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2011 New York Motorsports Shakedown At E'Town:

In Association With Raceway Park And New York Motorsports.
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This Article Is Dedicated To Benny Alfonso's Recovery And "Vince Dirose Black Ice" 57 Chevy Rebuild.

Shakedown At E'Town 2011; The Northeast Unleashed:

Introduction: After last year, David Hance "New York Motorsports" had to rethink is options of this years event creation with some sense of a balance of power included in the production. The use of the term "Balance Of Power" was in this vocabulary since the Northeast was in a slight upheaval because racers and rules that needed a combination that would allow the classic drag racing format and new added classes to run safely and bring in the "big players" needed to make this another event to be "Unleashed In The Northeast".

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Outlaw 10.5 was probably the most discerning factor in Hance's mind, most racers now were running 1/8th mile with cars that would well exceed their limits if the backdoor was opened for 1320ft. In their best interests it was apparent that only the 1/8th mile would be an acceptable solution for some and it was written in stone along with the "Heavy Street" Class lessening the path to the finish line also.

mike-castellana-david-hance-grand-marshal-pro-nitrous-championLosing the "Mountain Motor Pro Stocks" and the "1/8th Mile Pro Mod Challenge" hurt but Hance had something up his sleeve that wasn't announced until the day of the race. A "Pro Import" Class was invited to broaden the base and show this race's versatility in a 1/4 Mile setting.

As if there wasn't enough to go around, John Sears collaborated with Hance to bring in the "X275 Drag Radial" class that was growing in the Northeast exponentially over the last two years and was able to feed the thirst of many new fans and racers. The original Outlaw Drag Radial now turned into another half track event now titled "Outlaw Drag Radial / Limited Street" where-as competition was equalized through a combination of tire rules mainly. Still on the roster was the giant influx of the "8.50 Index Class" that is always a draw when close racing is paramount with exciting action the original Outlaw 10.5 cars evolved from.

shakedown-fans-enjoying-the-drag-raceEnter into the mix of the balance was "Eddie Krawiec" bringing in his own plethora of two wheeled excitement with the newest class yet in earlier years it was a class of the original Shakedowns that seemed to fade away but returned this year in a big way, "The World's Fastest Street Bike Challenge" running under strict rules looking for 200MPH speeds in the 1/4 mile.

Saving the best for last the two powerhouse classes of this event were the prized inclusion as always in years past. "Pro Mod Blown" and "Pro Mod Nitrous" have always held the persona as the baddest doorslammers on earth with an almost "Animal Magnetism" attached to them. Separating both by power adders has become the norm. The Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association held court with an astounding number of members in the both fields as in years past. The tube chassis brutes handling the full 1/4 mile was an exceptional highlight for those craving the "Top End Charge" blasts where 660 more feet is just brutal when they get up on the tires and begin trucking with enormous power under the sleek bodies, it's easy to say no one was let down with the performances of the talented teams and drivers in these two top level classes.

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The 8th Annual Shakedown At E Town 2010:
In Association With Raceway Park And New York Motorsports. Shakedown At E Town. The Quickest and Fastest Outlaw Drag Race In The World Repeats It's Notoriety:

Friday Clearing At The ADRL Shakedown At E Town 2010Visit The Shakedown At E Town Huge Drag Racing Results Page

Amid a storm of controversy blowing through the internet, blogs, racing news outlets and message boards like the storm that was swirling upwards towards the Northeast for the opening night of this horsepower fest, what could be done to effectively restructure this race was done with incredible fortitude. Just weeks ahead of this, Al-Anabi Racing pulled out of the two year long sponsorship due to contractual obligations leaving many wondering who would fill these shoes.

In steps the organization's "Kenny Knowling" to pen a deal assigning the complete race as title sponsor with Adrenaline ADRL Magazine and Barwa over to them, stepping up for the earlier decided to drop 1/8 mile challenge; which now was able to be run due to their inclusion. The clouds and rain during Friday entry were breaking up exposing the bright silver lining to Dave Hance's New York Motorsports 8th Annual Shakedown soon to be run on the now famous in Outlaw Racing 1/4 mile of Raceway Park, home of all records in this style of drag racing with "Eddie Krawiec of NHRA Pro Stock Cycle Fame" heading the track prep and management again. Please Read More Below:

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The 7th Annual Al-Anabi Racing Shakedown At E Town 2009:
In Association With Raceway Park And New York Motorsports.
The Shakedown at E Town "Unchained" 2009

Shakedown At E Town Results 2009 Read More Here

Welcome to the Shakedown at E Town Website, home of the worlds quickest and fastest outlaw drag race of 2009 with the event just completed in full featuring seven classes of "Heads Up" outlaw style racing in both the full quarter mile and 1/8th mile for the wild supercharged baddest of the bad.

This years review has been completed with new champions in many of the classes and only one repeating his stand as Shakedown At E Town so you can read on and see who repeated this hefty feat of horsepower and skill plus the drivers teams and fans that came to Raceway Park for the 7th annual Al-Anabi Racing Shakedown At E Town in association with New York Motorsports and Raceway Park. Great weather led to drag racing numbers never before seen and usually the only place you will find it is Raceway Park in the fall.

November 7th and 8th was a milestone in outlaw history with numerous records broken in each class, starting with the brand new Barwa 1/8th Mile Outlaw Challenge for the brutes of the Motorsports, Lend America Pro Modified Blown burning up the full quarter mile with all power adders of forced induction, with the standing class of Speedtech Outlaw Nitrous Pro Modifieds snorting beasts filled with the N20 bottles drained on passes of fire and fuel. Stepping into the smaller tires or street legal style cars the Mickey Thompson Outlaw 10.5 class showed it's domination of smashing every record in sight during the weekend with the biggest names converging on the track, K&K Advanced Door Car Technologies Heavy street also included in this street style class featured the big brutal muscle of the wicked mean machines going for broke in the longest running class of its kind. Bring on the Pro Torque Outlaw Drag Radial machines to show the power and precise tuning needed to get massive horsepower transferred to the track and run almost as quick as the aforementioned Outlaw 10.5 cars finishing up the card for the race day was the large showing of the Western Beef 8.50 Index racers taking part in a wheels up drag fest of stellar proportions and you have the results of the Shakedown now recorded into the Northeast's racing history books.

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The 6th Annual Al-Anabi Racing Shakedown At E Town 2008:
In Association With Raceway Park And New York Motorsports.
The Quickest and Fastest Weekend In Outlaw Drag Racing History:

Neal Heymans 8.50 Camaro Heading For The Sky !!After a monumental race last year, not many thought it could get better in the Northeast but behind closed doors Raceway Park was setting the stage for a chance at the biggest event this area will see for a long time.

Dave Hance networked trough the country and out into the world with Michelle Marchese picking up Al-Anabi Racing from Qatar to back one of the biggest payouts and two day events ever.

Old Bridge Township Raceway Park again hosted the many dreams of every racer to take home a huge prize and fight it out in the new format on a national event caliber drag strip which included two separate Pro Modifieds, Outlaw 10.5, Heavy Street, Drag Radial and a new addition, the Outlaw 8.50 Index.

From the beginning of this weekend, Raceway Park was on its game at a level you won't often see committing every resource they had for a race that again would stun the world with each record setting pass. As usual, prep master "Eddie Krawiec" had the track set to bite back like a mean dog and give you the best ride of your life. The Northeast is always a guess at how the weather would play a role in the weekend performances, last year the 5th Annual Shakedown was run under the most optimal conditions and again they were graced with unusually warm days, cold nights and overcast clouds to cool the track with sessions of brilliant sun breaking through just enough to auto set quarter mile each day.

A record weekend was in store with this forecast; fans and teams were expecting the mineshaft air would produce incredible numbers and they weren't wrong. Read The Full Results Here:

The 2007 5th Annual "Shakedown At E Town":
Presented By Scotty's Racing Technology and New York Motorsports

Records Fall Again Under The "Ground Shaking" Horsepower Of Muscle In The Northeast

Tim Lyncxh Fires Off Another Record Setting Pass At The Shakedown At E Town 2007For twelve months, Northeast racers have had the number 6.666 on their minds as Tim Lynch annihilated all idea's that a 10.5w car could possibly accomplish a feat of that magnitude. This was ground breaking as much then as the first six second pass that had been laid down by the same man just two years prior was.

The Shakedown at E-Town rose to a monumental level after news of these incredible records spread like wildfire only to ignite the intensity of the racers to hunt down their own combination that would chase or break what had become one of the most revered storylines in Drag Racing's Outlaw history and rewrite a new one.

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The 4th Annual Shakedown At E-Town Complete And Uncut !!
The Northeast Lays Claim To The Baddest And The Best

Chuck Ulsch Launching In The Gil Mobley Motorsports CamaroWaking up Sunday morning was probably one of the best ways to have started your day knowing that on Saturday evening last year’s record setter "Tim Lynch" traveled north to make yet another appearance.

The 10.5 racing world was set abuzz with a striking 6.72 @ 222 on a shakedown pass.

Most of the racers that were coming to attend the Caldwell Construction / Caldwell Motorsports, "Outlaw" Session presented by Landy’s Performance were already in awe but turning up their wick for a race to make much of the years biggest shootouts look minimal.

Last years huge attendance was emasculated by the Sunday fans taking in a gorgeous day at Raceway Park's expansive real estate and the surrounding fall foliage with brilliant colors, clean crisp air that just took your breath away with almost an impressionist feel for the October season. The morning was quiet until the sound of Jim Halsey stirring the pits right at the crack of 10AM; after that the day was set in motion and a fever pitch of an opening day at a national event ran through everyone with pronounced excitement. The Shakedown was underway and in full force with over 106 entries in the three different classes combined and names that would make this race another winner just by their attendance alone. Read More Here:

The Shakedown At E Town 2005, The Beast Of The Northeast:

Tim Lynch Rocked The Nation, RPM Magazine Featured Joe Newsham Also On The CoverThe rising interest in large outlaw venues has been slowly making its way deep into the Northeast with prominence. The Shakedown at E Town is heads above most since its inception.

Outlaw drag racer and race promoter Dave Hance of NY Motorsports has become the man behind one of the largest in this Outlaw racing genre'.

Last year the Shakedown finished with Tim Lynch setting the fastest 10.5 tire record and reaching global recognition on the surface of Englishtown's Raceway Park.

This facility is home to many NHRA national meets and the track is efficient and easily able to hold the outrageous horsepower demands of this style of racing. Read More Here:

Shakedown at E-Town 2004
"Big Guns Come Out Locked And Loaded"

The Cover Image on RPM Magazine by Matt of goDragRacingGetting cars to come out to a Five Thousand Dollars to win race was the ultimate in ideas and a gutsy move for "Cycle" Dave Hance of New York Motorsports, A known heavy hitter in his own right. He called upon the racers, friends, sponsors and the familiar setting of Englishtown's Raceway Park, home of the "Ultra Quick 8's".

This race in particular would take on a new meaning of just who is the baddest car in the racing genre', A "Run Whatcha Brung" no holds barred feast of tire shredding horsepower that only Dave's efforts and the racers need for speed could bring to the starting line.

Anything would go at this race, be it big tire or the restricted 10.5W running head to head with simplified rules.

The Racers List is a veritable who's who of DragRacing; most of the names are synonymous with the words, World Champion, Points Leader, Record Holder, and most important "Wanted".

While the season was now over for the Ultra Quick 8's there was still the urge to see a sub 7 second pass that didn't happen as was expected in Orlando. Dave Hance took it upon himself to put many of the same racers on a national NHRA seasoned track and added Two Thousand bonus dollars to sweeten the deal for the first person who does it. Seeing if it could be done here in the Northeast where cooler weather and the sea level altitude could impact this goal of a 6.99 pass, was some of the madness associated with the Shakedown. Read More Here:

The First Ever Shakedown
By Diana Thomas Courtesy Of Drag Racing Underground

alt= Shakedown At E Town 2003 John SchroederSunday November 23rd was the final day of historic Old Bridge Township Raceway Park's 2003 season. Despite the fact that it was near the end of November and the start of December, the weather couldn't have been more pleasant and race friendly. Cool temperatures made for ideal traction and action on the E-Town racing surface.

The season went out with a bang as notorious all glorious Ultra Quick 8 racer "Cycle" Dave Hance and the Raceway Park staff put together a last minute "Outlaw" style Ultra Quick 8 bon voyage event to usher us out of '03. An eclectic field of cars showed up to do battle in this first-ever UQ8 "Outlaw" battle royale. Read More Here:

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