Shakedown At E Town Results and Press From 2008

   The Shakedown at E Town 2008 Results: THE QUICKEST & FASTEST OUTLAW DRAG RACE IN THE WORLD !

Al-Anabi Racing The 6th Annual Al-Anabi Racing Shakedown At E Town 2008:
In Association With Raceway Park And New York Motorsports.

The Quickest and Fastest Weekend In Outlaw Drag Racing History:Visit RPM Magazine Website

Authored by This review is dedicated to the memory of our Fallen Friends 2009, Leo Barnaby III, Ed Kowalczyk, and Adam Landolfi RIP.

Round by Round Race Results and Final Qualifying, Click for PDF   Round by Round Race Results and Final Qualifying, Click for PDF Here:

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Neal Heymans 8.50 Camaro Heading For The Sky !!After a monumental race last year, not many thought it could get better in the Northeast but behind closed doors Raceway Park was setting the stage for a chance at the biggest event this area will see for a long time. Dave Hance networked trough the country and out into the world with Michelle Marchese picking up Al-Anabi Racing from Qatar to back one of the biggest payouts and two day events ever.

Old Bridge Township Raceway Park again hosted the many dreams of every racer to take home a huge prize and fight it out in the new format on a national event caliber drag strip which included two separate Pro Modifieds, Outlaw 10.5, Heavy Street, Drag Radial and a new addition, the Outlaw 8.50 Index.

The Flyers are getting bigger and so are the classes, with the addition of the 8.50 index sessionFrom the beginning of this weekend, Raceway Park was on its game at a level you won't often see committing every resource they had for a race that again would stun the world with each record setting pass. As usual, prep master "Eddie Krawiec" had the track set to bite back like a mean dog and give you the best ride of your life. The Northeast is always a guess at how the weather would play a role in the weekend performances, last year the 5th Annual Shakedown was run under the most optimal conditions and again they were graced with unusually warm days, cold nights and overcast clouds to cool the track with sessions of brilliant sun breaking through just enough to auto set quarter mile each day.

A record weekend was in store with this forecast; fans and teams were expecting the mineshaft air would produce incredible numbers and they weren't wrong.

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A Look Back At The Rules In 2008: Click for PDF   A Look Back At The Rules In 2008: Click for PDF Here:

Weekend qualifying in all classes saw the records which stand already at Raceway Park get taken out one by one. With the Pro Modifieds split into the two classes, looking back at the previous bests of each style of power adder, the big dogs of the race had an opportunity not seen before; this was unbridled horsepower at its finest. Outlaw 10.5 was set on its heels last year with Tim Lynch letting the world know that he was the man now in this class. Heavy Street Champ Bill Lutz held the record and it also would fall as would the popular Drag Radial which E Town was hoping for as promoter Dave Hance would participate in this himself.

Lend America Pro Modified Outlaw Blown Qualifying Summary:

Scott Cannons Pro Blown Willys !!Probably the hardest hitting door cars you will ever see is the Pro Blown class featuring the supercharged warriors of the sport and the incredible horsepower they can produce and control even with injecting nitrous and other wild fuels into them, only nitro methane has yet to be seen but surely it will show up one day. The screaming whine of screw blowers rocked the townships surrounding area with each pass in this class that included three turbocharged entries in the twenty seven cars running for the class. The bump spot of 6.37 for the sixteen car field was set by PA native Kevin McCurdy and the top qualifier honors going to Scott Cannon with a blistering 5.73 @ 252, notables included that the top six cars were all in the five second zone. A more than scary moment of the race happened at well over 230MPH when the Rupture Street wear GTO blows out a tire and ping pongs off the wall three times coming to rest a mangled ball of chrome moly tubing, driver Scott Filkins walks away unharmed but the race loses a major competitor. The Team of Stanley and Weiss pulled the chutes early to drop a 6.09 on the ladder and the MPH would show it had a five second pass in it also. The turbocharged legend Rod Saboury dipped into the sixes in his "Street Car". A local hopeful for a win in this class was Andy Jensen in the single turbo Camaro fresh and sparkling yet a cracked head would stop him from competing and dash the hairdryer fans hopes.

Speedtech Pro Modified Nitrous Presented by Western Beef Qualifying Summary:

Team Blasi Racings Pro Nitrous CorvetteIt's fair to say that the power of the nitrous cars now is coming up from past years with new technologies and this set of twenty eight racers would prove it at E Town with a bump spot of 6.50 @ 211 set by the "Legendary Billy Glidden" The end of the sessions were topped off by one of the most impressive feats by a nitrous sniffing ride; Jim Halsey, owner and operator of Cecil County Dragway rang a bell that won't be unrung as he is now the first man into the five second zone as the big 820 cube Fulton powered the McAmis built Camaro to a 5.998 @ 240 with the signature pipes lit pass to top this ladder. Notables included all motor hopeful "John Pluchino" slamming gears in the 815 Hemi Cougar, The "Iceman" himself "Shannon Jenkins" sitting at midpoint and Freddy Scriba in the "Sorcerer" Vette with a stunning 6.05 @ 232 in the two spot. Steve Cossis in the original Cecil County Pro Mod Vette added himself to the list of NY racers, Along with Nick Montana and Vincent Budano. The field is set.

Precision Turbo Super Street Outlaw 10.5 Qualifying Summary:

Todd Harris Launching Hard In Outlaw 10.5Probably the most looked at class in Outlaw racing; these cars are the ones that make your hair stand up on the back of your neck when they are announced at this event since all know that Tim Lynch is in the house to defend his title. The three time champion didn't allow the fans to be let down while match racing Billy Glidden in qualifying his first two passes ended in broken transmissions giving Glidden that victory, but his third pass was a thing of beauty as it carried the wheels down the track to a stellar 6.54 @ 218 to sit at the head of the table, with Brad Brand picking up top MPH at 219 right behind Lynch as Bill Futch might have had more in the bank throwing out the laundry early yet still laying down a 6.68. Raceway Park announced it would be an all run field as Terris Hicks was at the bottom of the ladder. Notables included the return of Leo Barnaby not missing a beat since his hiatus, Anthony DiSomma as a hit man, Ed Kowalczyk running the smallest engine in the class turning in a 7.35 while obtaining his license to race this weekend and of course last years presenting sponsor Scott Guadagno in the new Pete Biello Camaro. Team Mobley came well prepared as the top of the field included all power adders compliments of the blown Camaro and the nitroused GTO in a sea of turbos.

K & K Precision Heavy Street Presented by K & S Race Cars Qualifying Summary:

Dave O'Donnell Qualifying For Heavy StreetA real chance for the street style cars to shine is this class, Heavy Street is almost anything you can imagine in a street style car, and the field included 38 entrants. Steve Lazzaro literally stole the show with his gorgeous Camaro to set a new record 6.72 @ 215 leading the pack with hometown favorite John Chemen's blown Camaro setting their own personal best 6.83, Bill Laskowsky would sit in the thirty two car bump spot with notables including returning champ "Bill Lutz" trying to keep his crown, class sponsor Ken Doak bringing in two of the most spectacular blown Camaro's. Dave O'Donnell at the wheel of last years class sponsor Harold Caldwell's Fulton powered Mustang. The first ever Shakedown Champion John Schroeder in the same car he won with in 2002. Runner Up of last year’s race Jorge Rodriguez showed up to try and gain a winners spot this time around.

Pro Torque Outlaw Drag Radial Presented by Big Daddy Performance Qualifying Summary:

Scott Bitzer Getting Big Air In Drag RadialDuring the past year, names like Wolfe, Vrettos, and Major have been toppling each others records at different events. This year at this Shakedown twenty two cars entered into this class to see who could take out who as even Dave Hance was going to play in this game which really wet the appetites of all involved. David Wolfe shocked the crowd on one of the sweetest passes ever seen in drag radial clicking off a 7.21 @ 201 to take number one spot and knock David Hinzman down a notch to second as the quickest pass of the first session was dropped more when Paul Major showed the Vettes power with a 7.32 @ 203 and couldn't do better. Notables of this class were of course hometown favorite Big Daddy himself, Scott Bitzer, Alex Vrettos, returning champion from last year "Mustang" Mike Modeste and the famed John Balinsky sporting trunk mounted twin turbos.

Western Beef Outlaw 8.50 Index Presented by Finelines Automotive Qualifying Summary:

Harry Gerb On His Way To Number One Qualifier In 8.50 Index RacingNew for this year is one of the Northeast’s quickly rising classes and also the largest of the Shakedown with fifty nine cars trying to get into the running. Many have said this is the new replacement for 10.5 racing without the extreme budget and the surrounding tri state tracks have all seen this and responded well with great "Heads Up" racing. The call for thirty two cars was in order for this high flying group as can be seen in the photos when Neal Heyman launched his 69 Camaro on the bumper and into the wall ending his day Number one qualifier Harry Gerb brought the complete package to the show, taking number one spot with a dead on 8.50 @ 158 in his sparkling Firebird that shows as well as it goes. James Price was on the bump with an 8.59 and these are not bracket cars yet the drivers are exceptional. Notables include the youngest driver and leader in many of the local events T.J Kasper; at less than 18 years of age this phenom has proven his skills, Bill Verzilli also a native of the area brings a bad black Camaro into the game and it is bad. Mike Pyott a big player in the short history of this type of racing comes into the race with guns blazing in his fresh Camaro as doe’s best appearing winner Marc Shankweiler. This is a tight group and no one could guess the winner, place your bets now.

Sunday!, Sunday!, At Raceway Park, Let The Race Begin:

Eliminations are slated to begin and all drivers are briefed by "Eddie Krawiec" and Dave Hance on how the race would be run as the drivers meeting was called in the early AM. Krawiec focused on courtesy, sportsmanship, and quality racing with as little downtime as possible; as an NHRA pro stock Motorcycle Champion, Krawiec ran this ship tight. Motors came to life and the taste of victory was on the palettes of all the racers.

Lend America Pro Modified Outlaw Blown Eliminations:

Tony D'Aprille LaunchingWith $20,000 laying on the table for this class the cream of the door slammers would fight it out hard, Tim O'Hare broke Giving John Stanley a bye run, Steve King loses a tight one to Mike Janis, Chip King fights off a major disaster as he is on two wheels across the centerline saving the Daytona but losing to Frank Patille. Tommy Gray has problems and Tony Daprille advances easily.

John Hines hits the wall on his pass but is OK as John Russo screams to a 5.95 @ 245. Barney Squires takes the win over George Landis, Von Smith over Billy Gibson and Scott Cannon over Kevin McCurdy.

Tommy Daprille advances beating John Russo, Von Smith is a winner over Mike Janis, Frank Patille is inline to go another round over Barney Squires, John Stanley is hurt and Scott Cannon gets a bye run.

Al-Anabis Pro Blown Champion Von Smith !!Frank Patille 6.58 is flat outrun by the Al-Anabi Racing 57 Chevy 5.95 with Von Smith at the wheel. Scott Cannon 5.77 @ 250 out powers Tommy Daprille's Bel-air 6.00 @ 235.

Final Session:

Von Smith Powers through a blazing burnout as does Scott Cannon, Both are in the beams with anticipations from both teams rising with the RPM's, Cannon lets loose early drawing a red light and Von Smith is crowned the champion of the 2008 Pro Blown Class.

Speedtech Pro Modified Nitrous Presented by Western Beef Eliminations:

John Pluchino Sporting 815 Cubes Of All Motor In Pro NitrousJeff Blasi fails to start against Shannon Jenkins, Matt Dietch takes the win over John Bartunek, Milt Decker puts away Steve Cossis, Nick Montana over Burton Auxier, Khaled Al Booshi over John Pluchino in a very close race, Rickie Smith Advances over John Decerbo, Fred Scriba comes back from a killer hole shot by Vinny Budano for the win, Jim Halsey duplicates his five second string and leaves Billy Glidden going home early.

Khaled Al Booshi sends Nick Montana back to the trailer, Milt Decker is beat by Rickie Smith, and Fred Scriba red lights his loss as Matt Dietch takes the win and Jim Halsey again is in the fives over Shannon Jenkins and advances.

Matt Dietch has problems and loses to Rickie Smith who is inline now for the final. Khaled Al Booshi was Jim Halsey's closest race of the weekend with a 6.092 @ 236 while Halsey cannot stop his Camaro from staying in the five second range winning with his best of the day 5.958 @ 240 and right into the finals.

Final Session:

Jim Halsey Setting Records and Pro Nitrous Champion ChampionWith Speed vision TV covering this final heavily, all teams were nothing but business coming to the line.
Halsey prepared as usual as did Rickie Smith inciting the crowd with wild burnouts, all were standing in the bleachers at this point. Smith gets the .072 light over Halsey's equally good .088, but as the cars travel into the top end Halsey is again on a rope, pipes lit and taking the stripe 5.959 @ 240 and Rickie Smith has the best view in the house for this stunning event show by the new Pro Nitrous Champion Jim Halsey who is $20,000 a richer man and no doubt the king of nitrous for 2008.

Precision Turbo Super Street Outlaw 10.5 Eliminations:

Brad Harris On The Top End Of An Outlaw 10.5 PassBill Futch, Brad Brand, Todd Harris and Brad Harris get a free pass as none were challenged because of breakage. Ray Johnson takes a convincing win over Tom Ferrick, Larry Wood overpowers Bryan Markiewiecz, and Joe Newsham pedals out a win over Steve Drummond's high flying Mustang, Chuck Ulsch takes out Ed Kowalczyk in a pedal fest. Both Scott Guadagno and Leo Barnaby have faced each other before at the Shakedown with the quickest side by side 10.5 in history, this time the outcome was in Guadagno's favor as he takes the win over Leo Barnaby. Terris Hicks falters and Tim Lynch is again showing his muscle with a solid 6.56 @ 223. Tim Essick advances over John Carcinco.

Tim Lynch 6.53 @ 221, Joe Newsham 6.74 @ 215, and Tim Essick move ahead with no opponents. Scott Guadagno is handled by Bill Futch with an amazing 6.54 @ 220, Richie Sexton takes a hole shot win over Larry Wood, and Ray Johnson makes a strong run past a pedaling Brad Brand.

The battle of the turbo stangs rears in this round beginning, Ray Johnson is the winner over Tim Essick; Tim Lynch sets another Shakedown milestone with a 6.49 @ 224 over the nitroused GTO of Richie Sexton, Team Mobley is out of the big money running. Joe Newsham puts down Bill Futch in a big inch twin turbo match.

Ray Johnson takes a bye run and is looking now at the match between Newsham and Lynch for who he will face. Joe Newsham cuts a stellar .034 to Lynch's .088, Newsham is out but Lynch is up on his tires desperately trying to recover, Newsham takes the stripe with his best ever 6.67 @ 219 and into the money final.

Final Session:

Outlaw 10.5 Champion Joe Newsham of J and E PerformanceLast year neither Joe Newsham or Ray Johnson even qualified, both broke before they made a qualifying pass and now they are looking at the championship. Newsham allowed more time for Johnson to prepare as he didn't want to single to a win and Johnson made the call in time. Both were feeling the pressure as Newsham .152 makes sure he doesn't red light as does Johnson .095 and a race is on, Newsham is out of shape and brings it back in to take the win over Johnson 6.91 @ 207 to Newsham's 6.81 @ 213. Joe Newsham dethrones Tim Lynch after his string of victory's in one of the toughest 10.5 races in the country and receives the $10,000 Champions title of 2008.

K & K Precision Heavy Street Presented by K & S Race Cars Eliminations:

Jeff Paulks Heavy Street Monster S10Jeff Paulk over Joe Schroeder, Rocky Dilecce over Dale Collins, Chris Connor over Keith Talbot, Dave O'Donnell over Yanni Papakosmas, John Cerbone over Rich Scioscia, Gary Naughton over Mike Trimandillis, Bill Lutz over Brenda Paddock, Bo Butner over Mitch George, Gan Fielder over Sam Gottier, Rob Golobo over Ray DeAngelis, Jorge Rodriguez over Charlie Boy Micaleff, John Cheman over Rick Golobo, Steve Lazarro over Bill Laskowsky, Louis Martinez over Frank Pompillo, John Schroeder over Pete Pace, John Fisher over James Araujo.

Gary Naughton, Jeff Paulk, Dave O'Donnell, John Cerbone, Steve Lazarro, Rocky Dilecce, John Cheman, Jorge Rodriguez all move on with a win.

Frank Lazarro, Jorge Rodriguez, Jeff Paulk, Rocky Dilecce all advance to the semis.
Jorge Rodriguez hopes are gone when Rocky Dilicce gets the big Chevelle moving for the win, Jeff Paulk is out by way of Frank Lazarro and a final is set.

Final Session:

Steve Lazzarro Heavy Street ChampionSteve Lazzaro looked like he was untouchable with his 69 Camaro and suited to face Rocky Diliece the champion from Canada.

Dilecce was plauged with minor throttle cable problems all weekend the final came to him as the team was trying to replace the transmission.
Lazzaro wanted to wait for an all "Great White North" final but time wouldn't allow it and Lazarro makes his solo run for the $5,000 win money and the new 2008 Championship title.

Pro Torque Outlaw Drag Radial Presented by Big Daddy Performance Eliminations:

Alex Vrettos In Drag RadialMark Southwell, "Big Daddy" Dwayne Gutridge, Scott Bitzer, Jay Anderson, "Mustang Mike" Modeste, Glennie Buckler, Alex Vrettos, Dave Hance, Paul Major, Dave Hinzman, Chris Little all advance in this large field.

Chris Little, Paul Major, Dave Hinzman, "Mustang Mike" Modeste, Glennie Buckler, Dave Hance are all a winner in this round.
Dave Hinzman resets the Drag Radial record to its lowest setting taking out a wheel standing Chris Little, this 7.18 @ 200 is a milestone in this outrageous class and a tough one to drop anytime soon. Glennie Buckler advances into the final uncontested.

Dave Hinzman Drag Radial ChampionFinal Session:

A Cinderella weekend for Dave Hinzman when he finds himself the in the final with Glennie Buckler who hasn't come close to Hinznman's bracket like performance.

Buckler is taken down 7.83 @ 163 as Hinzman can ease off on the top end and take the Championship of 2008 in Drag Radial.

Western Beef Outlaw 8.50 Index Presented by Finelines Automotive Eliminations:

Competition was like none other as the real advantage is at the light and not a single car in this class dropped the dreaded red bulb to oust themselves, all runs were side by side wheel standing action. A major upset was young TJ Kasper taken out by the wiley veteran Bill Verzilli. Number one qualifier Harry Gerb was beat on a hole shot by Bill Cannon. Brain Mitchell, Jason Penwa, Brian Ferrari, Rockin Rob Cherkas, Shawn Gallagher, Joe Alangna, James Price, John Goss, Darren Harris, Bill Cannon, Rob Poochigan, Mark Bowen, Andrew DeMarco, Mike Pyott, and Robert Baptista all advance with tight racing.

James Penwa, Rob Poochigian, Bill Verzilli, Joe Alangna, take their wins, as Rockin Rob upsets Mark Bowen, John Goss again wheel stands his way to the 1/4 finals, and Bill Cannon is dead straight on making a final with stout performances.

John Goss, Brian Ferrari, Bill Verzilli, and Bill Cannon all advance. Rob Poochigian saves his immaculate Chevelle from impending disaster with the wall incredibly.

Bill Canon 8.50 Index ChampionDown to the final four and the money rounds, Bill Verzilli shreds the ring and pinion losing his hopes for a win as John Goss takes the stripe; Bill Cannon forces Brian Ferrari to break out trying to recover from Cannons hole shot .008 light.

Final Session:

Maryland native Bill Cannon see's light at the end of the tunnel as does John Goss who are now in the limelight and geared for a great final. Cannon trips the tree.08 and John Goss leaves early with a re light start giving away the $5,000 in prize money and Bill Cannon is crowned the first ever Outlaw 8.50 Index Champion of 2008.

The 6th Annual Al-Anabi Racing Shakedown At E Town 2008 Weekend Recap:

Dave Hance, the supporting and presenting sponsors couldn’t have asked for a better representation at Raceway Park for this two day event, all the stars were in alignment for the weekend. The rise of new champions, the fall of champions from years past shows the level of competition at this event. It looks like the Shakedown has backed up last years previous record of the best race in the Northeast and it will stand now as the hottest ticket coming next year.

Photo And Journalistic Credits:,, "Jason Sharp"
Dave Milcarek's Drag Racing Photography, Steve Bell Signs and Drag Racing Photography, John McCartney's Drag Racing Photography

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