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RPM Magazine Features The ADRL.US Shakedown At E Town "Doorslammer Coverage At It's Best"
Author "" 11/16/2010

RPM Magaine Features Shakedown At E Town 2010Again this year, first in the doorslammer publishing arena is the well established RPM Magazine.

This year as alway's the coverage is extensive, featuring John Pluchino garnering the "Lead In Photo" for this article with over 10 pages of content and images with all the winners and top shots, stories and more like the "Shoebox Showdown" set up by Vince "Vinny" DiRose in the "Black Ice" 57 Chevy, heavy street machine.

The magazine comes through in subscription form on heavy, glossy stock almost photo quality paper filled with great events almost as fast as they are completed.

Trish and Chris Biro out-do themselves in promotion and production of such a print based publication.

Visit RPM Magazine Now And Get An Issue Here:

NHRA Pro Stock Drag Racing Comes To Hollywood Via Ralph Romeo, "Romeo Brothers Racing" Filming To Begin January 2011!!
Author: Ralph Romeo | Colmar, Pa, Photos By "The Drag Racing Photographers"


Joe Carlin, Ralph Romeo, Eddie Tunick,"The Tea Man", an independent feature film, based criteria in 1987, the movie follows the lives of two mid-life crisis friends, who with the help of an ex-con "old head", played by Motion Picture Actor Eddie Tunick decided to rob banks to make things right! What could possibly go wrong? The film has just wrapped up and is set to World Premier in both Philadelphia and Hollywood late fall 2010.

Writer / producer / director Joe Carlin's next film on NHRA Pro Stock Drag Racing which will star Mr. Tunick and begin shooting in Pomona, California January 2011. Both Mr. Carlin and Mr. Tunick, had been looking feverishly to find a racing team that would help them in their endeavors to obtain technical, critical, information that Mr. Carlin felt was necessary for the technical side of the script and the "film's success". They didn't have to look too far! The name Ralph Romeo ("Bowtieone"), and his sons Steven, Tommy and Michael ("The Real Pep Boys") of Romeo Brothers Racing based in Colmar, Pa, kept coming up over and over again.

Mike Romeo of Romeo Brothers Racing BP Speed ShopWhen Mr. Carlin met Ralph at the shop, they spent hours talking about race cars, and the many races Michael had won in 2009 and 2010 in The 10.0 Index such as Englishtown, New Jersey and Cecil County Maryland of which he won both championships in 2009. Tommy had won an 8.50 race at Atco, New Jersey, in his first season; Steve had also won a 10.0 race at Atco as well. Mr. Carlin asked "who's your sponsor"? Ralph answered "We have BP Speedshop in Horsham, Pa who helps us out a little, but we have no Major Sponsor". To Mr. Carlin's surprise he couldn't believe that they did not have a major sponsor. Carlin also asked Ralph "how did you learn so much about Pro Stock Drag Racing"? Ralph said "I attribute much of what I have learned over the years to such great Pro Stock Racers like Kenny Koretsky aka (Captain Chaos), Eddie Guarnaccia (his cousin), Warren Johnson aka (The Professor), Joe Lepone Jr, Larry Lombardo ,But mostly from my [ best friend] Roland Tomaccio". "It was a match made in heaven" Carlin added. So he decided to sponsor them for "THE SHAKEDOWN AT E-TOWN".

Steven Romeo Racing At The Shakedown At E TownLast week was their first 8.50 sponsored joint venture at "THE SHAKEDOWN AT E-TOWN" in Englishtown, New Jersey, where Michael "Mike" Romeo qualified 5th, as 60 cars vied for position in a 32 car field. Steven Romeo just missed the bump. "Hey, that's racing", said Ralph Romeo, a 40 year veteran and innovator of the sport. "You can't help eatin', breathin' and sleepin' this sport once it grabs you" added Ralph. Carlin agreed, "Hey, I wasn't expecting to become a motor head when I started this project, but I'm hooked"!

Sunday October 10th, Eddie Tunick will be at The Toyo Tire Nationals at Maple Grove Raceway in Reading, Pa, where he will enjoy the thrills of the NHRA and "The Full Throttle Racing Series", and will continue to promote "The Tea Man" movie.

Eddie who has been tagged as "Hollywood's Newest Bad Guy" will be autographing colored photographs for the race fans.

Tommy Romeo Brothers Racing Pro StockOn Sunday, October 10, 2010, Bob Frey, "The Voice of NHRA Racing" announced "The Tea Man" movie starring Motion Picture Actor Eddie Tunick will premier in Philadelphia and Hollywood late November. The announcement was made at the Toyo Tire Nationals Maple Grove Raceway in Reading, PA. There were over 50,000 race fans in attendance and it was broadcast worldwide to millions of people on ESPN. Eddie is absolutely overwhelmed by the thousands of friend requests on his Facebook page and loves the huge response from his fans all over the world!

Eddie was accompanied by his personal friend and business partner Ralph Romeo, President and CEO of RMS Enterprises LTD. Eddie is busy researching for his next movie depicting the real life story of an NHRA drag racer competing his way up through the ranks of the "Full Throttle Racing Series". He is scheduled to appear at the Las Vegas Nationals October 28th thru the 31st. everyone is invited to stop by for a personally autographed picture. Filming for the new movie begins early 2011 in Pomona, CA.

View the movie's trailer at
Eddie Tunick E-Mail: See Eddie Tunick on Facebook
Stay tuned for updates by TEXTING theteaman to 90210.
Text: bowtieone to 90210 for more information on Romeo Brothers Racing.
Romeo Brothers Racing E- Mail:

Benny Alfonso Talks About His Crash At The Shakedown At E'Town "Candidly"
Author "" 11/16/2010
Video Courtesy Of "Your Way Video"

Benny Alfonso talks with John Mazzorana about his experience inside the Montana Brothers Pro Blown Firebird while recuperating at his residence.

Benny is well known to all the racers and his injuries could have been much worse as he states, the Montana Brothers Race Car Chassis did what it needed to do and literally saved his life, a candid talk with this outstanding sponsor, racer and friend to all.

Alfonso gives credit to the Raceway Park Safety Team taking special care in removing him safely and overseeing the extraction out of his car without damaging his already hurt body after the 215MPH crash at the 2010 Shakedown at E'Town.

Get Well Benny !!

Author "Lisa Collier" 10/12/2010
Photos courtesy of Roger Richards

John Montecalvo Tilcon ShakedownENGLISHTOWN, N.J. October 4, 2010: With a sponsorship from the Tilcon company onboard for the MMPSA event at the Shakedown at E-town, John Montecalvo and team had hopes for a winning weekend. What they encountered, however, was continued struggles. Normally a frontrunner, Montecalvo qualified in the 6th position with a 6.314. He picked up the pace in round one with a 6.27 and took out Trevor Eman and Team Aruba. But in round two his plaguing problems returned and he slowed to a 6.62 to give eventual runner up, John Pluchino, the win.

“Our recent problems have followed us,” told Montecalvo. “We were very disappointed with our performance this weekend especially since this is our hometown race. We had numerous family, friends and past competitors come out to watch us, some of which I haven’t seen in years. Having everyone come out makes it fun to race at E-town, but it’s also a catch 22 because it adds pressure to perform well. We are fortunate because we have a team that excels under pressure. Unfortunately, that just wasn’t enough to get us through this weekend. We would have loved to do well in the race with all our friends and the folks from Tilcon there, but the cards just didn’t fall our way.

“I’m still proud of our team. They worked hard like they always do. Together we will solve the issues. It may be something as complex as a binding issue with the chassis or something as simple as just getting a better handle on a cold weather tune up. Whatever the case, I’m confident in our team and that our issues will be behind us for the next events. This team is the same one that won four in a row earlier this year with the ADRL and I don’t think we’ve forgotten how to win!

“I would really like to thank the Tilcon organization for their support for this race. We had plans to put this Tilcon car in the winner’s circle, but, as we know with drag racing, things don’t always go according to plan.”

Despite his disappointing weekend, Montecalvo remains in the top three in MMPSA points. He is also second in ADRL points standings.

“We’re sending the car to Rick Jones’ chassis shop just to have another set of expert eyes examine it,” Montecalvo added. “After that we’ll be going to Tulsa for an extensive test session prior to the MMPSA finals. The following week is the ADRL finals, and, trust me, we’ll be ready.”

Visit The Official Tilcon Website

Author "Lisa Collier" 10/11/2010
Photos courtesy of Roger Richards,

Pete Berner Summit Racing Shakedown WinnerENGLISHTOWN, N.J. October 6, 2010: The MMPSA completed a successful fourth stop of their inaugural tour – the Shakedown at E-town. With optimal weather and a superb track, conditions were prime for record numbers. And that’s exactly what MMPSA and Shakedown fans saw. Qualifying numbers were impressive with the top 5 in the 6.20 range and JR Carr rounding out the top 10 with a 6.337. Number three qualifier, John Pluchino, set the miles per hour record with his high-powered 224.81 mph blast in round one of qualifying. The tough field was topped by Pete Berner who laid down an incredible 6.220 at 224.62, which also earned him the John T. Montecalvo Inc. $1000 qualifying bonus.

In eliminations the Mountain Motor cars continued with high 6.20 and low 6.30 numbers, but Berner was quickest again on race day in his Summit Racing Equipment GXP. His dominating 6.209 at 225.97 mph in round one bested standing national records, including the MPH record set the day before by Pluchino, and reset them after Berner backed up his run in round two with a 6.212 at 225.71. Berner was no doubt the man to beat on race day, but none were up for the challenge. After a bye in round one and ousting NC competitor Elijah Morton in round two, Berner met up with Canadian Tony Pontieri in the semis. Pontieri was quicker off the line but his 6.48 was no match for Berner’s 6.220. Berner would face John Pluchino in the final round.

Cale Aronson Mustang Pro StockPluchino and his all-volunteer team had one of the best weekends of their career. They qualified third in one of the toughest fields of recent history with a 6.256 at 223.38. They continued posting impressive numbers on race day, taking out Cale Aronson in round one with a 6.317 to Aronson’s slowing 6.862. In round two Pluchino would face the number two man in points, John Montecalvo. Montecalvo struggled in his run, but Pluchino’s 6.290 would have been tough to beat on any day. In the semis Pluchino faced another heavy hitter, number one in points, Cary Goforth. Goforth, who qualified second, had been running comparable numbers to Pluchino throughout the weekend. However, he failed to give Pluchino the side-by-side run expected of the match. Pluchino continued his winning ways with a 6.304, even off the pace with mile per hour (219.79). Goforth slowed early and coasted through with a 7.12.

John Pluchino Shakedown Runner Up Pro StockThe race day consistency of Berner and Pluchino earned them the right to compete for the Heritage Trophy. However, conditions worsened for the finals as rain began to move into the area, making things tough on the drivers and crew. Berner had Pluchino on the tree and never looked back to take his first MMPSA victory [6.285, 224.92]. Pluchino was forced to slow and coasted through at a 7.11.

“Everything came together,” told Berner. “The motor was happy and my team worked hard to get its power to the ground. I want to congratulate the Summit team on a job well done. They did a fantastic job of reading the track and worked hard to pull this win off. In between the semis and finals we only had about a 30 minute turn around. I’m impressed with my team for being able to pull that off. All in all it was a great weekend. We have really been wanting a win for Summit Racing Equipment and we were proud to not only win, but also reset the records, in Summit colors.

“I also want to congratulate John and his team on a job well done,” Berner continued. “They did a fantastic job and I was proud to race beside him in the finals. I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of him there. We’re a tight group of racers in the MMPSA and always enjoy seeing each other succeed. It’s great to have this family and to congratulate each other at the end of the day, no matter how hard you tried to beat them on the track. I feel very honored to race and win with this group in our Summit Racing Equipment GXP.”

Pluchino was equally excited to be in his first ever MMPSA final and proud of his team’s accomplishments:

John Pluchino Shakedown Pro StockI would like to thank some very important people that are involved in my team,” said Pluchino. “My son who is the drive behind me, works harder than anyone I know at the race track and helps me with the decisions on the car- what a great son he is. Next there is Bill, he leaves his business to come racing with us, he works his butt off at the track and gets nothing but thanks at the end of the race. Then there is Robbie; he is my son’s right hand man. Together they get the car apart and back together as fast as any professional team out there, and he always finds time to give it a coat of wax. Next there is Brud. He only came to two races this year but is always in my corner no matter what. I have to give a special thanks to Jon Kaase and his guys,” he continued. “He not only supplied me with an engine that can run with the best of them but has helped me in so many ways that I could never be able to thank him enough.

“As far as the Shakedown is concerned, in the words of Brian Olsen it was a Cinderella story for me and my crew. To be racing with the teams in this association is an honor in itself and to be in the final with Pete Berner was a dream come true. Pete had the best car all weekend and he deserved to win the race even though we thought we could beat him. Pete, his wife and his team are some of the nicest people I have met in racing. As far as my team is concerned, we will be back working harder than ever to win some races!”

The MMPSA is your home for quarter-mile Mountain Motor action. The Shakedown at E-town didn’t disappoint with all the high-powered, side-by-side door slammer action that could be packed into one weekend! Congratulations to Pete Berner and John Pluchino on making it to the MMPSA Shakedown final!

The MMPSA will be racing again in just two weeks at the Elite Motorsports King of the Mountain Crown at Tulsa Raceway Park, October 15-16. There, tons of action will take place including the Aruba Vacations Shootout and the final battle for World Champion. Go to for all the action and results!

Author "Lisa Collier" 10/11/2010
Photos courtesy of Roger Richards

Pete Berner Summit Racing MMPSA ChampionENGLISHTOWN, N.J. October 4, 2010: 2010 has been a bit of a drought for Pete Berner, but he put an end to that in a big way this weekend at the MMPSA event at the Shakedown at E-town. Pete Berner and the Summit GXP team came away not only with a number one qualifier and an impressive win, but also with two new records to his name. Berner reset both ends of the national record with a 6.209 elapsed time and 225.97 mph.

With excellent conditions all the Pro Stock cars were flying, but Pete Berner topped the qualifying charts with a 6.220 at 224.62. His performance only increased in eliminations, taking out Elijah Morton and Tony Pontieri and resetting the elapsed time and MPH records on his way to meet John Pluchino in the final. Conditions worsened for the final round with coming rain and both cars slowed off their previous pace but Berner held on to take the win with a 6.28.

“Everything came together,” told the MMPSA Shakedown champ. “The motor was happy and my team worked hard to get its power to the ground. I want to congratulate the Summit team on a job well done. They did a fantastic job of reading the track and worked hard to pull this win off. In between the semis and finals we only had about a 30 minute turn around. I’m impressed with my team for being able to pull that off. All in all it was a great weekend. We have really been wanting a win for Summit Racing Equipment and we were proud to not only win, but also reset the records, in Summit colors.

“There were a lot of great Summit fans at the Shakedown cheering us on. We appreciate all their support and were glad to give them a win!

“I also want to congratulate John Pluchino and his team. They did a phenomenal job this weekend. They’re an all volunteer group and this was a very exciting moment for them. They had great power all weekend and definitely deserved to be in the final. Congratulations to them on a job well done!”

With just one event left on the MMPSA schedule, Berner pulls himself into range of winning the first ever MMPSA Championship. Points leader Cary Goforth will make it tough going into the Elite Motorsports King of the Mountain Crown Finals October 15 and 16, but Berner and team have obviously found their stride.

“We’ve gained momentum,” Berner continued, “and we’re going to carry that through to the final MMPSA and ADRL events of the year. The Championships come down to these events so it feels great to have our best race of the season right before Championship time. Hopefully we can carry this performance on through and give Cary a run for his money in the MMPSA!”

Pete Berner and the Summit Racing Equipment team would like to thank all their fans and supporters including: Summit Racing Equipment, Hoosier Tires, Ram Clutches, Braswell Carburetion, RJ Race Cars, Strange Engineering, Browell Bell Housing, Diamond Racing Pistons, Total Seal Piston Rings, Bill Miller Rods, Jesel Valve Train Innovations, HRE Manifolds, TEK Headers and Weld Wheels.

Look for Pete Berner Racing on facebook, Twitter and YouTube!

Stawicki Wins Shakedown At E-Town Adrenaline 1/8 Mile Challenge
Author "Jon Salemi" 10/10/2010
Photos courtesy of GRS-MOTORSPORTS.COM, Roger Richards

Mike Stawicki Pro Mod Challenge ChampionMike Stawicki and his G-Force Race Cars / MSR Performance Pro Extreme racing team captured the 2010 Shakedown at E-town 1/8 Mile Challenge class presented by Barwa. Stawicki Qualified #1 for the field with a 3.74 @ 203 mph blast to put him on top of the field.

Stawicki cut through the field with consistency by running 3.73 @ 204.48 in the first round, 3.74 @ 203.49 in the semi final and a bit slower 3.89 @ 197.56 in the final round. Jim Salemi, owner of G-Force Race Cars stated, "We are really happy with the outcome of this race. The car did everything we asked it to do. We had a broken spark plug in the final round so that killed our performance a bit. Jon and I had it tuned up a bit more than the previous rounds because we knew the Stanley and Weiss team would be there to give us a good race.

Mike Stawicki Pro Mod At ShakedownUnfortunately we didn't post a better number but we did get the win. That's what mattered today". Stawicki's team has really stepped up the performance of the red and black 68 Firebird for the end of 2010. Jon Salemi, owner of Resolution Racing exclaimed, "It's a testament to our team and all the hard work everyone dedicates to this cause. We have been making as many runs as possible. MSR builds great horsepower and G-Force cars can really take the power. We have been working on the fuel system and gear ratio set up and together as a team we have won some races and ran respectable. Video link Of Mike Stawicki's Run To The Title:

Mike Stawicki Pro ModWe want to thank Dave Hance and ADRL.US for supporting the 1/8 mile class at the Shakedown. We look forward to it every year". Stawicki Racing is presently deciding what final races of the year to attend. As a side note the G-Force Race Cars 68 Firebird is for sale for any interested parties. Stawicki Racing thanks all of its sponsors and supporters; G-Force Race Cars inc., MSR Performance, Resolution Racing Services, LAT Racing Oil, Isolation Systems, Cynergy Composites, Scott Jahren Paint, C.G. Composites, M/T Wheels and Tires, KW Motorsports, NGK Spark Plugs, Mastin Eng. and Hot Rods by Burke

Parise Racing Shakedown at E-Town Recap
Author "Parise Racing Press" 10/9/2010
Photos | Parise Racing,

Dina Parise 63 Corvette Pro ModIt was one of the most exciting, and competitive races of the season! The Shakedown at E-Town! Parise Racing had their two beautiful Pro Mods , tuned to get in the field.

Dina Parise qualified in the # 8 spot running a 6.113 @ 232.07 MPH. Andrew Parise was on the outside looking in . He was in the # 17 spot with a 6.39 @ (oddly enough) 232.07 MPH. Andrew was entered into first round as an alternate.

Dina ran Eric Latino in the first round if eliminations. Her ’63 Corvette had been running well all weekend. “We were side by side.” Stated Dina. “Then my car got a bit loose, I brought it back. I had to pedal it a bit, to try to get the job done. Everything sounded and felt fine. Next thing I knew, Bam! The Supercharger lifted off the motor and I shut her down! A disappointing way to end the day.”

Andrew ran Chris Russo first round due to Frank Patille not being able to make the call. Andrew’s MBRC Pro Chassis Design ‘53 Corvette had a bit of trouble in qualifying, but ran very well in first round. “ My car ran very well.”Stated Andrew “From not qualifying to running a 6.03 @ 237.50 MPH. I’m happy with that! But, you know this sport, you can go from hero to zero in 6 seconds!”

Andrew Parise 53 Corvette Pro ModSecond round would not be so good to Andrew and the team. Andrew ran chip king in the second round. The track proved to be no match for either driver. “I launched the car, got about 200 feet out, and she shook,” Stated Andrew “She shook hard. The car took a left turn to the center line, and I brought it back. I could hear and see Chip was having issues too! So, as I got it back, I hit the throttle, and nothing! UGH! No Power. It shook so hard, the power shut right off. Just my luck too, because Chip pedaled it all the way to the finish line! Congrats to Chip and the team on their win in that round and of the event.” Regardless of the outcome, the Parise’s are happy with how things turned out. They would like to thank their Crew Chief Dave Jordan, and the crew; James Montana and Nick Montana (MBRC Pro Chassis Design),Nick Lacerenza and Kevin Maddox.

Of course a special thank you to Scotty Cannon and Scott Cannon who have been assisting the team on a race to race basis. The Parise’s hope to acquire sponsors for the 2011 season to make their relationship with the Cannons (Cannonball Racing) a more permanent one.

Parise Racing And The Wounded WarriorsFor Parise Racing, It was not just about the racing this weekend. They also ran their Vettes for Vets program as proud supporters of the Wounded Warrior Project. The team was able to invite Wounded Warriors, as well as Veterans to the Shakedown at E-Town free of charge to spend the day in a suite to view the race as well as have lunch and receive some great gifts! We could not have run this program without the following: Dave Hance and Raceway Park( for providing tickets as well as the suite!) , Ciccone’s Italian Deli (for helping us *AT THE LAST MINUTE* to provide a great lunch! If you are in Old Bridge, NJ please patronize Ciccone’s and tell them Parise Racing sent you!), Stanley and Weiss Racing (for the great gifts you gave to our guests! ) Parise Racing would like to wish Benny Alfonso of Modzilla/Amato/Cannonball Racing a speedy recovery. Hang in there Benny!

If you live in the Long Island, NY area ,please join us on Saturday October 9th at the Bellmore Fire Department, West End Co. 3 ‘Buff’ Show. It is from 10am to 5pm at the Bellmore NY, Long Island RR Station Parking Lot (on Sunrise Hwy. between Bellmore Ave. and Bedford Ave.).Of course, we will be showing our beautiful cars, and raising donations for the Wounded Warrior Project! Hope to see you there! For more information visit : Parise Racing On Facebook, Connect With Us !!

For more information about Parise Racing, or to become a sponsor, please visit : Parise Racing Official Website

Parise Racing would like to thank the following for their support: NGK, MBRC Pro Chassis Design, Mannino’s Restaurant, The Shakedown at E-Town, Raceway Park, Ciccone’s Italian Deli

The Shakedown At E Town Press Page 2009

Same Day Coverage Of The 8th Annual Shakedown At E'Town 2010
Courtesy of Competition Plus, Photo's By Roger Richards



Delayed by overnight vandalism and make-up qualifying runs, then forced into hurry-up mode by an approaching storm, Dave Hance's Shakedown at eighth_mile_finalE-Town VIII packed plenty of drama into a shrinking window of opportunity Sunday.
Tim Lynch (Outlaw 10.5), Chip King (Blown Pro Modified), Khalid Al Balooshi (Nitrous Pro Modified), and record-setting Pete Berner (Mountain Motor Pro Stock) made the most of it at Englishtown, N.J.'s Old Bridge Township Raceway Park.
They joined Mike Stawicki (1/8-Mile Challenge), Sam Gottier (Heavy Street), Mel Nelson (Drag Radial), and Brian Ferrari (8.50 Index) in the winners circle.
Lynch never matched his eye-bulging numbers from qualifying but he beat out "Jersey Joe" Newsham in a showdown between two racers wanting some justice from a track, an event, that showed them no mercy last fall.
In the end, Newsham still is looking for his second Outlaw 10.5 Shakedown triumph, while Petty added another trophy to his shelf. Lynch, of Woodstock, Ga., took the title with a 6.301-second elapsed time at 226.48 against Newsham's 7.510- second ET at 145.70 mph.
Lynch regained his Shakedown supremacy that he yielded last year to Philadelphia flash Tommy Deez Fernick. Although his performance numbers were nowhere near his 6.263 seconds and 232.51 mph from Saturday's third qualifying session, he was impressive nonetheless in his new Corvette.
Newsham, the 2008 winner, spent Shakedown Sunday in the hospital last November, mending from a frightening, fiery qualifying accident that left him with a fractured lower-back vertebra and injured feet. This year, the Sicklerville, N.J., racer kept pace with Lynch throughout the Mickey Thompson Outlaw 10.5 competition. He took out first opponent Anthony DiSommo with a 6.464-second E.T. that was second only to Lynch's 6.282 earlier in the round. He and Lynch advanced to the final with identical 6.47-second E.T.s.
blown_finalThe two Pro Modified classes had some surprises for the fans who braved the cold October temperatures.  
The supercharged set saw King use an 8.315-second, 123.81-mph pass in his "Mean Green Machine" '96 Dodge Daytona to defeat Larry Plummer (12.230 / 82.09) in the final. King's rise to the top was no surprise, for he was No. 2 qualifier. The shock was that No. 1 Brad Personett, maybe the hottest-performing Pro Mod driver at the moment with his NHRA U.S. Nationals victory and record run at Charlotte last month, lost to Plummer in the semifinals.
Balooshi and his big-block '68 Al-Anabi Camaro marched to the top of the Speedtech Pro Modified Nitrous field Sunday morning, taking the No. 1 starting position from Fredy Scriba by three-hundredths of a second. And the Dubai driver kept right on going, beating John Bartunek, John Prime, and finally teammate Mike Castellana before blazing to the victory over New Jersey's Todd Fontana.
Balooshi won with a 5.933-second E.T. at 241.80 -- his best effort of the weekend -- while Fontana, the No. 6 qualifier, countered with a 6.587 / 216.97.
Berner carried the banner for the newly formed Mountain Motor Pro Stock Association in its Shakedown debut.
In his '09 Summit Pontiac GXP, Berner capped the opening round of MMMPS eliminations by setting both ends of the organization's record. He lowered his own E.T. record to 6.209 seconds and ran the class' fastest pass at 225.97 mph on a bye run. The Crete, Ill., veteran, a two-time IHRA Pro Stock champion, set the mark at 6.220 seconds in the last run of Saturday qualifying.
His victory over John Pluchino in the final round (6.285/224.92 to 7.110/146.16) completed his weekend sweep.
Berner moved into the final round by rejecting Tony Pontieri's bid for a second Shakedown championship trophy. Pontieri was the 2009 Pro Outlaw Blown winner. Pluchino advanced to the final round by beating the formidable Cary Goforth, the leader in both the MMPSA and the ADRL Extreme Pro Stock class in his '08 Chevy Cobalt.
Pro Torque Drag Radial eliminations took on an air of adventure for the rest of the class with top two qualifiers Paul Major and Dave Hance, the Shakedown founder and promoter, unable to race with damaged cars. No. 3 qualifier Mel Nelson, of Ft. Myers, Fla., capitalized on it and drove his '92 Camaro to the victory.
Nelson did so in theatric fashion, with a top-end fire following his winning 6.854-second, 223.36 single pass. He was unhurt and definitely grateful to have dodged a bullet when John Carter was beset by a mechanical problem and gave him no challenge.   
The K&K Advanced Door Car Technology Heavy Street final gave Sam Gottier an extra measure of satisfaction. Gottier, ambushed late Saturday by Tom Tarsia in a coup for the No. 1 qualifying position, was not going to go home to Canterbury, Conn., empty-handed. He denied Mitch George a second straight Shakedown victory with his winning 6.911-second pass at 198.06 in his '71 Chevelle.
George ran a 7.578 at 141.31. Although he didn't win, the New Jersey native had an easier time than he did in winning the 2009 Shakedown. Last year George won against John Carinci in a so-called "first is worse" default ruling as both crashed. George's car had gotten out of shape near the finish line because of  fluid on his tires, and the car barrel-rolled into the left lane, frighteningly close to Carinci's car.
The Pro Extreme 1/8-Mile Challenge final pitted two veteran racers. "It's really tough competition," Stawicki said after besting John Stanley, son of outlaw racing pioneer and this year's Shakedown Grand Marshal Camp Stanley.
Stawicki, of Medina, N.Y., drove a  '68 Firebird that's painted red on the left side and black on the right side. But the No. 1 qualifier's emotions weren't divided at all after winning easily with a 3.890-second blast at 197.31 mph, as Stanley -- the No. 2 qualifier -- struck his tires.  
mmps_finalThe Western Beef  8.50 Index victory turned out to be easier than Ferrari imagined. The Raceway Park neighbor from nearby New Brunswick -- and like George one of the six drivers who competed in the first Shakedown in 2003 -- ended up with a solo pass. Final-round opponent John Langer, of Philadelphia, and his '69 Trans Am never left the starting line when the tree dropped.
As for Langer's misfortune, Ferrari, who campaigns the family's '68 Chevelle, said, 'I didn't even know it!"
Said his dad, "He has won quite a few races with that baby." And his move through the event's only 32-car field was just the latest.
Raceway Park workers had to scramble Sunday morning to repair the Christmas Tree following an overnight incident of vandalism. Someone stole the LED light bulbs from the electronic starting device and dumped them behind the retaining wall at the finish line. The thief/thieves caused further damage to the track by driving over and destroying all the foam timing blocks.



ALFONSO RECOVERING -- The Raceway Park crowd received positive news about injured Blown Pro Modified driver Benny Alfonso. The Bohemia, N.Y., veteran reportedly had feeling in his legs following back surgery to repair a damaged disc Sunday at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital at New Brunswick. Hospital personnel refused to release any information about Alfonso or his condition, but the family provided the update to the track public-address announcers Brian Olson and Al Tucci.
ONE OF THOSE DAYS - Elliott Thompson might have taken the prize Sunday for this Shakedown's unluckiest  driver. The '53 Corvette driver from Horsham, Pa., had an easy ticket to final round in the nine-car Pro Extreme 1/8-Mile Challenge. Higher-qualified Bruce Conley broke and couldn't answer the bell for the opening round. After that single pass, had another one waiting for him. But Thomson had trouble getting his car to fire, ending his day early.




















The incomplete portion of qualifying for the Shakedown at E’town event will be completed this morning despite apparent overnight vandalism.

Qualifying was halted for safety reasons [too cold] and a 10 PM curfew last evening following Benny Alfonso’s severe crash which required an extensive clean up.

According to a source at the track, severe damage was done to the tree’s LED lights and foam blocks were destroyed as well. We’ll have more details later today.

The unfinished portion, Blown Pro Mod, Nitrous Pro Mod and Eighth Mile Challenge, will run under optimal conditions with below sea level air.




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Outlaw drag-racing dominator Tim Lynch had some unfinished business at Englishtown, N.J.'s Old Bridge Township Raceway Park.
Georgia engine builder Tim Lynch once again showed off his Southern-style grit at the Shakedown, along with his new Corvette that had the same power under its slick-looking body. He wowed the crowd and his Mickey Thompson Outlaw 10.5 rivals with a low E.T. of 6.263 seconds and a top speed of 232.51 mph.

The Pro Line engine builder from Woodstock, Ga., was No. 1 qualifier here once again last November with a 6.400-second elapsed time that no one touched for the rest of the weekend. But Lynch, feared up and down the East Coast, dropped out in the 2009 race in the semifinals, unable to make a pass against eventual winner Tommy Deez Fernick.

But Lynch left his mark on this Shakedown at E-Town VIII Saturday, thoroughly dominating the Mickey Thompson Outlaw 10.5 class in his new Corvette. He set the bar in the first of three qualifying sessions with a 6.385-second pass at 230.76 miles an hour and used the cooler evening temperatures to cement his No. 1 qualifying position with a 6.623-second E.T. and 232.51-mph speed.
It is another achievement here for Lynch, who was the first to cover the quarter-mile in less than seven seconds at the 2004 Shakedown at E-Town. He has been the hot shoe to beat here ever since. And in 2007, he even ignited a pre-race buzz excitement with a Saturday afternoon warm-up pass of 6.57 / 232 mph. So he knows the quickest route down this this track -- in October or in November, no matter who's in the other lane, no matter whether in his traditional twin-turbo Mustang or his new 2010 'Vette.
But outstanding performances in all classes took a back seat at the end of the day.
Benny Alfonso's top-end accident during the third and final Blown Pro Modified qualifying session halted Saturday's activity around 9:25 p.m. Cool temperatures had set in, and the lengthy clean-up would have eaten up the time left before the local noise curfew tolled.
Blown Pro Mod was unable to finish its time trials, and the Nitrous Pro Mod and 1/8-Mile Challenge classes did not have a third session. Race officials had not decided immediately whether to resume qualifying Sunday morning or begin the day with eliminations.
Alfonso, of Bohemia, N.Y., reportedly was conscious, alert, and talking with emergency medical personnel while the rescue team was extracting him from his '68 Firebird with the help of the Jaws of Life equipment. He was transported to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in nearby New Brunswick. Competition Plus will provide an update as it receives confirmed information.    
Making the most dramatic leap in the Speedtech Nitrous Pro Modified class order was Mike Castellana. He came from last in the 15-car field to third with a 6.197-second pass at 231.44 in his Al Anabi Racing '69 Camaro.

The two Pro Modified categories -- Blown and Nitrous -- had some exciting numbers throughout the day.

Brad Personett, who won the NHRA's U.S. Nationals on Labor Day then two weeks alter at Charlotte set the lowest E.T. for a turbocharged car in the Get Screened America Pro Mod Challenge history, fared well at Raceway Park, too. The Elkhart, Ind., driver topped the Blown Pro Mod list right out of the gate, registering a 5.841-second E.T. and a runaway speed of 240.89 mph that he improved in the second qualifying session to 253.75.
Chip King stormed to the No. 2 position with a 5.946 that edged out No. 3 Tim O'Hare's 5.957. Pete Farber joined them in the five-second range as No. 4 qualifier at 5.971 with a stellar 243.72 mph.
Alfonso was seventh after two sessions, behind Larry Plummer and Von Smith, who jumped from last on the list to sixth. 
Nitrous Pro Mod ended its two-session show with Fredy Scriba still relying on his first-session pass of 5.980 / 230.65 to stay ahead of the 15-car pack.
Matthew Deutsch remained second at 6.108. But the biggest improvement came from Mike Castellana, who vaulted from last in the order to third (6.197 / 231.44). Notables at the bottom of the lineup are Nos 12-14 Harold Martin, the so-called EFI Wizard; Shannon "The Iceman" Jenkins; and John Bartunek, who survived a spectacular crash here last year. 
The Mountain Motor Pro Stock Association -- the newest class in Dave Hance's showbox -- lived up to its "thrilling" billing. Pete Berner used his third run to recapture the No. 1 spot he had a grip on through two sessions at 6.253.
Cary Goforth tried to rock him from his comfort zone in Session 3, taking the lead temporarily on the strength of his 6.234-second run at a class-best 225.94. But Berner, of Crete, Ill., had one more chance, and he rallied immediately with a 6.220-second blast to lead the field of 13.    
Paul Major seized control of the Drag Radial class at the outset, setting the pace in his '01 'Vette with a 6.947-second run at 220.51 mph, more than six mph faster than No. 2 Hance. The Port Salonga, N.Y., resident lowered his time in the second qualifying session to 6.743 and raised his speed to 223.62 mph.
  Meanwhile, Hance, who has had nothing but terrible luck on the track at his own event, saw his jinx continue. He put his '93 Mustang in the No. 2 slot in the opening session with a 7.106 / 214.28 and found even more power on his second run to stay in second place with a 6.823 / 219.69. However, he wrecked at the top end of the track and destroyed the engine and front end of his car and doesn't expect to make the call at Sunday morning eliminations. 
Mel Nelson, of Ft. Myers, Fla., qualified third, just five-hundredths of a second behind Hance at 6.873 as the class' only other driver with a sub-seven-second effort.
In Heavy Street action, Tom Tarsia, of Binghamton, N.Y., overtook day-long leader Sam Gottier as the No. 1 driver with a thundering third-session run of 6.641 second at 204.60 mph -- far quicker and faster. Tarsia, who hadn't made a run in the previous two sessions in his '70 Camaro, stole the limelight from Gottier by nearly three-tenths of a second and more than nine more mph.
Joaquin Pedro, of South Salem, N.Y., heads the 8.50 Index category in his '99 Ford (8.501, 164.87). This class has the biggest car count -- 39 for a 32-car field.
Veteran pro Mod racer Mike Stawicki, of Medina, N.Y., driving his '68 Firebird, zipped to the top of the 1/8-Mile Challenge order in the second session. He trumped John Stanley's 3.825-second E.T. and 193.13-mph speed with a run of 3.741 / 203.46.



Benny Alfonso, a Blown Pro Modified racer from Bohemia, N.Y., was in critical condition overnight Sunday following a top-end crash during the DSA_7964Shakedown at E-Town VIII at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park at Englishtown, N.J.
Alfonso reportedly was conscious, alert, and talking with emergency medical personnel while the rescue team was extracting him from his '68 Firebird with the help of the Jaws of Life equipment. He was transported to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in nearby New Brunswick.
Alfonso was admitted to the hospital, and according to nursing supervisor Karen Spooner, he is listed in critical condition. She was not permitted by law to say whether Alfonso is scheduled or had undergone surgery or to disclose the kind or extent of his injuries.
The accident occurred just past the finish line during the class' third and final qualifying session . His car had hugged the center line, then made a sharp right into the guard wall. He began his day in fourth place, then dropped to seventh place in the second session.
His crash forced race officials to halt Saturday's activity for the Northeast doorslammer classic around 9:25 p.m. Dangerously cool temperatures were beginning to set in and the extensive cleanup would have pushed racing past the 10 p.m. curfew.
Blown Pro Mod was unable to finish its time trials, and the Nitrous Pro Mod and 1/8-Mile Challenge classes did not have a third session. Race officials had not decided immediately whether to resume qualifying Sunday morning or begin the day with eliminations.



Chip King turned in a pair of aggressive runs in his brand-new, Mike Bell-built '69 Dodge Daytona to secure a No. 2 start in Sunday's eliminations in the Modzilla Cannonball Racing Blown Pro Modified category. He slipped ahead of Tim O'Hare in the second session but couldn't top daylong leader Brad Personett.



Brad Personett was quickest and fastest all day among the Blown Pro Modified racers. The '68 Camaro driver from Elkhart, Ind. -- arguably the hottest Pro Mod driver in the U.S. right now -- ruled the class with a 5.841-second elapsed time and 253.75-mph speed.



Mike Stawicki was the standout in the "run what ya brung and hope you brung enough" Adrenaline ADRL 1/8-Mile Challenge field. In his '68 Firebird, he bumped John Stanley from the top spot in the second session, using a 3.741-second, 203.46-mph flash. The class didn't receive its third qualifying session because the extensive cleanup from Benny Alfonso's evening crash forced race officials to end the day's activities with about 40 minutes to spare before the 10 p.m. noise curfew.



Pete Berner's rally to take back the No. 1 spot with a lightning-quick 6.220-second elapsed time in the final qualifying session provided the excitement the Mountain Motor Pro Stock Association promised in its Shakedown at E-Town debut. Cary Goforth threw a scare into Berner with his 6.234-second run that earned him the No. 2 spot.






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Longtime mountain motor Pro Stock driver John Nobile, driving a car he formerly ran in IHRA competition, crashed during Saturday's qualifying.







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A feisty hurricane named Nicole flirted with New Jersey earlier this week, callously leaving her calling card marked by record rains, flooding, and high winds.
But she brought down the temperatures, giving outlaw-style drag racers at Englishtown's Old Bridge Township Raceway Park perfect conditions once again this weekend as the sun peeks out on the Shakedown at E-Town.
This eighth edition of Dave Hance's Northeast doorslammer showcase, as always, promises to blend history and hysteria Saturday and Sunday. Performance records surely will fall, as racers in all eight classes -- including the newest addition, the Mountain Motor Pro Stock Association beasts -- will race against the 7:30 p.m. noise curfew as much as each other.
Hance, owner of New York Motorsports and founder of this always-wild event, often says, "What more can you ask for?" No telling what this year's eliminations will give the fans, but last year's action fed off cool temperatures that produced outstanding elapsed times but also contributed to more than a couple of spectacular accidents. The final rounds were no exception, with a crash or car breakage in all but one category.
Overall, Hance had another winner with the 2009 Shakedown at E-Town, even though he barely missed capping it with a trip to the winners circle himself. Ever an optimist, he called it "a dream weekend," despite his own personal misfortune. He looked like the man to beat as the top qualifier in the Pro Torque Converters Drag Radial class.
However, his '93 Mustang broke just before his final-round appearance against Dwayne "Big Daddy" Gutridge, and he forfeited his chance to win this event he created and shaped. It had been his best chance in awhile, too, after wrecking at The Shakedown twice before. Still, Hance stood on the starting line and cheered Gutridge, one of the "Magnificent Seven" drivers who joined him for the first Shakedown in 2003.
Jim Halsey repeated his Pro Mod Nitrous championship and Tommy Deez Fernick and Rob Golobo broke up the Tim Lynch-Chuck Ulsch domination of the Outlaw 10.5 class, as the Shakedown crowned four other first-time winners: Tony Pontieri (Pro Outlaw Blown), Mike Janis (Outlaw 1/8-Mile Challenge), Gary Romonoyske (Outlaw 8.5 Index), and Gutridge (Drag Radial).
Both Mitch George and John Carinci were safe in the final of the K&K / Advanced Door Technology Heavy Street class. George was declared the winner after he and opponent Carinci both crashed.
bartunekCarinci, in the left lane, wrestled with his '70 'Cuda by midtrack. However, it drifted too far to the left and touched or crossed a white boundary line just inside the guardwall for an automatic disqualification.
George's Monte Carlo then got out of shape near the top end because of fluid on his tires, and the car barrel-rolled into the left lane, frighteningly close to Carinci's car. But officials determined that George crossed the center line after traveling past the finish line. He was declared the winner, because Carinci committed his infraction first (triggering the so-called "first is worse" rule).
"I feel bad what happened. I want to thank the Lord for letting me walk away from it," George said.
 Pontieri, in his '69 Camaro, won the Pro Mod Blown trophy as final-round opponent Kevin McCurdy's beautiful purple and silver entry broke and was pushed to the side before staging.
Janis and his Firebird cruised to the 1/8-Mile Challenge triumph when Dwayne Wolfe couldn't overcome transmission troubles left over from the semifinals. Wolfe tried desperately to get his car to fire on the back-up from the burnout. He was able to back up but knew it was not in shape to give Janis a challenge. As if that weren't aggravating enough for Wolfe, Janis' '68 Firebird lost traction and Janis simply coasted across the finish line.
Halsey stormed back from qualifying last among the 15 Pro Mod Nitrous entrants to handily beat Gary Courtier for the title.
In his first-round appearance, No. 3 qualifier Alex Vrettos became the first Drag Radial driver to dip into the 6.8-second range at 6.894 seconds in his Ford Cobra. After all, an unwritten rule at The Shakedown is that no performance record is safe.
Paul Major (Drag Radial), John Bartunek  (Pro Mod Nitrous), and Rodney Bitgood and Brad Brand (Mickey Thompson Outlaw 10.5) were among those whose crashes got the fans' attention. Jeff Rogers' Executioner Mustang detonated on the starting line as he prepared to race Pro Mod Nitrous rival Robert Nicola. They were unhurt. But "Jersey Joe" Newsham ended up at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital with a compression fracture of a lower-back vertebra and injured feet from his Saturday qualifying accident as he sought a repeat victory in the Outlaw 10.5 class with his Cobra.
This year, Hance hopes to top last year's car count of just a little more than 200. This year's classes include Speedtech Nitrous Pro Nitrous, Modzilla Cannonball Racing Pro Modified Blown, Adrenaline ADRL Pro Extreme 1/8-Mile Challenge, Mickey Thompson Outlaw 10.5, Pro Torque Drag Radial, Western Beef 8.50 Index, and K&K Advanced Door Car Technology Heavy Street.



Not only a supporter of drag racing, Qatar hopes to host FIFA World Cup in 2022
Shakedown Press 10/2/2010

Qatar stadiun to host fifa world cupThe stadium, designed by world-renowned architects Foster & Partners, reflects various elements of Qatari heritage including the traditional dhow sail, and will serve as a model for future sports stadiums throughout the region. Its design includes a fully retractable roof and the same environmentally friendly, solar cooling technologies that will ensure all of Qatar’s twelve open-air stadiums are cooled to around 27 Degrees Centigrade. Situated on an east-west orientation, the stadium will have shade across the entire field and will have the world’s largest cable-net roof.

The Qatar 2022 Bid Committee today unveiled detailed plans for the iconic Lusail Stadium at a major international football conference, Leaders in Football, held at Chelsea FC in London. With a capacity in excess of 86,000 and surrounded by water, the stadium would host the World Cup Opening Match and Final if Qatar wins the rights to stage the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

To be built in the Al-Daayen section of Lusail City, a new development north of Doha, the stadium is one of twelve that form Qatar’s 2022 FIFA World Cup hosting concept. All are within an hour of central Doha, enabling fans to see at least two matches in a day. The Lusail Stadium is the final stadium to be unveiled by Qatar 2022.

H.E. Sheikh Mohammed bin Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, Chairman of the Qatar 2022 Bid, said: "The Iconic Lusail Stadium will serve as the perfect venue for the opening and final matches of the World Cup. The stadium will inspire a new generation of regional and international sports venues, incorporating environmentally friendly cooling technologies to ensure the ideal conditions for players and spectators alike. The design of the stadium provides fans with optimum views of the action in a cool and comfortable setting. Its beauty and ambition represent the pride and enthusiasm that we have displayed in our bid thus far and will continue to display until the day FIFA awards the 2022 World Cup and beyond."

H.E. Sheikh Mohammed bin Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani is the father of Sheikh Khalid Al Thani, owner of the Al-Anabi race teams. [10/06/10]

The Shakedown At E Town Press Page 2009

Competition Plus Drag Racing MagazineThe hallmark of promoter-racer Dave Hance's Shakedown at E-Town, Northeast drag racing's doorslammer showcase, is outlandish drama. And this "Al-Anabi Racing Shakedown at E-Town 7 powered by New York Motorsports" remained true to event history. Racers tried to outrun Old Bridge Township Raceway Park's 7:30 noise curfew as much as each other Sunday. And a vicious-looking wreck by Outlaw Heavy Street winner Mitch George in the final round -- one in which his opponent nearly crashed and was disqualified -- only heightened the frenzy. The event ended on time with Jim Halsey repeating his Pro Mod Nitrous title and the event crowning five other first-time winners: Tony Pontieri (Pro Outlaw Blown), Mike Janis (Outlaw 1/8-Mile Challenge), Tommy Deez Fernick (Outlaw 10.5), Dwayne "Big Daddy" Gutridge (Drag Radial), and Gary Romonoyske (Outlaw 8.5 Index). Hance kept calm amid the spate of accidents, reasoning, "If something does happen to you, let it be at Englishtown. There's more support, more safety equipment. They're on it. They're on it. That's why we tech these cars pretty tough at Englishtown. We want to make sure you have your safety stuff. It could save your life." Hance wasn't spared the disappointment of having his '93 Mustang -- the one that blew away the competition at Orlando the week before -- break just before the final and being forced to forfeit his chance at winning the event he created and shaped. It was his best chance in awhile, too, after wrecking here twice before. But his "What more can you ask for?" line said it all. This is Englishtown, Old Bridge Township Raceway Park , a stage for historic numbers and a number of hysterics in this quickly developing classic. Read More Here


Courtesy Of CompetitionPlus

Competition Plus Drag Racing MagazineAll Jim Halsey wanted to do was record a five-second run with his nitrous car as he headed into the Al Anabi Shakedown at E'town presented by Speedtech Nitrous. The Street, Md. based Pro Mod Nitrous racer did so much more.Halsey was joined by a score of jubilant winners as Von Smith (Pro Mod Blown), Joe Newsham (Outlaw 10.5), Steve Lazzaro (Heavy Street), Dave Hinzman (Drag Radial) and Bill Cannon (8.50 Index) scored victories at the 6th annual event hosted by Old Bridge Township Raceway Park in Englishtown, N.J.

Despite entering the event as a dark horse, Halsey clearly established himself as the driver to beat early in qualifying. Halsey ran the first-ever nitrous run under six seconds on Saturday to qualify No. 1 and on Sunday, he never left the zone en route to pocketing the $20,000 winner's purse in a convincing victory over Rickie Smith.Halsey recorded an unprecedented 5.959 elapsed time at 240.72 miles per hour to take the win, while recording the quickest run in the history of nitrous-injected doorslammer racing.His road to the finals was a dominant one as he defeated Billy Glidden (5.966), Shannon Jenkins (5.983) and Khalid Al Balooshi (5.958) before squaring off against Smith.For his part, Rickie Smith entered eliminations as the third qualifier and defeated John DeCerbo, Milt Decker and Matt Deitch to reach the final round.

Von Smith, like Halsey, was rated a dark horse in the Pro Mod Blown division in the shadow of the unreal 5.7-second barrage turned in by defending IHRA world champion Scott Cannon Jr., in qualifying and eliminations. Read More Here

Mitch Sonntag of had the oppourtunity to interview Shakedown At E 'Town founder and owner Mr Dave Hance on the eve of the race Read More Here At

Written by Bobby Bennett: Thursday, 15 October 2009 08:42

Dave Hance characterizes Old Bridge Raceway Park, as a track that is a blue blood, dyed-in-wool quarter-mile facility. That's why the veteran promoter of the ultra successful Shakedown at E'town figured that his efforts are best served by spoon-feeding his doorslammer-hungry customers a sampling of racing 660-foot in one, anything goes category.

"The fans will get to see professional doorslammer car racing to the eighth-mile and won’t know what to expect," said Hance, also a participant in this weekend’s event. "We are happy to introduce eighth-mile to this crowd and we’re curious to see how they are going to respond to it".

Last season's event produced the quickest and fastest elapsed time ever laid down by a doorslammer, when Scott Cannon Jr. drove his outlaw-prepared Mopar to an unheard-of 5.738 elapsed time eclipsing the previous legal-combination of 5.891.

Cannon's car made the historic run with the assistance of a screw-type supercharger, a combination limited to a 6.00 quarter-mile safety regulation in a doorslammer. Because of this, Hance created the Outlaw Eight-Mile Challenge. Only NHRA and IHRA legal superchargers will be permitted in the Lend-America Pro Mod Blown division.

"At some point as a rule maker, we may have to consider going eighth-mile racing," said Hance. "I'm not anti-quarter mile. I am just thinking of the future". Hance believes that last year’s string of 5.70s by the second-generation Cannon, who was tuned by his six-time champion father, Scotty Cannon, was just scratching the surface of what some of this breed of cars could turn.Read More Here

The Shakedown At E Town Press Page 2008 Archives

The 6th Annual Al-Anabi Racing Shakedown At E Town 2008:
In Association With
Raceway Park And New York Motorsports.
The Quickest and Fastest Weekend In Outlaw Drag Racing History: As Seen In The Pages Of RPM Magazine
Authored by This review is dedicated to the memory of our Fallen Friends 2009, Leo Barnaby III, Ed Kowalczyk, and Adam Landolfi RIP.

Presented by Speedtech Nitrous Systems:

Neal Heymans 8.50 Camaro Heading For The Sky !!After a monumental race last year, not many thought it could get better in the Northeast but behind closed doors Raceway Park was setting the stage for a chance at the biggest event this area will see for a long time. Dave Hance networked trough the country and out into the world with Michelle Marchese picking up Al-Anabi Racing from Qatar to back one of the biggest payouts and two day events ever.

Old Bridge Township Raceway Park again hosted the many dreams of every racer to take home a huge prize and fight it out in the new format on a national event caliber drag strip which included two separate Pro Modifieds, Outlaw 10.5, Heavy Street, Drag Radial and a new addition, the Outlaw 8.50 Index.

From the beginning of this weekend, Raceway Park was on its game at a level you won't often see committing every resource they had for a race that again would stun the world with each record setting pass. As usual, prep master "Eddie Krawiec" had the track set to bite back like a mean dog and give you the best ride of your life. The Northeast is always a guess at how the weather would play a role in the weekend performances, last year the 5th Annual Shakedown was run under the most optimal conditions and again they were graced with unusually warm days, cold nights and overcast clouds to cool the track with sessions of brilliant sun breaking through just enough to auto set quarter mile each day.

A record weekend was in store with this forecast; fans and teams were expecting the mineshaft air would produce incredible numbers and they weren't wrong. Read The Full Results Here:

As Seen On Competition Plus

Al Anabi Shakedown at E'town presented by Speedtech Nitrous goes beyond expectations

ENGLISHTOWN, N.J. – No performance barrier was safe from the assault of over 100 ferocious doorslammers during qualifying at the 6th annual Al Anabi Shakedown at E'town presented by Speedtech Nitrous in Englishtown, N.J.

On two occasions the performance barriers for doorslammers, regardless of classification, and of the nitrous-injected variety created drag racing history.

Defending IHRA Pro Modified world champion Scott Cannon Jr. drove Thomas Patterson's classic Dodge Daytona to the quickest and fastest doorslammer lap in drag racing history with a 5.738 elapsed time at 252.71. Earlier in the day Cannon ran 250.55 to establish himself as the only full-bodied racer to exceed 250-miles per hour. No Pro Modified driver, legal or outlaw, has ever recorded a 5.7-second run in the quarter-mile.

If Cannon's run stands through Sunday's final eliminations, he will pocket a $5,000 bounty from Lend America for eclipsing the previous 5.893 record for doorslammers. Cannon was light years ahead of No. 2 qualifier Von Smith (5.896) and Barney Squires (5.925). Kevin McCurdy anchored the sixteen-car field with a 6.373 elapsed time.

The race to the five second zone for nitrous Pro Modified vehicles end after two qualifying sessions with nitrous frontrunner Jim Halsey, of Street, Md., earning a place in drag racing history when he pushed his Yellow Bullet-sponsored 1968 Camaro to a 5.998-second run at 240.68 miles per hour to record the magic mark. This run also represented the first time a nitrous car had exceeded 240-miles per hour. Halsey pocketed $2,500 from Speedtech for the first five-second run by a nitrous racer.

Halsey will head into Sunday's final eliminations as the top qualifier trailed by Fredy Scriba (6.058) and Rickie Smith (6.089). Billy Glidden anchored the 16-car field with a 6.508.

Such performance milestones became commonplace from the start at the Al Anabi Shakedown presented by Speedtech Nitrous.

Outlaw 10.5 racer Tim Lynch might have come out on the losing end of a best two-out-of-three match race with Billy Glidden, but that didn't stop him from vaulting to the top of his classification in his only winning race. Lynch pushed his 2002 Mustang to a 6.543 elapsed time at an impressive 218.34 miles per hour.

Other qualifying leaders after three sessions included David Wolfe (Drag Radial – 7.216, 201.64), Steve Lazzaro (Heavy Street – 6.723, 215.68), and Harry Gerb (8.50 Index – 8.505).

Blown Pro Mod racer Scott Filkins emerged uninjured after a second session qualifying accident.

Filkins crashed his 2006 Pontiac GTO in to the right guard wall just past the finish line. He crawled out of the car and walked away under his own power.

Mike Castellana has been paying particularly close attention to the weatherman for the past few days. The source of his interest is to see if the weather will be conducive to making his race car run quicker and faster than usual this weekend. If the opportunity presents itself, you can rest assured Castellana will take advantage of it.

Castellana, of Westbury, N.Y., is the quickest nitrous doorslammer driver on the planet with a 6.000 elapsed time. The incredible atmospheric conditions forecast for this weekend's Al Anabi Shakedown at Etown could provide the extra push to wheel his Al Anabi-sponsored, 1968 Pontiac Firebird into unprecedented territory for a carbureted doorslammer; an et that starts with the number five. "We are going for it," Castellana admitted. "I think the chances it can happen this weekend are very realistic. If you look at the forecast, the air will be there. The track is usually prepped pretty good so that leaves it up to us to make the right call.

"We are going to have to be on our game because we won't be the only person shooting for that run."

Castellana won't be the only nitrous racer gunning for the historic mark as preliminary entry reports state that other nitrous heavy-hitters such as Jim Halsey, Rickie Smith, Shannon Jenkins and Burton Auxier will be in attendance.

"I'm not feeling any pressure," Castellana admits. "We like our chances and we want to run it, but we are not going to risk burning up our parts to pull it off. If the conditions are there, we'll make a shot at it. We are still in the middle of a championship battle that we want to win. We are bringing out all of the stops to better our chances though."

Two of the IHRA's leading supercharged Pro Modified racers plan to enter the outlaw confines of the Al Anabi Shakedown at E'town presented by Speedtech Nitrous.

The traditional rulebook is out the window but that has no effect on Mike Janis and Tommy D'Aprile. Neither driver plans to change their approach. When they cover the Old Bridge Township Raceway Park quarter-mile this weekend, they will be running the same combination that will be in their cars two weeks from now when the IHRA season conc ludes in Rockingham, N.C.

"We never really attend Outlaw events," said Janis, who will be racing a Hemi-powered 1967 Pontiac Firebird. "For years our main focus has been IHRA legal racing and it will remain that way but the Outlaw movement is growing by leaps and bounds and to ignore it would be foolish. We've built several outlaw combinations for ADRL teams at our engine shop (Jan-Cen Motorsports) and have noticed the growing popularity. To be honest though, the $20,000 is a big attraction but I'm really hoping to relax and have some fun at the races."

Th e $20K Janis mentions comes courtesy of Mike Ashley's Lend America, the sponsor of the Pro Mod Blown division. Special cash incentives are also available to the team who can run the lowest e.t. under the existing Pro Modified record of 5.89 seconds.

The lure of changing a few things here and there tempts Janis, especially with the cash offerings. He's sticking to his guns hoping the weather conditions will play out in his team's favor.

"We talked about changing a few things, but in the long run that wouldn't be advantageous to us," said Janis Jr., the driver's son and crew chief. "We think our car has had the ability to run in the .80's all year. We just haven't had the opportunity to do it. Englishtown is always a fast track, now add in a cool fall night and I'm sure the potential of a low .90 or a high 5.80 will be there. We'll just have to take advantage of what we're given."

Janis will have a "teammate" over the course of the weekend as D'Aprile will pilot the Mel Bush Motorsports rare 1962 Bel-Air in competition. Janis builds the supercharged Hemi engines for the bubble-top classic Chevrolet.

The Al Anabi Shakedown at E'town presented by Speedtech Nitrous event will mark the first of a three-race tour for D'Aprile culminating in Las Vegas Nevada.

"We have a tough row to hoe coming up," said D'Aprile. "With three races in three weeks u nder three different sets of rules; trying to change something to get an advantage is tempting but Mike and the Jan-Cen guys have an IHRA legal package that can run with anyone no matter the rules. I'm hoping we'll get some good air for once this season and show everyone what I know we have."

D'Aprile currently sits fourth in IHRA points and is hoping for a top three finish.

The Shakedown At E Town Press Page 2007 Archives

The 2007 5th Annual "Shakedown At E Town":
Presented By
Scotty's Racing Technology and New York Motorsports
Authored by, Photos Courtesy of goDragRacing
Records Fall Again Under The "Ground Shaking" Horsepower Of Muscle In The Northeast

Tim Lynch Fires Off Another Record Setting Pass At The Shakedown At E Town 2007For twelve months, Northeast racers have had the number 6.666 on their minds as Tim Lynch annihilated all idea's that a 10.5w car could possibly accomplish a feat of that magnitude.
This was ground breaking as much then as the first six second pass that had been laid down by the same man just two years prior was.

The Shakedown at E-Town rose to a monumental level after news of these incredible records spread like wildfire only to ignite the intensity of the racers to hunt down their own combination that would chase or break what had become one of the most revered storylines in Drag Racing's Outlaw history and rewrite a new one. Read The Full Results Here:

By Susan Wade For Drag Racing Action Magazine

ENGLISHTOWN, NEW JERSEY -- Like a powerful Nor'easter, Georgia-based Outlaw 10.5 drag-racing legend Tim Lynch stormed through the Oct. 14 Shakedown at E-Town with his twin-turbo Mustang. He rained on the parade of such rivals as Chuck Ulsch and "Gil Mobley Militia" teammate Richard Sexton, fellow Georgian Steve Kirk, Chris Kellitz, and Rob Golobo and reigned at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park with a stunning string of 6.5-second elapsed times and a winning pass of 6.534 seconds that was the quickest in class history.

Lynch had made his mark at Englishtown in 2004, when he was first to break the seven-second barrier.

IHRA and NHRA veteran John Nobile captured the Pro Outlaw class victory with a performance that surpassed the IHRA's national E.T. record. His 6.278-second pass in the final round against Jim Kane topped Brian Gahm's two-week-old IHRA national-record 6.281. And his 223.28-mph speed (and his 223.43 in the semifinals) in his nitrous-injected Mustang were only slightly off Gahm's record 223.95 mph.

Nobile, winner of IHRA's Pro Stock Showdown bonus race two weeks before at Maryland International Raceway, had tried and failed the previous two years to qualify for promoter Dave Hance's independent race. This time he made the field, and before the quarterfinals, he said, "This is THE race. This is just a fun thing -- no pressure, maybe some money." He walked out with $10,000 for his team that's looking for a primary sponsor for 2008.

"We like these kind of races, this Outlaw stuff," Nobile said. "Every time we come here, we underestimate how much horsepower we really have because of the weather conditions and the air."

Lynch and Nobile shared the winners circle with "Mustang Mike" Modeste (Drag Radial) and Bill Lutz (Heavy Street).

Modeste, a multi-time NSCA Limited Street champion from Brooklyn, New York, who was using radial tire for the first time, rebounded from a frustrating 15th-place start in the 16-car field to win $5,000. Drained after what he called his "unbelievable win" that was "was Hell all day" with wheelstands and a tune-up that overpowered the track, said the event is "like the best. It's the end-of-the year race -- it's the best. Dave Hance puts on a good show. You'll see me next year with all my sponsors."

Lutz ran the table in the Shakedown's new Heavy Street class, setting low E.T. (6.813 seconds) and top speed (210.01 mph) in qualifying No. 1 and winning with an easy final-round blast against Jorge Rodriguez. The Ohioan who has earned the on-track title "King of Columbus," told Hance before arriving to put his name on the $5,000 check. Sure enough, he picked it up at the payout window, and Hance said, "He's going home a happy man, and rightfully so. He put on some show."

Hance, whose aspirations for his New York Motorsports organization include a fulltime nitro Funny Car ride, drew more than 100 cars and a crowd of about 5,000 for the fifth edition of the event that local scribe Diana "The Doc" Thomas once warned "definitely ain't for crybabies, phonies, or posers [but] for the hardest of the hardcore."

Eddie Krawiec, Raceway Park's dragtsrip manager who doubles as Pro Stock Motorcycle star Andrew Hines' NHRA teammate, said, "This is an event Raceway Park takes a lot of pride in. It's very tough to put on one of these. And to put it on in one day and give 135-140 cars two runs down the track and then run them through eliminations . . . Our guys are right on top of it. Everything fell in its place.

"This is real racing -- real heads-up drag racing," Krawiec said. "To walk out of here with Tim Lynch with the fastest pass in the world on 10.5[-inch] tires . . . John Nobile, fastest Mountain Motor Pro Stock car in the world . . . I could go on with all the technical world records that walked out of here. It just puts a smile on our faces."

Tim Lynch (Woodstock, Georgia) 6.534 seconds, 220.84 mph def. Chuck Ulsch (Clarksville, Maryland) 9.855 seconds, 93.60 mph

John Nobile (Dix Hills, New York) 6.278 seconds, 223.28 mph def. Jim Kane (Stonybrook, New York) 6.749 seconds, 192.88 mph

"Mustang Mike" Modeste (Brooklyn, New York) 7.970 seconds, 177.23 mph def. Chris Little (Pasadena, Maryland) broke

Bill Lutz (Canal Winchester, Ohio) 6.868 seconds, 209.26 mph def. Jorge Rodriguez (Lyndhurst, New Jersey) 10.617 seconds, 82.71 mph

The Shakedown At E Town Press Page 2006 Archives

The 4th Annual Shakedown At E-Town Complete And Uncut !!
The Northeast Lays Claim To The Baddest And The Best


Chuck Ulsch Launching In The Gil Mobley Motorsports CamaroWaking up Sunday morning was probably one of the best ways to have started your day knowing that on Saturday evening last year’s record setter "Tim Lynch" traveled north to make yet another appearance.

The 10.5 racing world was set abuzz with a striking 6.72 @ 222 on a shakedown pass.

Most of the racers that were coming to attend the Caldwell Construction / Caldwell Motorsports, "Outlaw" Session presented by Landy’s Performance were already in awe but turning up their wick for a race to make much of the years biggest shootouts look minimal.

Last years huge attendance was emasculated by the Sunday fans taking in a gorgeous day at Raceway Park's expansive real estate and the surrounding fall foliage with brilliant colors, clean crisp air that just took your breath away with almost an impressionist feel for the October season. The morning was quiet until the sound of Jim Halsey stirring the pits right at the crack of 10AM; after that the day was set in motion and a fever pitch of an opening day at a national event ran through everyone with pronounced excitement. The Shakedown was underway and in full force with over 106 entries in the three different classes combined and names that would make this race another winner just by their attendance alone. Read The Full Results Here:

The 4th Annual Shakedown At E-Town
The Home Of Outlaw Record Setters:

As Seen In The Pages Of RPM Magazine

During the course of the year, there are a few prized races to attend, this year would set a new standard in the northeast as the Shakedown at E-Town's huge attendance last year was emasculated by the Sunday fans taking in a gorgeous day at Raceway Park's expansive real estate and the surrounding fall foliage with brilliant colors, clean crisp air that just took your breath away with almost an impressionist feel for the October season. Preparations were made over the course of the year between NY Motorsports "Dave Hance" and Track representative Michelle Marchese to have this race completed in full as the last two years never finalized. Nothing was to stand in their way allowing for three classes, Pro Modified, Outlaw Street with big and small tire combined and the exciting Drag Radial to run without anything else to get in the way such as test and tune. It was an all Outlaw brawl for this fine Sunday and the racers preparing for rounds against the toughest in the country.

The Shakedown is known for its record setting performances in the 10.5 Outlaw ranks sponsored this year by Caldwell Construction / Caldwell Motorsports and presented by Landy’s Performance with two time holder of the six second prize "Tim Lynch" destroying all that comes before him. Lynch stood alone as he blistered Raceway Parks blacktop in a crowd frenzied 6.666 @ 215 to take top honors in qualifying for the third straight year. With both big and small tires in this class, all combinations were well represented. Tim Lynch held the top number after the second qualifier powered by big cubes and twin turbo's. Chuck Ulsch surprised all the nitrous enthusiasts with a jaw dropping 6.808 @ 206 to grab the number two spot. Out of nowhere, Rob Golobo came to town sporting twin turbo's on a small block in this immaculate new Gilsbach Racecraft Camaro sporting 10.5's and ripped off an easy 6.971 @ 214 to better the popular and favorite to win Leo "Neverlift" Barnaby's identical 6.971 at only 212 MPH. Scott Guadagno wheeled Pete Biello's Camaro and showed they have what it takes with solid six second times and 6.979 @ 199 with only 648 cubes on spray entering them in the number five spot. The much raved about big block Chevy Cobra spun by twin turbo's and new outlaw sensation Joe Newsham handling this beast ripped into the top ten with a traction limited 7.012 @ 208. Race promoter Dave Hance literally shut down but qualified deep, posting a 7.023 at only 177 MPH! Manny Sirris in the wicked black Mustang has seriously been creating a stir with Kogan twin screwed small block ford underneath clicking off a 7.122 @ 182. Mike DeMartino put the big Lizzard powered second gen Camaro right in the groove for number nine spot 7.181 @ 202.09. The second half of team Mobley; Richie Sexton 7.183 @ 200.95 powered to the end of the top ten while trying to lay down all the big power.

"Outlaw" Round One:
Barnaby .054 6.995 @ 213 takes the win over Dolbin .098 7.003 @ 200.92. Joe Newsham .003 7.136 @ 206 beats Jorge Rodriguez .318 7.17 @ 193. Randy Lambert draws the red bulb -.003 7.16 @ 205 against Scott Guadagno's .035 6.957 @ 200. Manny Sirris' off pace .096 7.276 @ 173 takes out Mike DiMartino .040 7.334 @ 198. Chuck Ulsch .128 6.801 @ 207 was a best ever for him and Brad Harris was on the receiving end of it with .208 7.21 @ 198. Rob Golobo's chutes failed to open and with outstanding skill saved the car from this wild MPH as he made the turn just in time to slide into the gravel with damage that was to be thrashed heavily and repaired for the next round .155 6.99 @ 215 beating "Hitman" Dave O'Donnell .027 9.017 @117 in Lou Denny's Chevelle. Dave Hance .164 6.966 @ 219 sent Richie Sexton .146 7.064 @ 202 home early. Tim Lynch's neck snapping .094 6.698 @ 219 was too much for Mike Reynolds Nova .227 7.211 @ 196.

"Outlaw" Round Two:
Scott Guadagno and Leo Barnaby go down as the quickest 10.5 side by side race in history this round. Leo Barnaby .038 6.841 @ 211 to losing Scott Guadagno .065 6.976 @ 200. Joe Newsham .101 9.18 @ 115 couldn't pedal a win next to winner Rob Golobo 7.445 @ 142. Dave Hance fails to show broken; Manny Sirris was also a casualty and no round. Chuck Ulsch and Tim Lynch strolled to their next round.

"Outlaw" Semi Finals:
Chuck Ulsch would again take a bye run and again the car launched hard left making this a trouble area for the final he now was in as Golobo was a no show for this round. Leo Barnaby was set on kill, his reaction time was a phenomenal .005 but as the brute power came on, the cooling track didn't want to take all the power he wanted to give it 10.26 @ 88 losing to a disappearing Tim Lynch on another vicious 6.81 @ 219 pass.

"Outlaw" Finals:
Chuck Ulsch's Camaro .048 leapt high into the air and again took a sharp turn as Lynch was out ahead of him by ten cars at least. Tim Lynch .102 was not making power and Ulsch began to step hard into the throttle as the flames from the huge hit of nitrous lit up the dark end of the track with Tim Lynch 10.51 @ 85 obviously broken and Chuck Ulsch pedaling out a 8.429 @ 151.97 to grab the first ever Shakedown Outlaw Championship

PCHS Racing Engines "Pro Outlaw" Session:
A full field granted everyone in attendance their wish for the ultimate in door slammer madness. Wild Pro Mods to all motor Pro Stocks filled with 800+ cubes couldn't stop the number one qualifier Vinny Budano's spectacular qualifying performances topping the list with a violent 6.207 @ 225.56.

Top 16 "Pro Outlaw" Final Qualifying:
1.Vinny Budano 6.207 @ 225.56 : 68 Camaro, 738 Shafiroff BBC, Speedtech Nitrous, Lenco - Scott Shafiroff Racing Engines / Tim Mcamis Race Cars / Speedtech Nitrous
2.Scott Filkins 6.320 @ 231 : 2002 Trans Am, BBC, Supercharged, Lenco, Alcohol -
3.Vincent Demieri 6.324 @ 221 : 2006 GTO, Musi BBC, Nitrous, Lenco - Thanks To My Crew / Jerry Bickel Race Cars, Pat Musi
4.Nick Montana 6.353 @ 222 : 67 Camaro, 738 BBC, Nitrous, Lenco - Montana Brothers Race Cars and Components, Design Sense Studios, Pinnacle Strategies Inc.
5.John Montecalvo 6.384 @ 219 : 06 Cobalt, 820 BBC Hemi, Lenco, All Motor -
6.John Bartunek 6.387 @ 220 : 06 Cobalt, 820 BBC Hemi, Lenco, All Motor -
7.Charles Carpenter 6.451 @ 223 : 55 Chevy, 738 BBC, Nitrous, Lenco -
8.Fred Scriba 6.451 @ 210 : 63 "Scorcer" Corvette, Burnley 738 BBC, Nitrous, Lenco - Thanks To My Wife And Kids
9.Paul Rocco 6.548 @ 209 : 52 Chevy, 706 Pontiac, Nitrous - Montana Brothers Race cars
10.Jim Halsey 6.563 @ 198 : 68 Camaro, 738 Fulton BBC, Nitrous, Lenco - Cecil County Dragway
11.Matt Deitsch 6.68 @ 208 @ 49 : 03 Cavalier, 815 BBC, All Motor, Lenco -
12.Jeff Blasi 6.627 @ 210 : 41 Willys, 706 Musi, Nitrous, Lenco - Sun Dial Tanning Salons
13.John Pluchino 6.631 @ 205 : 02 Cougar, 815 BBF, Lenco -
14.Douglas K. Menzer 6.633 @ 204 : 1937 Chevy Coupe, Supercharged 526 BBC, Alcohol, Lenco -
15.Jim Kane 6.646 @ 215 : 63 Corvette, 738 BBC, Nitrous, Lenco -
16.Paul Athey 6.709 @ 214 : 41 Willys, Chuck Ford BBC, Supercharged, Lenco, Alcohol - Mohegan Sun Casino Resorts, Red Line Oil, Moroso, Tommy Mauney Race cars - Bump

"Pro Outlaw" Round One:
Paul Rocco's crowd favorite 52 Chevy .100 6.619 @ 198 took his round win against Glen Poluse .045 11.93 @ 69. Jim Halsey .078 6.455 @ 226 sent a lifting Charles Carpenter .022 9.202 @ 102 home. Vinny Demieri red lit his chance away -.038 6.528 @ 221 to a flying Doug Menzer .426 6.68 @ 209. John Bartunek screamed to an awesome 6.434 @ 213, Matt Deitsch losing .094 6.586 @ 211. Big John Montecalvo .058 6.412 @ 213 cut down Jeff Blasi .042 6.631 @ 200. Nick Montana .108 6.33 @ 221 captures this first round win downing John Pluchino .022 13.35 @ 62. Scott Filkins flat out destroyed the time clocks .077 6.127 @ 236 to Jim Kane's losing effort .070 9.206 @ 111. Vinny Budano 6.195 @ 225 takes the bye run as Paul Athey breaks.

"Pro Outlaw" Round Two:
Bartunek's .112 6.37 @ 220 was much more than Doug Menzer could handle .263 7.086 @ 198 as the car seemed to be fat through the run. Big John Montecalvo .027 6.517 @ 209 takes out crowd favorite Nick Montana .102 7.843 @ 151. Vinny Budano .209 6.247 @ 223 relieves Paul Rocco .137 6.663 @ 193 of another round. Scott Filkins runs a solo as he again blister's the track with another 6.17 @ 221.

"Pro Outlaw" Semi Finals:
John Bartunek's .098 8.447 @ 116 power fell off and Scott Filkins .104 6.447 @ 224 enters Shakedowns first Pro Outlaw final with Vinny Budano 6.236 @ 223 as John Montecalvo could not restart after the burnout.

"Pro Outlaw" Finals:
Vinny Budano's .190 quicker ET 6.21 @ 225 was an upset loss by holeshot as Scott Filkins .108 6.248 @ 230 carries the wheels as far as the eye could see in the screaming screw supercharged Firebird becoming the first ever Shakedown At E-Town "Pro Outlaw" Champion.

Drag Radial Presented By P.M. Construction and Maintenance Services Qualifying Session:
One of the wildest classes around, this brand of racing isn't for the faint of heart unless sky high wheel stands and skating passes on overpowered small tire radial cars are what you live for. Pete Champani 7.824 @ 187 set the bar high as names like Chris Little, Alex Vrettos, John Balinsky and "Big Daddy" Dwayne Gutridge all sat behind him in the ladder of twenty six entries.

Top 16 Drag Radial Qualifying:
1.Pete Champani 7.824 @ 187 : 89 Mustang, 360 SBF, Turbo, Glide - Innovative Turbo
2.Tim Essick 8.06 @ 178 : 04 Mustang, 360 SBF, Single Turbo, Glide -
3.Scott Bitzer 8.141 @ 167 : 81 Malibu 632 BBC, Nitrous, Glide - Maryland Street Racing Association 4.John Balinsky 8.167 @ 167 : 81 Olds Cutlass, 565 BBC, Nitrous, Glide. Drag Radials - "On A Budget Racing" / Small Block, and of course "Timmy" and Carla
5."Big Daddy" Dwayne Gutridge 8.267 @ 187 : 84 Mustang, SBF, Single Turbo, Glide, 325 Drag Radials - TheTurboPeople, Turbonetics
6.Steve Thompson 8.296 @ 168 : 79 Musang, 400 SBF, Nitrous, Glide -
7.Mike King 8.350 @ 169 : 93 Mustang, 358 SBF, Single Turbo, Glide -
8.Allex Vrettos 8.389 @ 172 : 95 Cobra, 349 SBF, Turbo, Auto - TheTurboPeople, Big Daddy's Performance
9.Brett Hull 8.428 @ 178 : 93 Cobra, SBF, Turbo, Auto - J & E Performance
10.Richie Stine 8.429 @ 163 : 71 Chevelle, 565 BBC, Nitrous, Glide - Maryland Street Racing Association
11.Bill Weber 8.504 @ 160 : 67 Camaro, 533 BBC, Nitrous, Glide - Lorenzo's Fast Flow Cylinder Heads, J & S Chassis, DGM Polishing
12.Chris Little 8.518 @ 162 : 90 Mustang, 358 Bennet SBF, Single Turbo, Glide - UPR
13.Steve Drummond 8.8.519 @ 160 : 67 Mustang, 427 SBF, Nitrous, Glide - Drummond Race Cars
14.Steve Kent 8.529 @ 167 : 71 Chevelle, 598 BBC, Nitrous, Glide - Maryland Street Racing Association
15.John Kokinda 8.584 @ 162 : 89 Mustang, 427 SBF, Nitrous, Glide -
16.Walter Pfister 8.637 @ 168 : 87 Mustang, 401 SBF, Nitrous, Auto - Bump
17.Adam Esterlund 8.794 @ 158 : 93 Mustang, 423 SBC, Nitrous, Glide - J & E Performance, Injection Connection
18.Jason Gennaro 9.003 @ 148 : 61 Falcon, 377 SBC, Auto -

Drag Radial Round One:
Pete Champani .221 7.715 @ 188, Walter Pfister broke. Mike King .108 8.49 @ 170 wheel stood his way past a drive shaft tossing Richie Stine .114 20.20 @ 83. Tim Essick’s Mustang .141 8.195 @ 177 had it all over John Kokinda .061 8.668 @ 164. Scott Bitzer lays down a flying .171 7.915 @ 176 to a losing Steve Kent .104 8.206 @ 170. Bill Weber .127 8.468 @ 160 but couldn't hold off Steve Thompson .258 8.288 @ 165. Brett Hull's 8.768 @ 175 defeats Alex Vrettos 10.205 @ 138. Adam Esterlund's .100 8.503 @ 160 wasn't enough for Gutridge's .042 7.70 @ 193. Jason Gennaro .279 9.096 @ 147 takes advantage of the huge wheel stand by John Balinsky .060 9.42 @ 162 who couldn't recover.

Drag Radial Round Two:
Brett Hull -.165 8.33 @ 171 red lights to Pete Champani .097 7.763 @ 189 in this win. Tim Essick .445 8.099 @ 159 wasn't going to catch Mike King's .133 8.060 @ 176. Jason Gennaro .142 9.38 @ 147 loses to "Big Daddy" streaking to an incredible .093 7.554 @ 194.63.Scott Bitzer gets a bye run into the semi's .180 7.911 @ 176.

Drag Radial Semi Final:
Mike King .117 9.13 @ 133 falls to the bad black Malibu out of the Maryland Street Racing Association camp. Hard charging Pete Champani .076 11.65 @ 84 falls by way of knockout to “Big Daddy" Dwayne Gutridge .113 7.650 @ 194.44.

Drag Radial Final:
Scott Bitzer .188 7.930 @ 177 took on all comers and "Big Daddy" .269 7.664 @ 194 drove around the powerful Malibu for the Drag Radial Championship 2006 winner's title.

Shakedown Summary:

The efforts of Dave Hance, Michelle Marchese and Raceway Park handling this many racers and spectators was an accomplishment in itself. The fans came to see this race and most were floored by the unimaginable speeds and ET's posted in one day with the mightiest of racers coming out on top and owning part of Raceway Park's extensive history as the first ever to hold the Shakedown at E-Town's Champion title, the Northeast has spoken....

The Shakedown At E Town Press Page 2005 Archives

Agent 1320 Of
"Drag Racing Online" Reported:

Fresh off defending his Outlaw 10.5 title at Orlando, Tim Lynch took his twin-turbocharged 2002 Mustang north to Englishtown, NJ, for the 3rd annual Street Outlaw Shakedown at E-Town and promptly went 6.87 and 6.86 seconds over the quarter mile at more than 209 mph. Read More Here, Drag Racing Online Archives:

The Shakedown At E Town 2005
The Beast Of The Northeast:

As Seen In The Pages Of RPM Magazine

Tim Lynch Rocked The Nation, RPM MAgazine Featured Joe Newsham Also On The CoverThe rising interest in large outlaw venues has been slowly making its way deep into the Northeast with prominence. The Shakedown at E Town is heads above most since its inception. Outlaw drag racer and race promoter Dave Hance of NY Motorsports has become the man behind one of the largest in this Outlaw racing genre'.

Last year the Shakedown finished with Tim Lynch setting the fastest 10.5 tire record and reaching global recognition on the surface of Englishtown's Raceway Park.

This facility is home to many NHRA national meets and the track is efficient and easily able to hold the outrageous horsepower demands of this style of racing.

A much different scenario emerged this year as the weather in the northeast was incredible for this event. A far cry from the half day rainout from the previous year, the track was bathed in warm temperatures during the week of the 2005 Shakedown at E Town. After Orlando, many made the trip to the northeast and opted to use this as the final shot on one of the best tracks to go for broke by the end of the year. It’s an open invitation to bring the baddest you have to beat the best there is with the added benefit of a $10,000 to win purse in Outlaw Street.

A new set of classes came into play this year for the Shakedown. Included were the Outlaw Pro Street / Pro Modifieds that took this to another level in the brutal horsepower category, the original Outlaw Street class that is capturing the hearts of the fans across the country, and a new addition of the No Time Nationals. The added flavor of the Pro Mods was a pleasing new class, all of the cars that showed for this class were beyond brutal and of course a huge fan base surrounds these machines. The No Time nationals has been trying to get a full race in throughout the season but had been hampered by rains or delays of some sort. We hoped it would finish with a final this time around. Two classes of Drag Bikes were also on the menu of racing activities for the day, a Pro Bike and a Limited Street style.

I’m not sure if Raceway Park was ready for the overwhelming response to this year's event. The early morning hours looked like a New York traffic jam at the gates. All lanes into the track were packed as far as the eye could see at the expansive facility. I was in awe at the amount of cars slowly moving into the race area. Raceway Park allowed us some quick access through the back door to set up for some racing we wouldn’t forget. Read The Full Results Here:

The Shakedown At E Town Press Page 2004 Archives

Agent 1320 Of
"Drag Racing Online" Reported:

Drag Racing Online Features Tim Lynch In Article
Tim Lynch, the Woodstock, Georgia Outlaw 10.5 superstar fresh off his record-breaking 4.546-second eighth-mile blast at the ORSCA World Finals at Hunstville (AL) Dragway, rocked the Street Car racing world with the first 6-second run in the 10.5-inch tire ranks during the Shakedown Street Car Shootout at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park in Englishtown, NJ.

Read More Here, Drag Racing Online Archives:

Shakedown at E-Town 2004
"Big Guns Come Out Locked And Loaded"
As Seen In The Pages Of RPM Magazine

The Cover Image on RPM Magazine by Matt of goDragRacingGetting cars to come out to a Five Thousand Dollars to win race was the ultimate in ideas and a gutsy move for "Cycle" Dave Hance of New York Motorsports, A known heavy hitter in his own right. He called upon the racers, friends, sponsors and the familiar setting of Englishtown's Raceway Park, home of the "Ultra Quick 8's".

This race in particular would take on a new meaning of just who is the baddest car in the racing genre', A "Run Whatcha Brung" no holds barred feast of tire shredding horsepower that only Dave's efforts and the racers need for speed could bring to the starting line. Anything would go at this race, be it big tire or the restricted 10.5W running head to head with simplified rules.

The Racers List is a veritable who's who of DragRacing; most of the names are synonymous with the words, World Champion, Points Leader, Record Holder, and most important "Wanted".

While the season was now over for the Ultra Quick 8's there was still the urge to see a sub 7 second pass that didn't happen as was expected in Orlando. Dave Hance took it upon himself to put many of the same racers on a national NHRA seasoned track and added Two Thousand bonus dollars to sweeten the deal for the first person who does it. Seeing if it could be done here in the Northeast where cooler weather and the sea level altitude could impact this goal of a 6.99 pass, was some of the madness associated with the Shakedown.READ MORE HERE:

Tim Lynch Shatters "Outlaw Racing Record" at E-Town
Draglist Online Racing Stories Archives 2004 Nov 24, 2004

Tim Lynch Nearly On his side in the turbo record setting MustangOutlaw 10.5 racing has grown to almost national event status in the past years, the stock appearing cars with that Old School flavor are hard to get out of your head with low seven second ET's and limited to a 12.2 inch tire width.

Tim Lynch and the Lynch Mob Mustang are the ones to beat as they had proved themselves in Orlando at the World Street finals winning the Outlaw Street class. NY Motorsports hosted the 2nd annual Shake Down at E-Town and Tim Lynch was again the main attraction. Forty nine cars attempted to qualify but only sixteen would make the field on this wet and foggy Sunday at Englishtown Raceway Park.
All eyes would be on the first person to break the six second barrier at the restricted tire limits.

Tim Lynch would be the favorite of the day for this accomplishment, with its 449ci twin turbo under the hood. READ MORE HERE: At Draglist

The Shakedown At E Town Press Page

The First Ever Shakedown
By Diana Thomas "Drag Racing Underground"

alt= Shakedown At E Town 2003 John SchroederSunday November 23rd was the final day of historic Old Bridge Township Raceway Park's 2003 season. Despite the fact that it was near the end of November and the start of December, the weather couldn't have been more pleasant and race friendly. Cool temperatures made for ideal traction and action on the E-Town racing surface.

The season went out with a bang as notorious all glorious Ultra Quick 8 racer "Cycle" Dave Hance and the Raceway Park staff put together a last minute "Outlaw" style Ultra Quick 8 bon voyage event to usher us out of '03. An eclectic field of cars showed up to do battle in this first-ever UQ8 "Outlaw" battle royale.

Photo And Journalistic Credits:,, "Jason Sharp" Steve Bell / John McCartney

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