Shakedown At E Town Archived Results and Press From 2006

   The Shakedown at E Town 2006 Archives: THE QUICKEST & FASTEST OUTLAW DRAG RACE IN THE WORLD !!

The 4th Annual Shakedown At E 'Town Race Review 2006

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The 4th Annual Shakedown At E-Town Complete And Uncut !!
The Northeast Lays Claim To The Baddest And The Best

Taking The Race To A New Level, Last Years Action At The Shakedown Was evident in this flyerAuthored by, Photos Courtesy of goDragRacing
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Waking up Sunday morning was probably one of the best ways to have started your day knowing that on Saturday evening last year’s record setter "Tim Lynch" traveled north to make yet another appearance. The 10.5 racing world was set abuzz with a striking 6.72 @ 222 on a shakedown pass. Most of the racers that were coming to attend the Caldwell Construction / Caldwell Motorsports, "Outlaw" Session presented by Landy’s Performance were already in awe but turning up their wick for a race to make much of the years biggest shootouts look minimal.

Last years huge attendance was emasculated by the Sunday fans taking in a gorgeous day at Raceway Park's expansive real estate and the surrounding fall foliage with brilliant colors, clean crisp air that just took your breath away with almost an impressionist feel for the October season. The morning was quiet until the sound of Jim Halsey stirring the pits right at the crack of 10AM; after that the day was set in motion and a fever pitch of an opening day at a national event ran through everyone with pronounced excitement. The Shakedown was underway and in full force with over 106 entries in the three different classes combined and names that would make this race another winner just by their attendance alone.

A walk through the pits was an excellent opportunity for a meet and greet with all the racers who by the looks of it felt like stars in their own right and gladly spoke with anyone freely about the gleaming machines packed tightly together between the incredible tow rigs basking in brilliant sunshine. The Sponsors Midway was being perused by everyone with the The Racers Edge, Franklin Trailers, Nitrous Express, and The store fronts of, The Photo Shop at E-Town took center stage for purchases of their ware's. Off to the stands as Drag Radial's P.M. Construction and Maintenance Services Sponsored racers took to the track first. The review begins with the top class of the Shakedown, "Outlaw" Please Read On:

The Shakedown At E Town 2006 Outlaw 10.5 Photo Gallery by goDragRacing Outlaw Photography, Matt and Mark

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A Look Back At The Rules In 2006: Click for PDF   A Look Back At The Rules In 2006: Click for PDF Here:

Caldwell Construction / Caldwell Motorsports, "Outlaw" racers presented by Landy’s Performance Qualifying Highlights:

Tim Lynch's Brutal 6.66 @ 215 Assault On The Raceway Park Surface Video Exclusive

By Arnie Cohen Videos

As usual talk on the internet was brisk with predictions of who would top the ladder and of course the fans have their own favorites to talk about which is good. Performance all day was amazing with Scott Guadagno literally homing in on the finishline with the first six second pass of the first session. Chuck Ulsch followed suit with his best ever and Tim Lynch looked to have problems early with traction. Most couldn't find the tune to get down the track as racers like Shawn Zubler trying to find that ET from this wild ride hazed the tires under the enormous horsepower, Brad Brand, another southern favorite wheel stood his way with broken wheelie bars to a spot in the ladder but couldn't return as transmission failure was the days end for him. Rob Golobo's first try at 10.5's in this immaculate new Gilsbach Racecraft Camaro laid down a great number for its maiden run down the quarter. Another favorite in the blower field "Ken Doak" on big tires hooked so hard the car leapt off the track and off all four tires constantly blipping the ear splitting alky monster and tossing the wheels with each pedal mash and couldn't make the ladder in this gorgeous ride. Leo Barnaby stepped up the program and is now a solid six second player with driving skills worthy of the best names out there. Joe Newsham’s twin turbo Cobra hung the tires for countless hundreds of feet pedaling his way into a high spot in the field. Dave Hance took what he had in traction and a slightly hurt motor led him short of his regular six second times. Manny Sirris has been blistering the track with each pass and accounts for some wild numbers and a spot in the rounds. Mike Demartino had the big twin powered Camaro on a rope now getting power to the ground and a spot nearly at each event with excellent ET. Richie Sexton found himself deep in the ladder with traction issues that would have to be resolved in the killer 69 Camaro out of the Mobley camp. The "big man" Jorge Rodriguez showed what an old school big tire back half can do with brute power and excellent driving skills for the nitrous fans. Randy Lambert fell short in the morning but came on strong in the second qualifier with the twin turbo Camaro flying on the top end. Charles Dolbin held on tight with the outrageous Fulton filled little notchback launching hard and wheels up. Dave O'Donnell wheeled his way to a spot in eliminations with Lou Denny's spectacular Chevelle pounding out its best ever time and a great place to do it at. The lone single turbo in the top of the field and just ahead of the bump was Brad Harris's nasty black Cobra. The finely tuned big Chevelle of Scott Curtis rounded out the top sixteen cars and the stark contrast of this boxy Chevelle to the sleek newer bodies showed a ladder filled with amazingly different rides and what would seem to be the quickest ladder ever in 10.5 history.

Caldwell Construction / Caldwell Motorsports, "Outlaw" racers presented by Landy’s Performance Qualifying Lowlights:

Every car that came to the lanes had the potential to knock out anyone at anytime as the bump continued to drop nearly every pass. Number seventeen qualifier John Cerbone tagged the wall on the top end and sideswiped the car on the driver’s side, this car would have been awesome in the rounds. "Turbo" Tom Kasper suffered a freak wall incident as Mike Demartino’s parachute caught Kasper's spoiler near the end of the track and spun him into the wall mangling the side of the sleek Lincoln. Pete and Vinny Pace's brand new car suffered the horsepower blues having to blip the throttle on each pass to try and contain the awesome power generated by this motor the car is exceptional in every way so racers beware soon. Steve Kluepfel's wild blown little Mustang purely overpowered the starting line with hoards of other racers watching on and fingers held tightly to their ears on his one and only qualifier, this car is now updated and will be a force in 10.5 racing. You have to love the sound of a screaming all motor Hemi powering its way down the quarter such as rich Sciosca's Cuda, although not a contender in this field, it's a wicked ride. Jerry Morgano who had found his problem in the back of the car didn't have a base line for this race coming into it, the cars potential as the fastest single turbo has been proven and now it will just have to go straight with the new find as Jerry Morgano has every chance of hammering down a six second time. Outstanding action and with a car that won't come close to the top qualifiers. George Morrison set the fans to cheering hard as the Malibu launched on the back tires and the experience of the true "Quick 8" style cars of old brought back many cool memories. Dale Collins Jr. is upping the potential of this Camaro with each outing as this car is close to being one of the most stock looking machines that can run sevens consistently with big block twin power. These are just a few of some notable rides of the day and the rest of qualifying can be found below.

Caldwell Construction / Caldwell Motorsports, Landy’s Performance "Outlaw" Final Qualifying:
  • 1.Tim Lynch 6.666 @ 215.96 : 2000 Mustang, 640 Twin Turbo, Glide - Pro Line Race Engines , Cajun Pro Cars
  • 2.Chuck Ulsch / Gil Mobley (Owner) 6.808 @ 206.54 : 2002 Camaro, 762 Fulton BBC, Nitrous, Bruno - GM Motorsports, Fulton Racing Engines, Pro Torque, Hoosier Racing Tires
  • 3.Rob Golobo 6.971 @ 214 : 2002 Camaro, Proline SBC, Twin Turbo, Rossler T400 - Gilsbach Racecraft, Pro Line Race Engines, Rossler Transmissions
  • 4.Leo Barnaby III 6.971 @ 212.53 : 90 Corvette, 440 Twin Turbo, Big Sals SBC, Glide - Neverlift Racecraft, Big Sal's Race Engines, Al-Lee Installations, Pro Torque, edecals, Injection Connection, Competitive Wiring / Wayne Keegan
  • 5.Scott Gudagno / Pete Biello (Owner) 6.979 @ 199.08 : 02 Camaro, 648 Musi BBC, Glide, Nitrous - Pat Musi, Scotty's Racing Technology "Scott Guadagno"
  • 6.Joe Newsham 7.012 @ 208.94 : 03 Mustang Cobra, BBC, Twin Turbo, Glide - J & E Performance, Injection Connection, M & R Products - Restraints and Tie Downs
  • 7.Dave Hance 7.023 @ 177.35 : 05 Mustang, Petty Racing Engines 449 Twin Turbo, Glide - NY Motorsports, Shakedown At E-Town
  • 8.Manny Sirris 7.122 @ 182.38 : 90 Mustang, 427 SBF, Twin Turbo, Fuel Injected, Sullivan Motorsports Glide, Neal Chance Convertor - Super Street Performance / Farmingdale, Long Island, Dave Kogan / Kogan Racing Engines, Mark Poldino / Hell Bent Race Cars, Job Spetter / Turbo People, Bill Gonsowski / Design Sense Studios
  • 9.Mike DeMartino 7.181 @ 202.09 : 80 Camaro, Twin Turbo, 541 BBC, Bruno - "Matt and Dave @ Lizzard Racing"
  • 10.Richie Sexton / Gil Mobley (Owner) 7.183 @ 200.95 : 69 Camaro, Fulton BBC, Nitrous, Bruno - GM Motorsports, Fulton Racing Engines, Pro Torque, Hoosier Racing Tires
  • 11.Jorge Rodriguez 7.213 @ 185 : 85 Camaro, BBC, Nitrous, Glide - Neverlift Racecraft Chassis Tuning, Henry Jackson Racing Engines / Crew Chief Rick Codagan , Crew ..Phil LaCorte, FB Performance Transmissions
  • 12.Randy Lambert 7.226 @ 207.79 : 02 Camaro, 400 SBC, Twin Turbo, Glide - 2005 NSCA Super Street Champion, Precision Turbo
  • 13.Charles Dolbin (Owner Harold Caldwell) 7.229 @ 197.88 : 90 Mustang, 728 Fulton BBC, Nitrous, Bruno / Lenco - Fulton Racing Engines / CD Race Cars / Caldwell Motorsports / Caldwell Construction
  • 14.Dave O'Donnell (Lou Denny Owner) 7.249 @ 197.48 : 70 Chevelle SS, 728 Fulton BBC, Nitrous, Lenco - J & E Performance, Montana Brothers Race Cars, Applied Nitrous Technologies, Finishline Performance
  • 15.Brad Harris 7.306 @ 199.67 : 03 Cobra Mustang, 421 SBC, Single Turbo, Glide - Harris Brothers Motorsports / Harris Industrial, Injection Connection
  • 16.Scott Curtis 7.335 @ 183.53 : 66 Chevelle, 632 Big Chief BBC, Nitrous, Turbo 400 or Power Glide - Henry Jackson Racing Engines / Curtis Trucking / Paul Walder / Steve Ficcaro's Auto Body - 2005 Atco Raceway "Quick 8" Champion Bump
  • 17.John Cerbone / Gus Constantinow (Owner) 7.449 @ 188.33 : 91 Camaro, J & B Performance 598 BBC, Nitrous, Glide - JCM, JCM Racecars / C.C. Gus Constantinow / Angel Diez, Tagged the wall
  • 18.Mike Reynolds 7.451 @ 194.52 : 69 Nova, 509 BBC, Roots Blown, Injected, Alcohol, Glide - Wild Rides Race Cars, Jesel Valvetrain Innovations, Simonek Performance, Alternate
  • 19.Tony Myrie 7.540 @ 182.58 : 67 Chevelle, 632 BBC, Nitrous, Glide -
  • 20.Dale Collins Jr. 7.551 @ 186.07 : 67 Camaro, 540 BBC Single Turbo, Glide - Mark Benstons Racing Engines / Northstar Motorsports
  • 21.Tom Ferrick 7.563 @ 19151.44 : 2000 S10, 385 SBC, Single Turbo, Glide - Lorenzo's Fast Flow Cylinder Heads, 5th Street Auto's, Tuning By Harry Anderson
  • 22.Lewis Jones / Glenn Cave (Owner) 7.563 @ 187 : 67 Camaro, 632 BBC, Nitrous, Glide - Drummond Race Cars
  • 23.Brad Brand 7.570 @ 146 : 92 Mustang, 707 Twin Turbo, Lenco -
  • 24.Richard Sciosca 7.653 @ 179 : 70 Cuda, Larry Morgan Hemi, Glide, All Motor - Neverlift Racecraft
  • 25."Turbo" Tom Kasper 7.687 @ 186 : 94 Lincoln, 412 SBF, Turbo, Glide - Kaspers Certified Automotive / Kaspers Korner
  • 26.Henry Jackson 7.696 @ 177 : 69 Camaro, BBC, All Motor, T400 - Henry Jackson Racing Engines
  • 27.Louis Martinez 7.698 @ 180 : 78 Malibu, 615 BBC, Nitrous, Glide - Fifth Street Motors / Marinos 1/4 mile Performance
  • 28.Jerry Morgano 7.727 @ 195 : 02 Cobra, 409 SBF, Single Turbo, Glide - Disomma Racing Engines
  • 29.Jimmy Reutter 7.794 @ 176 : 74 Chevy Nova, S & K Speed 598 BBC, Nitrous, Select Glide - Red Menace Racing / Markow Race Cars / MI Performance
  • 30.Pete Pace 7.836 @ 169 : 68 Camaro, 540 BBC, Roots Blown, Glide, Alcohol - Pace Auto Body
  • 31.Brian Penna 7.877 @ 192 : 68 Camaro, BBC, Nitrous, Glide - SoundWaves Car Stereo / TJ's Hero's
  • 32.Shawn Zubler 7.886 @ 192 : 94 Trans Am, 710 BBC, Nitrous, Bruno - Quick Time Motorsports, Montana Brothers Race Cars, Cunningham Competition
  • 33.Steve Kluepfel 7.951 @ 181 : 82 Mustang, Jim Oddy BBC, 8:71 Roots Supercharger, Injected, Alcohol, Bruno -
  • 34.Ray "Holywood" Johnson 8.053 @ 160 : 93 Mustang, SBF, Twin Turbo, Glide - Miller Race
  • 35.Chris Butler 8.104 @ 190 : 69 Camaro, BBC, Nitrous, Glide -
  • 36.Harry Jarvis 8.200 @ 181 : 69 Camaro, Mark Benston 540, Twin Turbo, Lenco drive - Northstar Motorsports Drummond Race Cars, Mark Benston Racing Engine, Innovative Turbo
  • 37.Wiso Melendez 8.338 @ 162 : 67 Chevelle, 632 BBC, All Motor, Power Glide -
  • 38.Craig Pio 8.554 @ 114 : 95 Camaro, BBC, Twin Turbo, Glide - Montana Brothers Race Cars
  • 39.Joe Alagna 8.582 @ 158 : 69 Camaro, "Big Sal" 498, Glide, Nitrous - Big Sal's Race Engines, PD Carbs, Staria's Transmissions,
    Thriftway Auto Body, All Lee Installations, Pro Torque
  • 40.Chris Keilitz aka "Chin" 8.640 @ 109 : 70 Nova, 706 BBC, Select Powerglide, Nitrous - Extreme Racing Engines Speedtech Nitrous Systems
  • 41.George Morrison 8.695 @ 156 : 80 Malibu, BBC, Nitrous, Glide -
  • 42.Angel Muniz 8.730 @ 152 : 93 Mustang, SBF, Nitrous, Glide -
  • 43.Mike Marron 8.866 @ 157 : 67 Camaro, 565 BBC, Nitrous, Glide -
  • 44.Jeff Castaldo 8.909 @ 159 :[b] 68 Camaro, BBC, Nitrous, Glide -
  • 45.Ken Doak 9.317 @ 167 : 69 Camaro, 540 Oddy BBC, Supercharged / Injected, T400, Alcohol - Montana Brothers Race Cars, Ben Pilla / Feasterville, K & K Precision Machining Inc.

Caldwell Construction / Caldwell Motorsports, Landy’s Performance "Outlaw" Round One Eliminations:

After the second round of qualifying and the hurt these racers put on the track and their respective machines, casualties were low in the top sixteen cars, only Scott Curtis and John Cerbone would not make the call for this round, so in steps Mike Reynolds as an alternate. Leo Barnaby and Charlie Dolbin squared off with two incredibly different rides, Dolbin’s big nitrous motor to Barnaby's twin sleek Vette under twin turbo power. Barnaby .054 6.995 @ 213 takes the win over Dolbin .098 7.003 @ 200.92 in a wild close race. Jorge Rodriguez paired up with a similarly different mustang of Joe Newsham. Newsham .003 was out strong with a killer .003 light on Rodriguez .318. Newsham gets the win light with the tree and the stripe 7.136 @ 206 to Rodriguez's equally impressive 7.17 @ 193. Randy Lambert shot himself in the foot as he drew the red bulb -.003 7.16 @ 205 against the winning and bracket like performance of Scott Guadagno's 6.957 @ 200 and an excellent .035 light. Manny Sirris pulled out a nail biter in this ultra close race to the end with Mike DiMartino falling short .040 7.334 @ 198 to Sirris' off pace .096 7.276 @ 173. Bard Harris pulled the tough Chuck Ulsch for their round pairing. Ulsch’s .128 6.80 @ 207 was a best ever for him and Brad Harris was on the receiving end of it with his losing and best ever .208 7.21 @ 198. Dave O'Donnell .027 9.017 @117 launched the pristine Chevelle of Lou Denny high into the air breaking the tires loose and falls to the new car of Rob Golobo .155 6.99 @ 215 Rob Golobo, Golobo's chutes failed to open and with outstanding skill saved the car from this wild MPH as he made the turn just in time to slide into the gravel with damage that was to be thrashed heavily and repaired for the next round. Both Dave Hance and Richie Sexton were out to please the fans in this ultra close match. Hance and sexton both took poor lights .164 to .146 respectively and Hance would out power one of the crowd favorites to win with a stellar 6.966 @ 219 to Sextons slower 7.064 @ 202. Mike Reynolds would have to face the two time record holder Tim Lynch. Lynch got back from some traction issues and even though it seemed to lug down track the "Lynch Mob" Mustang busted off a record backing .094 6.698 @ 219 while Mike Reynolds tried to make a run of it in the "Wild Ride" Nova .227 7.211 @ 196.

Caldwell Construction / Caldwell Motorsports, Landy’s Performance "Outlaw" Round Two Eliminations:

Things around E-Town were starting to look gloomy after the first round of drag radial had been completed, a major oil down in both lanes prompted some to feel this race would again not finish, second round would be held up after these major clean ups yet E-Town forced this race to a close with every ounce of energy they had and the fans had to appreciate this effort put forth. This round would be the breaker for many of the racers that had either pushed their car to the limit or found themselves broke and not able to make the call. Dave Hance was the first to say he didn't want to cause or chance another oil down as he had a dead hole with oil in it after his win and dropped out. Manny Sirris was also a casualty and couldn't make the call when all looked bright for him going into this round. Rob Golobo turned around the turbo Camaro just in time to get himself and his car in order after that mishap at the end of the track. In what is now know as the quickest side by side Outlaw 10.5 race ever in the quarter mile, Scott Guadagno and Leo Barnaby can keep this all to their own. Both racers known to be tree killers and hit men behind the wheel, Leo Barnaby took the reaction time .038 to Guadagno's .065. Guadagno made this race a tough one for Barnaby as the twin turbo Vette powered out the top end past Scott Guadagno 6.976 @ 200 to Barnaby's quickest ever 6.841 @ 211 for the win. Joe Newsham paired with the rattled but not shaken Rob Golobo (wouldn't you be if you landed in the sand at 100+?). Newsham .101 came out extremely hard and it was noticeably heading to the right as Newsham tried to bring the heavy breathing big block back into the groove, Golobo 7.445 @ 142 made a clean but much slower pass taking the win over a wildly pedaling Newsham 9.18 @ 115. Chuck Ulsch "solo" and Tim Lynch also a bye run. Both cars did try to lay it down but Ulsch's car made a strong move left and need to get out of it while Tim Lynch was obviously having transmission problems, neither of them made a full pass out of it in less than 13 seconds, and it was back to the pits and drawing board for them.

Caldwell Construction / Caldwell Motorsports, Landy’s Performance "Outlaw" Semi Finals:

Things were getting tight and the cars were taking a beating more than you'd want if you were the owner of these prized possesions. Under the Raceway Park entrance to the box sat Chuck Ulsh, Leo Barnaby and not a sign of Tim Lynch as the night was closing and the early morning racers meeting was solid on being in the lanes on time. As the call was just about to be made that Leo Barnaby and Chuch Ulsch would run this round as a final with Rob Golobo Broken and Tim Lynch not there yet, the record setting Mustang and Lynch rounded the corner and ready to race after a frantic trans swap. Chuck Ulsch would again take a bye run and again the car launched hard left, this would make things a bit different from the the view of the two ready racers right behind him. Leo Barnaby was now showing signs of some big time MPH and "In The Area Of Winning" six second passes while having to take on the muscular Mustang of Lynch. From the drop of the tree barnaby was set on kill, his reaction time was phenomenal .005 but as the brute power came on the coolng track didn't want to take all the power he wanted to give it 10.26 @ 88 losing to a dissapearing Tim Lynch into the darknes on another brutal 6.81 @ 219 "Tim Lynch" specialty run. Fans again were in awe at this horsepower exhibit.

Caldwell Construction / Caldwell Motorsports, Landy’s Performance "Outlaw" Finals:

This race alone would set the Shakedown At E-Town on the path to one of the best events ever to be produced. A pair of cars that have equally nasty power paired in a final that has never been seen in the past three races. Going well past curfew E-Town and the racers wanted a final and they got it. As time was running short, Gil Mobley exclaimed "Doesn't Everyone Want to See A 6.50 Final !!" and the crowd resumed around the cars as both motors came to life. In the last second before the burnouts took place a lane change was made and Chuck Ulsch was swapped into the pit side as Lynch pulled into the opposite lane. The big Fulton motor screamed past the tree and team Mobley backed the sleek 02 Camaro back into the groove he had laid down. In the opposing lane Steve Petty controlled the small burnout and put Tim Lynch into the path and staged him up. Both racers courteously staged and at the hit; Ulsch's Camaro .048 leapt high into the air and again took a sharp turn as Lynch was out ahead of him by ten cars at least. Tim Lynch .102 was not making power and Ulsch began to step hard into the throttle as the flames from the huge hit of nitrous lit up the dark end of the track with Tim Lynch 10.51 @ 85 obviously broken. Congratulations to Chuck Ulsch 8.429 @ 151.97 and Team GM Motorsports "Gil Mobley” along with their hard working team who now owns official title of the First Ever "Outlaw" Shakedown At E-Town 2006 Champion at Raceway Park.

The Shakedown At E Town 2006 Pro Modified Photo Gallery by goDragRacing Outlaw Photography, Matt and Mark

PCHS Racing Engines "Pro Outlaw" Qualifying Session

With the northeast growing in Pro Mods and Top Sportsman racing it's no wonder that even before the race started, President of the Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association's John Mazzoranna had announced a 26 car commitment to the show. This group of racers reminds you, if any are old enough to remember the days of the "Wild Bunch" Outlaw cars that ran through the upper northeast years ago. A formidable group of racers and professionals that cover the quarter in 6.11 seconds and have numerous national awards. Raceway Parks silence was broken the minute one of the beasts are fired up, some are more intense than an alcohol funny car like the stunning 37 Chevy of Doug Menzer, the whine and pitch of this machine is deafening. Jim Barkers Monte Carlo had held in my opinion the title of being THE Loudest Pro Mod around until Scott Filkins Showed up with a screaming blown Firebird sporting an insanely overdriven screw blower and the zoomies pointed straight at you. Filkins not only managed this little feat but also has to be one of the most violent cars racing in the area, carrying the wheels until the cars disappears down track no matter what the conditions hot or cold. Charles Carpenter made his arrival under wraps, the well know 55 Chevy was worth the price of admission to see it run at E-Town. Jim Halsey was to be a fan favorite to win as he took the trip to play with the rest of the gang he hosts at Cecil County his own track. Vinny Budano who had just come off a national championship had his sights set on the win and would clearly be in his grasp this day. Paul Athey's return to racing at the area tracks have inspired many of the racers to take in an occasional race with this wild Willys. Always a specialty is when the Demieri Family comes to the scene of a race this caliber; his big money win and incredible performance at "Atco's Outlaws" tested this new car tough. Added names that make you know the competition tough is when they have all motor next to them in the qualifying list and cubic inches' over 800. John Nobile, John Montecalvo, John Bartunek all present this package. NY Hitman Scott Cozzali brings a new look to these sleek machines with his 6.80'ish Top sportsman 55 Chevy aptly named “The Bounty Hunter". Nick Montana's revolutionary 67 Camaro made waves early qualifying high and his skills at tuning are coming around on this one of a kind machine. One of the biggest letdowns was the non qualifier of Tommy Gray in his incredible "Undertaker" Pro Mod GTO. View the complete qualifying list below:

PCHS Racing Engines "Pro Outlaw" Final Qualifying
  • 1.Vinny Budano 6.207 @ 225.56 : 68 Camaro, 738 Shafiroff BBC, Speedtech Nitrous, Lenco - Scott Shafiroff Racing Engines / Tim Mcamis Race Cars / Speedtech Nitrous
  • 2.Scott Filkins 6.320 @ 231 : 2002 Trans Am, BBC, Supercharged, Lenco, Alcohol -
  • 3.Vincent Demieri 6.324 @ 221 : 2006 GTO, Musi BBC, Nitrous, Lenco - Thanks To My Crew / Jerry Bickel Race Cars, Pat Musi
  • 4.Nick Montana 6.353 @ 222 : 67 Camaro, 738 BBC, Nitrous, Lenco - Montana Brothers Race Cars and Components, Design Sense Studios, Pinnacle Strategies Inc.
  • 5.John Montecalvo 6.384 @ 219 : 06 Cobalt, 820 BBC Hemi, Lenco, All Motor -
  • 6.John Bartunek 6.387 @ 220 : 06 Cobalt, 820 BBC Hemi, Lenco, All Motor -
  • 7.Charles Carpenter 6.451 @ 223 :[/b] 55 Chevy, 738 BBC, Nitrous, Lenco -
  • 8.Fred Scriba 6.451 @ 210 : 63 "Scorcer" Corvette, Burnley 738 BBC, Nitrous, Lenco - Thanks To My Wife And Kids
  • 9.Paul Rocco 6.548 @ 209 : 52 Chevy, 706 Pontiac, Nitrous - Montana Brothers Race cars
  • 10.Jim Halsey 6.563 @ 198 : 68 Camaro, 738 Fulton BBC, Nitrous, Lenco - Cecil County Dragway
  • 11.Matt Deitsch 6.68 @ 208 @ 49 : 03 Cavalier, 815 BBC, All Motor, Lenco -
  • 12.Jeff Blasi 6.627 @ 210 : 41 Willys, 706 Musi, Nitrous, Lenco - Sun Dial Tanning Salons
  • 13.John Pluchino 6.631 @ 205 : 02 Cougar, 815 BBF, Lenco -
  • 14.Douglas K. Menzer 6.633 @ 204 : 1937 Chevy Coupe, Supercharged 526 BBC, Alcohol, Lenco -
  • 15.Jim Kane 6.646 @ 215 : 63 Corvette, 738 BBC, Nitrous, Lenco -
  • 16.Paul Athey 6.709 @ 214 : 41 Willys, Chuck Ford BBC, Supercharged, Lenco, Alcohol - Mohegan Sun Casino Resorts, Red Line Oil, Moroso, Tommy Mauney Race cars - Bump
  • 17.Glen Poluse 6.6.760 @ 204 : 99 Firebird, 615, Nitrous, Lenco -
  • 18.Tony Gentile 6.760 @ 187 : 02 Cavalier, BBC, Nitrous, Lenco -
  • 19.Scott Cozzali 6.823 @ 196 : 55 "Bounty Hunter" Chevy, BBC, Nitrous, Glide - Montana Brothers Race Cars JA Perfomance, Select Transmissions
  • 20.Fred Gallo 6.869 @ 204 : 95 Rick Jones Cutlass, 760 Steve Schmidt BBC, All Motor, Liberty 4 spd.
  • 21.Chris Rini 6.882 @ 201 : 03 Neon, 622 BBM, Nitrous, Glide - ATI Performance, Muscle Motors
  • 22.Paul Woods 6.922 @ 21 : 02 Camaro, 706 BBC, Nitrous, Lenco -
  • 23.Ed Burnley 6.965 @ 214 : 95 "Predator" Corvette, 728 BBC, Nitrous, Lenco -
  • 24.Nick Lacerenza 7.109 @ 196 : 06 Cobalt, 500Ci BBC, All Motor, Lenco - Martino Racing Engines
  • 25.Gerard Milidantri 7.129 @ 193 : 63 Corvette, 728 Steve Schmidt BBC, All Motor, Select Glide - Thanks, Dad, Big Jerry, Milidantri Ins.
  • 26.Billy Farmer 7.145 @ 207 : 57 Chevy, 526 BBC, Blown Alcohol, Lenco Drive - Mike Janis, The Wife and Kids, Ricco, Billy Farmer
  • 27.Jim Barker 7.498 @ 148 : 99 Monte Carlo, BBC, Supercharged, Injected, Lenco, Alcohol - Barker Racing
  • 28.Tony Morell 7.666 @ 176 : 86 Thunderbird, BBF, Nitrous, Lenco -
  • 29.John Nilsson 8.072 @ 172 : 81 Dodge Daytona, 573 BBM, All Motor, Liberty -
  • 30.George Papalexandrou 8.172 @ 135 : 94 Camaro, 632 BBC, Auto -
  • 31.Ronnie Souza 8.255 @ 183 : 02 Camaro, 706 BBC, Nitrous, Glide -
  • 32.Harvey Houpe 8.459 @ 125 : 68 Camaro, 638 BBC, Nitrous, Glide -
  • 33.Jose Garcia 14.528 @ 60 : 95 Cutlass, Big Sal's 632 BBC, Nitrous, Select Glide - Big Sal's Race Engines, Select Transmissions, Pete's Carburators
  • 34.John Nobile 18.18 @ 42 : 03 Ford ZX2, 814 BBF, All Motor, Lenco -
  • 35.Tommy Gray 20.07 @ 35 : 2006 "Undertaker" GTO, 526, Supercharged, Lenco, Alcohol - Undertaker

PCHS Racing Engines"Pro Outlaw" Round One Eliminations:

Even as hard as these cars were driven this first round showed no alternates as the ladder was paired with all top sixteen qualified. Paul Rocco's crowd favorite 52 Chevy took his round win against a struggling Glen Poluse .045 11.93 @ 69 to .100 6.619 @ 198. Jim Halsey took a round win, but in his words an ugly one as his car was still overpowering the track and not near its full potential .078 6.455 @ 226 to Carpenters lifting .022 9.202 @ 102. Vinny Demieri took too much of the tree and red lit his winning chance away -.038 6.528 @ 221 to a flying Doug Menzer .426 6.68 @ 209. The all motor duel forced Matt Deitsch out of the running when the big cube new cars faced off, John Bartunek screamed to an awesome 6.434 @ 213 to Deitsch’s losing .094 6.586 @ 211. Big John Montecalvo ousted heavy hitter Jeff Blasi on his motor to spray in the Willy's. .058 6.412 @ 213 to Blasi's .042 6.631 @ 200. Nick Montana captures this first round win as John Pluchino lost power. Montana crosses the beams .108 6.33 @ 221 to Pluchino's.022 13.35 @ 62. Scott Filkins just flat out destroyed the time clocks and spread panic to the racers in waiting as the announcer blasted his winning numbers .077 6.127 @ 236 to Jim Kane's losing effort .070 9.206 @ 111. Vinny Budano gets a break from the race with a bye run where his opponent would be Paul Athey and levels the top of the field with a solid 6.195 @ 225.

PCHS Racing Engines "Pro Outlaw" Round Two Eliminations:

John Bartunek just kept getting quicker as the naturally aspirated racers had the air tuning advantage and the power adder racers kept trying to keep up with the changing densities. Bartunek's .112 6.37 @ 220 was much more than Doug Menzer could handle .263 7.086 @ 198 as the car seemed to be fat through the run. Big John Montecalvo also took his all motor entry past the tire rattling Nick Montana .102 7.843 @ 151 as he tried to drive out of it, Montecalvo wins.027 6.517 @ 209. Vinny Budano .209 6.247 @ 223 couldn't be stopped again as the team of "Bad Apple" took away the win from Paul Rocco .137 6.663 @ 193. Scott Filkins runs a solo and his much animated crew watched as he again blistered the track with another 6.17 @ 221 for the ultimate in this team’s effort.

PCHS Racing Engines "Pro Outlaw" Semi Finals:

Scott Filkins may have gotten lucky on this run as John Bartuneks .098 8.447 @ 116 power fell off and Filkins was way off his insanely quick times prior. Filkins goes to his first final and Shakedowns first Pro Outlaw final with a .104 6.447 @ 224. Vinny Budano again is in a solo as John Montecalvo could not restart and Budano rips off a wild 6.236 @ 223 for his trip to the final to square off with Scott Filkins.

PCHS Racing Engines "Pro Outlaw" Finals:

Curfew was already well past due as the two cars to be involved would definitely set off alarms throughout the Raceway Park surroundings, the curfew is strict but the fans wanted a final and at the turn of the starter Scott Filkins vicious Firebird woke up the neighborhood and Vinny Budano did the same with tire shredding burnouts echoing through the night. Vinny Budano lit the tree first and Filkins moved in at the drop of the tree Filkins had hung a .108 light on Budano's .190, at the cross of the beams up at the top end Budano loses on the holeshot with the quicker ET 6.21 @ 225 to The new Shakedown At E-Town "Pro Outlaw" winner Scott Filkins 6.248 @ 230 barely touching down the front tires. Congratulations to this well prepared team and a perfect day of racing for them.

The Shakedown At E Town 2006 Drag Radial Photo Gallery by goDragRacing Outlaw Photography, Matt and Mark

Drag Radial Presented By P.M. Construction and Maintenance Services Qualifying Session:

One of the wildest classes around, this brand of racing isn't for the faint of heart unless sky high wheel stands and skating passes on overpowered small tire radial cars are what you do live for. Qualifying took its toll on many of the cars on just their first pass, Most notably would be Rich Bach’s' double bounce almost flipping over wheel stand that set things in motion for others to go out and show the fans how outrageous the cars can be. john Balinsky also deserves a wheel stand award along with Steve Drummond fling high in his classic 67 fastback Mustang, Adam Esterlund also tried to bounce the little notch hard off the pavement for a good show. The Maryland Street Racing Association was in force with the top car count of a group, where they specialize in Outlaw Drag Radial on a regular basis and they would be the ones to beat. Paul Ferrucci entered into this class with one of the cleanest meanest rides and again the traction made it hard for the car to stay level and straight. Ed MCafee hung them out to dry and lost his second qualifier when the car wouldn't fire after the burnout. Chris Little was one who tagged the wall on the top end and came away safe despite how fast this little green machine was going. "Big Daddy" Dwayne Gutridge just did what he always does; his qualifying wasn't stellar but later in the rounds he'll prove himself well. Brett Hull's turbo Mustang was way off his winning pace from Atco Outlaws where his ride was on par for a sub seven second pass. Pete Champani took top honors of the quickest car in qualifying and the number one spot. View the complete qualifying list below:

Drag Radial Presented By P.M. Construction and Maintenance Services Qualifying Session:
  • 1.Pete Champani 7.824 @ 187 : 89 Mustang, 360 SBF, Turbo, Glide - Innovative Turbo
  • 2.Tim Essick 8.06 @ 178 : 04 Mustang, 360 SBF, Single Turbo, Glide -
  • 3.Scott Bitzer 8.141 @ 167 : 81 Malibu 632 BBC, Nitrous, Glide - Maryland Street Racing Association
  • 4.John Balinsky 8.167 @ 167 : 81 Olds Cutlass, 565 BBC, Nitrous, Glide. Drag Radials - "On A Budget Racing" / Small Block, and of course "Timmy" and Carla
  • 5."Big Daddy" Dwayne Gutridge 8.267 @ 187 : 84 Mustang, SBF, Single Turbo, Glide, 325 Drag Radials - TheTurboPeople, Turbonetics
  • 6.Steve Thompson 8.296 @ 168 : 79 Musang, 400 SBF, Nitrous, Glide -
  • 7.Mike King 8.350 @ 169 : 93 Mustang, 358 SBF, Single Turbo, Glide -
  • 8.Allex Vrettos 8.389 @ 172 : 95 Cobra, 349 SBF, Turbo, Auto - TheTurboPeople, Big Daddy's Performance
  • 9.Brett Hull 8.428 @ 178 : 93 Cobra, SBF, Turbo, Auto - J & E Performance
  • 10.Richie Stine 8.429 @ 163 : 71 Chevelle, 565 BBC, Nitrous, Glide - Maryland Street Racing Association
  • 11.Bill Weber 8.504 @ 160 : 67 Camaro, 533 BBC, Nitrous, Glide - Lorenzo's Fast Flow Cylinder Heads, J & S Chassis, DGM Polishing
  • 12.Chris Little 8.518 @ 162 : 90 Mustang, 358 Bennet SBF, Single Turbo, Glide - UPR
  • 13.Steve Drummond 8.8.519 @ 160 : 67 Mustang, 427 SBF, Nitrous, Glide - Drummond Race Cars
  • 14.Steve Kent 8.529 @ 167 : 71 Chevelle, 598 BBC, Nitrous, Glide - Maryland Street Racing Association
  • 15.John Kokinda 8.584 @ 162 : 89 Mustang, 427 SBF, Nitrous, Glide -
  • 16.Walter Pfister 8.637 @ 168 : 87 Mustang, 401 SBF, Nitrous, Auto - Bump
  • 17.Adam Esterlund 8.794 @ 158 : 93 Mustang, 423 SBC, Nitrous, Glide - J & E Performance, Injection Connection
  • 18.Jason Gennaro 9.003 @ 148 : 61 Falcon, 377 SBC, Auto -
  • 19.William Cannon 9.240 @ 155 : 83 S10, 496 BBC, Auto - Awesome Racing Engines
  • 20.Paul Ferrucci 9.362 @ 129 : 81 Malibu, 406 SBC, Procharger, T400 - Scrivener Performance, Miller Race, Procharger
  • 21.Joe Gentiluomo 9.529 @ 155 : 86 Mustang, SBF, Nitrous, Glide - Mouth Racing, Small Block
  • 22.Craig Proce 10.14 @ 142 : 71 Nova, BBC, Nitrous, Glide -
  • 23.Mark Barese 11.482 @ 133 : 80 Malibu, 468 BBC, Nitrous, Glide -
  • 24.Ed McAfee 11.679 @ 148 : 85 S10, SBC, Nitrous, Glide - Ed's Trim Shop
  • 25.Richard Bach 12.146 @ 107 : 90 Mustang, SBF, Nitrous, Glide -
  • 26.Anthony Hroncich 13.924 @ 100 : 91 Mustang, SBF, Auto -

Drag Radial Presented By P.M. Construction and Maintenance Services Round One Eliminations:

The ladder changed just a bit as the damage to Chris Little's car was bad enough not to compete and Steve Drummond couldn't come back either. Pete Champani opened the rounds next to Walter Pfister. Champani .221 blistered the track with an amazing 7.715 @ 188 as Pfister backfired hard out the exhaust and broke. Mike King .108 8.49 @ 170 wheel stood his way past a drive shaft tossing Richie Stine .114 20.20 @ 83. Tim Essick’s Mustang .141 8.195 @ 177 had it all over John Kokinda's 89 Mustang .061 8.668 @ 164. Scott Bitzer wowed the fans with this sedate looking Malibu turning it up and laying down a flying .171 7.915 @ 176 to a losing Steve Kent .104 8.206 @ 170. Steve Thompson barely made it past a new and refreshed ride of Bill Weber, The 67 Camaro of Weber was right on the tree .127 8.468 @ 160 but couldn't hold off the charge of Thompson .258 8.288 @ 165. Good friends Alex Vrettos and Brett Hull had to face each other this first round. Vrettos was unusually late on the tree.257 and Hull .072 was right on the pedal. Vrettos is defeated 10.205 @ 138 to Hull's 8.768 @ 175. Adam Esterlund couldn't hold off the man, "Big Daddy" Dwayne Gutridge in the loss, Esterlund's .100 8.503 @ 160 wasn't enough for Gutridge's .042 7.70 @ 193. Jason Gennaro .279 9.096 @ 147 takes advantage of the huge wheel stand by John Balinsky who couldn't recover and loses this race .060 9.42 @ 162.

Drag Radial Presented By P.M. Construction and Maintenance Services Round Two Eliminations:

Brett Hull defeated himself on the tree and left -.165 8.33 @ 171 while Pete Champani agian set the bar high .097 7.763 @ 189 in this win. Tim Essick was way too late on the bulb as his .445 8.099 @ 159 wasn't going to catch Mike King's .133 8.060 @ 176 in this win. Jason Gennaro .142 9.38 @ 147 loses to "Big Daddy" streaking to another wicked win .093 7.554 @ 194.63.Scott Bitzer gets a bye run into the semi's .180 7.911 @ 176.

Drag Radial Presented By P.M. Construction and Maintenance Services Semi Finals:

Mike King had done well up to this round when he met up with a bracket like drag radial car with Scott Bitzer in it. King .117 9.13 @ 133 falls to the bad black Malibu out of the Maryland Street Racing Association camp. Hard charging Pete Champani also had his side covered most of the day until he drew "Big Daddy" Dwayne Gutridge. Champani .076 11.65 @ 84 by way of knockout and falls out of the rounds by way of “Big Daddy" Dwayne Gutridge .113 7.650 @ 194.44.

Drag Radial Presented By P.M. Construction and Maintenance Services Semi Finals:

"Big Daddy" Dwayne Gutridge has seen his share of tough finals and who knows what this black Malibu was up to in the rounds, Scott Bitzer took on all comers and "Big Daddy" knew this wasn't going to be easy. As the curfew ran right to the end both cars were staged and ready. Bitzer took the lead on the tree .188 to Gutridge's .269. but the Mustang started pulling strong on the big block powered Malibu and drove past on the top half of the track as Bitzer loses 7.930 # 177 to another flying win and the first Drag Radial Shakedown at E-Town Championship 2006 winner "Big Daddy" Dwayne Gutridge 7.664 @ 194.63. Congratulations to "Big Daddy" Dwayne Gutridge and his team.

Sunday Summary:

Without a doubt this was an amazing class of racers and a day made just for all this power. The efforts of Dave Hance, Michelle Marchese and Raceway Park handling this many racers and spectators was an accomplishment in itself. The many sponsors who added to this effort are in the company of all the racers and fans who came and raced at this event with their support. By far this race has set a new level to an already flourishing Northeast in content, crowd and fan appeal and most of all racers resolve to fight hard for that win and take away a championship when it's their time. The Sunday proved the originality and appeal that "Heads Up" racing is enjoying each week almost with constant series throughout many area tracks. The fans came to see this race and most were floored by the unimaginable speeds and ET's posted in one day with the mightiest coming out on top and owning the part of Raceway Park history as the first ever racers to own the winners title. The Northeast has spoken and now it needs a reply to this phenomenal race.

gDR would like to thank Raceway Park, Dave Hance, Michelle Marchese, Our many sponsors and racers. The board members who spread this word like wildfire and most importantly the fans of Outlaw Racing who perched themselves in the bleachers and viewed the race live on this gorgeous day at the Raceway Park Facility. Special thanks also to so many who contributed to our being there and their hospitality at every trailer also, we can't thank you enough and there's just too many to name, you guys are great!!

Commemorative Shakedown At E-Town gDR wallpapers for your computer. Click on an image and it will open in a new window. Download your favorite drivers of the day:

The Shakedown At E Town 2006 drag racing wallpapers The Shakedown At E Town 2006 drag racing wallpapers The Shakedown At E Town 2006 drag racing wallpapers The Shakedown At E Town 2006 drag racing wallpapers The Shakedown At E Town 2006 drag racing wallpapers The Shakedown At E Town 2006 drag racing wallpapers

The Shakedown At E Town 2006 drag racing wallpapers The Shakedown At E Town 2006 drag racing wallpapers The Shakedown At E Town 2006 drag racing wallpapers The Shakedown At E Town 2006 drag racing wallpapers The Shakedown At E Town 2006 drag racing wallpapers The Shakedown At E Town 2006 drag racing wallpapers

The Shakedown At E Town 2006 drag racing wallpapers The Shakedown At E Town 2006 drag racing wallpapersThe Shakedown At E Town 2006 drag racing wallpapers The Shakedown At E Town 2006 drag racing wallpapers The Shakedown At E Town 2006 drag racing wallpapers The Shakedown At E Town 2006 drag racing wallpapers

The Shakedown At E Town 2006 drag racing wallpapers The Shakedown At E Town 2006 drag racing wallpapers The Shakedown At E Town 2006 drag racing wallpapers The Shakedown At E Town 2006 drag racing wallpapers The Shakedown At E Town 2006 drag racing wallpapers The Shakedown At E Town 2006 drag racing wallpapers

The Shakedown At E Town 2006 drag racing wallpapers The Shakedown At E Town 2006 drag racing wallpapers The Shakedown At E Town 2006 drag racing wallpapers The Shakedown At E Town 2006 drag racing wallpapers The Shakedown At E Town 2006 drag racing wallpapers The Shakedown At E Town 2006 drag racing wallpapers

The Shakedown At E Town 2006 drag racing wallpapers The Shakedown At E Town 2006 drag racing wallpapers The Shakedown At E Town 2006 drag racing wallpapers The Shakedown At E Town 2006 drag racing wallpapers The Shakedown At E Town 2006 drag racing wallpapers The Shakedown At E Town 2006 drag racing wallpapers

The Shakedown At E Town 2006 drag racing wallpapers The Shakedown At E Town 2006 drag racing wallpapers The Shakedown At E Town 2006 drag racing wallpapers The Shakedown At E Town 2006 drag racing wallpapers The Shakedown At E Town 2006 drag racing wallpapers The Shakedown At E Town 2006 drag racing wallpapers

The Shakedown At E Town 2006 drag racing wallpapers The Shakedown At E Town 2006 drag racing wallpapers The Shakedown At E Town 2006 drag racing wallpapers The Shakedown At E Town 2006 drag racing wallpapers The Shakedown At E Town 2006 drag racing wallpapers The Shakedown At E Town 2006 drag racing wallpapers

The Shakedown At E Town 2006 drag racing wallpapers The Shakedown At E Town 2006 drag racing wallpapers The Shakedown At E Town 2006 drag racing wallpapers The Shakedown At E Town 2006 drag racing wallpapers The Shakedown At E Town 2006 drag racing wallpapers

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4th Annual New York Motorsports Shakedown At E-Town Payout Schedule:
PCHS Racing Engines "Pro Outlaw"
$15,000 Total 16 Car Qualified Field
$10,000 - Winner
$2,000 - Runner Up
$500 - Semi Finalists
$250 - Quarter Finalists Second Round
$125 - Eighth Finalists First Round
$500 - #1 Qualifier

Caldwell Construction / Caldwell Motorsports, Landy’s Performance "Outlaw"
$15,000 Total 16 Car Qualified Field
$10,000 - Winner
$2,000 - Runner Up
$500 - Semi Finalists
$250 - Quarter Finalists Second Round
$125 - Eighth Finalists First Round
$500 - Big Stuff 3 #1 Qualifier
$2500 - Pro Line Race Engines Outlaw 10.5 World Record Bonus

Radial Tire presented by P.M. Construction and Maintenance Services
$7,800 Total 16 Car Qualified Field
$5,000 - Winner
$1,000 - Runner Up
$300 - Semi Finalists
$150 - Quarter Finalists - Second Round
$75 - Eighth Finalists - First Round
$500 - Big Stuff 3 #1 Qualifier

Photo And Journalistic Credits:,, "Jason Sharp"
Dave Milcarek's Drag Racing Photography, Steve Bell Signs and Drag Racing Photography, John McCartney's Drag Racing Photography

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