The Official Shakedown At E Town Results 2009, THE QUICKEST & FASTEST OUTLAW DRAG RACE IN THE WORLD !
Shakedown At E Town 2009 Drag Racing Results and qualifying 2009, Complete Race Coverage

   The Shakedown at E Town 2008 Results: THE QUICKEST & FASTEST OUTLAW DRAG RACE IN THE WORLD !

Al-Anabi Racing The 7th Annual Al-Anabi Racing Shakedown At E Town 2009:
In Association With Raceway Park And New York Motorsports.

Shakedown At E Town 2009 Review
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The Quickest and Fastest Outlaw Drag Race In The World "Unchained":
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Authored by This review is dedicated to the memory of our Fallen Friend Leo Barnaby III RIP.

Your Introduction To The Begining Review Shakedown At E'Town 2009

Tony Pontieri at the shakedown at e'town 2009 after before his winning passThough the season in many distinctive associations have proved that outlaw drag racing is again on the rise, none figures into the mix like the Annual Shakedown at E Town by Al-Anabi Racing and New York Motorsports to convince the nation that records are set at this race year after year on the Raceway Park 1/4 mile surface with the usual suspects leading the dash for more speed and MPH to annihilate all numbers in the record books and place them back in the northeast's branded and exclusive venue for race results for the end of the normal racing year. The cold fall weekend gave racers mineshaft air, a hooking track and a showcase of performance again not seen before this weekend.

Records fell, winners now became set in stone and fans found the appeal more than what they expected from these contenders in their classes.

Friday Notes:

Dave Hance Shares A Winners Circle Time Out Moment With His Proud DaughterBefore the weekend began, the race had seemed a little less than what was expected on chat, forums and news postings since a nor'easter blew through the original date and forced a quick rain date to be scheduled ASAP for this race not to be included in the year end results. Major efforts were taken to inform all that this race was on in all aspects and was maybe a blessing in disguise as the new weekend forecast couldn't have been better than what would have been in a delayed earlier race date that would have been held over past the weekend losing racers and fans to the workday week.

Good things seem to happen to Race Promoter Dave Hance as one of the most well known in drag racing in recent years as the guy that gets things done and a major force in promoting anything that goes fast in the Outlaw world.

Sunrise Shines Over The Lake At Raceway Park For A Warm Race DayFriday would of course be the day that racers and vendors could come in, get prepared and have a good time visiting the sights and area surroundings that are found close to Raceway Park.
A cold night was in store for most of the racers who had already gained access to their respective pits with temps at night dropping into the 20's, but a new day dawned early Saturday morning with a brilliant warming sunrise and temps to be upwards of high 60's. It just doesn't get better than this until Sunday, Race Day. Please Read On !!

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Saturday, Qualifying Summary And Results:

Anthony DiSomma's Shakedown Homecoming in The Twin Turbocharged Hemi CobraThe silence was broken in the early morning hours as teams began prepping the machines for their sessions of qualifying, seven classes in all would fill the race schedule for the day allotting two full qualifiers. Raceway Park took control over the procession of hot race cars ready to tap both the full quarter mile and the newly established 1/8th mile challenge by Barwa. Staging lanes were full, pits were clamoring with the sounds of screwchargers, open headers, air guns blazing and the mixed ramping up of RPM's as those not called yet were getting the tune set in before their trek down the pavement.

Though the track was in excellent shape, not many races of this magnitude would go on without incident and more so, the results of the best safety precautions that were enforced to allow racers to make it through each run intact. During qualifying, Joe Newsham; last years Outlaw 10.5 champion was on an amazing pass when at the 900ft mark the car veered left across the lane and crashed hard into the wall at well over 200MPH.

Newsham was hurt and taken to a local hospital for head, back and foot injuries in one of the hardest drag racing hits seen to date.

Newsham is recuperating and will be updating on his J&E Performance racing team website as he is doing well thanks to the many efforts by the team of Raceway Parks medic crews, we all wish the 2008 champion well.

Lend America Pro Blown Session:
Presented By Modzilla Amato Cannonball Racing


Tony Pontieri pulls the chutes for number one qualifier in pro modified blownThe blown quarter mile beasts this year in this class were limited by way of blower style as NHRA/IHRA legal blowers with one power adder only were allowed and others could jump into the new 1/8th mile challenge for an unlimited style of ADRL doorslammer racing. Pro Modified Blown featured twenty three competitors searching for the top spot to whereas Canadian Tony Pontieri sat on top after the final qualifying session, his efforts as a driver and his team management made this a spectacular car to watch and learn from as a spectator.

This gorgeous blue classic looking 1969 Camaro was outstanding on its passes leaving him at the top of the ladder with a stunning 5.906 @ 245.14. Barney Squires would follow closely in his 63 Corvette with a stout 5.977 @ 241.07 being the only two qualifiers of the day in the fives and "The man", Mike Moran in third with a very good 6.271 @ 235.68.

Download The Pro Modified Blown Qualifying Sheets Here PDF
Download The PDF Qualifying Sheets Here:
Download The Pro Modified Blown Eliminations Sheets Here PDF
Download The PDF Pro Modified Blown Eliminations Sheets Here:
See The Full Qualifying Below:
  • 1: Tony Pontieri: 69 Camaro, - 5.906 @ 245.14
  • 2: Barney Squiers: 63 Vette, - 5.977 @ 241.07
  • 3: Mike Moran: 99 Chevy Montecarlo, - 6.271 @ 235.68
  • 4: Todd Moyer: 04 Chevy Cavalier, - 6.299 @ 210.31
  • 5: Eric Latino: 38 Chevy Coupe, - 6.317 @ 222.73
  • 6: Tommy Gray: 68 Camaro, - 6.328 @ 225.86
  • 7: Randy Jewell: 68 Camaro, - 6.330 @ 222.91
  • 8: Andy Jensen: 68 Camaro, - 6.356 @ 220.44
  • 9: Benny Alfonso: 68 Firebird, - 6.452 @ 229.31
  • 10: Jim Bersani: 57 Chevy Belair, -6.546 @ 206.67
  • 11: Fred Jacobs: 94 Chrysler, - 6.955 @ 158.35
  • 12: Frank Patille: 57 Buick, - 6.980 @191.59
  • 13: Larry Plummer: 68 Firebird, - 6.996 @ 189.87
  • 14: Kevin McCurdy: 01 TA, -7.417 @ 193.71
  • 15: Rod Saboury: 63 Corvette, - 7.441 @ 187.26
  • 16: Kevin Vanderbeck: 38 Hudson, - 7.492 @ 196.87
  • 17: Timothy O'Hare: 68 Camraro, - 7.649 @ 114.27
  • 18: Rachel Edwards: 88 Camaro, - 7.763 @ 176.65
  • 19: Pedro Santiago: 05 Toyota Celica, - 9.062 @ 124.33
  • 20: Coby Rabon: 05 Ford Mustang, - 9.603 @ 94.62
  • 21: Jim Barker: 00 Montecarlo, - 10.404 @ 83.54
  • 22: Chip King : 69 Dodge, - 11.732 @ 70.70
  • 23: Carl Stevens Jr. : 68 Camaro, - 11.821 @ 74.39
Lend America Pro Blown Eliminations Round One:
Presented By Modzilla Amato Cannonball Racing

Frank Patille sends the 57 Buick Pro Mod past the beams on a wicked burnoutTony Pontieri led the opening rounds with a single since Vanderbeck dropped into the Barwa Challenge, Pontieri decided to give it a run for the money opening up the blades on the Camaro and hauling the Canadian to another 5.938 @ 244 to go to round two. Andy Jensen,, one of the local talents in a single turbo entry was one whom most thought had a chance for the twenty grand but his .127 light and quicker ET 6.194 @ 232 wasn’t enough for the quickness of Benny Alfonso triggering the tree .091 and finishing off his run mightily 6.225 @ 226. Larry Plummer has never lost a step as the .039 6.200 @ 223 would finish off hopeful Todd Moyer with a heat of the day 6.215 @ 234 and an .093 light. "IHRA Iron man" Frank Patille suffered tire shake in the baddest Buick Pro Mod In The World to end his day drifting to a loss against Eric Latino in the bad, flamed 38 coupe streaking to a 6.38 @ 224, some big MPH for sure. Rod Saboury draws the bad boy Barney Squires stick for this round, a full all out race car against a street driven Pro Mod couldn't have looked cooler to the fans of these drivers. Saboury was down on ET and MPH big time 7.909 @ 167 while Squires also laying down a less than normal effort but made it from point a to b easily 6.515 @ 174. One of the closest drag races was in this round with Randy "Procharger" Jewell and Jim Bersani in the turbocharged 57 Chevy making more than enough noise for the fans. Bersani's .033 light and 6.539 @ 211 made it a winning close race defeating Jewell .072 6.556 @ 212. "Mighty" Mike Moran just didn't have the oomph to overcome a regular contender in this class with Camp Stanley helping out the team of Kevin McCurdy. Moran looked strong but the massive turbocharged effort of Moran 6.639 @ 234 was no match for the blown alky Firebird of McCurdy .092 6.552 @ 214. The final pairing had Tommy Gray jumping into the Barwa Challenge also leaving Fred Jacobs out alone.

Lend America Pro Blown Eliminations Round Two:
Presented By Modzilla Amato Cannonball Racing

Jim Bersani Powers The 57 Chevy Through a charging burnoutAgain, Tony Pontieri was on track to a sizzling performance with his lane partner Benny Alfonso, Alfonso .081 got the jump on Pontieri .143 but the power came on strong leaving Alfonso in the haze of burnt alcohol from Portieri's wicked Camaro 5.922 @ 245 and Alfonso 6.179 @ 235 for his seat on the bleachers. Larry Plummer would take out the flaming 38 coupe of Eric Latino 7.300 @ 134 to Plummer's vicious 6.068 @ 235. Kevin McCurdy would get a by run into the semis with his lone ride into the mid day skies. Jim Bersani is again moving the cool looking turbocharged 57 into the next round with Barney Squires having some trouble getting the power down. Bersani moves on 6.554 @ 195. It couldn't have been a better way to a semi final for the blown beasts of the 1/4 mile than the late day track conditions and dropping temps.

Lend America Pro Blown Eliminations Semi Finals:
Presented By Modzilla Amato Cannonball Racing

Kevin McCurdy Coming At You, Tires BlazingKevin McCurdy must have though he was in Shakedown heaven again not facing a challenger as Jim Bersani couldn't make the call and he took his bye run again in the wild Firebird but his streak to the final wouldn't net him the numbers 6.83 @ 166 he would need as the Pontieri team was hard at work taking down another opponent with some brute power from the supercharged entry. Larry Plummer would be the next victim for the Pontieri crew as the car was late off the line .124 and laid down a massive attack on the asphalt leaving Plummer .045 9.584 @ 106 to get a good view of the brilliant 5.895 @ 246 as he went past the boards. This run netted team Pontieri top MPH and low ET of the class along with his number one qualifier status.

Lend America Pro Blown Finals:
Presented By Modzilla Amato Cannonball Racing

Tony Pontieri backing up his 5 second pass in the finals and winning the championship titleBoth Kevin McCurdy and Tony Pontieri waited patiently under the E Town tower to open up these monsters of power. Tony Pontieri moved in and screamed through his burnout but in the background, McCurdy's firebird wouldn't fire for the final.

Tony Pontieri was given the go ahead and made his pass backing it up again with a stellar sub 5 second pass and taking all awards for the Shakedown at E Town 2009 in the Pro Blown Class as he posed proudly with his $20,000 check for his fans in the great white north and now here in the states.

Tony Pontieri will now be featured in the hall of champions on the home page and carry the title until the next Shakedown comes around.

Pro Outlaw Blown Final Stats / Awards ET MPH
Champion "Tony Pontieri" 5.914 246.26
Runner Up "Kevin McCurdy"
#1 Qualifier "Tony Pontieri" 5.906 245.14
Low E.T. Tony Pontieri 5.895
Top Speed Tony Pontieri 246.39

Shakedown At E Town

Speedtech Pro Mod Nitrous Session:


Steve Cossis fires off the starting line to number one qualifierThe days of the old sayings like "bottle fed babies" and so on are long gone after last years efforts by Jim Halsey to put a legal nitrous Pro Mod into the fives with more consistency on each pass than ever thought of. This was a boost to the laughing gas masters of the 1320 over the year that past. Speedtech again is on board as the premier sponsor and no one thought that this would be an easy ride into a $20,000 pay day with the reigning champ coming back for more. Qualifying went on throughout Saturday with no real drama other than the champion of last year sitting at the bottom of the ladder and not looking formidable to repeat of the fifteen cars entered it was an all run field. Steve Cossis landed at the top of the qualifiers with a down right nasty 6.232 @ 225.26 followed by Matt Deitsch's big cubed Chevy Cavalier 6.303 @ 225.60 and Joe Dunne 6.304 @ 221.05 building the top three within a hundredth of Deitsch.

Download The Pro Modified Nitrous Qualifying Sheets Here PDF
PDF Qualifying:
Download The Pro Modified Nitrous Eliminations Sheets Here PDF
PDF Eliminations:
See The Full Qualifying Below:
  • 1: Steve Cossis: 67 Camaro, - 6.232 @ 225.26
  • 2: Matt Deitsch: 01 Chevy, - 6.303 @ 225.60
  • 3: Joe Dunne: 68 Camaro, - 6.304 @ 221.05
  • 4: Chris Rini: 07 Dodge Stratus, - 6.386 @ 217.39
  • 5: Gary Courtier: 68 Camaro, - 6.399 @ 219.19
  • 6: George Williams: 51 Chevy, - 6.464 @ 204.26
  • 7: Todd Fontana: 68 Camaro, - 6.513 @ 213.74
  • 8: Jeff Rodgers: 04 Ford Mustang, - 6.580 @ 210.90
  • 9: Robert Nicola: 53 Vette, - 6.766 @ 204.70
  • 10: Daniel Hill: 69 Camaro, - 6.907 @ 198.47
  • 11: Michael Handras: 04 Chevy, - 7.100 @ 194.24
  • 12: Bryon Durham: 68 Camaro, - 8.147 @ 158.37
  • 13: Steve Olmstead: 57 Chevy, - 8.270 @ 132.09
  • 14: John Bartunek: 68 Camaro, - 10.866 @ 79.81
  • 15: Jim Halsey: 68 Camaro, - 11.535 @ 74.21
Speedtech Pro Mod Nitrous Eliminations Round One:
The dynamic nitrous inhaling machines would not be exempt from disasters that come with the power and precise tuning needed to mix fuel and N20 together and make a full, complete pass with record setting numbers. Eliminations were hampered with incidents concerning both John Bartunek and Jeff Rodgers.

Bartunek was the first of which to take a hair raising ride into the air after setting high MPH on his run in the brand new Camaro Pro Mod. The sequence of events captured only enforces the safety these cars have installed in them as John Bartunek was able to walk away from this with no injuries.

John Bartunek begins his Wild Ride crashing into the wall and becoming airborneThe Camaro Pro Mod Vertical at more than 150 MPHJohn Bartunek is now along for this ride with no controlThe Bartunek Camaro flying through the air heading downwardJohn Bartunek Walks Away After the Final Impact of This Crash Sequence

The Bartunek crash scene is particularly scary to some but Bartunek is well and it stands to the proper safety initiatives he took to create this machine and be safe.

After a solid qualifying attempt on Saturday, Jeff Rogers was quite able to make the round game easily had it not been for a fiery situation during the nitrous purge. After the burnout, Rogers backed into the box to begin his purges, after the second stage the motor rose high in RPM as it shut down. Within a blink of an eye, the gorgeous Mustang Pro Mod was seen and heard in an explosive blast sending the scoop and parts high into the air and the ensuing fire was erupting around the car. The starting line crew couldn't have acted any faster as extinguishers were already facing the car and track manager Eddie Krawiec was monitoring the situation as the flames were put out. Rogers was not hurt but a crew man on the team suffered some burns and cuts during the shotgun style blast of the nitrous explosion. Again, it's part of racing these well tuned machines and we hope to see Jeff back for more of his racing at the Shakedown.

Jeff Rogers nitrous explosion begins in the burnout boxThe ensuing fire and scramble for the extinguishersTrack Man Eddie Krawiec is on his game as the team comes quicklyThe Mustang Pro Mod is In Good Hands As The Team Rushes in To Stop the fireJeff Rogers Mustang Pro Mod fire is all but out and he is safe thanks to E Towns Crew

Speedtech Pro Mod Nitrous Eliminations Round One "Continued":
Chris Rini in the awesome ATI Transmissions Hemi Stratus BurnoutNot to take away from the good that happened from the above parts of qualifying, just as in any Motorsports there will be the ups and downs. We saw the downs, so back on to the ups in the eliminations for Pro Mod Nitrous. Steve Cossis would take a bye run; this is what you get when you drop the number one qualifier on the ladder. Robert Nicola had no other choice than take a single and test out his muscle after the Jeff Rogers fire, Nicola laid down a nice and smooth 6.753 @ 204 to move into the next round. Steve Olmstead would line up next to the automatic pro mod of Chris Rini. Rini drops the hammer on the ATI transmissions hemi Stratus .050 and scores a round win 6.382 @ 218 over Olmstead's 7.241 @ 183. Gary Courtier brought out the biggest cubed Fulton monster to the game featuring 886 cubic inches of nitrous inhaled power, his stunning Camaro would not hook and his single run was aborted early. Back to last years champion Jim Halsey who was to be paired with Matt Dietsch, Halsey took his run and found the sweet spot on the Cecil County Camaro Pro Mod leaving the first 5 second run on the boards 5.981 @ 215, Halsey is back to his regular form and gets the low ET of the meet, The man is a Nitrous Machine. Todd Fontana and Daniel Hill met up for a good eliminations round. Fontana would take the run completely .112 6.497 @ 214 over Hills .123 6.86 @ 202 ending his day at the Shakedown. John Bartunek was in line with Joe Dunne when he suffered the above crash in the preceding paragraphs. Though he was on a wild run leaving behind the top MPH for the event and a stout ET his day was surely over 6.123 @ 233. Mike Handras couldn't make the call and George Williams took a bye run saving his engine for later rounds.

Speedtech Pro Mod Nitrous Eliminations Round Two:
Gary Courtier Launching Hard On His Best Run In The Camaro Pro ModWith the sun falling on the second round of competition, number one qualifier Steve Cossis met Robert Nicola in this round, though Nicola had the lower ET 6.890 @ 200, Cossis took the win light on a holeshot .048 for Cossis to Nicola's .086 but down on power at the top end which his MPH would show. Nicola is out for the day and Cossis will move to the semis 6.901 @ 157. Chris Rini is out with problems and Gary Courtier would try and get the big cubes down the track with his single pass showing some good power 6.468 @ 218. Todd Fontana suffered traction problems as Halsey again had to face an opponent and take the car from a to b in one burst again dropping stout numbers but saving what he could for his next round victim if his numbers kept going as they were as he was dominating one again 6.027 @ 214. George Williams would take another bye run as his opponent John Bartunek was out of this race. Williams need some data for his coming round and laid down a strong 6.437 @ 206 in the 53 Chevy Pro Mod ending this round session and into the semi's all winners go.

Speedtech Pro Mod Nitrous Semi Finals:
With Sundown hanging deep in the background Raceway Park took on a new look with burning skies of orange to set a stage for the brightly colored Semi finalists. Gary Courtier would again find himself in a solo situation without his opponent Steve Cossis making the call. Courtier had yet to run against anyone and now goes to the final in the stunning orange flip flop pearl Camaro shaking his tires on this pass 12.740 @ 66 while the next two competitors would have to fight it out. Halsey had been working on taking down racers in each round and George Williams would suffer the same fate as the loss in his column was because he was unable to make the call also. Halsey took the bye run 6.157 @ 214 but on this pass the signature Fulton tune showed signs of maybe the motor starting to go away with sparks and bits of fire dropping out of the cylinder. It was back to the pits as announcers mentioned a new engine would seem to be needed.

Speedtech Pro Mod Nitrous Finals:
Jim Halsey's Camaro Pro Mod was unstoppable, Mr 5 seconds repeats as champion at the shakedownDeja' Vu for the reigning champion and dispelling all after his last pass, Jim Halsey was back in the tunnel of the raceway park facility on time and no motor replacement, Team Cecil County has seen many things as a seasoned crew with their cars and it was a simple coil change not a motor problem as Kathy Crouse told this reporter and the car was once again ready to face an unopposed all day Gary Courtier with his new combination Camaro of cubic inches and color. Jim Halsey and Gary Courtier had the fans standing as the burnouts were gone through. Halsey did not fail his fans as Courtier couldn't force the tires to handle the power 13.734 @ 62 and Halsey was off into the night; pipes flaming and motor screaming on his final pass laying down the low ET and garnering top MPH again for the fans and Shakedown Record books 5.869 @ 243.99 on this blistering pass. Team Cecil County took to the winners circle with the status of repeating the Outlaw Pro Nitrous Class Championship and the $20,000 in one of the best set of rounds seen again by this young driver extraordinaire'.

Pro Outlaw Nitrous Final Stats / Awards ET MPH
Champion "Jim Halsey" 5.869 243.99
Runner Up "Gary Courtier" 13.734 62.50
#1 Qualifier "Steve Cossis" 6.232 225.26
Low E.T. Jim Halsey 5.869
Top Speed Jim Halsey 243.99

Shakedown At E Town

Barwa Outlaw 1/8th Mile Challenge Session:


Mike Stawicki burning out in Outlaw Pro Mod ChallengeThe unrestrained mid track machines opened up the northeast to an exhibition of unbridled horsepower not seen here often courtesy of Barwa and Al-Anabi Racing to whom this class was to be a spectacle of the enormous team strength put together by Sheik Khalid bin Hamad Al Thani and feature the volatile power on the surface of Raceway Park.

Though the date of this race was postponed and the rides from Team Al-Anabi Racing had to return to their homeland of Qatar to participate in their own series and championships, no part of this class was a let down though the field was thin it was more than expected for at least this author, ground shaking power and performance of these cars is stunning and bone rattling.

John Stanley Fires Through the Burnout In The Pro Mod Camaro Under The Night LightsThis author was lucky enough to be a guest of Team Stanley And Weiss Racing along with the Shakedown At E Town Staff as I would have a full day of insider looks at the mindset of the teams and drivers plus what it takes to surpass 200MPH in the 1/8th mile and how power is applied with Shannon Davis of Davis Technologies who were also making sure that Mike Janis their featured Outlaw Ride was hitting the track hard and consistently.
Janis led the field with a brutal attack down track setting low ET and number one qualifier 3.926 @ 192.85, the Firebird is just "Flat Out Hairy".

Shannon Davis of Davis Technologies In The Pits At The shakedownMike Stawicki was real close behind in ET but his MPH would be the first one in the session to top the 200MPH mark 3.930 @ 200.32.

Dwayne Wolfe ended the top three just shy of the most wanted three second time zone all have been striving for with a solid 4.130 @ 175.48 and more in it as they professed. Tommy Gray, John Stanley, Scott Cannon and Chris Malec would round out the seven qualifiers. Had the Al-Anabi team not been halfway across the world, you would have seen this class tripled in competitors.

Download The Barwa Challenge Qualifying Sheets Here PDF
PDF Qualifying:
Download The Barwa Challenge Eliminations Sheets Here PDF
PDF Eliminations:
See The Full Qualifying Below:

  • 1: Mike Janis: 68 Firebird, - 3.926 @ 192.85
  • 2: Mike Stawicki: 68 Firebird,- 3.930 @ 200.32
  • 3: Dwayne Wolfe: 02 Pont Firebird, - 4.130 @ 175.48
  • 4: Tommy Gray: 06 GTO, - 4.134 @ 183.42
  • 5: John Stanley: 68 Chevy Camaro, - 4.546 @ 193.18
  • 6: Scott Cannon: 68 Firebird, - 5.163 @ 105.74
  • 7: Chris Malec: 80 Chevy Malibu, - 5.256 @ 125.54

Barwa Outlaw 1/8th Mile Challenge Eliminations Round One:
Stanley And Weiss Eliminated On A Red Light At The Shakedown At E TownMike Janis started the ball rolling for the Jan-Cen / Eaton team with a bye run as all who made it into the ladder he stood as the number one man and decided to flex his muscles and test more than he needed setting both Low ET and top MPH of the meet 3.733 @ 203.34. John Stanley didn't draw the easiest card out of the group with Tommy "The Undertaker" Gray holding some ET and MPH over the Stanley and Weiss "Appalachia On Steroids" non hemi 481X olds powered Camaro. Stanley knew he would need the best light he could and activated the red bulb -.009 taking himself out of the rounds 4.36 @ 179 to Tommy Grays .058 4.236 @ 175, Gray would move on and into the semis. Chris Malec also knew he needed a good light being not so much an all out Pro Mod but more of a heavy street style car, a smart decision since his payback was his entry and he had the honor of facing Mike Stawicki along with it. Malec dropped the pedal too quick -.007and ended up a fill second behind 4.933 the winning Mike Stawicki with a blazing 3.933 @ 199 in mid day temps. Dwayne Wolfe stayed true to his game as the winner of his round 4.294 @ 171 was virtually unbeatable for Scott Cannon .048 4.679 @ 117 and the semi finals would come soon.

Barwa Outlaw 1/8th Mile Challenge Semi Finals:
Dwyane Wolfe In The Semi Finals Of Outlaw Pro ModMike Stawicki and Dwayne Wolfe would take center stage for the first of the semi finals as the 1/8th mile warriors were about to proceed for a run into the final round and become the first ever Barwa Challenge Champ. With the number two and three qualifiers in line Stawicki .061 allowed Wolfe to get him on the tree .029 and from there on it was all Wolfe going to the finals 4.138 @ 175 to Stawickis losing 4.279 @ 169. Tommy Gray found himself up against the heat from number one qualifier Mike Janis. Gray shook the tires and Janis quickly moved 660ft to the finish line 4.044 @ 191 saving himself for the final round against Wolfe as Gray would only stroll to a 13.638 @ 58.

Barwa Outlaw 1/8th Mile Challenge Finals:
Jan-Cen Racing Pro Mod Mike Janis Driving To The ChampionshipThe first Barwa Challenge Final was somewhat uneventful following a couple of mishaps in earlier rounds from other classes; Mike Janis had this race all to himself as the man who grasped all titles, MPH, ET and Qualifier plus the Championship. His final round pass was a stroll down the quarter at nearly Raceway Parks curfew where he and his team would be the owners of a $20,000 check in front of the fans that graced the grandstands.

Mike Janis will forever be known as the first ever Barwa Challenge winner at the Shakedown At E Town 2009.

Barwa Outlaw 1/8 Challenge Final Stats / Awards ET MPH
Champion "Mike Janis" 8.195 64.58
Runner Up "Dwayne Wolfe"
#1 Qualifier "Mike Janis" 3.926 192.85
Low E.T. Mike Janis 3.733
Top Speed Mike Janis 203.34

Shakedown At E Town

Mickey Thompson Outlaw 10.5 Presented By Precision Turbo Qualifying Session:


Tim Lynch Setting Another Record At The Shakedown At E TownThe anticipation of the Outlaw 10.5 rides in this years Shakedown At E Town was immense, people clamoring about records, who may win, how far they will travel to do it knowing the main attractions would be in attendance with Joe Newsham, the standing Champion in his home court. Tim Lynch would be bringing with him the record setting Mustang we've seen so much of over the past years and now Chuck Ulsch out of Gil Mobley Motorsports with his reign of terror striking much of the ADRL Extreme 10.5 circuit heading north for this $10,000 to win jackpot. The series of events unfolded like never before in a twenty one car field with the exception of Joe Newsham the former Champion crashing before the finish line out of the game of high horsepower, anything goes in cubic inches and inductions, be it nitrous, turbos or superchargers.

TJ Kasper Running In Outlaw 10.5 Featuring Proline powerThis year the hemi factored into many new combinations like the outstanding Cobra of Anthony DiSomma based on the Ford version, Doug Harris also packing twin turbo hemi headed power yet much of the racers who thought that nitrous, single or small cubed motor didn't have a chance faired well in the mix once qualifying was over. Newcomers and veterans alike felt the pressure as one of the newest kept his cool, TJ Kasper would be the only driver doing double duty in both Outlaw 10.5 and the 8.50 Index. This young driver has had a two year whirlwind career so far and his father took the stage to crew for the team instead of handling the driving chores of the wild Kaspers Korner Lincoln with Proline power. The old adage of making power is also applying power was the key factor as Tim Lynch also on Proline power again stole the shows Outlaw 10.5 record and set the news going around the world to all with a torrent of horsepower firing down the track clocking an incredible 6.400 @ 224.06 to surely have the top seed. Chuck Ulsch opened up the massive butterflies on the blower packed Camaro and dropped a sizzling 6.415 @ 224.40 topping Lynch's MPH but making it known, he was hot on his heels as the two champions of past were again in the top of this ladder. Jerry Mitrovic would round out the final top three with a solid 6.519 @ 213.33 to have the advantage over the rest of the field you see below except for Brad Brand who would not come back after his qualifying run late in the night with the car going off the end of the track suffering major damage ending his quest for this title.

Download The Outlaw 10.5 Qualifying Sheets Here PDF
PDF Qualifying:
Download The Outlaw 10.5 Eliminations Sheets Here PDF
PDF Eliminations:
See The Full Qualifying Below:

  • 1: Tim Lynch: 02 Mustang, - 6.400 @ 224.06
  • 2: Chuck Ulsch: 02 Camaro, - 6.415 @ 224.40
  • 3: Jerry Mitrovic: 03 Ford Mustang, - 6.519 @ 213.33
  • 4: Brad Brand: 92 Ford Mustang, - 6.547 @ 219.33
  • 5: Doug Harris: 06 Pontiac GTO, - 6.684 @ 213.00
  • 6: Anthony DiSomma: 04 Ford Mustang, - 6.768 @ 211.20
  • 7: Larry Wood : 89 Ford Mustang, - 6.847 @ 188.65
  • 8: Scott Guadagno: 03 Camaro, - 6.850 @ 201.16
  • 9: Bill Mitchell: 96 Chevy,- 6.855 @ 208.36
  • 10: Maurice Hall: 94 Camaro, - 7.009 @ 196.47
  • 11: TJ Kasper: 94 Lincoln Mark 8, - 7.024 @ 200.80
  • 12: Tommy Deez Ferrick: 02 Chevy , - 7.085 @ 200.65
  • 13: Rodney Bitgood: 92 Chevy, - 7.143 @ 184.93
  • 14: Jim Briante: 00 Ford Mustang, - 7.566 @ 193.10
  • 15: Steven Kluepfel: 90 Ford Mustang, - 7.579 @ 176.37
  • 16: Stan Coleman : 86 Camaro, - 8.461 @ 150.68
  • 17: Steve Gorman: 01 Ford Mustang, - 8.502 @ 186.98
  • 18: David Lauer: 98 Mustang, - 9.830 @ 98.95
  • 19: Mark Ingle: 96 Vette, - 24.789 @ 64.47
  • 20: Rob Golobo: 02 Chevy, - 28.000 @ 100.00
  • 21: Joe Newsham: 03 Cobra, - 000 @ 000

Mickey Thompson Outlaw 10.5 Presented By Precision Turbo Eliminations Round One:
Anthony DiSomma Powers Out A Wheelie In The Outlaw 10.5 CobraThe street car stars of the show were about to take over now for their first round of competition in the open for a new champion event session since Joe Newsham was not able to repeat. The bad street style cars have come far since the days of pure doorslammer racing just a few years ago and performances like these are caught rarely except on the surface of Raceway Park once a year at the Shakedown. Young TJ Kasper in his first major event appearance paired up with the New Jersey Motor Man Anthony DiSomma in his wild Cobra featuring his own Hemi Ford Power built by DiSomma Racing Engines. Kasper seemingly timed out as the crew was at a loss at either a deep stage which for this young driver is far off his usual style of championship winning titles in the Index Classes. DiSomma would take no prisoners, lifting the Cobra high into the air clocking a high winding 6.821 @ 206 for the next round racers to think about. Jim Briante fell to his own red light start -.016 as the Procharged Mustang was now gone from rounds and opponent Jerry Mitrovich blistered the quarter mile .056 6.55 @ 223. Mo Hall a regular in the northeast area series would catch a good light .042 but lack his usual brute force ET's at 7.450 @ 155 while Larry Wood let out of it coasting to an 11.266 @ 76 in his loss.

Chuck Ulsch's Brutal Burnout Outlaw 10.5 CamaroShakedown veterans rejoiced at seeing the two marvels of the sport come to the lanes, Golobo a standout and veteran of all the Shakedowns with the small 440ci twin turbo meeting former Champion Chuck Ulsch in his ADRL destroying blown Camaro. Golobo .035 took the green over Ulsch .076 as the blown Camaro seemed somewhat lazy off the line and Golobo was moving out strong, Golobo 6.710 @ 205 would take the win light in an upset with Ulsch almost catching him on the top end 6.785 @ 194 definitely hurt. On the other side of the ladder Stan Coleman gave away his chance at running neck and neck with the legend "Tim Lynch" himself by red lighting on his run -.011 7.93 @ 150 while Lynch again flexed the Proline power Steve Petty sunk into the Mustang backing up his sub 6.50 run at 6.498 @ 225 looking for top MPH now.

Bill Mitchells Outlaw 10.5 Twin Turbo S10 WheelieBill Mitchell would chop down the tree in his awesome little S10 stuffed with big cubes and twin turbos .010 against one of the hit men of the sport Scott Guadagno in Pete Biello's Camaro featuring driver "Scotty's Racing Technologies" big nitrous bullet. Though Guadagno gave away the tree .100 he was able to run down a slowing Mitchell 7.160 @ 199 as Guadagno didn't have the MPH but the ET to take the win 6.996 @ 171 for a next round of racing. Rodney Bitgood back into racing heavily now was paired with Scott Gorman. Bitgood .135 was out early over Gorman .169 when Bitgood's Camaro tapped the wall down track coming to a screeching rest 10.7445 @ 56 and OK as Gorman takes the win 7.738 @ 197. Bitgood suffered this fate once before during the now defunct NSCA series and we wish him well and hope to see him back. David Lauer would come into contact with Tom Deez Ferrick for the completion of the round one eliminations. Lauer would falter on the starting line .215 and finish as a loss 7.844 @ 142 but this car is sweet and will be seen more as Ferrick lays down a burst .093 7.469 @ 184 for another round.

Mickey Thompson Outlaw 10.5 Presented By Precision Turbo Eliminations Round Two:
Scott Guadagno Pulling The Chutes On The Top End Flaming NitrousTwo of the Shakedowns favorite horsepower gunslingers met in the first pairing of this second session, Scott Guadagno and Tim Lynch. Guadagno took the tree from Lynch .062 to .084 for Lynch; both were out on a pass when it seemed that Lynch was slowing as if the power had gone away with Guadagno putting it all down seemingly hurting the "Scotty's Racing Technologies" motor on the top end. Lynch comes away the winner of this round 6.948 @ a slowing 179 to Guadagno's closing 7.088 @ 198, the move on this round was a mere .118, nitrous vs. turbo isn't dead yet in the full quarter mile. Steve Gorman laid down a pretty solid run in the sevens .074 7.033 moving well better than his first round but Tom Ferrick would be in his way at the top end taking the win with a tight run .045 7.024 @ 201 for a semi final round. Rob Golobo turned up the wick on the "Orange Crush" Camaro planting the machine hard but late off the tree .174 while Mo Hall had a good lead the ET for hall wasn't enough 7.088 @ 202 as Golobo took the top end charge and win light 6.713 @ 202 also. Jerry Mitrovic literally outran Anthony DiSomma in this pairing, both Mustangs equally powerful but Mitrovic was a force .056 6.53 @ 227 also grabbing top speed of the event with this pass and DiSomma takes it back to the trailer .093 6.782 @ 213 rounding out the quarter final action.

Mickey Thompson Outlaw 10.5 Presented By Precision Turbo Semi Finals:
Jerry Mitrovic was a warrior throught the weekend of racingAfter the last round of action it was concluded by engine Guru Steve Petty the champion of Shakedowns past was hurt and couldn't make the call against Tom Deez Ferrick, this now left the door open for all left to wear the year long crown and title of baddest northeast drag racing champion.

Ferrick would take a light stroll down the track saving the little 377 from anymore wear as a final round scenario was his now just awaiting the winner of the next pair.

Rob Golobo Hazes The Tires In The Camaro During RoundsBoth Golobo and Mitrovic had the power to oust Ferrick in the final they had a chore ahead of them. Golobo had a tune in this beast of a small block from earlier round numbers, Mitrovic was right there with him in numbers too. Both racers left with almost identical reaction times .032 for Mitrovic and .033 for Golobo. Mitrovic 11.373 @ 78 slowed quickly as Golobo chased the sunset ending his run with the loud sound of an engine being hurt on the top end and his numbers showed on the boards 7.441 @ 138. The top end of the track had the eerie glow of burnt engine smoke as the final awaited closing in on Raceway Parks curfew.

Mickey Thompson Outlaw 10.5 Presented By Precision Turbo Finals:
Tom Deez Ferrick Taking The Shakedown At E Town Outlaw 10.5 Championship 2009For the first time ever Rob Golobo and Tom Ferrick would be the final contestants for the $10,000 prize in the Outlaw 10.5 class. Ferrick a giant killer with the single turbo 377 small block and Golobo adding another turbo to an also small 440 ci combination of Proline power. After Golobo's last run, it was sure now the car was hurt as it came to the line slowly without a burnout while Ferrick only had to get down the track without a mistake for the glory and dollars. Ferrick still gave the fans a launch show and took a chance to run out a 7.633 @ 167.76 while Golobo restrained himself from further damage running barely on an engine missing many cylinders firing. Ferrick And Golobo have both been a big part of the northeast outlaw scene and a surprising win for Tom Ferrick and his hard work throughout the years finally paid off with the red S10 just being consistent in rounds and Ferrick's own driving to earn him the distinction of Outlaw 10.5 Shakedown At E Town 2009 Champion for the rest of the year. Ferrick also lamented during the winners circle shoot session he was proud to have given one of the original Leo Barnaby III cars a win notch for the man they admire after his passing which we will continue towards the end.

Mickey Thompson Outlaw 10.5 Final Stats / Awards ET MPH
Champion "Tommy Deez Ferrick" 7.633 167.76
Runner Up "Rob Golobo" 79.329 63.53
#1 Qualifier "Tim Lynch" 6.400 224.06
Low E.T. Tim Lynch 6.400
Top Speed Jerry Mitrovic 227.42

Shakedown At E Town

Pro Torque Drag Radial Qualifying Session:


Dave Hance Knocking Down Number One Drag Radial Qualifier At The Shakedown At E TownOne of the most exciting classes of the new wave of race cars is the Drag Radial competitions, featuring big Outlaw 10.5 style motors of all combinations of power adders and the distinct styling of a street car and a tire meant for street duty that is smooth and now preferred even on non drag radial classes for its tremendous bite and smooth driving habits. While most of the country is screaming for wheelie bars and running the 1/8th, New York Motorsports Dave Hance allowed this race to go the full 1320 for records to be squashed and more given a chance to break into the six second barrier.

The Drag Radial Six Second Club Minus Joel Greathouse Are CommemoratedDuring mid day rounds, the top 6 of the six second club were rewarded with plaques and special jackets to commemorate their achievements, with Dave Hance, Alex Vrettos, Paul Major, Joel Greathouse / John Kolivas, Kevin Fiscus, "Mustang Mike" Modeste along with many more prizes and gifts. Dave Hance slotted himself as the number one qualifier for the first time at his own race with the added credit of top MPH in the same pass 7.103 @ 217 after a winning venture at the Orlando World Street Nationals proving Hance could take this machine back to the north after Florida with the same results at least in qualifying with last years Champion Dave Hinzman dropping into the number two space 7.112 @ 201. Turbo Alex Vrettos was firing away with his numbers into the third spot 7.324 @ 206 but off his regular pace of being the quickest man in Jersey most of the time.

Download The Drag Radial Qualifying Sheets Here PDF
PDF Qualifying:
Download The Drag Radial Eliminations Sheets Here PDF
PDF Eliminations:
See The Full Qualifying Below:

  • 1: Dave Hance: 93 Mustang, - 7.103 @ 217.88
  • 2: Dave Hinzeman: Mustang, - 7.112 @ 201.82
  • 3: Alex Vrettos: 95 Ford Cobra, - 7.324 @ 206.54
  • 4: Timothy Meagher: 90 Mustang, - 7.802 @ 191.97
  • 5: Paul Major: 01 Vette, - 7.879 @ 173.49
  • 6: Andrew Barrale: ,- 8.109 @ 170.99
  • 7: John Balinsky: 81 Olds Cutlass, - 8.327 @ 191.24
  • 8: Karri Anne Beebe: 68 Chevy Chevelle, - 8.459 @ 163.04
  • 9: Brett Hull: 93 Ford Mustang, - 8.679 @ 146.65
  • 10: Bill Weber: 67 Camaro, - 8.957 @ 163.71
  • 11: Dwayne Big Daddy Gutridge: 89 Mustang, - 9.100 @ 107.87

Pro Torque Drag Radial Eliminations:
Paul Corvette Major crashes into the wall at high speedThe Yellow Camaro Of Bill Weber And the equally Yellow Mustang Cobra of Alex Vrettos took center stage of this first pairing, Vrettos cruised to a win with a world record 7.89 @ 213 for top ET of the meet already as Weber would have some trouble getting in the beams and making a full pass. Paul Major, one of the most well known in the area for drag radial had a taste of the wall on this pass as he faced Karri Anne Beebe in her Chevelle. Major would be on a good pass as soon it went awry and the Corvette slid down the wall through the lights 10.054 @ 69 while Beebe would be ahead of Major for a next round appearance 8.976 @ 163. Promoter Dave Hance would get a bye run and decide to throw some big power into his MPH for the top speed of the meet at 6.998 @ 222, one of the fastest DR passes in history if not the one. Andrew Barrale would have to settle for a first round loss as "Small Block Posse" John Balinsky was late on the tree .192 7.935 @ 180 was more than Andrew Barrale could handle .040 8.207 @ 169. Timothy Meagher simply stunned Brett "Hitman" Hull .042 8.127 losing to Meagher with a clean pass .065 7.850 @ 191. The 2008 Shakedown Champion has his day finished by none other than the power broker of Drag Radial Dwayne "Big Daddy" Gutridge .019 6.999 @ 204 who found his boost after a poor qualifying session and now was showing some power as Hinzman will not repeat this year .067 7.211 @ 201.

Pro Torque Drag Radial Round Two:
Alex Vrettos on his way to another World Record In Drag RadialDave Hance had most of the field covered so far, John Balinsky would be Hance's next partner to see the black Mustang drop a number on the boards an opponent couldn't follow. Balinsky tied as he may with a .150 7.435 @ 198 couldn't hold off the charge of Hance knocking down a new record .256 6.894 @ 214 for the win. Timothy Meagher had a great start with a .042 light on Alex Vrettos .152, but Vrettos would have something up his sleeve also; an ace of spades would be it if you were playing blackjack leaving another new record on the boards with Low ET of the meet and the win 6.893 @ 212 besting Dave Hance by .001. Meagher would finish his pass dropping off on the top end 7.862 @ 167. Dwayne "Big Daddy" Gutridge would see no one in his mirror as if he needed to look by the way the radial cars were liking the mid afternoon track prep and finished his pass getting out of it .130 8.192 @ 193 while his opponent Karri Anne Beebe would suffer catastrophic trans damage hurting her leg as this was a severe failure. The car was towed off and a lengthy clean-up ensued.

Pro Torque Drag Radial Semi Finals:
This one was going to be good, top speed and low ET from both competitors took on a sensational standing room only as many teams came to watch this pairing of Dave Hance and Alex Vrettos. Hance stayed his winning course as Vrettos had problems applying the power .241 15.913 @ 65 while Hance .074 6.93 @ 196 would move strong into the final round waiting only on Dwayne "Big Daddy" Gutridge to make a pass on a bye run, Gutridge would show signs of good MPH for the final after his pass .121 7.013 @ 202.

Pro Torque Drag Radial Finals:
Dwayne Big Daddy Gutridge Shakedown At E town Drag Radial ChampionAs nighttime fell on the track, Dave Hance came to the lanes with his stout machine as did Dwayne "Big Daddy" Gutridge featuring the small cubes on boost. Hance and Gutridge go way back as friendly rivals and this would be a Jersey vs. New York "Shakedown" of sorts for these two men until Hance announced his car was done for the night and Gutridge had told this author he had found a glitch that was keeping his car limited in boost on the top end and figured had this race gone down in this air you would have seen the first side by side sub 6.90 pass ever at the Shakedown only. Dwayne "Big Daddy" Gutridge will now stand as Drag Radial Champion and $5,000 richer for his time on the track with a full year to come back and repeat in this sensational class.

ProTorque Drag Radial Final Stats / Awards ET MPH
Champion "Dwayne Big Daddy Gutridge" 12.598 92.46
Runner Up "David Hance"
#1 Qualifier "David Hance" 7.103 217.88
Low E.T. Alex Vrettos 6.893
Top Speed David Hance 222.88

Shakedown At E Town

K&K Advanced Door Car Technologies Heavy Street Qualifying Session:


Gary Naughton In The K&K Advanced Door Car Technologies Camaro Launching to Number One At The ShakedownThe street car brutes of the quarter mile shook the starting line with alky fed, nitrous snorting, turbo pressurized big and small blocks with the occasional hemi in the mix drew the captivated fans to the bleachers at start up time for their qualifying rounds. Pretty much since the Shakedown has become prominent, Ken Doak and now combined with Gary Naughton creating K&K Advanced Door Car Technologies has been the major Heavy Street Sponsor and one of the main players in this group and looks to continue for years to come as this is home team area and their flavor for the big muscle machines is evident after the win in Orlando's same class.

Sam Gottier's Gorgeous Chevelle In Heavy StreetHeavy Street filled the qualifying ladder easily with some of the best action you'd expect from these drivers and teams, enthralling the fans with a blend of horsepower and hook plus lightning fast ET's and 200+ MPH trips down the track, this was the original style beginning of the Shakedown In 2002 as John Schroeder did battle and came out champion so many years prior. Gary Naughton played no mans game as he led the thirty four cars teched-in at the number one spot on a brilliant 6.806 @ 212.79 pass followed not so closely by Sam Gottier's "ala magnificent" Chevelle with a strong 7.005 @ 195.65 and one of the top names in NMCA racing over the past years and back in action with his Procharger equipped Camaro Tommy Mauro 7.068 @ 197.42 topping the big three of the main qualifier.

K&K Advanced Door Car Technologies Heavy Street Qualifying Action:

Smokin Joe Schroeders Supercharged CamaroRaymond Claery on Hemi Power Off The LineJimmy Reutter Shows The Fans Wheels Up Nitrous Power

Download The Heavy Street Qualifying Sheets Here PDF
PDF Qualifying:
Download The Heavy Street Eliminations Sheets Here PDF
PDF Eliminations:
See The Full Qualifying Below:

  • 1: Gary Naughton: 67 Camaro, - 6.806 @ 212.79
  • 2: Sam Gottier: 72 Chevelle, - 7.005 @ 195.65
  • 3: Thomas Mauro: 92 Chevy , - 7.068 @ 197.42
  • 4: John Fisher: 07 Camaro , - 7.115 @ 187.44
  • 5: John Carinci: 70 Cuda, - 7.137 @ 182.48
  • 6: John Cerbone: 90 Camaro, - 7.225 @ 196.24
  • 7: David Demarco: 84 Buick Regal, - 7.230 @ 195.53
  • 8: Jeff Lutz: 57 Belair, - 7.251 @ 197.08
  • 9: Charles Micalef: 70 Chevelle, - 7.481 @ 185.23
  • 10: Mitch George: 84 Chevy, - 7.485 @ 190.30
  • 11: Jimmy Reutter: 74 Nova, - 7.521 @ 181.37
  • 12: Ronnie Souza: 67 Chevelle, - 7.725 @ 178.97
  • 13: Lou Proto: 88 Mustang, - 7.832 @ 168.98
  • 14: Paul Ricci: 96 Dodge Avenger, - 8.060 @ 160.65
  • 15: James Lawson: 03 Ford Mustang, - 8.084 @ 172.47
  • 16: Rick Fedorovich: 01 Ford Cobra, - 8.101 @ 140.69
  • 17: Vincent Fiore: 69 Camaro, - 8.137 @ 173.07
  • 18: Vinnei DiRose: 57 Chevy, - 8.141 @ 169.00
  • 19: Joe Serviss: 67 Nova, - 8.227 @ 167.95
  • 20: Mike Trimandilis: 93 Mustang, - 8.228 @ 176.65
  • 21: Kevin Ashley: 78 Chevy, - 8.260 @ 180.12
  • 22: Steve Woolley: Nova, - 8.408 @ 159.91
  • 23: Lou Sciortino: 69 Camaro, - 8.415 @ 144.94
  • 24: George Papalexandrou: 615 , - 8.818 @ 159.83
  • 25: Tom Tarsia: 70 Camaro, - 9.141 @ 112.41
  • 26: John Csordas Jr. : 72 Skylark, - 9.211 @ 150.35
  • 27: John Schroeder: 02 Camaro , - 10.137 @ 89.27
  • 28: Raymond Claery: 63 Ply, - 10.491 @ 143.23
  • 29: Richard Scioscia: 70 Cuda, - 12.025 @ 76.50
  • 30: Michael Ingrossio: 82 Olds, - 13.155 @ 71.29
  • 31: Jim Swagler: 55 Belair, - 13.215 @ 89.82
  • 32: Pete Pace: 68 Camaro, - 14.523 @ 67.89
  • 33: Peter Esposito: 55 Chevy, - 15.432 @ 57.65
  • 34: Sean Rosa: 69 Camaro, - 20.443 @ 47.97
K&K Advanced Door Car Technologies Heavy Street Eliminations Round One:
Tom Tarsia Rides Out A wheelstand for the fans of Supercharged CamarosRound one of eliminations couldn't have taken on a better flavor with two of the top winning Heavy Street Machines in a battle since Orlando 2009 that just passed as both Naughton and Gottier were substantial in their racing efforts and would again possibly meet with the impressive numbers they had been putting up. Vince Fiore would have to face Naughton first, the grunt of the Camaro against the mid level qualifier Fiore was too much as Fiore .080 7.723 @ 183 struck out while Naughton continued his six second rampage .092 6.900 @ 195 for the next pairing to come. Tom Tarsia and his stunning powerhouse of a Camaro ripped out of the beams .223 far behind Charlie Boy Micalef .034 as Micalef was untouchable in this race 7.764 @ 185 still off his normal big run times while Tarsia's crowd pleasing launches wouldn't be seen again as he goes home 8.385 @ 121. John Fischer was the number four qualifier and rightfully so with two good runs in that session only to falter .240 16.805 @ 47 while Mile Trimandillis carried on into the next round easily .147 7.770 @ 182. Regular at the Shakedown Ronny Souza couldn't make the call after his final qualifier showed more than enough problems from this clean Chevelle and John Carcini would take his bye run to drop another big Canadian style .074 7.189 @ 191 on the boards after his pass; fans love the Mopar he brings to this game. Passing into the opposite side of the ladder, number two man Sam Gottier again put on a show of nitroused horsepower .193 6.983 @ 196 to take the win away from a slowing James Lawson .076 10.281 @ 112.

Steve Wolley powers Out Of The Starting Line On His Bye Run Heavy Street NovaDavid Demarco who qualified well had trouble getting down the track hurt .053 17.655 @ 43 had a good look at the back end of Mitch George crossing the top end for the win .020 7.179 @ 191; Mitch George took the seat in this ride for engine builder Jack Boer who was on the line watching his car compete as well as keeping it fresh for each pass. Joe Serviss took on the tough man Tommy Mauro making reappearance in the Heavy Street Game this weekend with new Procharger power switching from his nitrous roots. A rusty Mauro .057 stung Serviss .184 on the tree and zoned in on the finish line leaving Serviss behind 8.136 @ 170 to Mauro's awesome 7.066 @ 195. Steve Woolley another veteran of the latest Shakedowns had Jimmy Reutter also an area veteran of many years in the lane next to him into the next round as fans of this wild shoebox Nova watched in awe at the extreme power, though his run may have cost him more than he bargained for dropping hard on the track yet still managing a 7.353 @ 188. Reutter's equally wild nitroused 74 Nova launched hard 7.53 @ 180 but would be caught on the top end charge with Woolley passing him. Both racers had nearly identical lights .082 and .090 for a great big all Chevy round.

K&K Advanced Door Car Technologies Heavy Street Eliminations Round Two:
John Carcini's Cuda Launching Hard Into The Semi FinalsAfter a long clean up from a previous round, night was beckoning on the horizon and the big tire machines were going rounds quickly. Tommy Mauro took a simple pass to just get from "a to b" and into the next round for his semi final appearance. Mike Trimandillis .053 had the light on John Carcini .164 but Carcini would have the power to eliminate Trimandillis 7.959 @ 182 to Carcini's 7.132 @ 192 for a semi final round. "Superman" Sam Gottier looked good off the start .028 but "Hitman" Mitch George looked better .024 not wavering from his previous good numbers dropping a 7.146 @ 192 on Gottier's slowing 8.349 @ 120 in his loss column. Both Gary Naughton -.024 and Charlie Boy Micalef -.294 would pull a red light start only Naughton would be lesser off the tree in a first or worse scenario. Micalef eliminated by default 9.683 @ 84 and Naughton moves on 8.807 @ 105.

K&K Advanced Door Car Technologies Heavy Street Semi Finals:
Tommy Mauro Was a Stout Competitor In His Camaro At The ShakedownTwo of the original founders of street legal drag racing in New Jersey, Tommy Mauro and Mitch George would see the starting line together in this round, a nice blend of old school drivers facing off on their home turf. Mauro was solid all day as was George; Mitch George chopped down the tree .019 to Mauro's also good .028 as the veterans would do but Mauro misses his opportunity at a final 7.820 @ 192 as Mitch George 7.137 @ 192 is ahead and already thinking about the final round to come as John Carcini and Gary Naughton were firing up in the background. Only under the pressure of a semi final and what was at stake with Gary Naughton looking to follow up as both North and South Champion, the worst struck in this round as Naughton and Carcini both left before the tree was activated only Naughton for the worst as Carcini would move on to the final to meet Mitch George in an all nitrous final Both racers had no times and for Carcini, it was sure bet he would have liked to have that data with the passes Mitch George had been on all day.

K&K Advanced Door Car Technologies Heavy Street Finals:
Mitch George Heavy Street Champion In Jack Boers Monte CarloThe Heavy Street racers were the last in line to go after the many classes before them, Both Mitch George and John Carcini lit up the burnout box in Heavy Street Style backing into the lane to set up and begin the purges in the cold night air.

Carcini must have loaded up for bear on this pass that was far from your normal run as Mitch George would suffer a roll-over on the top end after winning the round as it got loose crossing the finish line.

It all starts with Carcini being late off the tree .156 to George's .059 yet the slower number of Mitch George 7.59 @ 137 was the winning effort in another strange happening as Carcini during his pass moved to the wall and crossed the line disqualifying him at that point posting a quicker 7.444 with no MPH due to the excellent driving to stop his car before possibly running into an overturning Mitch George. Mitch George and Jack Boer as a team took all they had into the top end darkness and paid a penalty that was worth the effort and their winning title as Mitch George came to the winners circle to accept his trophy and check without the ride of pride he had used all day to make this possible. Jack Boer was not available for comment on this bittersweet victory as George was OK and again in a look back at our fallen friend Leo Barnaby III this was one car that had established the Neverlift Racecraft now known as Carrolls Rod And Racecraft reign of great cars and Leo was surely looking out for his friend Mitch as he accepted his $5,000 in prize money and the accolades of fans for the year to come as Shakedown Heavy Street Champion 2009.

K&K Advanced Door Car Technologies Hevy Street Final Stats / Awards ET MPH
Champion "Mitch George" 7.539 137.89
Runner Up "John Carinci" 7.444
#1 Qualifier "Gary Naughton" 6.806 212.79
Low E.T. Gary Naughton 6.806
Top Speed Gary Naughton 212.79

Shakedown At E Town

Western Beef 8.50 Index Presented By Finelines Automotive Qualifying Session:


Mark Bowen Qualifies number one using powerDuring the years of constant improvement or modifications of Outlaw 10.5, Drag Dadial and Heavy Street rules some racers were left in a bind to want to compete at a level equal or near the original ideas set forth in the now what is known as Outlaw 10.5 but they possibly didn't want to move to a level like that but instead this group of racers abided by strict rules to create an Index class that could give them a venue in which it was skill of both team and tuner to compete. The 8.50 Index was the outcome, based early on as a chassis cert divided class but eventually moving to a quicker certification as the cars can also play in various classes without to much effort. Some may like to call this bracket racing but NHRA states it is an Index on a higher level than pure drive anything in and write a number down to compete. Running 8.50's gives the fans a great race, older cars back on the track and most of all, the close racing we all want to see but in a quarter mile format. The surrounding tracks offered their support and created a series that has flourished over the years and now precision, precise, and intricate measures give us tight racing at each event. Dave Hance thought this through when including the Index and the racers didn't let him down creating the largest field of all for the weekend with an added bonus prize money pot set forward by Bill and Sue Verzilli of "Verzilli Racing" by racers and fans of this class. Seventy one cars bought a tech card and sixty seven came to the line to do battle of both skill and tune, most in a very professional manner as you would expect from dedicated racers in team uniforms, staging help and a speedy set of sessions that made the day just a particularly good experience. A lot of wild wheels up action and high speeds fulfilled the gamut of cars that headed to the line.

Marc Schankweiler's nova from powers out a Shakedown at E Town WheelieThe Index racers were the first called to the lanes looking for one of thirty two spots in the very cold morning air, after the first session it was realized they had either too much or too little with only nine cars qualified within the range of 8.50 to 9.00 so their next opportunity would be final and the guys and girls turned it on big time filling the ladder on the second qualifier and nailing down some close racing to be looked forward to. Mark Bowen and Joseph Liano would put down the same numbers but Bowen would have more MPH to grab the number one spot 8.504 @ 156 as Liano 8.504 @ 146 would have to sit in second place based on his MPH with Marc Schankweiler 8.5218 @ 155 "Marschan Motorsports" coming in third out of this HUGE amount of cars with NMCA Wheelie Man John Langer in his All Motor Pontiac 69 Trans Am replica posting the 8.648 @ 158 and Tommy Romeo burning up the boards with Top MPH 8.566 @ 170. The field is set and now we have 32 cars in the running all within .114 of the top qualifier.

Western Beef 8.50 Index Presented By Finelines Automotive "Racing Highlight Photos":

Rob Pullers Index IROC Camaro Pulling The Wheels High Action !!Bill Verzilli of exploding off the line in the rs camaroNeal Heyman In His Camaro Comeback with wheelie bars this year www.heymanracing.comStandout Racer TJ Kasper Just Missing A run to qualify in the mustangBen Birds awesome burnout in his index Camaro at night

Mike Grosetto's hard launching Camaro in the night light ran under the indexRon Rhodes powers out a wheelie in index eliminationsThe supercharged 56 chevy screaming through a burnoutGreat nightime Camaro wheelie actionNice mustang wheelie from Dave Acker running under the index

Download The 8.50 Index Qualifying Sheets Here PDF
PDF Qualifying:
Download The 8.50 Index Eliminations Sheets Part 1 Here PDF
PDF Eliminations Part 1:
Download The 8.50 Index Eliminations Sheets Part 1 Here PDF
PDF Eliminations Part 2:
See The Full Qualifying Below:

  • 1: Mark Bowen: 72 Nova 565, - 8.504 @ 154
  • 2: Joseph Laino : 65 Nova 498 - 8.504 @ 146
  • 3: Marc Schankweiler: 66 Chevy II 421, - 8.521 @ 155
  • 4: Gary Romonoyske: 69 Chevy Camaro 468, - 8.528 @ 161
  • 5: Scott Derenzo: 70 Chevy Vette 525, 8.529 @ 161
  • 6: Richard Gardner: 80 Malibu, 555 - 8.532 @ 148
  • 7: John (Jack) Pereira: 69 Ford Mustang 525 - 8.533 @ 161
  • 8: Andrew DeMarco : 82 Ford Mustang 427, - 8.533 @ 150
  • 9: Bobby Moran : 82 Chevy Camaro 356, - 8.538 @ 164
  • 10: Joe Basso: 72 Camaro 421, - 8.541 @ 148
  • 11: Jason Penna: 86 Ford Mustang 555, - 8.548 @ 159
  • 12: Brian Ferrari: 66 Chevy Chevelle 632, - 8.548 @ 148
  • 13: Ron Rhodes: 68 Camaro - 8.557 @ 155
  • 14: Mike Carvalho: 79 Ford Mustang 358, - 8.558 @ 141
  • 15: Mike Conway: 86 Vette 565, - 8.559 @ 163
  • 16: John Ashnault: 95 Ford Mustang 347, - 8.564 @ 160
  • 17: Tommy Romeo: 71 Chevy Nova 632, - 8.566 @ 170
  • 18: William Sanford: 64 Chevy 8.566 @ 160
  • 19: Ernie Zambri: 87 Ford Mustang 412, - 8.579 @ 159
  • 20: Paul Wright: 70 Chevy Camaro 8.579 @ 158
  • 21: Harry Gerb: 68 Pont Firebird 496, - 8.580 @ 160
  • 22: Michael Thompson: 80 Chevy Camaro 408, - 8.584 @ 157
  • 23: John Albrecht: 85 Chevy 555, - 8.589 @ 159
  • 24: Artie Lompado: 68 Pontiac 8.591 @ 158
  • 25: Angelo Valla: Corvette 8.595 @ 160
  • 26: Ali Buscio: 84 Buick Regal 516, - 8.602 @ 156
  • 27: Glenn Hunter: 56 Chevy 540, - 8.604 @ 158
  • 28: Mike Pyott: 68 Camaro 8.623 @ 156
  • 29: John Goss: 78 Chevy Camaro 555, - 8.635 @ 159
  • 30: Rob Poochigian: 67 Chevy Chevelle 565 8.639 @ 158
  • 31: Mike Ziccardi: 73 Duster 382, - 8.642 @ 164
  • 32: John Langer: 69 Pontiac TA 525, 8.548 @ 158
  • 33: Scott Shepherd: 69 Camaro 565, - 8.652 @ 160
  • 34: TJ Kasper: 93 Ford Mustang 8.678 @ 139
  • 35: Joaquim Pedro: 99 Ford Coupe 300, 8.679 @ 167
  • 36: Bill Verzilli : 69 Camaro 648, - 8.861 @ 155
  • 37: Mike Romeo: 74 Chevy - 8.692 @ 155
  • 38: Jeff Castaldo: 69 Camaro - 8.692 @ 146
  • 39: Sal Kazalski: 71 Chevy Nova - 8.706 @ 160
  • 40: Mike Grosseto: 94 Chevy Camaro 707, - 8.772 @ 154
  • 41: Wiso Melendez: 66 Chevelle, - 8.780 @ 139
  • 42: Bill Cannon: 68 Camaro, 548 - 8.798 @ 158
  • 43: Cinton Cranston: 69 Dart, 540 - 8.799 @ 148
  • 44: Neal Heyman: 69 Camaro, 555 - 8.840 @ 151
  • 45: Nick Dompierre: 87 IROC, - 406 - 8.922 @ 156
  • 46: Eric Molinet: 67 Camaro - 8.943 @ 149
  • 47: Carlin Swint: 85 Buick Regal 565 - 8.960 @ 163
  • 48: Wayne Welsh: 84 Mustang: 347 - 8.987 @ 121
  • 49: Joe Timinski: 8.991 @ 134
  • 50: Robb Puller: 86 IROC Camaro 427 - 9.010 @ 127
  • 51: Bill Gorafsky: 69 Ford Mustang, 500- 9.091 @ 153
  • 52: Billy O'Dowd: 69 Nova, 632 - 9.110 @ 127
  • 53: Robert Chizenski: 9.182 @ 144
  • 54: Thomas Favata: 67 Chevy, 406 - 9.381 @ 131
  • 55: Louis Ferrari: 85 Mustang, - 427 9.410 @ 116
  • 56: Garry Massenzio: 87 Camaro 632, - 9.701 @ 162
  • 57: Brent Beachley: 71 Chevy Nova 496, - 9.837 @ 105
  • 58: Steve Gill,: 72 Dodge Dart, - 9.979 @ 154
  • 59: Andrew Smith: 95 Blazer, - 555 - 10.225 @ 140
  • 60: Andreas Karampelas: 72 Nova, 510 - 13.143 @ 67
  • 61: Rick Long: 13.900 @ 62
  • 62: Mike O'Sullivan: 90 Mustang, - 8.485 @ 164
  • 63: Dave Acker: 91 Mustang, 525 - 8.484 @ 161
  • 64: Shawn Gallagher: 79 Mustang, 427, - 8.468 @ 146
  • 65: Joe Alagna: 69 Camaro, 540 - 8.446 @ 140
  • 66: Ken Bird: 81 Camaro 350, 8.431 @ 157
  • 67: 1540: 8.340 @ 161
Western Beef 8.50 Index Presented By Finelines Automotive Eliminations Round One:
Mike Pyott In His Index Camaro Charging off the line at the ShakedownRound one of eliminations went off without a hitch, the racers had more than they bargained for with changing weather from the qualifying sessions as race day was well into the seventy degree's from their mid to low 40's when their qualifiers went down. With a full field it was only a matter of getting both ends of the track right against your opponent and keeping the tune up. The racers were quick into the lanes and through their round session as first cars called on Sunday morning with Jason Penna .023 trouncing Glenn Hunter's beautiful supercharged 56 Chevy .318 with a quicker ET but too much left on the line 8.653 to Penna's 8.703 @ 146. John Langer usually a man of steel on the tree abruptly deep stage fouled out in his loss 8.591 @ 159 to John Ashnault's .359 9.661 @ 156. Marc Schankweiler "Marschan Motorsports" kept the Nova on the straight and narrow to the finish .082 dropping a solid 8.559 @ 149 on the clocks with his lane partner Ernie Zambiri also a .082 but a slower 9.063 @ 158. Angelo Valla a regular at E Town knows the track and though late on the tree .131 he put down a tough to beat 8.534 @ 152 against the blown Camaro of Bobby Moran, .096 8.614 @ 157. Standout 8.50 racer in the area Rob Poochigian tried a little too hard leaving on red -.016 8.663 @ 139 to winner Mike Carvalho .113 8.568 @ 146 going another round.

Wild Wheelstand At Night By John Langer At The ShakedownLong time Raceway Park Hero Brian Ferrari took the tree .022 and the win light 8.579 @ 145 against Mike Pyott "Pyott Racing" and his father in charge while it launched hard but squirrelly with big power from induction solutions nitrous assist .058 9.157 @ 155. Mike "TNT" Thompson usually a tough prospect gave Richard Gardner a run for the beams in a losing effort .079 8.548 @ 158 to Gardner's winning .029 8.545 @ 156. Michael Ziccardi .169 9.144 @ 161 got an open pass winning his round by way of red light start from Mike Conway -.011 8.580 @ 164. Paul Wright put on a top end charge 8.998 @ 155 as the .088 light was deadly against .032 8.694 @ 139 by winner Gary Romonoyske's package. -.011 8.580 @ 164. The "First Lady" of 8.50 Index racing "Ali Buscio" recently on a winning streak for "Buscio Racing's" husband and wife team took out a slowing Joe Basso .039 16.3 @ 48 with a good set of numbers to work with for the next round .066 8.623 @ 153. Last years runner up in this contest of skill John Goss again found the red light staring him down with a deep stage foul 8.48 @ 162 while Ron Rhodes worked his Camaro just right to the tune of .096 8.516 @ 162, Rhodes is a favorite in the area for his wild action. It wasn't a good day for the Vettes in the class so far as Scott Derenzo would deep stage foul also 9.232 @ 159 with Harry Gerb running the ultra clean "H-J Motorsports" Firebird out the back door 8.470 @ 160 to test it's muster.

More Camaro Wheelie action From Mike RomeoArtie Lampado .092 had no choice but to chase down Andrew DeMarco .068 after this good start but Demarco would be the first to drop a perfect 8.500 @ 155 on the boards and Lampado runs under 8.496 @ 159. Not often do you get the number one qualifier and top MPH racers paired up in the first round, but they did at the Shakedown Mark Bowen left with his usual good light .019 and not wavering from his solid numbers 8.515 @ 156 under J & E Performance Power while Tommy Romeo .043 again had big MPH but no win light .043 8.641 @ 170. John (Jack) Pereira would also set the deep foul light on red leaving John Albrecht on a full open pass for tuning next round .118 8.496 @ 160. The shoebox Nova's were in the beams and a brilliant race ensued, Joseph Laino was stung on the tree .291 but came back with a strong 8.515 @ 155 against and equally good run by William Sanford .114 8.698 @ 159 for the final pairing in this session.

Western Beef 8.50 Index Presented By Finelines Automotive Eliminations Round Two:
Ali Buscio Wheelies Off The Line At The Shakedown at E Town 2009After the early morning frost had lifted from the panels of the race cars in the Index, the late morning sun brought the temps up considerably also affecting most racers tune but the track was solid and hooking hard for good starting line action in this heads up class. Gary Romonoyske followed his earlier winning ways .059 8.589 @ 146 dropping Brian "Mean Green" Ferrari out of the battle for the title on his home track. Ron Rhodes put together a great combination of reaction time and ET .092 8.58 @ 161 but couldn't best a firing on all cylinders Harry Gerb rocking another round win .106 8.535 @ 156. Michael Ziccardi left a little too much on the tree .162 against John Albrecht .123 to have any room to play on the top end losing to Albrecht 8.653 @ 162 to 8.644 @ 153. Andrew DeMarco is coming on strong with the Mustang .090 8.513 @ 150 to drop John Ashnault from the next session losing with a .162 8.653 @ 162. Mike Carvalho was slapped with a .014 by opponent Richard Gardner to his .142 on the tree and Gardner finishes off his pass 8.599 @ 152 to a losing Carvalho 8.608 @ 147. Mark Bowen again left no room for error or games on front or back of the track after a brilliant package .061 8.509 @ 155 while Angelo Valla struggled to match his opponent on the top end in one of the closest races of the day .069 8.556 @ 161, this is what it's all about, old school drag racing. Ali Buscio had the reaction time on the tree nailed down .020 but dropped off the ET 8.629 @ 157 needed to beat Joseph Laino .114 and a mean 8.515 @ 157 matching MPH with Buscio, the MOV on this run was a mere .080. Hopeful for a winning effort for the fans of the well known True Street Chevy II of "Marschan Motorsports" Marc Schankweiler spent his time n the pits replacing the rear for this round only to find his transmission was gone and too much time had gone by as he was solid all weekend so far. Jason Penna takes his bye run .079 8.647 @ 159 to finish the rounds and the racers moving into the quarter finals chomping on the winners circle bit already loaded up for the next round.

Western Beef 8.50 Index Presented By Finelines Automotive Eliminations Round Three:
Jason Penna Works The Mustang Hard In The 8.50 Index RoundsWith so much going on in the day for other classes involved in the Shakedown 2009 you'd think the Index racers would get lost in the mix, forget that, fans of close racing and hard launches sat tight in the bleachers for more action from these guys as the day went on. Jason Penna .017 would put John Albrecht on the trailer via holeshot to Albrecht's .114. Penna would be the slower of the two 8.618 @ 157 as Albrecht put up another great number in his loss column 8.523 @ 160 the MOV on this race was in fact .002 to the winner, just awesome. Richard Gardner again took full control of both ends of the track knowing his ride well .021 for him to the losing Joseph Laino .035 in a double under run or "Breakout" 8.483 @ 155 to the loser as Gardner was less on the foul 8.491 @ 159. Gary Romonoyske continues to blaze a rail of numbers that are particularly hard to beat .021 8.518 @ 154 was a notch in his belt as the yellow Camaro would see another round after ousting a tough Andrew DeMarco .103 unusually late on the tree and running under 8.497 @ 148. Mark Bowen probably the most feared of the day with his consistency dropped into the beams too deep and caused a deep stage foul as the Nova was now out of it for the day 8.545 @ 154 as Harry Gerb moves ahead into the semis running the Firebird out again seeing how much grunt he would need to pull out of it .114 8.470 @ 159.

Western Beef 8.50 Index Presented By Finelines Automotive Semi Finals:
Harry Gerb's Outstanding Index Firebird Going RoundsThe Semi Finals featured a great blend of great American muscle from the early years and the flavor of the well known quick 8 cars from years past. Harry Gerb in the 68 Firebird met with Jason Penna's classic fox body Mustang. Penna gets the jump on Gerb .023 to .036 respectively as Gerb lays down the big block power on the top end taking the win and a trip to the finals 8.548 @ 159 while Penna would have to watch his hopes go down in hundredths of a second 8.576 @ 153. Gary Romonoyske was playing hardball with the best all day and not faltering or wavering as opponent Richard Gardner in his Malibu was also taking numbers and names throughout the rounds. Gardner .031 bested Romonoyske on the tree .051 but the final numbers would show Romonoyske taking charge in the cooler late evening air for the win and trip to the finals 8.547 @ 154 to Gardner's losing effort but standout competitor all day 8.588 @ 158.

Western Beef 8.50 Index Presented By Finelines Automotive Finals:
Gary Romonoyske The Shakedown At E Town Index Champion and his 69 CamaroNighttime in New Jersey had fallen on the Raceway Park facility as two of the strongest machines both in gleaming early F Body sheet metal pulled into the lights to begin the burnout phase. Both Muscle cars, the 69 Camaro of Gary Romonoyske featuring Big Block Chevy power of course and the glimmering red show stopper of the now defunct Pontiac company Harry Gerbs Firebird from "H-J Motorsports" of 1968 vintage who had come to the track on Friday with a completely fresh 468 motor and no passes on it as it was wasted from an earlier weekend of racing and thrashed on just before the racing was to begin as a bare block was all there was in the early Friday morning, this was a night for a great story of the mental and physical heart these racers put into their sport. As fans awaited, the tree dropped and Gerb was way too late on the tree .150 for an opponent like Romonoyske .034 as Gerb would try and recoup what he lost on the line but ran under the index 8.492 @ 160 in a losing effort as Gary Romonoyske had to have known he had this one wrapped up with a solid 8.600 @ 146 leaving Gerb no room for a come from behind win. Gary Romonoyske now goes back to New York as 8.50 Index champion of the Shakedown at E Town 2009 plus $5,000 the richer for his strong showing.

Western Beef 8.50 Index Presented By Finelines Automotive Final Stats / Awards ET MPH
Champion "Gary Romonoskye" 8.600 146.53
Runner Up "Harry Gerb" 8.492 160.18
#1 Qualifier "Mark Bowen" 8.504 155.02
Top Speed Tommy Romeo 8.566 170

The Leo Barnaby "Jenna Barnaby Fund" Corvette Raffle
Family and friends of Leo Barnaby Raffled Off The Outlaw 10.5 CorvetteIt's been just about a year since young Jenna Barnaby lost her well know father to an accident leaving the mainstream racers and the close knit family and friends grieving at Leo Barnaby III passing so early in life. His business was well known for producing working cars out of the Neverlift Racecraft shop now running under the name of Carrolls Rod And Racecraft. After his passing, websites banded together nationwide with his brother Ken Barnaby of e'Decals fame to send out a message that the twin turbo Corvette we all know from Leo and his Shakedown appearances was to be raffled off to benefit his young daughters education and best friend Wayne Keegan of Competitive Wiring standing strong as the man who put most of this together although still broken from his loss with Dave Hance and Michelle Marchesse arranging most of the details needed to work.

Jenna Barnaby Fund Raising Corvette Raffle At The Shakedown At E TownAll it took was $100.00 for a ticket and a true belief that enough would be raised from proceeds from this to make sure Jenna Barnaby would be well taken care of in her future. Dave Hance was on the loud speakers all day prompting more sales of tickets as solemnly the Corvette was rolled out in the late evening for all to see as his Mother, Father and family took part allowing various members and close partners to pull the tickets from a jar. Tears of both pain and joy were on the faces of the Barnaby's as the final name was announced and the car would be leaving for Pueblo, Colorado as Gregory Orr won the main prize, you can see the rest of the winning proceeds here at The Jenna Website for the rest of the winners. Just a small note on this bittersweet date, two of the winning cars in Outlaw 10.5 and Heavy Street were creations of Leo Barnaby III and as a competitor and racer Leo may have seen his many dreams come true through these hard racing drivers.

Shakedown At E Town Race Wrap Up 2009:
Though it was a rain date, the fans of Dave Hance in association with New York Motorsports and Raceway Park the 7th Annual Al-Anabi Racing Shakedown At E Town was a successful venture into a bigger race than predicted via the tough competitors that came to this awesome facility to see the records set, share time in the pits with racings biggest names and spend a terrific weekend of warm temps and beautiful fall surrounding in the state of New Jersey. Many will be coming back with high hopes of this race becoming the forefather of Outlaw Drag Racing in the northeast as its own entity of the sport. While our economy is suffering, you wouldn't know it by the bountiful payouts, pleasurable response of vendors and media plus the racers that ran this preface to racing history on November 8th and 9th 2009. See all and more next year for the Shakedown at E Town 2010.

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