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   The Shakedown at E Town 2005 Archives: THE QUICKEST & FASTEST OUTLAW DRAG RACE IN THE WORLD !

The 3rd Annual Shakedown At E 'Town Race Review 2005

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The 1st flyer put out for the shakedown at E Town in 2005, a classic nowThe Third Annual Shakedown At E-Town
"The Beast Of The Northeast"

Authored by, Photos By Matt And Mark

During the racing season some events are looked forward to more than others, such is the case with the grand daddy of real street outlaw racing like the Orlando World Street Finals, the big money races in the south, and nothing more prevalent than the record setting performances laid down during the "Shakedown At E Town".

Each year this race is growing behind the excellent promotions of Dave Hance (New York Motorsports), The Chemen Brothers, and The NESCA Racing Association. The Northeast fairs well during the latter part of the year but October dates are certainly on the "iffy" side of the season as fall comes into play.

Raceway Park was surrounded by the stunning colors of turning trees and deep green fresh cut grass at this expansive Facility and as luck would have it the brilliant sun raised the temperatures to a comfortable day of racing for the drivers and the spectators. Traffic leading into Raceway Park was nothing short of deadlocked with 12 lanes of spectators and racers eager to get seated or unloaded to try and not only watch the event but compete for the $10,000 to win prize. Please Read On:

Commorative Shakedown At E-Town Wallpapers At The End

Wild Rides Mike Reynolds fires off the starting line at Raceway Park, Shakedown at E Town 2005

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This year the event was stepped up a bit with the addition of three extra classes. The Pro Modified style Pro Outlaw class and two inclusive motorcycle sessions. The "No Time Nationals" were added to the mix in hopes that the hardcore style racing would have a share in the highlight of the day’s action. This event is one that strikes the feel of late night street racing on a prepared surface with a commitment to safety. The Smallblock Posse has the rights to this outstanding idea. Racers are pulled from a hat and paired until only one stands at the end of the race without times being shown.

Just to be a part of these fantastic classes brought in a range of cars that rivals counts only seen at an event like this, mostly the heavy hitters and the hired guns. The regular outlaw racers stand a chance of setting themselves into a 16 car field as one slip could pull the big guns out of the running and a racer into the prized Cinderella spot of competing with the best. I can only imagine what it would be like to be staged next to the fastest Pro Modified or 10.5 men on earth and have that story to tell to friends and family. A packed house viewed the racers in action from the overcrowded bleachers.

As we here at gDR consider ourselves an “Outlaw style Heads Up” website we’ll begin here with the 10.5 class of qualifying. The tunnel underneath the E Town facility heard the firing of engines echo through the woods as the racers began their first session. Fifty 10.5 drivers made a pass down the quarter mile with the top ten of the first round having Richie Sexton, Scott Guadagno, Marino Cintron, Steve Kluepfel, Jack Boer, Steve Drummond, Joe Newsham, Warren Herman, Mitch George, and Charles Dolbin rounding out the top ten respectively with a low qualifier of 7.19 @ 192 to the final sixteenth participant Anthony Dissomma on the bump 7.66 @ 197. Tim Lynch did not make a first round pass making the fans a bit curious after his burnout.

Second Round Qualifying, Heads Up Outlaw "10.5"

After a huge amout of rubber was placed on the track by the time this second session got underway, the pavement grew some extra bite and the racers changed the set - up accordingly. It was amazing how fast this ladder changed during this round. Tim Lynch matched his testing time before the race by setting the top spot at 6.91 @ 205. Chuch Ulsch, Marcus Birt, Richie Sexton, Scott Guadagno, Gene Giroud, Mike Reynolds, Marino Cintron, Brian Ferrari, John & Andy Chemen, Jack Boer, Steve Kluepfel, Bob Finkelstein, Warren Herman, John Franco, and Steve Drummond would round out the top sixteen in a solid ladder with Joe Newsham 7.44 @ 187 taking John Franco's place in the ladder as an alternate because of Chassis limitations on the Camaro.
Click here For The Complete 50 Racer List In The Final Qualifying Session: Only on gDR.

First Round Heads Up Outlaw "10.5" Eliminations:

Mike Yedgarian At The ShakedownBob Finkelstein in the unassuming turbo S10 would need to cut a light on the Big cubed Camaro of Richie Sexton who had been consistently quick the whole qualifying. Bob Finkelstein took his shot on the tree -.041 and the red bulb lit immediately as Sexton motored on for the win 7.11 @ 190 over a 7.38 @ 186. Marino Cintron also saw the evil red bulb -.030 glow bright in his lane as Brian Ferrari hit the tree with a dead to rights .006 yet had mechanical problems to barely get down the track winning with a 16.22 @ 41 while Marino Cintron broke the beams at 7.33 @ 184. Chuck Ulsch drove the other half of the Mobley Camaro twins past the 68 Mustang of Steve Drummond dipping into the single seven second numbers 7.09 @ 196 to Drummonds 7.45 @ 185. Scott Guadagno blistered the track with a brutal 7.20 @ 189 over the Blown Mustang of Steve Kluepfel 7.24 @ 193; both had identical reaction times, great heads up race guys. Joe Newsham in the J& E Performance turbo SBC Cobra drew the likes of none other than the man in black Tim Lynch. Newsham 16.47 @ 99 hazed the tires violently as Lynch sped to the stripe with a smooth but slowing 7.98 @ 180.

The E-Town Chassis builders would have it out in this match as Jack Boer in the Neverlift Racecraft prepped Monte squared off against the Wild Rides prepared notchback Mustang. Limited traction with the Petty powered Mustang would end the day for Gene Giroud 8.10 @ 189 while Boer streaked to a winning 7.32 @ 187. Marcus Birt didn't need to look over his shoulder as Warren Herman would leave a full second behind the "Hit Man" in the Camaro winning his round 7.17 @ 193 to Herman’s 7.44 @ 181. Mike Reynolds in his blown green Nova bumped through the tree and fouls out before it dropped as John Chemen blew away the tires on the Alky drinking 69 Camaro for the win in a drive down the track uncontested 17.08 @ 49.

Second Round Heads Up Outlaw "10.5" Eliminations: The End Of The Day..

Outlaw 10.5 Jorge RodrigiezCurfew had already passed as the E-Town limitations were strained, and the need to squeeze in another session was of major importance. Chuck Ulsch paired next to the thumping Chemen Brothers Camaro in the big nitroused 69 of Gil Mobley. Ulsch 7.14 @ 195 takes this pass on his own as John Chemen breaks at the hit of the pedal.

Richie Sexton Screamed past a slowing Scott Guadagno for his second round win 7.17 @ 190 to Guadagno's 8.17 @ 122.

Marcus Birt owned up to his "Hit man" nick name as he hit the tree with an excellent .035 light and had the power throughout the rounds to make it almost impossible for Boer 7.31 @ 187 to catch him on even the best of days with a perfect light .003.

Birt's pass of 7.09 @ 188 was incredible. Brian Ferrari couldn't make the call against the leader of the pack so far, Tim Lynch". It was obvious that the night was over and Lynch had already bettered his previous year’s record in qualifying.

I asked engine builder Steve Petty if the were going to give it a shot or not. He stated that they were going to save the engine with a grin. Matt, Arnie and I positioned our lenses in the same fashion as last year on the record run with Arnie Cohen and video in hand, not believing Petty for a second. The Mustang spooled, staged, and broke the beams carrying the wheels out as far as you could see and nothing but the sound of the car on a searing pass could be heard. In 6.866 seconds, the boards lit up with the full numbers and another Shakedown 10.5 record in both ET and MPH 209 was captured at Englishtown by "The Lynch Mob".

Congratulations to Tim Lynch again on a stunning performance thanking, "Dave Hance and Englishtown's Raceway Park. My wife Kelly, Harry at Precision Turbo, Chip at Cajun Pro Cars, Pro Turbo Kits, Steve Petty Racing Engines, Proline Racing, Tony at F.A.S.T. EFI, Anthony Jones, Teddy Houser Race Cars, Neal Transmissions, Jimmy Blackmon, Total Engine Airflow, Mustang Parts, and Marty Chance."

Shakedown at E-Town Pro Outlaw Class: New!!

Taking a queue from the areas thriving Pro Mod series. Dave Hance opened this class for the tube chassised bad boys of Outlaw doorslammers. It was a true run what you brung deal for everyone to test their metal against the hard running machines that have progressed to the state of incredible performance under the limits of the structure. The thunderous machines offered a new twist to an already exciting feature of the Shakedown. Dave Hance himself qualified as a participant and still kept the race working well doing double duty.

Shakedown At E-Town Pro Outlaw Class Qualifying:

Scott Cozzalli Pro Outlaw 55 ChevyI'm not much for ear plugs but maybe I'll soon try them out as the full two sessions of qualifying rocked the North Jersey area for miles I would presume. The blasts of the Alcohol blown motors or the third stage being applied on the top end was ear shattering and the crowd actually felt the power of these machines in the stands. Spectacular moments brought the fans to their feat as awesome saves from out of the groove passes were making the drivers work to put the power down. Nitrous backfires, doors blowing off at speed and the run of the day like Tim O’Hare’s wild "off all four tires" pass was enough to keep the watering mouths of the fans waiting for eliminations. Andy Jensen took the number one spot after the second qualifier and the ladder fell as you see, Marc Hayes, Patrick Dougherty, Jim Barker, Chris Krajewski, Paul Rocco, Ben Hopko, Vinny Demieri, Gary Courtier, Dave Hance, Ara Arslanian, Pete Farber, Dirk Miller, Chris Riai, and Jeff Blassi respectively setting the bump at 6.85 @ 209.
Click here For The Complete 34 Racer List In The Final Qualifying Session: Only on gDR.

Shakedown At E-Town Pro Outlaw Class Round and Final:
Starting out the rounds, it was a battle of the Montana Brothers chassis cars. Both cars are show pieces of the brother’s handiwork in making huge horsepower hook. Gary Courtier was backed up after his burnout next to Paul Rocco's 52 Chevy. Before Courtier staged, he again was checked over and a small leak was found and shut off. Courtiers Camaro has a new Speedtech nitrous bullet under the hood and Rocco's 52 has a mere 8 passes on the car.

Wild Rides Duster At The ShakedownRocco took his pass and popped the chutes after clicking off a 6.63 @ 206. Chris Krajewski took the win over an ailing Dave Hance as the transmission had been hurt in the previous rounds 6.59 @ 207 to 9.20 @ 110. Jim Barkers Monte Carlo (One of THE loudest cars I've ever heard in Pro Mod) took his pass easily and left Ara Arslanian in the "Street Glow turbo Solara" getting out of shape and crossing the center line with an instant win for Barker 6.59 @ 207. Patrick Dougherty put Dirk Miller on the spot causing a red light start for "Team Flash", Dougherty's 6.39 @ 216 was phenomenal on the cooling surface. Chris Riai suffered the same fate as Miller jumping the tree with a -306 light and a 6.80 @ 207; Marc Hayes wins this round with a matching MPH 6.74 @ 207 which would have been one hell of a race. Jeff Blassi took the win off reaction time putting away the quickest man of the day Andy Jensen. Jensen left late .274 to Blassi's .071, Jensen 6.85 @ 209 put up better numbers but Blassi 6.91 @ 198 held the scoreboard win light. Curfew again held this session to just one round but it was worth the days view watching this new class formed and in with the Shakedown.

Shakedown At E-Town Pro Outlaw "60" Cycle Class: New

Click Here For The Outlaw "60" Qualifying Ladder:
Wheelstanding Nick Berty At The Shakedwn 2005Another new class instituted in the Shakedown is based on hot rod motorcycles using a 60 inch or less swing arm. A new breed of rider and competition in a heads up form that has all the qualities of the four wheel action.

Results: Mike Stowe Single, 7.97 @ 190. Jason Miller7.92 @ 186 over John Flood 9.07 @ 126. Vinny Demito 7.98 @ 184 over Shaun Roles 9.31 @ 171. Doug Win 7.97 @ 183 over John O'Connor 8.37 @ 175. Eddie Krawiec 8.72 @ 164 over Steven Jester 9.83 @ 94.
Round Two: Mike Stowe 7.81 @ 190 over Eddie Krawiec 8.74 @ 164. Vinny Demito 7.99 @ 183 over Doug Win 7.98 @ 182. Jason Miller single: 9.32 @ 108. Race Ends At Curfew.

Shakedown At E-Town Pro Cycle Class: New

Click Here For Results:

The No Time Nationals:

Wheelstanding Nick Berty At The Shakedwn 2005Some wild wheel standing action from the racers without times. They gave the fans a lot to cheer about with high fling wheelstands, hard charging street cars on the smallest tire within reason and everything goes in this newly formed class of racing. Intense driving action and if you're familiar with the Drag Radial Classes this one might be for you. It looks the same in the way the cars work and if I was a betting man I’d say performance was close to some of the best radial racers in the country.

Short Round One Results: Adam Esterland over Angel Muniz, Richard Bach over Berty Alston, #116 over Warren Carl Booker, Anthony Centilomo over Mark Barese, Ken Quartuccio over Steven Podlaski, #108 over David Hanlon, Josh Floyd over Eric Lackenbauer, Marc Schankweiler over #128, Brett Hull over Walter Pfister, Richie Stine over Trevis Lewis, Jamison Lindsey over Rob Meadows, #1 over Ray Johnson, Michael Leite "Single". Race Ends because of Time.

The Ups and Downs:

Nitrous burst At The Shakedwn 2005During a day with so many passes down a track, some good and some bad actions will take place. Some of the good were the "On The Bumper" wheel stands from Berty Alston in his Malibu, Rodney Bitgood coming back out after a terrible crash at the NSCA race raising the 68 Firebird to new height’s. John Balinsky's Cutlass taking more air than he expected. I know it sounds like hurting a car is a form of crowd pleasing, but the clapping hands of spectators prove that action like this and skills to handle the power is appreciated. On the down side. NSCA limited street champ Mike Modeste suffered a horrific crash on the top end at over 180MPH that was one of the saddest things to see. "Mustang" Mike is a favorite of anyone in racing and his unfortunate crash will surely be remembered to many people who care about him. Mike did get out with help from the emergency crew that made it to his rescue in seconds. Our best wishes to "Mustang" Mike Modeste, and kudos’ to the emergency crew of Englishtown Raceway Park. Marino Cintron was spared yet another car from burning to the ground when Louis Martinez suffered a nitrous backfire at the hit of the throttle, A fire was again under the hood as it came to a stop at half track, this was the same scenario as Marino's "Bad To The Bone" El Camino came upon a year and a half ago but it burned heavily, This small block Chevy powered RX7 was saved from that fate.

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Our Thanks To All Involved:

gDR would like to thank the staff of Englishtown Raceway Park for all the track access at this event. Their courtesy to us was special by all means, in the tower and ground level. Cycle Dave Hance for putting all of this in our lap and letting us run with it for the second year straight. Al Tucci who talked the fans into a frenzy during the eliminations with special guests and co announcer Jim the regular Wednesday night man. Dan Schienken of the NESCA, The sweetest lady of racing Geneva Williams in the tower with them after her crash and co commentary by the little lady that goes fast on 10.5's. Bob Kasper in Tech keeping the racers safe. The Best of the best photographers in the northeast for sharing the sidelines with gDR. Powerhouse Video, Montana Brothers Race cars, Neverlift Racecraft, West Coast Choppers Iannotti Brothers and above all else the racers that welcomed us at every trailer with kind words and a place to hang if tired. Our Thanks To All Of You!!

Photo And Journalistic Credits:,, "Jason Sharp"
Dave Milcarek's Drag Racing Photography, Steve Bell Signs and Drag Racing Photography, John McCartney's Drag Racing Photography

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