and performance, cars in this class have not been running the full length of the track and most felt that even in the confines of one of NHRA's most respected tracks could they run it out the back door with piece of mind. So begins the legacy of the new structure of the Shakedown At E Town Outlaw 10.5 class and the qualifying results.

Chuck Ulsch Outlaw 10.5 Supercharged CamaroGil Mobley Motorsports took the two top spots with supercharged Hemi power under both of the cars entered. Both rides are the belt driven brutes of the northeast running screw blowers. Richard Sexton takes the number one position in the 06 GTO 4.141 @ 185.77 with team mate Chuck Ulsch right behind 4.149 @ 187.70 in the nasty 02 Camaro. The first turbo entry in the qualifying was Ron Schlessinger's ZR-1 Corvette handled by Larry Wood striking the beams at 4.163 @ 190.65.

Class Sponsor Kenny Doak K&K Advanced Door Car Technologymade the ladder in the number four spot almost the full 1/8th mile on the wheelie bars with supercharged power taking over the pavement. Tom Kasper and his 670 cubed twin turbo Mustang place number five with a strong 4.240 @ 185.61 and Michael Martin got in with his nitrous power 69 Camaro, fans love this car of his, big launches and big nitrous tune up's give fans a great show 4.307 @ 169.34. John and Andy Chemen who are steadfast Raceway Park veterans had recently finished a massive rebuild Saturday morning in time to lay down a 4.313 @ 186.82 with belt boosted power.

Jason Enos, torquedtools 67 turbo mustang outlaw 10.5Jason Enos, another award sponsor has been on the tongue of many racers, his progressively quicker ET's 4.316 @ 183.00 on each test pass with the Proline racing engines power was enough for a mid ladder position although traction limited most of the sessions. Scott Filkins 4.318 @ 170.30 has seen many classes including Pro Mod blown as a driver where-as he suffered a crash in one of the earlier Shakedowns but now sits in a supercharged 68 Dart running outlaw 10.5 but an exploded motor on the top end would have him replaced by an alternate as the car suffered severe damage with the ensuing fire, Filkins was OK. TJ Kasper Launching Outlaw 10.5 Mustang At Shakedown 2011One of the youngest racers and feared is TJ Kasper, his skills have increased and so has his power 4.325 @ 176.47 in the original "Tim Lynch Record Setting Mustang" though it's been heavily modified since taking ownership. John Carcini’s Trans Am may look very familiar out of Ontario Canada, Mike Yedgarian had given the fans a show with this car years back, now under new ownership it still is representing the northern border well 4.326 @ 180.91. Mo Hall is the second nitrous equipped entry to make the field, the black 94 Camaro is always in the running and still is with a ladder position of number 12 4.333 @ 173.07. Saud Al-Zabin's Mustang easily made the field powering out clean launches streaking to 4.350 @ 173.23. Mike Keeler Camaro on nitrous ended up with a best effort of 4.359 @ 168.39.

David DeMarco Outlaw 10.5 Buick Regal Nightime launchShawn Zubler is back in action although his qualifying 4.389 @ 172.47 was hampered by small bugs, this small motored twin turbo Trans Am has the chassis and internals to go rounds. Rick Snavely 4.407 @ 171.71 rounds out the top 16 car field with his 398 ci Mustang out of the Garret camp. Alternate David DeMarco 4.409 @ 183.54 was put into Scott Filkins spot in the ladder, the only Buick Regal in the group was just recently rebuilt less than a month ago with final touches added days before this race, fans were glad to see the bad black Buick make passes. Frank Pompilio 4.409 @ 174.80 moved his 67 Mustang into the ten five ranks after winning under Frank Lazzaro's name in previous Heavy Street competition right here at the Shakedown. Doug Harris who's new Camaro has been doing well couldn't make the ladder 4.467 @ 174.35 although you can expect more out of this car at the local races. Brian Penna 4.471 @ 167.22 a veteran of Raceway Parks original Quick 8's also missed his opportunity to go rounds. Out of New York Lou Sciortino's stunningly gorgeous Camaro played in Heavy Street last year now crossing over had traction issues that kept him out of the game 4.484 @ 162.43. Mike Yedgarian was back in a sweet new Camaro, with little to no testing on this car, its appearance alone was worth the fans looks in qualifying 4.516 @ 171.95.

With Anthony DiSomma behind the wheel of Opie's "Punisher Racing" Camaro it was a car people had many bets going on the side that after news went out the car clocked a 200MPH pass in the 1/8 their mission was to reproduce it. Having seen this car myself, there was obvious problems with it in qualifying, the enormous flames from the M5 fuel just weren't there 4.539 @ 179.14. Craig Pio 4.553 @ 159.27 another long time Outlaw 10.5 racer also had issues of getting all the power this car has down the track. Eric Pezzuti made the trek up from Florida but couldn't make the field with a 4.586 @ 162.06. Steve Kluepfel in his supercharged Mustang entry was way off pace this weekend having only a 4.597 @ 163.71 to show for his efforts. Keith Talbot also couldn't keep up with the steep bump finishing with a 4.858 @ 150.33. Ron Green's Firebird was not in the game as a five second pass was well behind the mid ladder numbers 5.278 @ 140.12. Joe Newsham a previous Shakedown At E Town Champion in Outlaw 10.5 was "Hitman" for Gee Wiz Racings new Camaro, big wheel spin on most of the passes must have been frustrating for Newsham placing last in the qualifiers 5.587 @ 103.16. Many of the cars above in the qualifying were running the "Presenting Sponsors Precision Turbo turbochargers

See their numbers below.

Driver Vehicle | Cubic Inch | Power Adder Qualifying ET / MPH Top MPH
1: Richard Sexton 06 GTO, 526, Supercharged 4.141 @ 185.77 185.77
2: Chuck Ulsch 02 Camaro, 526, Supercharged 4.149 @ 187.70 187.70
3: Larry Wood 2010 ZR-1, 670 Twin Turbo
K&K Advanced Door Car Technology
4.163 @ 190.65 191.16
4: Kenneth Doak 69 Camaro, 526, Supercharged
K&K Advanced Door Car Technology
4.229 @ 183.62 183.62
5: Tom Kasper 05 Mustang, 670, Twin Turbo
Kaspers Korner
4.240 @ 185.61 185.61
6: Michael Martin 69 Camaro, 786, Nitrous 4.307 @ 169.34 169.34
7: John Cheman 69 Camaro, 540, Supercharged 4.313 @ 186.82 186.82
8: Jason Enos 67 Mustang, 670, Twin Turbo
Torqued Tools
4.316 @ 183.00 183.00
9: Scott Filkins 68 Dart, 526, Supercharged 4.318 @ 170.30 170.30
10: T J Kasper 03 Mustang, 670, Twin Turbo
Kaspers Korner
4.325 @ 176.47 181.96
11: John Carinci 02 Trans Am, 550, Twin Turbo 4.326 @ 180.91 180.91
12: Maurice Hall 94 Camaro, Nitrous 4.333 @ 173.07 173.07
13: Saud Al-Zabin 05 Mustang, 665, Twin Turbo 4.350 @ 173.23 173.23
14: Mike Keeler 70 Camaro 4.359 @ 168.39 168.39
15: Shawn Zubler 99 Trans Am, Twin Turbo
KOS Motorsports
4.389 @ 172.47 177.32
16: Rick Snavely 05 Mustang, 398, Twin Turbo 4.407 @ 171.71 171.71
17: David DeMarco 84 Regal, 540, Twin Turbo 4.409 @ 183.54 183.54
18: Frank Pompilio 67 Mustang, Twin Turbo 4.409 @ 174.80 174.80
19: Doug Harris 68 Camaro, 640, Twin Turbo 4.467 @ 174.35 174.35
20: Brian Penna 68 Camaro, 454, Nitrous 4.471 @ 167.22 167.80
21: Lou Sciortino 69 Camaro, 762, Nitrous 4.484 @ 162.43 162.43
22: Mike Yedgarian 69 Camaro, 545, Twin Turbo 4.516 @ 171.95 171.95
23: Anthony DiSomma 02 Camaro, 633, Twin Turbo 4.539 @ 179.14 179.14
24: Criag Pio 02 Camaro, 638, Twin Turbo 4.553 @ 159.27 163.00
25: Eric Pezzuti 03 Mustang, 650, Twin Turbo 4.586 @ 162.06 162.06
26: Steve Kluepfel 79 Mustang, Supercharged 4.597 @ 163.71 163.71
27: Keith Talbot 04 Mustang, 660, 4.858 @ 150.33 150.33
28: Ron Green 00 Firebird, 632, 5.278 @ 140.12 160.06
29: Joseph Newsham 68 Camaro, 632, Twin Turbo
J&E Performance
5.587 @ 103.16 103.16

K&K Advanced Door Car Technology Presented By Precision Turbo Outlaw 10.5 Eliminations

K&K Advanced Door Car Technology Presented By Precision Turbo Outlaw 10.5 Round One Eliminations:

Michael Martins Outlaw 10.5 Camaro launchMorning light was on the asphalt a pairing one came into the burnout box. Jason Enos faced David DeMarco. Enos had already been 4.11 in testing and DeMarco had little time on the black Buick regal. Both left with almost identical times but Enos faded into the morning sun as a blur 4.996 @ 158.89 leaving DeMarco behind 5.219 @ 131.90. TJ Kasper literally killed the tree with a .000 light as John Cheman would have to make up ground .078; Kasper took his win 4.393 @ 183.07 over Chemen’s very close 4.367 @ 171.97. John Carcini falls to fan favorite Michael Martin, the big nitrous power turned on and Martin .071 4.306 @ 172.32 goes to round two over Carcini .083 4.831 @ 136.43. Mo Hall gave up most of his chance on the tree against Tom Kasper; Halls .113 was late to Kaspers .086. Kasper 4.389 @ 185.38 takes round one from the nitrous powered Camaro 4.440 @ 166.37. Class Sponsor Kenny Doak left no room in the next round for Saud Al-Zabin, Doak led the stunning supercharged Camaro out first .023 with Al-Zabin following .072.

Richie Sexton Gil Mobley Motorsports Outlaw 10.5 GTO At Shakedown At E Town The K&K Advanced Door Car Technologies Camaro supercharger sucking the warm air 4.336 @ 166.93 took on the 1/8th mile well ahead of Al-Zabin 4.604 @ 142.06. Mike Keeler would break on the line leaving no time while Larry Wood gets a single .066 4.241 @ 188.44 testing the waters for next round. Chuck Ulsch's "Gil Mobley Motorsports" 02 Camaro laid waste to the tarmac pulling in a solid "freight train" of horsepower pass clicking the boards .081 4.206 @ 185.87 while opponent Shawn Zubler tried to harness the starting line traction and shift through in a losing effort .101 5.201 @ 104.97. Rick Snavely had to be the big upset of the day as he takes out number one qualifier Richard Sexton, Sexton battles wheel spin losing all ground needed .095 5.374 @ 104.47 as Snavely's 389ci Mustang moves forward into round two .028 4.536 @ 172.72 for the final pairings of the session.

K&K Advanced Door Car Technology Presented By Precision Turbo Outlaw 10.5 Round Two Eliminations:

Tommy Kasper Outlaw 10.5 Mustang burnoutWith cooler air moving in on the track and sundown casting brilliant light for this round there is Rick Snavely again taking out the prominent east coast divers, this time it would be Jason Enos. Enos's power is not enough in the "Torqued Tools" Mustang .038 4.626 @ 170.88 to play catch up to Snavely winning again .028 4.536 @ 172.72. Kenny Doak knew he would have a battle on his hands against Tommy Kasper's turbo Mustang, Both left almost identically with Kasper later .039 to Doak's .033, Doak is trucking and Kasper is out of shape before the 300ft mark. Kasper 5.002 @ 133.05 loses to Doak who had issues on the top end with his crankshaft breaking on this pass 4.688 @ 130.80. Old school nitrous and top of the line turbo power entered into the beams with Michael Martin facing Larry Wood. Martin takes the tree .044 to Woods .064 but Martin doesn't have the grunt to win this match as he gets an "L" in his column 4.385 @ 167.51 to Woods winning 4.230 @ 188.62. TJ Kasper would need to have all his cards in order for his pairing with Chuck Ulsch. From the hit, Kasper was out big time on Ulsch .018 to .083 respectively. Kasper gets out of shape and knows when to fold as Ulsch's Supercharged Camaro is well ahead. Kasper takes a loss 6.616 @ 73.05 as Ulsch moves into the semis 4.262 @ 184.42

K&K Advanced Door Car Technology Presented By Precision Turbo Outlaw 10.5 Semi Final Eliminations:

Garret Turbo Mustang Outlaw 10.5 Mike SnavelyNow in the darkening light, Kenny Doak could not make repairs on the Camaro and gives Rick Snavely a Bye Run. Snavely goes for a full pass .192 4.411 @ 188 which may not be enough for his final round appearance as numbers from the others showed. Larry Wood has to make a great effort to surpass the big power of the "Gil Mobley Machine" Ulsch's Camaro. With Ulsch's blower screaming wildly it launches first .060 and shuts off immediately tossing the belt while Wood had his ZR-1 Corvette spooled and taking off for the win .112 clocking a sic' 4.19 @ 188.41 heading into the final.

K&K Advanced Door Car Technology Presented By Precision Turbo Outlaw 10.5 Final Eliminations:

Outlaw 10.5 Champion Larry Wood in Ron Schlessinger ZO-6 CorvetteAn East Coast / West Coast match was in order for the night final. Both Snavely and Wood fought hard to get here. Snavely and Wood power out of the burnout box, on Wood's side Steve Petty "Proline Racing Engines" and Car builder Gary Naughton are making sure Larry Wood is staged in the right area anticipating a positive outcome.

Shakedown At E Town Outlaw 10.5 Champions Larry Wood, Ron Schlessinger, Gary Naughton, David HanceSnavely .076 gets the green over Wood .083 but Wood 4.211 @ 188.49 is out and sucking wind with the turbos to the finish line ahead of Snavely 4.496 @ 172 losing. Larry Wood raced as if this was a bracket car not wavering in times and MPH throughout the weekend. An excellent show of tuning and the capabilities of this "Show Quality" Corvette of Larry Schlessinger built by Class Sponsor K&K Advanced Door Car Technologies. Congratulations to Larry Wood on his championship title taking top honors also in Top Speed of the race.

Shakedown At E Town Heavy Street Class Results

Heavy Street Qualifying Highlights and Results

John Cerbone Blisters the big tires in Heavy Street Part of the Big Tire Outlaws at Raceway ParkHeavy Street is alive and well in the Northeast, basically bred on the surface of Raceway Park when they were enjoying a brilliant series known as the Quick 8's running on a 7.50 Index years ago now has turned into another series by the "Big Tire Outlaws" Group of racers entertaining fans each month at this facility but now is "Heads Up" completely. With 28 cars leading into qualifying Mitch George is back to take his title of 2009 away from reigning 2010 champion Sam Gottier, who has had a stunning year since the last Shakedown At E'Town taking the coveted "Orlando World Street Nationals" Heavy Street Title also. The big tire brutes have plenty of power and combinations to greet the pavement with mounds of "Big Fat Tire Rubber”. A note to this is the once 1/4 mile experience now has also changed formats to the 1/8th.

Sam Gottier leads the qualifiers with a sound 4.419 @ 162.31 in the gorgeous Chevelle on nitrous, The man behind the "Big Tire Outlaw" series John Cerbone is just a tic' away in number two also powered by nitrous; Cerbone has a best of 4.473 @ 161.52. Last years runner up Mitch George pastes a 4.521 @ 164.77 on the boards for number three followed by Tom Tarsia's Camaro drive by belt boosted power 4.549 @ 160.75.

Sammy Carters 57 Chevy Heavy street Entry powered by roots superchargingWhat would a heavy street session be without John Schroeder who has been a Shakedown participant from year one. Schroeder is in on five with a 4.608 @ 158.04. The Tony Presto / Basso team finalize their position with a good 4.650 @ 163.59 wheels up action all through qualifying. Robert Briscoe up from Florida shaves the clocks at 4.656 @ 152.18 with Rick Fedorovich transferring his car into Heavy Street from Outlaw 10.5 in previous years running down a 4.703 @ 153.35 after completing the car that morning. Darren Harris comes in at number nine 4.783 @ 151.00; Sammy Carter's 57 Chevy with roots blown power enters the ten spot 4.785 @ 151.51. Stephen Ramage does his thing and lands tight in the lower half of the ladder 4.790 @ 150.00. New Jersey fan favorite Charlie Micalef or "Charlie Boy" as most know him by gets his Chevelle in the show easily again as in past years 4.792 @ 147.79. Ray DeAngelis in the bright white Camaro convertible sprayed his way into place thirteen; a typical seven second street car had a best of 4.830 @ 144.80.

Tommy Romeo is off Big Time in the New 70 Nova for this 1/8th Mile Big Tire ClassTommy Romeo makes a move into Heavy Street this year from the 8.50 Index with his car now rock solid for the class after a season refinement at K&K Advanced Door Car Technology 4.844 @ 143.35. Steadfast racer Tommy Mauro has been in virtually all types of classes in the northeast and major organization racing, this year he set his sights on this title pushing Procharger wind through his Camaro 4.866 @ 147.46.

Mike Pollaro's Corvette is one of the cleanest cars you'll see, it didn't make the feild but was a fan favorite for its hard launchesRichard Scioscia shows the fans Hemi power at its best spraying the "Cuda" with nitrous and ending the field of qualified cars 4.924 @ 143.57 in style on each pass. Non Qualifiers Include: Andrew DeMarco, Joseph Rivera, Joseph Richardson, Adam Cohen, Peter Esposito, Michael Ingrossio, Mike Pollaro, Kevin Asmley, Andy Harris, Dwayne Taylor Sr, Joe Serviss, John Caruso

See their numbers below.

Driver Vehicle | Cubic Inch | Power Adder Qualifying ET / MPH Top MPH
1: Sam Gottier 71 Chevelle, 762, Nitrous 4.419 @ 162.31 165.27
2: John Cerbone 92 Camaro, 598, Nitrous
JCM Racing, Big Tire Outlaws
4.473 @ 161.52 161.52
3: Mitch George 84 Monte Carlo, 648, Nitrous 4.521 @ 164.77 164.77
4: Tom Tarsia 70 Camaro, 522, Supercharged 4.549 @ 160.75 167.20
5: John Schroeder 02 Camaro, 632, Nitrous 4.608 @ 158.04 158.04
6: Tony Presto / Basso 67 Chevy II, 526, 4.650 @ 163.59 163.59
7: Robert Briscoe 69 Nova, 632, Nitrous 4.656 @ 152.18 152.18
8: Rick Fedorovich 01 Mustang, 427, Turbocharged 4.703 @ 153.35 155.19
9: Darren Harris 67 Camaro, 632, 4.783 @ 151.00 151.07
10: Sammy Carter 57 Chevy, 509, Supercharged 4.785 @ 151.51 153.32
11: Stephen Ramage 68 Camaro, 632, 4.790 @ 150.00 150.00
12: Charlie Micalef 70 Chevelle, 728, Nitrous 4.792 @ 147.79 147.79
13: Ray DeAngelis 91 Chevy, 598, Nitrous 4.830 @ 144.80 144.80
14: Tommy Romeo 70 Nova, 648, Nitrous
K&K Advanced Door Car Technology
4.844 @ 143.35 143.35
15: Tommy Mauro 92 Camaro, 540, Procharger 4.866 @ 147.46 147.46
16: Richard Scioscia 70 Cuda, 550, Nitrous 4.924 @ 143.57 143.57
17: Andrew DeMarco 86 Mustang, 427, Turbocharged 4.945 @ 149.17 149.17
18: Joseph Rivera 68 Chevy, 632, 4.956 @ 150.26 150.26
19: Joseph Richardson 69 Camaro, 5.011 @ 152.12 154.72
20: Adam Cohen 87 Fiero, 632, Nitrous 5.012 @ 141.21 141.21
21: Peter Esposito 55 Chevy, Nitrous 5.070 @ 137.47 137.47
22: Michael Ingrossio 82 Cutlass, 737, Nitrous 5.153 @ 143.26 143.26
23: Mike Pollaro 02 Corvette, 532, Nitrous 5.230 @ 138.31 138.31
24: Kevin Asmley 78 El Camino, 540, 5.449 @ 108.90 108.90
25: Andy Harris 94 S-10, Nitrous 5.721 @ 113.26 113.26
26: Dwayne Taylor Sr 69 Nova, 620, 5.843 @ 137.40 137.40
27: Joe Serviss 85 Mustang, 427, 5.960 @ 121.30 121.30
28: John Caruso 61 Corvette, 555, 5.987 @ 117.49 117.53

Shakedown At E Town Heavy Street Eliminations

Shakedown At E Town Heavy Street Round One Eliminations:

Robert Briscoe's Nova was a clean as it was fast laying down classic heavy street numbersRick Fedorovich couldn't make the first round call for the big tires class to begin allowing a BYE run for Darren Harris to take a leisurely pass.410 5.652 @ 92. Sammy Carter in the crowd favorite Blown 57 Chevy was taken out early .078 4.843 @ 151 by Robert Briscoe in the 69 Nova .098 4.710 @ 156.

The Nova of Tony Presto / Basso had a BYE run also as Steve Ramage couldn't make the call either. Presto / Basso -.314 6.815 @ 105.40 move on to round two. Constant competitors throughout the years, John Schroeder gets the edge over Charlie "Charlie Boy" Micalef in the end Schroeder .030 4.670 @ 156 was too good for Micalef's .024 4.794 @ 147.

Ray DeAngelis qualifying in the night time under the lights at Raceway Park Shakedown At E TownRay DeAngelis and the sweet Camaro Vert was unable to keep up with the belt driven Tom Tarsia Camaro. Tarsia takes it all .105 4.427 @ 170 over DeAngelis' .078 5.152 @ 132. Tommy Romeo faced the 2009 Champion Mitch George as we all remember as he rolled the Monte Carlo after crossing the finish for his win.

Mitch kept all four wheels on the ground and simply out powered the newcomer to this class this year. Romeo goes down .013 4.798 @ 150.00 to Georges, .134 4.582 @ 160.81.

Tommy Mauro with his signature wheels up launch huffing procharger powerTommy Mauro was another hopeful in this class but surely was out of it from the start. Mauro's .123 light and 5.103 @ 150.035 wouldn't have gotten him the win with his opponent Joseph Richardson streaking to a solid .077 4.763 @ 153.

Sam Gottier gets a BYE run into the next round as Rich Scioscia can't make the call to end the session Gottier makes a nice clean pass .058 4.468 @ 161.

Shakedown At E Town Heavy Street Round Two Eliminations:

John Schroeder is again in the Shakedown eliminations with his well known CamaroMitch George opens the session in a big way taking out the Presto / Basso Nova handily .032 4.560 @ 158.15 to the losing effort by Presto / Basso .194 4.771 @ 162.86. Darren Harris couldn't keep pace with the 2010 Champion Sam Gottier. Harris has a better light .046 to Gottier's .113 but the big Red Chevy pulls past fast leaving Harris behind 4.927 @ 147.47 and Gottier's 4.452 @ 161.29 moving into the semis. John Schroeder pulls a big red light in his match with Tom Tarsia, Schroeder goes red -.005 to Tarsia's .152 Schroeder ends his day 4.714 @ 154.37 to Tarsia's winning 4.442 @ 169.87. Joseph Richardson takes A BYE run as Robert Briscoe can't make the call. Richardson heads to the semis with a nice pass of .072 4.777 @ 155.88 to end the session.

Shakedown At E Town Heavy Street Semi Final Eliminations:

Mitch George had a great shot at the title again this year but fell short in roundsEnter the final four; this round would have the fans standing for close big tire racing. Sam Gottier takes on the Mighty blower power underneath Tom Tarsia's hood. Tarsia is out first but not by much .065 to Gottier's .070 both head the finish fender to fender with Sam Gottier getting the win 4.471 @ 160.90 to Tarsia's losing 4.478 @ 166.03, the MOV on this race was .002, awesome big tire action. Mitch George faced Joseph Richardson in this pairing. George gets the leave on Richardson .057 to .074 respectively but the big power from Richardson comes on clicking the beams ahead of George 5.087 @ 133.03 to the winning Richardson seeing his first final at the Shakedown 4.910 @ 151.12.

Shakedown At E Town Heavy Street Semi Final Eliminations:

Sam Gottier Shows how to get the job done on a championship run back to back at this years Shakedown At E Town 2011The camp over in Gottier's pit has to be pretty happy with the performance they showed during the weekend, but also the team of Joseph Richardson was equally thirsty for the winners circle all the way from Virginia.

Sam Gottier and Team Stand Proudly In the winners circle of Heavy StreetRichardson leave on Gottier .068 to .074 but Gottier puts the Chevelle into blast mode as he crosses the finish line blowing the scoop of taking the win over Richardson 4.677 @ 157.26 with a strong 4.465 @ 160. This would be the first time anyone has repeated in Heavy Street. Congratulations to Sam Gottier on an outstanding show of big tire brute force and his second class title in two years.

Pro Torque Drag Radial / Limited Street Qualifying Highlights and Results Presented By PM Construction Services Management Class Results

Pro Torque Drag Radial / Limited Street Qualifying Highlights and Results Presented By PM Construction Services Management

Outlaw Drag Radial this year pairs up with Limited Street giving racers a chance to use different dimensions of tires to harness the horsepower to their liking. Now confined to an 1/8th mile format, the previous Drag Radial seen before at the Shakedown will stand and a new order will be in place for this 660ft parade of power.

John Carters Sleek Corvette ran Consistantly during the weekendThere were 20 cars entered into the mix for this show as this new class starts to become its own identity from the small tire style which is also featured at the Shakedown. Steve Jackson takes the number one position in the qualifying sessions, he got the job done putting up a 4.400 @ 174.80. Last years runner up John Carter was smooth as his Corvette pulling down 4.427 @ 186.77 also grabbing top MPH of the sessions. Alex Vrettos takes his Mustang with J&E Performance power under the hood to the number three spot blistering the track 4.465 @ 178.00. Jack of all trades when it comes to racing, well known engine builder and driver of the Pete Biello Camaro.

Scotty Gaudagno "Scotty's Racing Engines" pastes a 4.497 @ 173.72 high in the ladder. An outlaw drag radial race wouldn't be without Kevin Fiscus on hand, the Mustang clicked off a solid 4.522 @ 175.82. Frank Soldridge "PSI Motorsports" gave fans something they haven't seen much of, a Mustang on the bumper passing the 330ft mark and coming down fairly gracefully. Soldridge qualifies well 4.634 @ 169.36. Bill Dutka also powered by J&E Performance is on a good track to make rounds as last year this car carried the wheels past the 800ft mark, Dutka is in the game a little tamer on his passes with a 4.637 @ 164.99.

Paul Major fought off traction woes through much of the competition trying to harness the big power in the VetteSal Patel stunned the crowd with his Viper out of "Drummond Race Cars"; this car looks as streetable as any Viper yet laid down a 4.738 @ 162.43. Abdullah Malallah from Kuwait scores the number nine spot taking his Mustang to a 4.759 @ 160.31.

Vincent Fiore a New Jersey resident pushed his 69 Camaro into the ladder well at 4.782 @ 153.63 followed by Joshua Knight in the 71 Nova 4.783 @ 153.98.

Big Daddy is in the house again, Dwayne Gutridge "Big Daddy Performance" a previous Shakedown Winner holds a place in the ladder with 4.832 @ 163.16 and Eric Dillard coming up from Georgia well off his usual mark but in the race as always 5.142 @ 141.

Big Drag Radial Burnout PowerJoe Gentiluomo kicked the Camaro into high gear and it responded with a 5.268 @ 143.44. Paul Major, one of the Presenting sponsors was battling his combination to keep it glued down and enters into the ladder well off this cars potential sounding off a 5.515 @ 142.88. Ruben Tetsoshvili ends the class ladder with a 5.586 @ 149.46. Non Qualifiers are as follows in order. Craig Pio, Rob Wells, Antone Jones, Ron Koch

See their numbers below.

Driver Vehicle | Cubic Inch | Power Adder Qualifying ET / MPH Top MPH
1: Steve Jackson 93 Mustang, 283, 4.400 @ 174.80 175.05
2: John Carter 04, Corvette, Turbocharged 4.427 @ 186.77 186.77
3: Alex Vrettos 95 Mustang, 540, Turbocharged
J&E Performance
4.465 @ 178.00 178.00
4: Scotty Gaudagno 02 Camaro, 762, Nitrous
"Scotty's Racing Engines"
4.497 @ 173.72 173.72
5: Kevin Fiscus 02 Mustang, 832, Turbocharged 4.522 @ 175.82 175.82
6: Frank Soloridge 04 Cobra, 450, Turbocharged
"PSI Motorsports"
4.634 @ 169.36 169.36
7: Bill Dutka 79 Malibu, 648, Turbocharged
J&E Performance
4.637 @ 164.99 164.99
8: Sal Patel 99 Viper, 575, Turbocharged
"Drummond Race Cars"
4.738 @ 162.43 162.43
9: Abdullah Malallah 89 Mustang, 454, 4.759 @ 160.31 163.43
10: Vincent Fiore 69 Camaro, 632, 4.782 @ 153.63 153.63
11: Joshua Knight 71 Nova, 632, 4.783 @ 153.98 153.98
12: Dwayne Gutridge 89 Ford LX, 427, Turbocharged
"Big Daddy Performance"
4.832 @ 163.16 163.16
13: Eric Dillard 91 Mustang, 632, 5.142 @ 141.45 163.63
14: Joseph Gentiluomo 88 Camaro, Nitrous 5.268 @ 143.44 143.44
15: Paul Major 01 Corvette, 615, Turbocharged 5.515 @ 142.88 150.16
16: Ruben Tetsoshvili 93 Mustang, 632, 5.586 @ 149.46 149.46
17: Craig Pio 02 Camaro, 490, Turbocharged 5.611 @ 102.45 102.45
18: Rob Wells 93 Mustang, 615, Turbocharged
New York Motorsports
5.921 @ 140.84 140.84
19: Antone Jones 70 Nova, 406, 6.154 @ 115.10 115.10
20: Ron Koch 75 Camaro, 434, 6.197 @ 128.46 128.46

Pro Torque Drag Radial / Limited Street Presented By PM Construction Services Management Eliminations

Pro Torque Drag Radial / Limited Street Presented By PM Construction Services Management Round One Eliminations:

Bill Dutka had a great weekend going in the J&E Performance Powered Malibu in DRBill Dutka opens the rounds facing Vincent Fiore. Dutka is out late .173 spooling the turbos with Vincent Fiore cutting a decent .88 light. Dutka immediately screams past Fiore for the win light 4.750 @ 166.81 to Fiore's losing 5.012 @ 148.51. Joshua Knight has Frank Soldridge to contend with this round, not knowing if the Mustang suffered any damage from the insane wheelie the night before Soldridge tries to fire off a pass but his .108 6.129 @ 117.03 couldn't surpass the efforts of Knight's .051 5.214 @ 140.84. Scotty Gaudagno never fails to please his fans, the more they see him in rounds the they like it even if it means taking out a fan favorite like Eric Dillard. Gaudagno .071 4.514 @ 167.59 leads a nitrous charge to the finish ahead of Dillard who already was late on the tree to try and make up that much track .355 6.576 @ 143.02.

Abdullah Malallah In his Dissoma Racing Engines Powered Mustang lifts the tiresAlex Vrettos .061 and Joseph Gentiluomo .062 both take a crack at the tree almost identically. Vrettos opens up the throttle and takes the win light 4.458 @ 177.51 with Gentiluomo far behind 5.292 @ 144.80. Two sleek Vettes possessed the starting line with John Carter facing Paul Major. Major is extremely late on the tree and gets out of it early .198 6.185 @ 84.00 as Carter goes on to the next round .050 4.518 @ 178.45. Steve Jackson owns this race front to back with an astounding .059 4.447 @ 177.16 while opponent Ruben Tetsoshvili .089 5.501 @ 120.60 didn't stand a chance. Abdullah Malallah takes a BYE run as Sal Patel can't make the call .675 4.915 @ 156.70 finishing this lightning round.

Pro Torque Drag Radial / Limited Street Presented By PM Construction Services Management Round Two Eliminations:

Big Daddy Dwayne Gutridge returns in solid fashionScotty Gaudagno worked this pairing on his skills as a driver only with his quick reaction time he ousted Big Daddy Dwayne Gutridge who takes too much time on the tree .229 to Guadagno's .061. Guadagno 4.614 @ 165.99 takes a holeshot win over Gutridge 4.569 @ 176.88. The first time we've seen Steve Jackson in the fives he is still able to take the win from Abdullah Malallah .146 8.741 @ 65.00 who was backing out of it with Jackson moving on .067 5.160 @ 164.39 just "Killin Time" already thinking of the next round probably in the shutdown. John Carter ends Bill Dutka's run for the title this year with a .106 4.545 @ 178.64 to Dutka's losing .185 4.760 @ 166.89. Alex Vrettos gets a free pass into the semis but decides to give it a decent run to make sure the Cobra Mustang is ironed out for the upcoming rounds .065 4.597 @ 168.60.

Pro Torque Drag Radial / Limited Street Presented By PM Construction Services Management Semi Final Eliminations:

Scotty Gaudagno makes the rounds count with his Pete Biello Owned Camaro out of Scotty's Racing EnginesAs wild and crazy as these cars are this round would be one for the books with the perceived already champion Steve Jackson going Red -.133 6.396 @ 85.14 against Scotty Gaudagno pulling off to the side of the track with a broken ride.

Gaudagno was in need of a wishbone for his rear and calls to the pits were already going out knowing that Jackson is out of the game, or is he?

Alex Vrettos on another blistering passMeanwhile Alex Vrettos is carving his own destiny for a final run at this coveted title against last years runner up John Carter.

Carter tries to keep up with the Vrettos Cobra but falls short .086 5.242 @ 176.40 to Vrettos awesome run of .089 4.468 @ 176.37.

Pro Torque Drag Radial / Limited Street Presented By PM Construction Services Management Final Eliminations:

Steve Jackson put the fans on their feetSteve Jackson is in the final to face Alex Vrettos. Jackson gets in the race via a boo boo by Scott Gaudagno not crossing the scales for an instant DNQ or first or worse situation.

Vrettos ends his shot with a red light -.004 5.383 @ 102.52 as Jackson takes an easy win .048 5.149 @ 102.78 and title for 2011 back to Georgia with the "Killin Time" Team.

Steve Killin Time Jackson Fill The Winners CircleWith Friends and Team MatesJackson captured all titles except top speed which went to John Carter in this battle of the Radial Tires. Congratulations to Steve Jackson and Team for an awesome performance all weekend.

ATI Racing Products X275 Drag Radial Qualifying Highlights and Results Presented By Haltech Engine Management Systems

ATI Racing Products X275 Drag Radial Qualifying Highlights and Results Presented By Haltech Engine Management Systems

Tony Mullin In X275 Drag Radial off All Four tires in this awesome wheelieX275 enters into the Shakedown At E Town mix with a featured class now put in place using John Sears X275 Drag Radial rules. A very complex set of rules defining the class well for all racers combinations. It's been the "Go To" class for those still looking for their place in the evolving DR scene. Their class has been one of great expectations and exciting action in "little tires". Names we've known well have now staked their claim as the "ones to beat" and will continue as a crowd favorite.

Bobby Flippin X275 Drag Radial Chevy S-10Rich Bruder climbs to the top of the 28 car all run field of 28 entries taking both top speed and low ET of the session in which there were four. Bruders numbers say it all 4.807 @ 149.71, Dean Marinis follows with another sub 4.90 pass 4.859 @ 147.73. Chris Evans takes number three spot 4.906 @ 146.43 and Bobby Flippin settling in at spot four 4.959 @ 140.93. Bill Meserve Jr enters in at 4.978 @ 147.96; Ron Rhodes is back in the brilliant red Camaro 4.985 @ 140.81. Al Marlow is in the game well but now we're into the five second zone 5.010 @ 144.92.

Chris Crusse Nightime X275 Drag Radial QualifyingDon Barnett brings his black Firebird back for another shot keeping the wheels down most of the time 5.035 @ 143.00. Bob Clayton comes in with a 5.049 @ 140.49, Chris Crusse is also well placed 5.055 @ 140.37. Craig Walls heads into the ladder with a good 5.079 @ 141.49. Frank Fulbrook 5.083 @ 138.94.

Mike Cerminaro takes his "Nitroused Nova" well into the top of the ladder 5.116 @ 140.83; Marcus Thompson out of Philadelphia 5.117 @ 143.43, Walter Pfister was hanging the tires NY style in his early qualifier but toned it down some to knock out a 5.199 @ 136.69. Josh Ashnault is in good position 5.206 @ 143.38. Will Jimenez in his Mustang, seemingly the choice car of this class bumps in 5.256 @ 138.63. Giuseppe Giambanco scores a 5.291 @ 139.72. Kyle Buonocore 5.301 @ 141.59.

Marc Schankweiler powers out a strong launch in X275 Drag RadialMarc Schankweiler brings his 66 Chevy II straight out of the rebuild to get into the running with a labored 5.315 @ 134.24. "Mad Mike" Thompson's choice of car deflects from the sea of Mustangs, His Camaro of Second generation lays down 5.338 @ 134.31. Stefan Destito also takes the route of second gen f body with his Trans Am 5.396 @ 130.92. All the rest of the cars presented are Mustangs of varying years Ronnie Diaz 5.508 @ 131.31, Andy Manson 5.513 @ 149.13, Rich Bach 5.534 @ 131.41, Jeremiah Lounsburg 5.605 @ 125.52, Tony Mullin 5.863 @ 132.75, Mike Eames 6.079 @ 112.24, Samuel Vincent 6.170 @ 128.65.

See their numbers below.

Driver Vehicle | Cubic Inch | Power Adder Qualifying ET / MPH Top MPH
1: Rich Bruder 88 Mustang, 400, 4.807 @ 149.71 149.81
2: Dean Marinis 00 Mustang, 454, 4.859 @ 147.73 149.71
3: Chris Evans 90 Mustang, 380, Procharged 4.906 @ 146.43 146.77
4: Bobby Flippin 91 S-10, 434, Nitrous 4.959 @ 140.93 140.93
5: Bill Meserve Jr 90 Mustang, 582, 4.978 @ 147.96 147.96
6: Ron Rhodes 68 Camaro, 414, Nitrous
Rhodes Custom Auto
4.985 @ 140.81 140.81
7: Al Marlow 91 Camaro, 582, 5.010 @ 144.92 144.92
8: Don Barnett 88 Firebird, 358, Procharged
Rhodes Custom Auto
5.035 @ 143.00 143.00
9: Bob Clayton 91 Mustang, 440, 5.049 @ 140.49 140.49
10: Chris Crusse 87 Mustang, 363, 5.055 @ 140.37 140.84
11: Craig Walls 91 Mustang, 354, 5.079 @ 141.49 141.49
12: Frank Fulbrook 92 Mustang, 5.083 @ 138.94 138.94
13: Mike Cerminaro 68 Nova, 565, Nitrous
Rhodes Custom Auto
5.116 @ 140.83 140.83
14: Marcus Thompson 80 Mustang, 5.117 @ 143.43 143.64
15: Walter Pfister 87 Mustang, 420, Nitrous 5.199 @ 136.69 136.69
16: Josh Ashnault 95 Mustang, 363, 5.206 @ 143.38 143.38
17: Will Jimenez 85 Mustang, 360, 5.256 @ 138.63 138.63
18: Giuseppe Giambanco 91 Mustang, 5.291 @ 139.72 139.72
19: Kyle Buonocore 90 Mustang, 5.301 @ 141.59 141.59
20: Marc Schankweiler 66 Chevy II, 421, Nitrous
Marschan Motorsports
5.315 @ 134.24 134.24
21: Mike Thompson 80 Camaro, 409, 5.338 @ 134.31 134.31
22: Stefan Destito 93 Trans Am, 400, 5.396 @ 130.92 131.48
23: Ronnie Diaz 99 Mustang, 355, 5.508 @ 131.31 134.36
24: Andy Manson 96 Mustang, 325, 5.513 @ 149.13 149.13
25: Rich Bach 90 Mustang, 325, 5.534 @ 131.41 131.41
26: Jeremiah Lounsburg 03 Mustang, 5.605 @ 125.52 125.52
27: Tony Mullin 83 Mustang, 427, 5.863 @ 132.75 132.75
28: Mike Eames 93 Mustang, 284, 6.079 @ 112.24 112.24
29: Samuel Vincent 88 Mustang, 450, 6.170 @ 128.65 142.58

ATI Racing Products X275 Drag Radial Presented By Haltech Engine Management Systems Eliminations

ATI Racing Products X275 Drag Radial Presented By Haltech Engine Management Systems Round One Eliminations:

Will Jimenez Puts it on the bumper in X275 Drag Radial ActionFor round one, the ladder was littered with broken rides since qualifying was so strenuous, many of the racers either faltered on the starting line or were out when the call was made. It didn't matter to the fans as they definitely got the show they wanted out of the X275 Drag Radial racers still in competition. Marcus Thompson .049 5.967 @ 137.93 is out first taking his win against Will Jimenez .152 6.405 @ 137.90. Ron Rhodes .089 5.106 @ 140.14 has no one next to him at the finish as Rich Bach breaks on the starting line, Andy Manson.090 5.064 @ 145.63 is all over opponent Al Marlow .095 5.745 @ 139.91. Bob Clayton lays down a good run .091 5.176 @ 137.85 as Stefan Destito .119 5.382 @ 130.43 doesn't have the numbers to keep pace in his loss. Ronnie Diaz .269 5.199 @ 137.76 gets an easy pass against crowd favorite Don Barnett who lurches forward breaking the beams and stalling. Mike Thompson .075 5.256 @ 133.87 had numbers that Chris Crusse .130 5.964 @ 136.28 just couldn't beat. Craig Walls nails a killer light .008 ending his pass winning with a 5.247 @ 137.92 against a pedaling Marc Schankweiler .122 9.668 @ 51.64 in a first round loss for him. Frank Fulbrook .066 5.514 @ 135.92 stays his course with solid numbers as he downs Kyle Buonocore .044 7.775 @ 65.04. Josh Ashnault .119 6.610 @ 132.76 couldn't put up enough ET to keep pace with round winner Walter Pfister .059 6.346 @ 132.30. Mike Cerminaro .076 5.177 @ 139.93 has this race all to himself in the "Nitroused Nova" scoring his win against Giuseppe Giambanco .094 6.509 @ 117.44. The rest of the field had a BYE run as follows. Bill Meserve Jr .114 4.986 @ 144.26 vs. Jeremiah Lounsburg "BROKE", Chris Evans .082 6.881 @ 99.11 vs. Mike Eames "BROKE", Bobby Flippin .079 5.732 @ 137.61 Vs. Tony Mullin "BROKE", Rich Bruder .043 8.943 @ 77.76 "SINGLE", Dean Marinis .078 8.063 @ 96.80 Vs. Samuel Vincent "BROKE".

ATI Racing Products X275 Drag Radial Presented By Haltech Engine Management Systems Round Two Eliminations:

Mike Cerminaro purging the nitrous after a strong burnout in X275 Drag RadialAs the field tightens up in the mid afternoon, the track was sticky enough for most that had a handle on their rides. Bob Clayton .061 5.140 @ 58.39 puts out Ronnie Diaz .092 5.333 @ 137.58 for his days end, Craig Walls .017 5.217 @ 138.88 takes an upset win over Ron Rhodes .096 5.411 @ 43.18 who is also trailered early. Rich Bruder .064 5.054 @ 147.73 was again on his game with bracket like performances gave Walter Pfister .056 5.208 @ 53.67 the axe in this round. Andy Manson .116 5.072 @ 63.97 gives a pedaling Mike Thompson .100 8.746 @ 87.67 no chance to move on in his loss. Mike Cerminaro is making strides also in his upset win .106 5.114 @ 60.44 over a favorite to win Bobby Flippin .038 5.183 @ 138.41. Frank Fulbrook .060 5.680 @ 132.11 is on a bye run as Bill Meserve Jr couldn't make the call. Chris Evans .080 5.117 @ 144.40 has Marcus Thompson on his heels trying to recoup his late tree .107 5.205 @ 142.55 but gets a loss column place. Dean Marinis .086 5.049 @ 146.34 has a BYE run in this odd ordered ladder.

ATI Racing Products X275 Drag Radial Presented By Haltech Engine Management Systems 1/4 Final Eliminations:

Ron Rhodes is the defining example of  X275 Drag RadialThis group has put on a show all weekend and the final four of the class wouldn't let the fans down as they crowded the stands to take in the X275 action as the failing light was on the track and cooler air was settling in for some big power passes. Rich Bruder -.142 4.924 @ 147.91 gets a single as Bob Clayton can't make the call.

Mike Cerminaro had been racing well all weekend but a shot at the end was not in order as it coughed out a burst of nitrous on the exhaust side leaving an .072 8.207 @ 65.56 against a well run pass by Frank Fulbrook .060 5.230 @ 135.55 going into the semi finals. Dean Marinis .090 5.006 @ 146.46 and Andy Manson .082 5.078 @ 144.32 put on a well executed close race that surely had the fans on their feet. Chris Evans .049 4.937 @ 145.36 was having a "Cinderella Man" weekend so far and continues into the semi's taking out a strong Craig Walls .013 5.215 @ 138.40.

ATI Racing Products X275 Drag Radial Presented By Haltech Engine Management Systems Semi Final Eliminations:

Chris Evans Smokes The X275 Drag Radials HardNow with darkness on the track and the X275 racers nearing roundy round competition as curfew was nearing it was apparent that Rich Bruder had his act together again for this round win over Frank Fulbrook .038 5.234 @ 135.50, Rich Bruder .050 4.914 @ 148.23 stays in the 4.90 range again for his final round coming up against the next winner.

One gorgeous MustangChris Evans .067 11.162 @ 58.56 hits the tires hard going up in smoke giving up his chance to take a title shot as Dean Marinis .110 4.987 @ 146.27 clicks the win bulb for his final round shot, both cars heading to the final are in the 4.90 range so this will be a close one for sure.

ATI Racing Products X275 Drag Radial Presented By Haltech Engine Management Systems Final Eliminations:

X275 Drag Radial Champion Rich Bruder of New Jersey Pours On Big Power In an Awesome WheelieDean Marinis .121 4.923 @ 147.60 is late on the tree and needs to pull it back to catch a streaking Rich Bruder .046 4.896 @ 148.74 who nails the pass of the weekend in the 4.80's for his win and first ever title as the Shakedown at E Town X275 Champion of 2011 that surely will live for a full year.

Rich Bruder and Team pose with the signature X of X275 Drag Radial And Promoter of the class John Sears

Congratulations to Rich Bruder keeping this title in his home state of New Jersey.

Western Beef 8.50 Index Qualifying Highlights and Results

Western Beef 8.50 Index Qualifying Highlights and Results

Tony Russo yanks the front tires for the fans of course, a showman of the 8.50 Index did well qualifying in the ladderYou really can't argue the fact that when 66 cars show up for one class it's reminiscent of older days of drag racing where the class was affordable and people genuinely saw the "like" factor in it. Street appearing cars running mid 8's all day side by side at speeds well over 160 for a full quarter mile is a street racers idea of a great day at the track. Some would say it's bracket racing but please take a look at NHRA and see the definition for both "Bracket" and "Sportsman" and you will get the idea it's not; running "Heads Up" on an index and a fast one at that is in the higher echelon of street racing classes that have evolved from classes like this. These cars are certified doorslammers only cut-off by their index set at 8.50. The Shakedown has been known for its large attendance of 8.50 racers and the close 1/4 mile racing they give the fans plus the added bonus of wheels up "Old School" quick 8's launches. Skill, tuning, preparation, and a good grasp of your duties as a driver are your only advantage.

The Western Beef 8.50 Index racers were fast through the lanes on their four qualifying sessions with a complete two Friday night, one on Saturday and another held early Sunday morning. Most of these racers run the 8.50 Index series at the local tracks all year and a certain few only come for one race and it's the Shakedown At E Town that draws them.

Bill Verzilli wowed the fans with extreme wheelies and still kept this bad black Camaro in the roundsLong time racer at E Town Mike Grosseto led the qualifying with a dead on 8.500, followed by Joe Alagna 8.500 and returning 2010 champion of this class Brian Ferrari 8.502. Delon Pleasants posts up an 8.505 with the very cool Dodge Dart of Clinton Cranston punching out wheelies on each launch 8.506. Andrew Cannizzo is in the mix easily with a solid 8.509. Ed McGuinn's 80 Trans Am makes the ladder too at 8.511. Zachery Obert leaves an 8.511 on the boards followed by Bill Verzilli "Verzilli Racing" in the bad black Camaro hanging the tires high 8.511. Dave Defresne 8.513, Mike Sullivan 8.514, Charles Weslowski 8.514 are all tight in this ladder so far.

Shawn Gallagher launching under the lights at Shakedown At E Town 2011Shawn Gallagher a fan favorite hits his mark well 8.515. Rob Poochigian gets the Chevelle down the track deep in the mix, last year he wowed the crowd with an incredible save 8.516. Luis Martinez is pretty much where Outlaw 10.5 was originated with his RX7. This little red Chevy powered RX7 is one of the original Outlaw cars of years past now seeing duty in the 8.50 speeding his way to an 8.516. Scott Derenzo 8.518 and Craig Cusamano in his gorgeous 70 Chevelle 8.520 begin the start of the split into .520's. Michael Ziccardi has moved to turbocharging his Duster 8.521. Harry Gerb "H-J Motorsports" keeps the fans excited seeing a show quality car yank the fronts and run the number well 8.522 with another Mopar, Adam Sailor tearing it up at recent races 8.527 in the "Sublime Green" Demon. Sal Kazalski 8.530, William Sanford 8.531, Ralph Rubino 8.535 are all in the race with little to no worries of their ladder placements.

Marty Brown aka Lil Man shows you the horsepower his 8.50 Index camaro makes with Marty Brown Racing Engines Power in this up front and close Wheelie The "Feared" Marty "Lil Man" Brown as he's called is off his pace as he has been winning area races all over in different organizations and local track series, most have it in their mind he may be the next big name to shoot out of this class in the "Marty Brown Racing" Camaro 8.535.

Angello Valla just missed getting in the ladder, but this is one cool CorvetteGary Massenzio 8.539, with John Goss a finalist in 2009 running an 8.540. Alfonse Magliocco in the Fonse Performance Camaro is low on the ladder but "Al Fonse" as most know him has the skill and the "Large Team" behind him again as he does at most his races 8.542. Jason Penna 8.551, Rodger Purdy 8.555 are both in the .050's area with Lance Summar 8.560 and Tony Russo who we've seen in years past overcome the obstacles of a true street car that can run this number with the wheels in the air well past 100ft 8.563. Joe Albrecht ends the 32 car field with his wild Monte Carlo putting up a good 8.565.

Craig Buscios Brilliant Orange 8.50 Index Nova screaming through a burnout Mike Romeo heats the hides at Raceway Park

See all the qualifing numbers below.

Driver Vehicle | Cubic Inch | Power Adder Qualifying ET 8.50 +/-
1: Mike Grosseto 96 Camaro, 707, Nitrous 8.500 0.000
2: Joe Alagna 69 Camaro, 540, 8.500 0.000
3: Brian Ferrari 66 Chevelle, 632, Nitrous 8.502 0.002
4: Delon Pleasants 93 Mustang, 598, 8.505 0.005
5: Clinton Cranston 69 Dart, 572, 8.506 0.006
6: Andrew Cannizzo 90 Mustang, 8.509 0.009
7: Ed McGuinn 80 Trans Am, 8.511 0.011
8: Zachery Obert 90 Mustang, 421, 8.511 0.011
9: Bill Verzilli 69 Camaro, 632, Nitrous
Verzilli Racing
8.511 0.011
10: Dave Defresne 07 Camaro, 572 8.513 0.013
11: Mike Sullivan 90 Mustang, 347, 8.514 0.014
12: Charles Weslowski 98 Camaro, 440, 8.514 0.014
13: Shawn Gallagher 79 Mustang, 408, Nitrous 8.515 0.015
14: Rob Poochigian 67 Chevelle, 565, 8.516 0.016
15: Louis Martinez 84 Mazda RX-7, 406, Nitrous 8.516 0.016
16: Scott Derenzo 70 Chevelle, 615, 8.518 0.018
17: Craig Cusamano 70 Chevelle, 582, Nitrous 8.520 0.020
18: Michael Ziccardi 73 Duster, 387, Turbocharged 8.521 0.021
19: Harry Gerb 68 Firebird, 565, Nitrous
H-J Motorsports
8.522 0.022
20: Adam Sailor 72 Dodge Demon, Nitrous 8.527 0.027
21: Sal Kazalski 71 Nova, 615, 8.530 0.030
22: William Sanford 64 Nova, 8.531 0.031
23: Ralph Rubino 87 Buick, 274, 8.535 0.035
24: Marty "Lil Man" Brown 68 Camaro, 632, All Motor
Marty Brown Racing Engines
8.535 0.035
25: Gary Massenzio 87 Camaro, 632, 8.539 0.039
26: John Goss 78 Camaro, 555, Nitrous 8.540 0.040
27: Alfonse Magliocco Jr 02 Camaro, Nitrous
Fonse Performance
8.542 0.042
28: Jason Penna 67 Nova, 850, 8.551 0.051
29: Rodger Purdy 79 Camaro, 632, 8.555 0.055
30: Lance Summar 80 Malibu, 468, 8.560 0.060
31: Tony Russo 73 Dodge Dart, 442, Nitrous 8.563 0.063
32: Joe Albrecht 85 Monte Carlo, 540, Nitrous 8.565 0.065
33: Anthony Frick 68 Camaro, 632, 8.568 0.068
34: Angelo Valla 72 Corvette, 615, 8.584 0.084
35: Jeff Castaldo 69 Camaro, 8.584 0.084
36: Christopher Pirato 95 Camaro, 598, 8.587 0.087
37: John Esposito 85 Monte Carlo, 8.587 0.087
38: Craig Buscio 62 Nova, 600, Nitrous 8.589 0.089
39: Alan Davidowski 66 Chevelle, 632, Nitrous 8.589 0.089
40: Mike Romeo 74 Camaro, 548, Nitrous 8.592 0.092
41: Bill Cannon 68 Camaro, 8.592 0.092
42: Robert Baptista 68 Camaro, 406, 8.597 0.097
43: Wiso Melendez 67 Chevelle, 8.616 0.116
44: Bobby Moran 82 Camaro, 358, Supercharged 8.616 0.116
45: John Flood 71 Camaro, 565, 8.621 0.121
46: Bill Gorafsky 69 Mustang, 357, 8.638 0.138
47: David Ortiz 88 Ford, 306, 8.642 0.142
48: Joaquin Pedro 99 Ford, 300, Turbocharged 8.659 0.159
49: Amy Campanara 67 Chevy, 8.661 0.161
50: Pete Jerranova 91 Ford, 331, 8.669 0.169
51: Matty Turturici 93 Ford, 331, 8.672 0.172
52: Sam Suliman 87 Ford, 377, 8.679 0.179
53: John Bova 82 Camaro, 588, 8.689 0.189
54: Joe Timinski 87 Buick, 540, 8.697 0.197
55: Gary Romonoyske 87 Corvette, 565, 8.718 0.218
56: Thomas Favata 67 Chevy II, 412, 8.793 0.293
57: A J Tata 04 Ford, 302, 8.961 0.461
58: James Price 80 Malibu, 406, 8.982 0.482
59: Michael Beck 88 Firebird, 700, 9.012 0.512
60: Russell Ziukovich 71 Camaro, 355, 9.063 0.563
61: Franky Santos 68 Chevy, 632, 9.096 0.596
62: Gonzalez Angel 70 Nova, 632, 9.369 0.869
63: Lee Roccnio 72 Nova, 588, 9.453 0.953
64: William Pedus 69 Camaro, 9.706 1.206
65: Henry Jackson 67 Chevelle, 21.283 12.783
66: Edward Riotte 79 Malibu, 468, 8.483 -0.017

Western Beef 8.50 Index Drag Racing Eliminations

Western Beef 8.50 Index Drag Racing Round One Eliminations:

Craig Cusamano launches his Chevelle hard in the 8.50 IndexHarry Gerb definitely had his sights on making this one count against the reigning champ Brian Ferrari, Gerb puts together an .031 8.501 @ 157.87 for the win as Brian Ferrari's .060 8.533 @ 158.26 was a step behind in the "Mean Green" Chevelle. Jason Penna works the tree .017 8.566 @ 144.57 having a complete package against a faltering Charles Weslowski .140 15.070 @ 86.11. Joe Alagna .198 and Michael Ziccardi .268 would be pretty lax on the tree as Alagna scores a "W" 8.674 @ 144.32 to Michael Ziccardi’s 9.085 @ 156.50.

Clinton Cranstons awesome Dodge Dart gets huge air off the line at nightWheel standing Clinton Cranston .089 8.544 @ 158.69 would be beat on a holeshot by Sal Kazalski .021 8.557 @ 146.88. Mike Sullivan .094 8.561 @ 162.25 was also a victim of an Alfonse Magliocco Jr Holeshot taking the win .038 8.572 @ 159.17. Ed McGuinn .106 8.688 @ 141.88 takes this race to a wheel spinning Ralph Rubino .095 9.818 @ 152.90. William Sanford .082 8.565 @ 147.33 puts an end to Andrew Cannizzo's day .074 8.670 @ 154.42. Adam Sailor .044 8.690 @ 152.14 is out and running to the finish first over Delon Pleasants .060 8.728 @ 156.97. "Lil Man" Marty Brown keeps his eye on the complete run getting the win light in his lane .081 8.540 @ 158.61 against Zachery Obert .050 8.605 @ 158.32. Mike Grosseto inched this one out .149 8.692 @ 159.42 as Craig Cusamano .048 8.799 @ 160.14 came close to a holeshot win but failed by hundredths. Louis Martinez .155 8.630 @ 158.07 moves on as Tony Russo puts on a show for the fans again with the "High Flyin" Mopar show .095 8.706 @ 156.25. Gary Massenzio .100 8.673 @ 163.57 falls to the powerful Camaro of Bill Verzilli .190 8.571 @ 161.46.

8.50 Index Racer Scott Derenzo powers out a wicked burnout before his passNumber 32 qualifier Joe Albrecht .031 8.724 @ 136.30 makes a way to the next round against a slower Scott Derenzo .045 9.027 @ 157.69. Rob Poochigian .174 8.795 @ 166.60 put up the best traction limited run he could against the eventual winner in this pairing Lance Summar .134 8.720 @ 151.54. Shawn Gallagher .043 8.506 @ 164.59 has the complete combination, reaction, ET and MPH to oust Rodger Purdy .051 8.473 @ 146.62 trying to outrun and breaks out. Dave Defresne .079 8.499 @ 158.22 would also have to pour on more to try and catch John Goss .056 8.527 @ 161.83 who moves on to the next round as Defresne breaks out finishing an exciting first round.

Western Beef 8.50 Index Drag Racing Round Two Eliminations:

Adam Sailor Carries the wheels of his 8.50 Index Dodge demonWith some of the big players already out of the game, round two would again have more upsets in store. Ed McGuinn .208 8.805 @ 139.63 takes his win as Louis Martinez .064 17.663 @ 45.58 breaks and slows for a loss. Adam Sailor is getting the most out of the "Mighty Mopar" .040 8.696 @ 150.41 not allowing Jason Penna .017 8.748 @ 152.45 to move on. Joe Alagna and John Goss leave with identical .085's. Alagna 8.607 @ 153.93 takes the stripe first and Goss heads back to the pits .085 8.655 @ 162.18 Sal Kazalski almost unbeatable combination .036 8.508 @ 160.79 upsets Shawn Gallagher .066 8.530 @ 161.27 Mike Grosseto's .036 8.522 @ 162.57 run forces Bill Verzilli .071 8.485 @ 161.15 to break out trying to catch him on the top end. Joe Albrecht is steadily moving past opponents, his .049 8.551 @ 153.93 was too much for "Lil Man" Marty Brown .079 8.568 @ 158.20 to contend with, the hopeful for this race was now back in the pits for the rest of the race.

Harry Gerb in one of the closest races with eventual winner Al Fonse jumps into a wheelie off the starting lineWilliam Sanford played his side of the track well .068 8.618 @ 148.69 taking out opponent Lance Summar .088 8.625 @ 159.97.

You'd think that a set of numbers like Harry Gerb just put up would be a win .044 8.511 @ 159.16 unless you had Alfonse Magliocco Jr giving this as a rebuttal for the win ".019 8.500 @ 158.46" with the only "dead on 8.50" of the eliminations, that is one of the best all around sets of numbers you will see in a fine end to this session.

Western Beef 8.50 Index Drag Racing Semi Final Eliminations:

John Albrecht takes the runner up position in the finals at Shakedown 2011As rounds began to move quickly Alfonse Magliocco Jr .026 8.556 @ 151.89 keeps the Camaro in front and winning against Ed McGuinn .104 8.668 @ 154.81. Mike Grosseto .055 8.431 @ 162.72 has this race won before it starts as Sal Kazalski -.003 8.626 @ 139.67 goes red, BTW, this was the only red-light in all the rounds, these guys are good on the tree. Joe Albrecht .021 takes out Adam Sailor .078 on a double break out 8.474 @ 157.28 to Sailors losing 8.454 @ 161.02. Joe Alagna .044 8.623 @ 156.26 has the losing end of the time slip with William Sanford .078 8.540 @ 161.69 finishing first and ending the round session. Now in the darkness at Raceway Park it’s getting tight and cooler temps should have the tuners wondering if they can keep the cars above the 8.50 Index. Alfonse Magliocco Jr .041 and Mike Grosseto .052 both leave with good lights but in the end Magliocco's 8.564 @ 156.63 was better than a dominating Mike Grosseto could manage 8.702 @ 160.54, "Al Fonse" is headed to his first ever final at the Shakedown 2011. Joe Albrecht pulls out a win with a holeshot victory .024 against William Sanford .067. Albrecht's slower 8.583 @ 150.53 over the quicker William Sanford 8.571 @ 161.61 allows him a place in the final with "Al Fonse".

Western Beef 8.50 Index Drag Racing Final Eliminations:

Al Fonse Fonse Performance on his way to the Shakedown At E Town 2011 8.50 Index Champion TitleOnly in this type of "Heads Up" doorslammer racing could number 28 and 32 qualifiers meet ousting many of the top names. Its sheer skill and determination for this group tuning to perfection and imposing their will on the other with almost "Street Racing" like finishes and the ability to get into the other drivers head.

The Fonse Performance Team In the winners Circle taking the Last Man Standing Cash alsoAlfonse Magliocco Jr .012 leaves well on his opponent Joe Albrecht .025 but Albrecht will pour it on just too much breaking out 8.481 @ 156.57 as Alfonse Magliocco Jr puts up another solid run 8.565 @ 159.63 taking the title of the 2011 Western Beef 8.50 Index Champion back to their shop in New Jersey "Fonse Performance". The large family of Team Fonse Performance gathered for photo ops in the winners circle as they are always at the races in a tight knit group. Congratulations to "Al Fonse" on his amazing run to the title through the Shakedowns tough racers.

Pro Import / Sport Compact Qualifying and Results

Pro Import / Sport Compact Qualifying and Results

New for the Shakedown this year is the Pro Import class featuring everything from new-age piston technology to old-school rotaries in various Sport Compact and Import Drag Racing body styles. A unique blend of cars allowed this race to capture the attention of fans who can associate themselves with machines familiar to them such as the younger age group who enjoy these cars potentials and some even own the same make or model being raced, just not as wild as these which can surpass 200MPH in less than six seconds.

2011-shakedown-at-etown-pro-import 2011-shakedown-at-etown-pro-import 2011-shakedown-at-etown-pro-import

See all the qualifing numbers below.

Low ET 6.703 Jorge Lazcano
Top Speed 211.10 Jorge Lazcano

1: 06 350Z, 181, Jorge Lazcano, Puerto Rico, 6.703 @ 211.10 | Top MPH 211.10
2: 96 Mazda , 188, Carlos Montana, Paterson NJ., 6.769 @ 202.09 | Top MPH 202.09
3: 82 Toyota, Victor Flores, Puerto Rico, 6.927 @ 207.02 | Top MPH 207.02
4: 72 Nissan, Rafael Andino, Puerto Rico, 7.079 @ 190.30 | Top MPH 190.30
5: 04 Celica, 146, Luis Corujo, Glenn Isle MD., 7.237 @ 193.32 | Top MPH 193.32
6: 82 Toyota, Abel Burgos, Florida, 7.281 @ 185.23 | Top MPH 185.23
7: 91 240 SX, Javier Ortiz, Philladelphia PA., 7.430 @ 188.83 | Top MPH 188.83
8: 72 Datsun, Raul Acevedo, Ewing NJ, 7.542 @ 170.86 | Top MPH 170.86
9: 85 Mazda RX7, Jorge Juarbe, San Juan Puerto Rico, 7.718 @ 158.32 | Top MPH 158.32
10: 80 Corolla, Johnny Soto, Elizabeth NJ., 7.778 @ 173.27 | Top MPH 173.27
11: 73 Mazda RX3, Samuel Melendez, North Bergen NJ, 8.161 @ 160.86 | Top MPH 160.86
12: Toyota, Nathangel Rodriguz, Puerto Rico, 8.460 @ 118.72 | Top MPH 118.72
13: 71 Datsun, Roger Ortega, New Haven CT., 9.820 @ 118.52 | Top MPH 121.78
14: 00 Honda, Amaura Prado, Corona NY., 9.829 @ 139.93 | Top MPH 139.93
15: 05 Mazda RX8, Jorge Rivera, Puerto Rico, 11.043 @ 93.99 | Top MPH 93.99
16: 02 Solara, Manny Cruz, Bronx NY., 27.646 @ 54.80 | Top MPH 54.80

Pro Import / Sport Compact Round One Eliminations

2011-shakedown-at-etown-pro-importThe sound of inline sixes and small rotary engines spooling the turbo was pouring over the fans that gathered in the stands for the sessions of import racing. Raul Acevedo .112, 7.115 @ 187.78 takes out Jorge Juarbe .140, 7.926 @ 152.30 easily in their pairing; Johnny Soto .203, 7.804 @ 172.32 is on a single run as Javier Ortiz can't make the call. Jorge Lazcano .167, 6.862 @ 199.37 gets the win light as Manny Cruz in the 02 Solara breaks. Luis Corujo .075, 6.980 @ 200.89 is the first to hit 200 in this round taking out Nathangel Rodriguz .250, 7.367 @ 182.11. Roger Ortega 10.247 @ 117.93 is moving into the next round after beating Rafael Andino 13.891 @ 83.44. Victor Flores .361, 7.867 @ 168.81 handily puts away Amaura Prado .388, 9.944 @ 140.87. Abel Burgos .201, 7.586 @ 179.66 is alone on this pass as Samuel Melendez is "BROKE". Carlos Montana .086, 6.792 @ 200.47 also gets into the 200MPH zone in a close race against Jorge Rivera .086, 6.893 @ 198.23.

Pro Import / Sport Compact Round Two Eliminations

2011-shakedown-at-etown-pro-importAs the ladder showed in qualifying, some of the quickest cars had already been removed but more "Pro Import Drag Racing" was in store with close racing at hand. Luis Corujo .215, 7.505 @ 177.42 takes it to Roger Ortega .374, 7.929 @ 173.16 with an "L" on his time slip. Jorge Lazcano .215, 6.762 @ 203.09 blasts another 200+ pass leaving Raul Acevedo .529, 7.148 @ 184.30 in the wind. Abel Burgos .067, 7.158 @ 187.73 takes a holeshot win over the much faster Victor Flores .217, 7.176 @ 207.15; Carlos Montana .115, 7.004 @ 198.99 is on a solo pass as Johnny Soto is "BROKE".

Pro Import / Sport Compact Semi Final Eliminations

2011-shakedown-at-etown-pro-importThe sun is dropping on the Raceway Park surface as the final four teams take charge of their machines looking for that trip to the final session.

2011-shakedown-at-etown-pro-importJorge Lazcano .166, 6.682 @ 207.15 rips off the quickest and fastest pass of the day against his losing opponent who just didn't have enough power to compete against that pass; Luis Corujo .033, 9.316 @ 103.09 is out of the running. Carlos Montana .040, 6.857 @ 198.88 also cleans house in his lane with Abel Burgos .023, 7.463 @ 175.87 not having enough in his ride to make a tight race of it.

Pro Import / Sport Compact Final Eliminations

2011-shakedown-at-etown-pro-importLate evening at Raceway Park, the finals are set; tow of the fastest cars will meet. Jorge Lazcano .102, 6.835 @ 205.66 takes it to Carlos Montana .064, 6.959 @ 197.68 who comes up short.

2011-shakedown-at-etown-pro-importCongratulations to Team Lazcano Racing taking the victory and the first ever title of "Pro Import Champions" At The 2011 Shakedown at E Town back to Puerto Rico.

Orient Express Racing Pro Street Bike Qualifying Highlights and Results

Orient Express Racing World's Fastest Street Bike Challenge Qualifying and Results

A Look Through A Champions helmetFor those that have been following the Shakedown since its inception, Motorcycle racing was one of the original classes when this all began to take shape. Eddie Krawiec brought more into this with the addition of "The World's Fastest Street Bike Challenge" by "Orient Express Racing". These high powered "Street Bikes" can eclipse the 200MPH barrier and run in the sixes. New Jersey is well known for its well established Bike Racing scene as prominent as any racing in the northeast. It surely was something to have this class involved for this years Shakedown.

Four qualifying sessions followed with the results seen below.

Low ET 6.960 Ryan Schnitz
Top Speed 204.29 Bud Yoder

1: Ryan Schnitz, Decatur IN - 08 Suzuki, 1000, 6.960 @ 201.25 Top Speed 201.67
2: Bud Yoder, Flint MI - 10 Suzuki, 1300, 7.121 @ 204.29 Top Speed 204.29
3: Kenneth Edwards, Segring FL - 11 Suzuki, 1300, 7.211 @ 203.03 Top Speed 203.03
4: Richard Eddinger, Winston Salem NC - 10 Suzuki, 7.222 @ 199.26 Top Speed 201.34
5: Sean Walsh, Blue Point NY - 08 Suzuki, 7.292 @ 197.45 Top Speed 197.45
6: John Flood, Oakdale NY - 08 Suzuki, 7.293 @ 197.91 Top Speed 197.91
7: Rodney Williford, Bahama NC -07 Suzuki, 1300, 7.309 @ 198.76 Top Speed 198.76
8: Joey Gladstone, Townsend DE - 10 Suzuki, 7.336 @ 198.67 Top Speed 198.67
9: Mike Bayes, South Lyon MI - 09 Kawasaki, 7.342 @ 191.70 Top Speed 191.70
10: Greg Wallace, Timberlake NC - 06 Suzuki, 7.354 @ 197.68 Top Speed 198.17
11: Eric Hart II, Teaneck NJ - 01 Suzuki, 7.376 @ 191.67 Top Speed 191.67
12: Doug Witt, Woodbine MD - 7.446 @ 177.11 Top Speed 187.16
13: Mike Kovacevich, Minooka Il - 08 Suzuki, 9.000 @ 100.36 Top Speed 100.36

Orient Express Racing World's Fastest Street Bike Challenge Eliminations

Orient Express Racing World's Fastest Street Bike Challenge Round One Eliminations:

Worlds Fastest Street Bike Challenge Sponsor Orient Express Racing BurnoutJoey Gladstone comes out Smokin! taking the first 200MPH pass of the rounds .073 7.322 @ 201.01 giving Rodney Williford .087 7.409 @ 196.64 the trailer. John Flood .110 7.247 @ 198.20 was tickling the 200MPH zone also but didn't get there though he moves on in the rounds taking out Mike Bayes .138 8.398 @ 193.38. Sean Walsh .088 8.515 @ 158.95 has a fairly easy run as Greg Wallace .106 14.704 @ 46.25 backs off. Even with a poor reaction time Eric Hart II .107 7.635 @ 156.66 had the power to beat Richard Eddinger .033 8.228 @ 198.06 to the finish. Kenneth Edwards .047 7.502 @ 153.40 is on a free pass as Doug Witt can't make the round. Bud Yoder picks up big MPH though his ET doesn't show it as well as it did in qualifying, his .082 7.199 @ 202.85 put an end to Mike Kovacevich's day losing .092 7.422 @ 192.11. Ryan Schnitz .084 7.110 @ 188.99 gets a single from the uneven ladder and moves on taking a decent pass for the fans.

Orient Express Racing World's Fastest Street Bike Challenge Round Two Eliminations:

Worlds Fastest Street Bike Challenge Runner Up Joey GladstoneSean Walsh opens the rounds with a single .349 7.395 @ 188.57 as Eric Hart II is out of the running "BROKE".

John Flood .119 7.696 @ 180.43 is powering down the Raceway Park 1/4 Mile beating Kenneth Edwards .108 9.101 @ 103.62 to the Finishline. Bud Yoder .078 7.112 @ 201.94 is on a flying "Single Pass". Joey Gladstone .073 7.278 @ 202.58 picks up another "W" in his column against the losing Ryan Schnitz .054 9.750 @ 109.21.

Orient Express Racing World's Fastest Street Bike Challenge Semi Final Eliminations:

Worlds Fastest Street Bike Challenge Champion Bud Yoder at SpeedJoey Gladstone .066 7.237 @ 201.58 is gone and moving as Sean Walsh -.027 7.341 @ 198.82 red-lights his chance away at a final showing.

Bud Yoder .083 7.120 @ 203.31 is just dominating this class with big speed and strong ET's as John Flood .050 7.517 @ 152.52 fails to keep pace in this round

Orient Express Racing World's Fastest Street Bike Challenge Final Eliminations:

Worlds Fastest Street Bike Challenge Champion Bud Yoder In The Winners CircleIt was all Bud Yoder .091 7.318 @ 201.52 again as the Top MPH of qualifying owner is making haste towards the finish line with Joey Gladstone's power falling off .071 13.540 @ 86.47 in his loss.

Congratulations to Bud Yoder on an exemplary two wheeled performance unmatched by anyone during the weekend, Yoder now holds the 2011 title of "Shakedown At E Town World's Fastest Street Bike Challenge" Champion by Orient Express Racing.

Editors Response To The Shakedown At E Town 2011

Much has to be said about the fortitude put forth behind the scenes and the execution of an event this large. David Hance and Michelle Marchesse opened up the floodgates of classes to participate and keep the Shakedown at E Town the Northeast’s Premier Event again. Flowing with the changing times it's an enormous task to reinvent a race of this magnitude to accommodate all types of racing as this year eight full classes were in participation. The time was right for a move towards all forms of the Motorsports available allowing initials and enthusiasts to partake in the "Drag Race Spectacular" that is coveted on the east coast.

Moving forward; the fans and racer held court to some of the finest racing seen in recent years. A noteworthy accomplishment by Raceway Park to send this many cars down a track and complete an event that was full of excitement. This author would like to thank those at Raceway Park and the Staff of The Shakedown at E Town for perfect presentation and the generosity they display towards me and others in the media. It’s a great honor to be a part of this race now going on the full nine years, also sharing the sidelines with some of the most prominent names in photography and journalism; we are all enthusiasts also which makes it even more exciting to have "been there". Many thanks to Raceway Park, David Hance, Michelle Marchesse, Dave Milcarek, Steve Bell, Matt Mullarkey, Seth Cohen, John Fore III, Arnie Cohen and the teams of the Shakedown At E Town racers for all the hospitality.

Sincerely Mark

The Shakedown At E Town retains all images, videos and text as official media, copyrights are not to be removed.

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