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   The Shakedown at E Town 2004 Archives: THE QUICKEST & FASTEST OUTLAW DRAG RACE IN THE WORLD !!

The 2nd Annual Shakedown At E 'Town Race Review 2004
Authored By 2004 Archives

The Shakedown at E-Town 2004
"Big Guns Come Out Locked And Loaded"

Matt From captures this wild image of the wild rides nova at the shakedown at e town 2004, it also grabbed the cover of RPM Magazine Getting cars to come out to a Five Thousand Dollars to win race was the ultimate in ideas and a gutsy move for "Cycle" Dave Hance of New York Motorsports, A known heavy hitter in his own right. He called upon the racers, friends, sponsors and the familiar setting of Englishtown's Raceway Park, home of the "Ultra Quick 8's". This race in particular would take on a new meaning of just who is the baddest car in the racing genre', A "Run Whatcha Brung" no holds barred feast of tire shredding horsepower that only Dave’s efforts and the racers need for speed could bring to the starting line. Anything would go at this race, be it big tire or the restricted 10.5W running head to head with simplified rules.

The Racers List is a veritable who's who of DragRacing; most of the names are synonymous with the words, World Champion, Points Leader, Record Holder, and most important "Wanted".

While the season was now over for the Ultra Quick 8's there was still the urge to see a sub 7 second pass that didn't happen as was expected in Orlando. Dave Hance took it upon himself to put many of the same racers on a national NHRA seasoned track and added Two Thousand bonus dollars to sweeten the deal for the first person who does it. Seeing if it could be done here in the Northeast where cooler weather and the sea level altitude could impact this goal of a 6.99 pass, was some of the madness associated with the Shakedown.

NY Motorsports and it's sponsors of the Shakedown at E Town made it possible for the racers to enter this free of charge. Only the cost for a tech card would make them put their hand in their pockets, this was a first I've heard of in this type of racing. With the list of racers finalized and the sponsors fully on board the bounties have been set aside for certain racers that have been put on the "must take out list" all year. Fortunately all the sponsors behind this endeavor made this race possibly the fastest heads up race in the Northeast, and was proud to be along for the ride with the fastest machines and teams at this once a year event.

Tim Lynch Setting The World Record In 2004

"Tim Lynch On The Way To The Record Setting 6.966 @ 207.43 From The Shake Down At E-Town"

"Click Here" for The Shakedown At E-Town Awesome Gallery, The Ultimate Racers In The Northeast !!

Shake Down at E-Towns "Ultimate" Heads Up Racers:
1..Tim Lynch 7.007 @ 207 : 02 Mustang, 449 SBF, Twin 86mm Turbos, Glide - Proline Race Engines / Cajun Race cars / Ted Houser Race Cars
2..Richie Sexton 7.20 @ 194 : 67 Nova, Gene Fulton BBC, Bruno, Nitrous - Fulton Racing Engines / Eastern Homes / Absolute Auto
3..Mike Reynolds 7.211 @ 189 : 69 Nova, 509 BBC, Roots Blown, Injected, Alcohol, Glide - WildRides Chassis / Simonek Performance
4..Leo Barnaby 7.218 @ 191 : 82 Camaro, Big Sals 632 BBC, FB Glide, Nitrous - Neverlift Motorsports
5..John Schroeder 7.23 @ 189 : 02 Camaro, Musi 632 EFI BBC, Nitrous, Glide - Liberty Auto Body,Pat Musi,Neverlift Motorsports
6..Jason Enos 7.25 @ 192 : 66 Nova, 632 BBC, Musi Injection, Nitrous, Glide - Ocean State Performance / Bob "Cape Fear" Waldeck
7..Chuck Ulsch 7.26 @ 192 : 69 SS Camaro, Gene Fulton BBC, bruno, Nitrous - Fulton Racing Engines / Eastern Homes / Absolute Auto
8..Jim Briante 7.27 @ 192 : 2000 Mustang, 387 SBF, Procharger, Glide - Procharger / Dynamic Racing Transmissions
9..Doug Harris 7.30 @ 191 :68 Barracuda, 414 SBC, Single 106 Turbo, EFI, Lenco Drive 3spd - Harris Brothers Motorsports Harris
10.Geneva Williams 7.40 @ 185 : 68 Camaro, 632 Fulton BBC, Nitrous, Glide - WIZ Racing
11.Brian Ferrari 7.42 @ 183 : 66 Chevelle, 632 Musi, EFI, Nitrous, Glide - Neverlift Motorsports / Pat Musi
12.John and Andy Cheman 7.48 @ 183 : 69 Camaro, Roots Blown Oddy SBC, Injected, Alcohol, Rossler 400 - Oddy Racing Engines / K & B Race Cars / Competitive Wiring / Kasper Fabrication and Machine
13."Cycle" Dave Hance 7.49 @ 192 : 2000 Mustang, Turbocharged SBF, Glide, - New York Motor Sports
14.Mitch George 7.50 @ 185 : 96 Camaro, 648 BBC, Nitrous, Glide - R & G Paving Co. / Mitch George
15.Warren Herman 7.55 @ 188 : 72 Nova, 632 BBC, Nitrous, Glide - Warren Car Stereos / / Montana Brothers Race Cars
16.John Ullman 7.603 @ 182 : 93 Mustang, 390 SBF, turbocharged, Glide - the Turbo People / MI Performance / Dynamic racing Transmissions / Innovative Turbo
17.Scott Curtis 7.603 @ 180 : 66 Chevelle, 648 BBC, Nitrous, Glide - Henry Jackson Racing Engines / Curtis Trucking / Scott Curtis / Steve Ficcaro's Auto Body BUMP
18.Scott Gaudagno 7.68 @ 179: 02 Camaro, 632 BBC, Nitrous, Glide - DNQ
19.Joe White 7.75 @ 182 : 94 Camaro, 377 SBC, Bruno, Single Turbo - J & E Performance DNQ
20.Lou Denny 7.86 @ 170 : 70 Chevelle SS, 565 BBC, Nitrous, Glide - J & E Performance Performance, Montana Brothers Race Cars, Applied Nitrous Technologies, Finishline Performance DNQ
21.Anthony Disomma 7.97 @ 192 : 04 Mustang, 428 SBF, Single Turbo, Glide - Coast Chassis / Disomma Racing Engines DNQ
22.Tom Kasper 7.98 @ 169 : 94 Lincoln, 414 SBF, Single Turbo, Alcohol, Glide - Kaspers Korner DNQ
23.Rob Golobo 8.01 @ 122 : 02 Camaro SS, 648 BBC, Nitrous, Glide - Altered Customs / Slickcraft DNQ
24.Todd Harris 8.07 @ 172 : 02 Mustang, Single Turbo SBF, Glide - Harris Brothers Motorsports Harris DNQ
25.Pete Pace 8.15 @ 174 : 69 Camaro, 615 BBC, Nitrous, Glide - Pace Auto Body DNQ
26.Alex Vrettos 8.17 @ 173 : 96 Mustang,Turbo SBF, Glide, Drag Radials WildRides Chassis DNQ
27.Richie Stine 8.25 @ 169 : 71 Chevelle, 600 BBC, Nitrous, Glide, Drag Radials - Roche Racing Engines / R B Stine Corporation DNQ
28.Steve Ramage 8.30 @ 166 : 69 Camaro, 615 BBC, Nitrous, Glide - Castaldo Racing / Speedtech Nitrous / RS Performance DNQ
29.Jorge Rodriguez 8.32 @ 163 : 85 Camaro, 648 BBC, Nitous, Glide - Bammann Racing Engines / Rick Cadogan DNQ
30.Mark Hayes 8.35 @ 178 : 69 Camaro, 706 BBC, Nitrous, Lenco-Bruno - Vanishing Point Race Cars / Sheehy Performance DNQ
31.Jack Gulli 8.41 @ 161 : 94 Trans Am, 414 BBC, Bruno, Single Turbo - J & E Performance DNQ
32.Carlin Swint 8.43 @ 168 : 85 Buick Regal, 632 BBC, Nitrous, Glide - DNQ
33.132C "Big Mike" 8.44 @ 162 : Disqualified
34.John Balinsky 8.80 @ 155 : 81 Olds Cutlass, SBC, Nitrous, Glide. Drag Radials - "On A Budget Racing" / Small Block, and of course "Timmy" and Carla DNQ
35.Joe Zelenack 8.82 @ 152 :70 Dodge Challenger, BB, 727, Nitrous - Destiny Travel,, (570) 788-2771 Cope Racing Transmissions DNQ
36.James Kursay 9.30 @ 151 : 78 malibu Wagon, BBC, Procharger, Glide, Drag Radials - Pat Musi / Tom Richdale / Chassis Engineering / Jim Powski Racecraft Engineering / Procharger / Chris Singleton DNQ
37.Emmanuel Sirrus 9.42 @ 172 : 91 Mustang, 318 SBF, Turbo, Glide - PSI Motorsports DNQ
38.Josh Floyd 9.426 @ 141: 72 Chevelle, BBC, Nitrous, Glide - DNQ
39.Brad Harris 11.24 @ 157 : 03 Mustang, Single Turbo SBF, Glide - Harris Brothers Motorsports / Harris DNQ
40.Manny Buginga 11.36 @ 93 : 91 Mustang, SBF, Nitrous, Glide - DNQ
41.Shawn Kivekas 11.84 @ 68 : 81 Malibu, BBC, Nitrous, Glide - DNQ
42.Robert Finkelstein 12.16 @ 69 : 94 S 10, Single Turbo 380 SBC, Glide - Neverlift Motorsports DNQ
43.Bill Cannon 14.68 @ 74 : 68 Camaro BBC, Nitrous, T400 - Disqualified
44.Louis Sebita : 55 Chevy, 632 BBC, Nitrous, Glide - RS Competition / Giresi Racing Disqualified
45.Mark Durbin : Disqualified


got off to a late start, and it looked like the race may have been doomed by noon. Raceway Park put enormous effort into drying off the moist track and waited patiently for the fog to clear getting the Shake Down at E-Town underway. It seemed as nothing was going to hamper the spirits of the racers or the staff for this event, it may have even turned into a friendly gathering and "Bad Ass" car show if the fans, racers and track weren't so persistent in getting through what could have been the best race of the season. Blowers, heaters and everything they could throw at the track made it possible to start qualifying around one PM. Announcer Walter Frey came in late but even his skills as the best in the business were strained by the commentary of our own gDR Jr. Eric Basmajian who had control of the mic earlier in the day. Thanks Eric for the entertainment.

Knowing what was waiting in the staging lanes as the Gamblers took some shots on the fresh track, the fence lined deep and the stands filled. The sound of the tires moving over the starting line was almost like pulling masking tape off, cobwebs of VHT strung from the big hides as they pulled into the beams. With all the efforts the track was not quite up to par making some racers work hard to get good grip. Many blew the tires off at the hit of the pedal and the track started to come around when Lou Denny was the first to get into the sevens with a 7.86 @ 170, Tim Lynch was next to try and get the number one spot but the twin turbo stang left hard and started careening for the wall on its left side tires only, a good save kept it off the concrete barrier. Mike Reynolds opened up the gap fast with an early 7.21 @ 189, many followed afterwards closely. Rob Golobo hooked about as hard as you could and the "Orange Crush" decided to hurt the motor keeping out for his next qualifier, the bounty on him would have to wait.

The time between the upcoming round two of qualifying was again delayed, many spills, broken parts and of course a few minor incidents with walls would slow the Shake Down racers even more to get in the next round. It finally came around 4:30pm and the track was getting much better, as the hook was there the damage was starting to show when huge wheelstands and some "never seen that before" action started to take place. Lou Sebitas 55 Chevy crushed the starting line and hit so hard on the leave that the back window was coming out within 30ft after the bumper smacked the ground; the car continued on as it wildly kept blipping the throttle well past the 800ft mark, needless to say clean up would be long. Again the track was heated but with only this pass to get you into the race, it was all or nothing. Most of the guys figured it out and finally a promise of a record was in sight with Tim Lynch making the timing board sway like in cartoons, posting up a 7.007 @ 207 as he blew by it, this was the absolute fastest 10.5 car in existence now. The rest of the field shaped up well with only six tenths separating them.

In a strange twist, out of nowhere the lights went out in the facility, this caused a few of the cars to make a pass yet not receive the slips or the times they ran, there was no record. Tom Kasper and Jorge Rodriguez were two that noticed this and felt it would impact their chance, they asked and it seemed there would be no fixing what happened unless there would be more delays for them to rerun the pass. In a great piece of sportsmanship conduct, Tom Kasper decided for Dave and the track that he would accept the pass and let the race stay on target, this put them out of the running for good, and as a major sponsor and racer he put his own needs aside on behalf of the others. This is the kind of thing that happens from the best of racers when all they want is a shot. Tom, that was an awfully cool thing you did!!

Round One

and it was getting very late. Englishtown’s curfew is in effect on Sundays and it is a major fine to get caught with engines running after 7:30PM. They wasted no time in getting this round moving. Cars were moved aside in the lanes as the sixteen best pulled next to each other for their chosen pairings. Mitch George had pulled the spot with his pit buddy Scott Curtis, both staged slowly and Mitch George put a holeshot on Scott Curtis with an .026 to an .096, But the big Chevelle would reel Mitch in on the top end and take the win with 7.62 @ 180 to Mitch Georges 7.75 @ 175, the margin was a mere 7 hundredths for the winning Scott Curtis. The best of both worlds in the Camaros got matched up next with the Hi Tech Big tire nitrous monster of John Schroeder contrasting the ultra mean Blown 69 Camaro of John and Andy Cheman. The Blown small block vs. the big nitrous cubes. This one was over quick as John Schroeder 7.32 @ 186 got out in front and stayed there leaving a traction limited John Cheman 7.70 @ 176 behind. Both of these cars are incredibly detailed and clean, they are a must see at any event. Another Camaro round followed, with Geneva Williams following after the enormous burnout by Chuck Ulsch and the low slung 69 that looks just plain menacing. After both backed up to begin their steady roll to the beams, the Geneva Williams crew caught a glimpse of smoke from under the hood of the nasty 69 and immediately shut it down, leaving Chuck Ulsch the option to make history and nail the 6.99 time. A little too much off the line made him pedal it and only get a 9.87 @ 107, so it was still up for grabs.

It just kept on coming as the parade of horsepower pulled into the box, Richie Sexton and the well know Mobley 66 Nova was paired with the brand new Yenko striped Nova of Warren Herman, sporting Funny Car Slicks and one of the cleanest built cars I’ve laid eyes on. Both took a good bit of time as both crews lined them up for their best. Richie Sexton was well out on the green as Warren Herman just hung too long, the end result is Richie Sexton being the proud owner of the new quickest and fastest nitrous car record clocking a 7.16 @ 192 while Warren Herman was still damn happy with his final 7.52 @ 180.

John Ullman would be the one to face the man that put down the seven flat number one spot and have the duties of taking on the worlds now fastest 10.5 car of Tim Lynch. Both racers are no newcomers to speed and it would only take a small mistake to put away Tim Lynch, this was not going to happen as Tim Lynch was out harder than his qualifying pass, screaming into the night with both turbos whining and the searing heat wave following the black flamed Mustang.

Tim Lynch crossed the line at around 6:30 EST with a record breaking feat in 10.5 racing. The boards lit up with 6.966 at 207.43 putting Tim Lynch in the heroes spot and giving new meaning to the word "unreal", the still packed stands were pulsating with cheers, the starting line was full of shocked and amazed racers "You Can Read the Response From Tim Lynch Below". John Ullman probably had the best seat for this one as he finalized his run with a 12.58 @ 115.

Race promoter and host extraordinaire now, was bound in a match race that he had set the bounty for, that's right; "Cycle" Dave Hance would have to face Leo Barnaby and either lose and pay Leo, or win and keep his own money he set on Leos head. Both wasted no time and staged very fast, not either’s usual style, Leo Barnaby cut one of the best lights of his life .007 and ran almost his best run too with a 7.24 @ 190; "Cycle" Dave Hance was close behind topping his MPH with a 7.25 @ 193. The win light was on in Barnaby's lane for the whole race as "Cycle" Dave Hance lit the RED bulb with a -.010 light, Leo gets paid and wins. Great Race you guys !! Jason Enos would post no time as he would roll through the beams during staging, while Scott Guadagno would fire down track a very fast for conditions 7.39 @ 189 and the win. Jim Briante would stay out in the lead on Doug Harris as he upset the Turbo Barracuda 7.38 @ 191 to the winning 7.31 @ 191; the quicker turbo of Jim Briante proved his power against Doug Harris and the Barracuda that is getting faster each race.

Round two

would never come as the time had expired for the season at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park. Curfew had set in and the decision was made to split the monies from the rounds with each of the racers. This was and probably will be one of the most intense races E-Town has ever seen. In one night they had officially set a new 10.5 record and on a rainy cold Sunday the stands were filled and the pits were loaded with the best the states have to offer. If you look at how well they compared to Orlando, you'll see there was a strong support from Sponsors and Racers alike. Dave Hance put this show together and proved without a doubt that Outlaw Racing is where it's at and The Northeast's racers are the baddest there is. With Tim Lynch and the record now set in The Shake Down at E-Town books, you can look back at this and know you played a part in the colossal day of spectacular events. Everyone that participated is truly a winner in this sport, most new they didn't have enough to even qualify but put themselves on the blacktop of Englishtown to be with the best there is.
Tim Lynch took time to let us pay him a visit on this record setting night and give us the heads up of what the run felt like and what his thoughts were prior to the run.

alt= Tim Lynch Shakedown At E Town Wallpaper by goDragRacingClick Here For The "Commemorative" Tim Lynch Desktop Wallpaper

Tim Lynch and the "Shot" heard round the world 6.966 @ 207:

gDR Exclusive Interview

Tim Lynch is your typical southern gentleman, somewhat soft spoken yet determined in his efforts to be the best there is and live this racing life to its fullest. Many people are behind him and it comes as no surprise that he would like to make sure you, our readers know who they are.

Tim allowed me to follow the end of his thoughts with his thanks after we take you on a trip in the worlds fastest 6 second Outlaw mustang.

As of the first round the Mustang hooked but took a mean turn towards the wall on its left side tires, I stayed in it just to correct its aim and knew that pass was done. My only choice was to get qualified at the least with my one last pass. We took a bunch of power out of it off the line and the car was extremely lazy with a 1.21 60ft but it did go straight down the track and I wasn't surprised that it did go a low seven but it was just a tuning pass for the eliminations. The crew knew the power was there, and corrected the launch with some minor adjustments. After the burnout the focus again was just getting through another round but as soon as the car left on the hit of the throttle the Mustang pulled well with a little tire shake but I’m 'Not Bitchin' about that, I knew it was making a better pass if all went well on the back half of the track. It pulled hard the full length of the quarter mile and as I let the chutes out I knew something was better than before.

I would have liked to have some more rounds but this is sometimes how it goes in racing. Having the first car in the sixes is quite a feat in this racing and the team has proven itself over and over again. I know the car has much more in it and the crew with me and the people that sponsor this ride are the ones that make this car stand out, without them it wouldn't be competing at this world class level.

I do need to thank some of these people and would enjoy having it done here. Mainly Dave Hance and Englishtown’s Raceway Park for having this race. My wife Kelly, Harry at Precision Turbo, Chip at Cajun Pro Cars, Pro Turbo Kits, Steve Petty Racing Engines, Tony at F.A.S.T. EFI, Anthony Jones, Teddy Houser Race Cars, Neal Transmissions, Jimmy Blackmon, Total Engine Airflow, Mustang Parts, and Marty Chance.

gDR would like to thank Tim Lynch and his Crew for taking timeout from the celebration to talk with us also.

gDR would also like to thank all of our members that followed Daves Shakedown at E-Town, the fans that packed E-Town on a cold rainy November day, and the racers that did their best like they always do. Englishtowns Raceway Park, Dave Hance of NY Motorsports, New York Camera and Video, Dave Milcarek, Steve Bell for sharing the sidelines. This is what makes this stuff ROCK, gDR was proud to be a part of it. Congrats to everyone for a great time.

Shakedown At E Town

The Rules And Sponsors In 2004

Outlaw Street Racing rules
  1. Fastest 8 or 16 cars qualify, pro ladder, .400 pro tree
  2. One type of power adder, as much as you want (multiple stage N2O ok) gas or alcohol only
  3. Street appearing steel full bodied door cars only (no roadsters or pro cars)
  4. Mufflers required (any type)
  5. Square tube or back half at base weight
  6. All Converter driven transmissions at base weight, clutchless trans (Lenco/Liberty) add 100lbs
  7. No re-starts. crossing starting line after burnout = red light
  8. Base Weight 3,200 lbs for big tires, 3,000 for all 10.5 tires
    Weight Deductions:
    Naturally Aspirated -400lbs
    Nitrous Small Blocks -200lbs

    Weight penalties:
    Full round tube chassis +100lbs (must be a street type car (no pro mods or pro stocks))
    Lenco/Liberty type trans with clutch +100lbs

    Call ahead and get approval if you are planning on racing a round tube car

Shakedown Schedule
Gates open at 9am
1st Qualifier 11:00 AM
2nd Qualifier 12:30 PM
1st Round 2:00 PM
2nd Round 3:30 PM
Semi-Finals 5:00 PM
Finals 6:30 PM

Click Here for Directions to Raceway Park

Payouts and Bounty's on racers.

  • $5,000 TO WIN
  • $1,000 TO R/UP
  • $ 250 TO SEMI'S







Sponsor List
Clickable links to the people that sponsored this
Event and the efforts to make it all happen

Photo And Journalistic Credits:,, "Jason Sharp"
Dave Milcarek's Drag Racing Photography, Steve Bell Signs and Drag Racing Photography, John McCartney's Drag Racing Photography

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