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The 2008 Shakedown At E Town Winners Highlight Sponsors And Class Sponsors Of The 7th Annual Shakedown At E Town 2009 Class Drag Racing News Of The 2008 Shakedown At E Town, Pro Blown, Pro Nitrous, Outlaw 1/8th Mile Challenge, Outlaw 10.5, Drag Radial and 8.50 Index
The 2008 Shakedown at E Town Class Winners, Presented by Al Anabi, Von Smith, Jim Halsey, Joe Newsham, Steve Lazzaro, Dave Hinzeman, Bill Canon, Pro Mod Blown, Pro Mod Nitrous, Outlaw 10.5, Drag Radial, and 8.50 Index





Al-Anabi Racing, Sheik Khalid bin Hamad Al Thani Introduction to The 2009 Al-Anabi Racing
7th Annual Shakedown At E Town:

In Association With Raceway Park And New York Motorsports.

The Shakedown At E Town Recent News blog, Press And Announcements
Shakedown Class Information / Champions Of 2008

Shakedown At E Town

Since the inception of this large format race we see here now growing consistently each year; what started out as one class with Dave Hance of New York Motorsports fame has now fortified itself as the Northeast’s premier event to be held on the pavement of the record setting Raceway Park surface expanding to seven classes in 2009. All are represented in this race featuring three classes of Pro Modifieds, The original Outlaw 10.5, Heavy Street, and Drag Radial and new to the scene the 8.50 Index.

Browse through this front page, covering a short description of the class winners accomplishments of 2008, visit the Sponsors of the Shakedown; Event, Class & Associate if you will plus check our Recent News and Press areas.

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Race date is coming up so book your room, bring your machine, and gather the family for a two day outing of brutal horsepower at Raceway Park November 7th - 8th.

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The Shakedown At E Town Recent News blog, Press And Announcements
Shakedown At E Town

The Class Champions Of The 6th Annual Shakedown At E 'Town:

Shakedown At E Town, Jim Halsey Pulls The Chutes After Another 5 Second Pass On His Way To The Winners Circle Speedtech Pro Mod Nitrous Class:
Five Seconds Or Bust In 2008:

Just when you thought nitrous cars were at a stage they couldn't compete or dip into numbers close to the blower cars, along comes Cecil County Dragway owner / operator Jim Halsey in the Tim McAmis, Fulton powered red beast of a Camaro Pro Mod to prove without a doubt that the laughing gas still is a force to be reckoned with. All weekend Halsey shot for the numbers and his crew as well as the driver produced a complete string of sub six second runs breaking the 1/4 mile five second zone as if the car was bracket racing.

Each pass got quicker and faster while Halsey came into the final against Rickie Smith taking the Championship and all the records that could be bestowed upon him for him and his team's efforts. Halsey's 5.958 @ 240 is the 2008 Shakedown at E Town World Record as it stands.
Class Rules, Read More Here:

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Shakedown At E Town

Shakedown At E Town, Von Smith Carries Out A Wild Burnout In The Al-Anabi Racing 57 Chevy On His Way To The Lend America Pro Modifed Blown,Championship Title Lend America Pro Mod Blown Presented By:
Modzilla Amato Cannonball Racing
Von Smith The 2008 Champion:

The baddest of the doorslammers arrived in 2008 as a split class from the nitrous cars in a change from previous years as the performances have risen to peaks never thought of. Von Smith in the Al-Anabi Racing 57 Chevy knocked down extraordinary numbers in this class against the likes of runner up Scott Cannon, and eliminations racers including IHRA Iron Man Frank Patille, Mike Janis, John Stanley and more.

This class now is getting more attention this year with the addition of some more restricted rules and the advent of the Outlaw 1/8th Mile Challenge added to these extreme rides. Von Smith Is Your Reigning 2008 Shakedown At E'Town Champion.
Class Rules, Read More Here:

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Shakedown At E Town

Shakedown At E Town, The Barwa Outlaw 1/8th Mile Challenge at The Shakedown At E Town 2009, Photo Courtesy Of Jason Sharp New This Year For The Shakedown At E Town
The Barwa Outlaw 1/8th Mile Challenge:

Rules are simple, just about anything goes for this Outlaw 1/8th Mile all out Challenge and a first at Raceway Park in the Shakedown Schedule.
Blowers, nitrous, turbos, pure half track insanity driven by the lust of Outlaw fans for the most power you can make in this newest phase of Drag Racing Sponsored by Barwa.
Class Rules, Read More Here:

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Shakedown At E Town

Shakedown At E Town, Joe Newsham and Team J& E Performance stunned the world by taking the Shakedown title from the never before beaten Tim Lynch, The Hometown Hero at his best in the bad blue Cobra Mickey Thompson Outlaw 10.5 Presented By Precision Turbo:
Joe Newsham Has Arrived:

Local Outlaw 10.5 talent "Joe Newsham" of J&E Performance did what most of the world thought wasn't possible, dethrone champions Chuck Ulsch and Tim Lynch whose records have stood as a landmark at the Shakedown At E'Town till this day still in 2009. Joe Newsham took the twin turbo Cobra Mustang past both Tim Lynch and Bill Futch who were laying down some mighty tough numbers all weekend.

Newsham stood steady with his team as others of Outlaw 10.5 also fell, Richie Sexton, Chuck Ulsch of Gil Mobley Motorsports fame. In the final pairing, Ray "Hollywood" Johnson would take a lead as Newsham pedaled the Mustang into a win that seemed like a day the earth stood still for a mere six second to see this 2008 four time area points champion gain this win.
Class Rules, Read More Here:

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Shakedown At E Town

Shakedown At E Town, Canadian Steve Lazzaro fires off the starting line towards a HUGE win for the Great White North Fans At The Shakedown K&K Advanced Door Car Technology Heavy Street:
Lazzaro Rocks The Street Class "Heavily":

Heavy Street is notably the hotbed for big cars, big power and big weight with the ultimate feel of a full metal jacket round of lead reaching speeds of 200MPH. Steve Lazzaro gained attention in the not only quick and fast but gorgeous twin turbo 69 Camaro down from Canada taking out the "Favored To Win" team of Ken Doak and Gary Naughton of K&K Advanced Door Car Technology who happen to be the sponsors of the class featuring two supercharged Camaros of their own.

This was the class to watch as the competitors like Dave O'Donnell of Finishline Performance, the number one qualifier fell; as did fellow Canadian Rocky Dilecce and former Champion Bill Lutz.

Lazzaro's single in the final was still a chance to see the baddest Camaro from outside the states take the Shakedown At E'Town Championship home to Canada.
Class Rules, Read More Here:

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Shakedown At E Town

Shakedown At E Town, Dave Hinzman impressive throughout the event on a much deserved win in Pro Torque Drag Radial Pro Torque Drag Radial:
Hinzman, Solid And Powerful On Drag Radials:

Once you see them, you may think it's a wild world of drag racing, meaning the ultimate street tire cars of the Drag Radial class. Dave Hinzman virtually stepped up with each pass bettering his numbers to the final round taking on many of the big names like Paul Major, Alex Vrettos, "Big Daddy" Dwayne Gutridge and more in his quest to become the newest Drag Radial champion.

This bad little fox body Mustang proved it was a winner as Hinzman powered the machine into the Shakedown at E'Town record books in one of the most favored classes in the Northeast and Dave Hance also racing on this day in his own Drag Radial ride. Hance hit the wall and was OK but didn't stop him from continuing watching another Stang take the title.

Hinzman was perfect all day with a deserved win and now Champion of the 2008 Shakedown At E'Town.
Class Rules, Read More Here:

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Shakedown At E Town

Shakedown At E Town, Bill Cannon rides out an awesome wheelstand in his final round to the Championship in 2008 Western Beef 8.50 Index Presented By Finelines Automotive:
The Shot Of Bill Cannon Was Heard:

With the status of the cars rising in competition a new class had become to emerge in the Northeast following the role of the original Outlaw 10.5 cars but restricting them to an index, enter the concept of 8.50 Index racing and The First Ever Shakedown 8.50 Index Champion Bill Cannon.

Though budget minded and safety oriented per chassis specs to ET and MPH, these cars routinely show up in exorbitant numbers; an outstanding line of race entries in 2008 capped off stunning wheels up action and upsets from those who would be favorites to win.

Bill Cannon, known for his area standards of winning at the local race venues, had a militia of armed and dangerous opponents to face off against.

Local standout and the youngest driver in the class TJ Kasper ended his chances early. Harry Gerb stood as the number one qualifier with his immaculate Firebird; Neal Heyman wowed the crowd with a "Flowmaster Add" style wheelstand into the wall. Bill Verzilli went to the quarterfinals and was pronouncedly one of the hopefuls in the bad black Camaro.

In the end, John Goss a PA resident would red-light his chance away at this new class Shakedown Champion and first ever at the Shakedown At E'Town "Bill Cannon" out of Maryland in the classic Camaro in action as pictured
Class Rules, Read More Here:

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Shakedown At E Town

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